Thursday, April 30, 2015

Proof KRON and the A's read my blog.

As if you need it. BUT!..Radnich now has a teleprompter blocking views of his tennis shoes. Uhuh

. I guess KRON didnt like giving Nike free advertising.

 I wrote on this blog preseason that the A's should drop their tradition of not using players names on home uniforms.Who the hell now knows who they are?
 The A's for this season wear names during home games- bingo!

Kate Scott fears to say a negative Giant thought.

On Yahoo she was asked who has the ability  to have a good season- the Giants or the A's?. Killion answered (giants),Kawakami answered(dont remember) Kate talked like Barry Bonds in court explaining his steroid doing everything but answer the question. A hint was she started to mention the A's,then said "I do work for the station that carries the Giants"..and thus 2 minutes of doubletalk.

Her job must be on the thinnest of lines- I get that. And listening to Radnich views m-f is a hellish life. Especially when he tells her "you think just like me". I would hope not. Even a republican lesbian has to be better then that.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Speaking of police and fear...

I read that the police a couple of decades ago had decided that they would try and look as intimidating as possible..Batman belts,all black,military. Today they add black muscle cars and big SUVs.

Ok,they instilled fear. Goal accomplished. What has it gotten them?

Stan the Observer@Stantheobserver My Twitter handle good buddy.

Just to remind all the local media who I know read this today when KRON blocked off the view of Radnich shoes- lol. The teleprompter in place now means he can wear his bathroom slippers if he wants on air.
He also tried to get Vanessa Balzac to Twerk.  She wasn't born yesterday. If she had done that?

Questions Stanley Roberts feared to ask.

The dumping at Lake Merritt? As Stanley pinned down the time and days most of it happens,why doesn't he ask Oakland PD why don't they patrol the lake at those times? Seems obvious to ask. Stanley is getting so pro police he's afraid of offending them!
I have to do all the asking.

The Oakland PD like most police tactics seem to find it easy to corner the "crazy" people and shoot them,but when its a mob,the police are nowhere. Whyz that? A rhetorical question btw....

Call him Damon Brucecow.

I think they are the same clone. Has to be.

Radnich again doesnt learn. Brings up Jerry West's depression as an act.

Basically he told Joe Lacob to his face what does West have to be depressed about? Lacob being mostly a normal person, deflected the ignorance before him.
Radnich is 65 years old. Dumb ex jock is no stereotype with  him.

ADDED: I left out that when Radnich made his dumb remark...there was a lull,a quietness from all in the room. Radnich blurted "I'm not laughing".  Eeeesh.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Stan tweeting back on. Pam Moore zings Radnich.

Its Stan the observer@Stantheobserver. NOT Stan the observer @ Stanobserver.  Or,if you see 700 tweets..that's the one. If you see one tweet ? Thats my other tweet in limbo. The 700 tweets is the easy way to tell the difference.

NO,I will not be tweeting Radnich.All others? eh,debatable. Let them tweet me is better.

Hey,Pam Moore zinged Radnich "You invited all of us over your house for the fight".

Radnich invites nobody at KRON into his home or ever pays for their fun.

Harvey Levin.TMZ .Idiot. Again.

On  Adam Sandler ..well,racist,movie "Its a Adam Sandler movie" said Levin as he began the typical right wing standards of "blame the victim". Look,Adam Sandler is another of the SNL comics who did left wing jokes until they made a fortune...then went to Republican. Dennis Miller,David Spade,Norm McDonald,and lesser talents like Jay Mohr and Victoria whatshername. Sandler is one them too.
Nobody  in 2015 writes a movie giving native Americans incredibly racist insulting names. "Beaver Breath"?..that's grade school man.
Harvey Levin might not be so forgiving if a non Jew wrote a comedy about a resort where former Nazi's can relive the good old days of 1939. And in that movie? The Nazi's aren't the object of derision,and THAT I bet would upset Harvey. I'm not even going into the racist names,attractions. You get the point.

