Monday, March 16, 2015

Why can't we have weather people who like weather?

I haven't seen a single one apply any passion to weather. Not one seems to have a growing garden,or any background in native plants and animals. Whats my beef?  They dont seem to get it..its the bay area. Don't give me generic "microclimate". NO!  I want somebody who realizes that those cool airport temperatures they give for the cities in the bay area are way off.  Maybe 10-15f cooler to where the people live. Nobody lives at the airport!
Most cities near the bay run from mudflats to never hear what the temperature is in the Oakland-Fremont hills are. How much warmer nights can be 1,000 above the bay since hot air rises. I'm sure you knew that.
I mean c'mon,does one weather guy/gal know anything about gardens? Damn not since Henry Tannenbaum has the news showed up at local botanical gardens,peoples yards...SOMETHING!
Give me weather, with interest.
Oh,damn the winery reports. Who owns a winery?