Once again,we see why Levin is on KTVU- FOX.

Law degree? HIM?

Damon Bruce:" I can separate woman beater Floyd,from the boxer"- LOL

I can't!..I can't separate the pedo Penn State coach from football either. Maybe its just me. Add rapists, murderers, to my "I can't separate". Hell,I'm so sensitive -lol.

Me vs Bruce isn't a fair fight. Its me shooting fish in a barrel.

Will Tran,KRONs best reporter.

Without a doubt. He ASKS the questions that should be asked. Will will say "I asked x and x and they wouldn't say"  Ok,so at least I know that. Very good.

Other KRONers say "A car wreck happened- back to you Pam!"

Humbolt U. says Indiana one the most racist,bigoted states in America. 's Geography of Hate,rates that Damon Bruce state as one of the most racist in the country. Right there with the south. Rural New York- isn't that Greg Papa's old stomping ground? is another. Who would have guessed?

Indiana rated near the top in saying "Nigger" and near the top of the much less said "Chink". Latins and "Wetback" got a smattering.

As always with Stan,I comeback with facts..the cowardly local sportshosts comeback with pictures of a greenhouse. They fear to say my name. I don't fear them. At all.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Stan calls it again. Bruce Jenner a Republican.

You read it here first.
 I knew it. His whole attitude smelled Republican. That whole "I made myself" while ignoring the fortune he married into once his commercial and acting and commenting career had ended.

You notice the woman he killed last month isn't even mentioned let alone racking him in guilt?

I would trust Jenner as far as I could throw him, in his heels or Chuck Taylor's.

Darn,I missed idiot Bruces show today..but I caught his Twitter pic.

Totally forgot to tune in after I worked him over Friday. I did see he tweeted a subject dear to me heart. Just for me,from Damon.

 I also see he deleted something he said that he quickly took off of Tweeter land. Must have been racist.

It ain't a fair fight since I always use what these idiots actually say. Since I corner them,they come back with racism and bigotry. What you expect from a Indiana man with a Indiana degree. Hell,I passed that level of education by second grade.

I say it all the time...the local media is dying for me to be wrong. Only,since I was right about Lincecum and Huff and his booze,ESPN, and the Cespedes bad even Nancy Snyderman. Things they would love to put in their boring resume. Instead of Oberman calling them dumbest man in America.

Delay on Twitter..

I left out one letter on the email address,and that screwed it up. Now the hassle to get that right.

Any other website would have caught that and said "not valid" Not Twitter, They let me set it all up,tweet,and then today I find I cant get in.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Stan now a Tweeter.

Stanobserver is the "name" Tweeting is my game.

I started with a simple humble  Tweet. What makes me a greater man then almost all people of the world is my humbleness and modesty.

I'm not sure how to balance the blog and tweet stuff. I guess over time that will fall into a place and pattern.

That limit on tweets? Man,hard to stick to that. Just as you're warming up,you're already 55 letters too many.

Clarence my slightly cross eyed Abyssinian cat returned.  Last week I heard him and another cat howling...then Clarence on my backstairs starting talking to me all animated..eyes going back and forth like a kid thinking describing what is perturbing him. It took me a while- and a funny back and forth cat talk,to realize the other cat was a fighting cat. Clarence doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Big and loveable.

So that night there was Clarence,in my kitchen. He looked more like a big puppy. It was late and I  thought I would put him out,but he was having nothing with that. I got it. The poor guy wanted to sleep in peace. So'z I closed the door and he curled up under the kitchen table. Like when he was a kitten.

New York woman and Stanley Roberts.

The latest episode? Where he's near Berkeley when a woman is pulled over for driving on the shoulder of a freeway? Hi-larious. She's from New York,you can hear it in her voice and she broke me up getting on Stanley "So,you're going to keep filming,keep shaming me and piling it on?" as she was punching her hand with the,yep I'm chuckling right now even.
That's the second one. He caught another a few weeks ago who was on a railroad track..and ticketed.  A New Yorker. "Oh wonderful,good for you" when he said something to her about PBB.

Why are there so many New York woman in Berkeley? I knew one too. Sounded like the shoulder driver. Smart,quick,and you ain't putting anything over them.

Funny stuff.

The A's should trade for Yoenis Cepedes.

Beane man,has to admit he needs Yoenis. The man is batting 290.  It would make fans forget Lester and Gomes..both long gone.
If Beane man could keep resigning Daric Barton,he can  trade for Cespedes.
Barton? He'll return too one day.

Stan's blog roots.

Years ago I worked for a University professor who used to laugh at my notes of complaints. "Your really good at those. Maybe you should try and write." Thus the foundation was formed-lol.
Do what you do best,what you know.

So,I now apply that skill to changing the world for the better and liberal life via the 'net. Why waste talent?

Too much Bruce Banner,not enough Hulk.

That's the problem with Hulk movies..all that talk,talk,talk. In the Comic books,its just the opposite,and why as a kid I loved them comic books.
Less Bruce Banner emoting, more SMASH..

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Thank you WL.

Unlike dummies like Lund and Papa, I know that there are 7 billion people in the world with the whole range of sexuality. All of it their right and choice if it doesn't hurt anybody. I know too- even in somebody like Bruce Jenner there isn't a black and white stereotype. He prefers woman. He's changing to a woman,but is still attracted to woman. Ok. Fine with me.
I saw an HBO special about 20 years ago on Transgender and one fella had decided to become a woman. He had lived as woman pre op,then had the FINAL surgery. Two years later he went to living like a man again. He said he decided living as a man was what he wanted after all.
So,he chose and that's his right as a human being. If he since has changed again..his business.

I would add..that those who advocate a "gay gene"? And say they had no choice? They better pray nobody claims to find that gene as you can better believe the right wing will quickly label as "proof" of a defective -recessive gene. Gays would be on a genocidal precipice.
 BUT,they never will find a gay gene. They wont find a Heavy Metal gene,a Pistacio loving gene or even a Corvette gene. No matter how young you are strongly attracted to whichever "team" guarantee that's the final version of you. Or, you do stay that way.
What makes us human is choice.

ADDED: Differences between all of us? Its in the Science,its evolution for our survival. THAT'S whats genetic. The plasticity of the human genome.

Damon Bruce on Twitter leaves out his "I dont care if I'm racist" remark.

That's interesting because live on air I heard him say that and Brianna laughing at that statement And even though Bruce had said he knew it was racist..he also said he wished he had done it all day.
Like he was angry enough to go racist on somebody.
Check his Twitter. SO much is missing.


I was thinking of that movie with Wahlberg and the talking Teddy Bear. Pretty funny. How true that guys want cute girls AND want them to have cute girl names. Power Girl names given by their mama's you might say.

Only country singers go the other way Nadine or the like.

 I always liked Sandy for one. I never hear that anymore.
Maybe more later.

Still adding to last few posts. You might take a 2 or 3 rd look.

Eh,as it comes to me.
Indiana -lol What a cultural wasteland.
And re  read the others....

Where would America be without Indiana? Better off!

I think the main industries of Indiana are making slingshots and corporate farmer welfare.

Craigslist in Indiana has Women and Men seeking John Deere personals.

Indiana would rank right behind Afghanistan in the stone age cultures of the 21st century.

People who love Indiana the most seem to be the ones who moved the farthest away from it. If it wasn't for the oceans,they would have kept on going..

There are some brilliant people from Indiana. You can tell them by the 100 watt bulbs in there empty heads.

Taylor Swift has larger mountains then Indiana.

The state slogan of Indiana is "God kills fags,Mexicans,Puerto Ricans,Chinks and Negra's dead,we trust"

Friday, April 24, 2015

Jimmy Kimmel to be in Manny Pacquiao entourage.

On Jimmy Kimmel live,he asked my man Manny if he could enter the ring with him? lol,even sing for him.
If you can see the episode on Hulu or where ever,check it out.

KRON and Radnich do jokes on BI POLAR people. HAHAHAH. Morons.

Wow,I thought it was the Moose lodge in 1958. Jokes on mental illness? On the NEWS?. Aaron Pero and KRON must not care about quality is right.
You know whats ironic? There is something wrong with Radnich. His insecurity and the shame he has over his fingers. At 65 he still hides his hand. Nothing to hide. I had uncles that lost fingers working in unsafe factories in the 50's and 60's. None of them had anything to be ashamed of.

KRON today hits a new low. I never thought a news program would bust out laughing at a mental illness like bi polar. As I always say when I catch the insensitive and ignorant? Wait until your children start to show signs..
Radnich and his wife will not be laughing.

Had to do some editing of my Bruce material. hee.

I like moms. Cant let fathead no talent racist Bruce lead me astray..

Damon Bruce does racist latin accent- admits "I'm being racist"

Right at the end of his show he said the accent was his being a racist bigot.. HE was Soooo mad at Stan! I think he held his breath and called his Rabbi in tears. I ripped Bruce for what he actually said,he comes back with racism. What a great representative of the Indiana state Frat boys he is.
Eat it all weekend Bruce....stew in it boy.

Damon Bruce brings his stupidity on his show- LOL

He's a real bad MOTHERFUCKER!. Authentic.... you might say-lol.

Hey Bruce,you were so big and bad you even thought of saying my name!-LOL  But you chickened out didnt you?. Fucking piece of shit. You and the bimbo omygawd girl.  Valley Girl yeah,yeah,yeah...
Have a nice weekend you coward.

Damon Bruce,sports weakling. Gets his Stan comeuppance And why.

"Anybody who thought the Warriors would win is a liar to fit their story"  See? Local media is so far behind the curve,they cant even comprehend somebody who runs circles around them.
Let me tell you - when Radnich said unequivocally "The Warriors will lose" at 8:45, I knew to go back to the game. That had 2010 written on it when Radnich and Tim Kawakami shook hands in June of that year on KRON and pronounced "The Padres will win the west". Me? On the Chronicle blog I had I said the Giants were due for a winning streak- I even said about "12 games in a row" Do you know the Giants went hot the day after I posted that? They didn't win 12 in a row,they won something like 10 in a row and 14 out of 16..not exact but you get the idea. Then they won the World Series. Not the Padres.

Lets not forget - I've NEVER said Brian Sabean should be fired- that was Damon Bruce around 2008 or 2009. Great call Damon. Hell,I could see clear as day Sabean knew what he was doing.

" The sports dial is set to MEN" said Bruce. Oh yeah? I guess that makes Brianna a puppet you can manipulate to say what you want when you want it.

In 2010 - and Bruce,the bay area media and Lowell Cohn for sure saw me posting that Tim Lincecum was wasting away. Only me. Papa,and the Giants even came up with fake excuses for that. Now? You can read in Wiki  Tim Lincecum admitting he had lost too much weight. Where was Damon Bruce on that? Picking his belly button lint. No clue.

Look, Bruce is a conservative..his love of Jay Mohr who is like Dennis Miller big with the FOX news crowd and more- so to speak- of that Frat boy society humor. You heard them ever sing on a bus? Something about hanging. That's what Damon Bruce calls bonding !..Hazing is good he says LOL!. nitwit.

Bring it on Bruce. If you start crying,you asked for it.

PS. I was posting on BASG blog about ESPN using "chink" slurs a week before the rest of the country caught on. (BASG banned me not that long after that. And before Radnich outed him as KNBR's mole to release dirt.Connect the dots).
If they had waited for Bruce and the whole bay area sports media? They would STILL be waiting.
The dial for knowing what he's talking about, is set to ME!.

Runaway Train on Vevo.

Dish added Vevo and I was playing around with it looking at old music videos. The next day I go to Walgreens to pick up a prescription and over the speakers I hear "Runaway Train" by Soul Asylum. Haven't heard it for years. I'm kind of nodding my head as it has a very catchy beat. The middle aged guy in line doing something people around must have been wondering, why?...

So,I get home and later around bedtime I look for it on Vevo and they had it. Man,its a powerful song. What jumps up the power is the photos of missing kids,children. I mean,I remember seeing that vid back when,and those kids were missing for 2,3 years then. Its now been another 22 years. How can you not feel sad seeing that? It sinks in now more then it did in 1993.

I took a look at Wiki and many are still missing including a two year old. Others were found murdered. A few killed it turned out, by their own parents. Toddlers.So innocent and trusting. I felt a bit watery eyed I'm not afraid to admit.

Gary Radnich parks in Handicapped Zone. He's not handicapped.

I figger that should be on the net since RL415 didn't say it that way when it posted the photo proof.

Radnich,despite caught red handed has never apologized.

 The space was at KRON. Imagine taking up a fellow employees handicapped-who IS handicapped- space because you are that incredibly selfish?

Radnich in the past has gone on that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had the curb fronting her house painted red. He put her down,called her elitist. From the man who parks his land yacht in handicapped peoples spots.

I catch Radnich in a big fat lie. Again.

At 8:45 yesterday he said "The Warriors ARE going to lose".  So I recorded the 11 pm  show and just watched it. Radnich: Somebody tweeted (probably code for my blog) that I said the Warriors are going to lose. I said,they are down by 20 points,I did not say they were going to lose. LIAR! lol. Even today on his radio show he was raked for saying they were going to lose.

How does that guy live a lie? Parks in handicapped zones,lies like a 5 year old. His whole life must be like that.
Good thing I'm here to observe and correct the local media.

I had a dream- Pacquiao whips Mayweather.

 It came to me. Clear as a bell...the end of the fight with Manny Pacquiao's arms up-stretched,Mayweather's face swollen. I remember in the dream thinking "No wonder Mayweather didn't want to fight Pacquiao,he knew he couldn't beat him".
The last time I had a dream like that? I dreamed Muhammad Ali had beaten Joe Frazier. Then,he did.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Radnich said "The Warriors ARE going to LOSE"..LOL!

As soon as he said that? I knew it,I could feel it,they were going to win..I went back to the game. Yes! yes! yes!
The vibe was so strong.
Genius AND I'm in touch with the Universe...

Rev. Ike says "Its the LACK of money thats the root of all evil!"

I was just thinking about what the 70's tv preacher would say. That and send money.

KRON again doesnt report.

I saw that story of the KPFA producer killed in the car crash  3 or 4 times on KRON the other day. As far as the Charger that killed him?

Never did KRON say who was the driver.
Never said if it was stolen or not.
Never described what the driver looked like. Police saw him running.

At least tell viewers they asked police those questions.

Whats the matter with kron kwality?

East coast bias bites the Warriors.

Papa wouldn't say it. Poole wouldn't say it. I SAY IT.
Let me tell you kids something from when I was veery young kid.  Willie Mays? when he played in New York the media made him out to be a god. When he got to San Francisco? he became just another very good player. I used to buy books on Mays from the thrift store. He was in his baggy NY uniform and all that. Once he got to S.F? hardly anything on Mays. Hell,I saw Koufax and Drysdale on tv sitcoms,never once Mays.
I learned they called him the say hey kid from the New York books. I never once heard the local media call him that.  Funny, "The say hey kid" moniker wasn't mentioned until the Bonds years by the local media.

So,it has been down the line. You ain't nothin' in any sport, unless you play back east or in L.A.

I should mention,those old books? They were published before I was even born or at just about. One other thing I noticed about the old b&w photos in those books...Mays in New York would sit in front of his locker and 30 reporters were all smiles and holding mics with baited breath at what he might utter.

Here? Bob Stevens and a guy with a flash camera probably...

Scott McGrew- the Stan salute of the day.

I hate to say I even like some guy on local tv. They usually respond with a veiled putdown of yours truly. That's the way sports guys in particular are. HS level.

BUT, I like the way McGrew handles the worst Radnich throws at him.  He makes Radnich sound like the special kid in the family. But,good naturedly I might add. That takes talent.

I also like how he and Chris Sanchez on KNTV might seem to have nothing in common until they joke around. THEN the chemistry kicks in big time. They make me laugh. Must be funny.

So,here's my compliment to McGrew and if he throws it in my face?..I can always delete this!

Is gay born or a choice? What does it matter?

Was Tiger Woods born with a genetic attraction to Nordic blonds? This is America,you choose who you want to choose,no need to make up biological excuses. Science has never found and never will a "gay gene" Just as science will never find a Nordic blond compulsion gene in Wood's head.

Its all a constitutional right to you're personal freedom.
How I look at it.

Pam Moore takes freebies . Unprofessional.

Proving again Pam Moore couldn't have a better friend then Gary Radnich,she admitted to him on air she takes free meals from  restaurants because she's "Pam Moore tv news woman" despite the fact she can easily afford to pay for ALL her meals. I guess Pam Moore doesn't understand integrity. You wont hear a bad word about those places on KRON. Ever.

See,the weasel Radnich thinks its ok in the sport world to do that- he openly brags of taking free "gifts" that he cant afford like Adidas sweat pants- lol. He does that under the excuse "Sports is the toy department of news". Sure,the multibillion dollar corporate toy. What a sleazy excuse to take bribes.

That's the conservative way of doing sports..beat writers who take free meals,free trips,and even free medical from teams...then they write for newspapers as independent unbiased journalists! LOL.
Same for conservative sports show hosts. Imagine the hypocrisy running through their heads when Papa,Lund,Radnich and Kreuger,Fitz and Brooks,Bruce are talking about Raiders,Giants and Warriors or Billy Beane? They actually will argue with callers!..If they ain't? Its a plant!..a fake. Screening my ass.

Pam Moore has her problems...that quarter century relationship with a guy who says to websites he's not interested in ever marrying her. He says that! wonder Pam takes abuse from Radnich.

One last - I know about what these people (Cumulus and KNBR and the rest) based on what they say on air. But you better believe I know they know more about my private life- where I live, what I've done who I worked for.. They did more then ante up 30$ for internet searches.
I wouldn't doubt for a second that they've crossed a legal line to know and find out...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dan Pastorini's Hickory Smoked Chicken. Yee-Ha. Eh.

I tried it as I saw the former Raider and Oiler Quarterback's brand of frozen rubbed chicken. That's what its really called. In the meat section at Food Source. $4.50 or so for three legs and thighs. I decided today to fry it up.
Ahh,man how disappointing. Almost no flavor. the chicken was fresh and all that..but I could have just poured hickory something myself and got more taste. You really had to know it even had Hickory in some of it,because you didn't taste it.
Sometimes I buy that kind of stuff at markets pre marinated and its good,never great or even very good,but good. Dan's wont be bought again.

Empathy or sympathy for Bruce Jenner? Why?

He killed a woman,hasn't said anything about it and is far from in tears. Its like he got away scot free. Its really galling when you see photos of him yakking on the phone on the freeway only days after her demise probably doing the very same thing that killed her..

I've heard Bruce Jenner in the past go on how conservative politically he is  and "nobody gave me anything". So this new liberal transgender reaching out is a bit hypocritical. I wouldn't doubt for a second he was one of those who voted against all of California's liberal equal rights for gays bills. Its always like that.

I would also guess that Bruce has always altered himself. This is a pattern more then sexuality. Steroids to be the best male athlete in the world to now hormones to be the cutest chick in the world. All in one lifetime.

How much less does Ted Griggs pay Comcast woman,then men?

I noticed that the woman who aren't Mindy Bach seem to come and go..while all the commercials are the men hosts who are now getting years in. All the woman are pretty. You think hard if Kozimoron and Feldman are handsome. That list is much longer if you get my drift.
So,I figure..that must be hard on the woman. No seniority,and surrounded by sports guys who must drop the sexual innuendo on them everyday- along with big shot former athletes as guests. I heard Henry tell a new hot blond host at Comcast on Warrior highlights " So and So (the hot blond) I heard you were a baller in the day!"  Uh,yeah that ain't the first and last innuendo she's heard there.

I figure too- the woman are making 50% less overall. How much leverage do you have when they toss you at 29?

As far as the Comcast sports commercials only having the male hosts? I have this idea. Do that scene from the old movie with Clark Gable and Claudette Colberte in "It Happened one night". See, Mindy is on a corner needing a Comcast ride. She hikes up her short skirt to adjust the clips on her garter. Kozimoron driving by, then slams the breaks on the Comcast Prius and in his 1930's voice (with Fedora) asks "Hey doll face, need a ride?".
Oh,that is so hilarious and so real woman- in- Comcast- sports.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Oakland's sexy Mayor.

Starring in a SPCA music video in a high skirt some fancy nylons. Her and Kamala not afraid to show some skin. In praise of Liberal Woman.

Harvey Levin of TMZ a right wing Republican. He's on FOX too.

A former Playmate grabs an American flag that black students on a college campus were walking on. The students had brought the flag to protest something. So,miss former military big boobs,grabs the flag..and right on camera a young black woman asks her politely to return it . She refused. It took 4 cops to get her to obey the law.
Now get this. Harvey Levin said "Just because you took the flag that doesn't mean you were stealing it"...she took it and said right on camera she wasn't giving it back.  You take something of somebody else who paid good money for it and want to walk away? I call that STEALING! LOL.

What a kooky world business is . The guys a lawyer too. lol. A law degree!.ha.

Levin and TMC never did say what the black students were protesting. He took the right wing view as the right side.

And Kids,that explains why he's been asked to stink up the 10 O' clock news on ch2 with his opinions.

And what's Harvey's deal with the black guy co host who looks just like Levin in dreadlocks? They even do the same dead pan.
Harvey is one vain sumbich. I guess his wife looks like him too!

Are there no liberal ex jocks in local media? Its all Hawks.

Listening to Brynsy who like all the rest spouts right wing political views when they do come up,I never hear anybody in sports media be an equally unabashed liberal. Not one. Its like if they are there,they keep it down while Radnich and Lund and Papa and Bruce and Kozimor and Thompkins and Applebaum and Schulmann  openly rip Obama, Nancy Pelosi,even affirmative action. Its a wonder they haven't denounced vaccines for kids.

Local Sports media is Nazi media. Its not a reflection of the bay area. Look at Lee Hammer and Ted Griggs-CEO of Comcast West sports, with George Bush photos.

Don't give me "the demographics" bullshit. Give me Democrats.

Well,I guess Andy Bags demotion shows what happens when big Ownership owns the journalist's boss.

My duty to report: Michelle Apon in Fishnet stockings today.

You had to look close- I am an expert at that- and right above the weather/news scrawl you see her in a micro skirt and those fishnets. NOT the small triangle fishnets,but those big sexy fishnets.
See,there is something deeper here. The sexual hypocrisy of the media and woman. They want her and all the rest to be attractive,eye catching..and Yet like with Jackie Bennet,keep that camera from above the knee up. Jackie as we all remember, had other assets to show.
Other stations- FOX and Weather channel "pull back" you might say on woman. Its still taboo locally to give in.

I did catch a bit of Papa's mea culpa...

He said something that was sort of what Radnich says, about I feel strongly until 12,then I don't care. That. BUT,  Papa and Lund I want to remind, didn't just do a joke about hicks and animal sex a few weeks ago. We've all heard that on TV sitcoms even.
They took it too a truly disgusting,evil even, level. They went on about a real animal abuse case- laughing- even as Lund read that "The female sheep was bleeding so badly she had to be taken to a veterinarian for stitches".  I don't see anything funny in that. Nothing at all.

And if  Damon and Breeana think there's something wrong with me ..fuck them too.
I caught the very end of his rant. So,I might have misunderstood I grant you...If I did,I take the F-U back.

But, the other 23 hours and 55 minutes of the gamz yesterday,I missed. Wasn't really in the mood for more of their entertainment.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Did the Game mention me? anybody hear?

Hell no,I'm sure. I missed 99% of them today. I'm sure they did the usual veiled references as the cowards they are.
 I tell you all- the local media fears me because they know once I get going,I'm going to drop all the hammer I have on them. That's a promise. No Bay Area Sports Guy sell out,back room deals. I'm beholden to nobody and its staying that way.
I'm not on team gamez or knbr or team comcast Or team news channels.. I'm on the truth team.

THAT scares the shit out of them. Bring it on. Mention me. Point out where I'm wrong not to like the garbage you put out. You claim freedom of speech? I'm using my freedom to say you're all liars and shills. Who's closer to the truth,me or them?  Me.

Hey,if they want to meet in the street to see who's right and who's wrong....

Hmm,I should write a song with that line...

Stan visits 1995 via Movies....

I had the pay channels for free for 10 days last week.  I recorded what was good or from the early 90's,a good period in my life.
First "The Babysitter" with Alicia Silverstone. It promised all and delivered nothing. I should have figured that she has never done any nudity. This barely had shoulder and legs.  I didn't record it for the story or nudie things anyways. I wanted to see the early 90's. When she was walking down the sidewalk in flannel shirts and big black boots...ahh-lol. She also never once used a cell phone...a teenager with no cellphone? Even the home portable phone was a monster thing- with chrome antenna. Her computer has a 13" CRV monitor.

I remember in 95 wanting to date a cute petite young lady. We were sitting one day and chatting..small talk. She then see's a big woman BBW (not so beautiful tho) in a brand new pair of almost yellow big Doc Martins. My friend tells her "Those shoes are soooo cute". lol, I never saw anything so un-cute as work boots on that woman. Ahh,the 90's...

I watched 'Singles' from 1991. Flannel and boots and shorts galore. The whole Seattle scene with AIC,Soungarden,early pre Pearl Jam. What gets me about that movie? With all those great bands and Screaming Tree's almost being great, Cameron Crowe filled most of the soundtrack with crap music by Paul Westerberg. Criminal! Bridget Fonda was the perfect looking girl. Tiger Woods type of gal. In another 90's movie 'Jackie Brown' Bridget was so beautiful as the surfer girl. Legs.woo-woo.

The were some others close in time- 'American Beauty' (1990) like the 'Babysitter' only more money in the budget. Also,some 1987 Charlie Sheen movie where he's an avenging Angel with a car of the future who gets in a race with a 85 Dodge Daytona "sportscar" ..hee. A 4 cylinder with 135 hp.You wont see those on Fast and Loud, restored!  Charlie is an avenging Angel. Of course Charlie won. Whats interesting is the 80's soundtrack was almost all hair metal. Four years later that was dead in the waters from Nirvana. Remember?

Oh,and in those movies? The hip kids played ..pinball. Still playing pinball machines in 1995.Huh. Record machines,old,old,looking candy machines.

In 'Singles'? it had scenes like 'Clueless' 1995,had. Some young people who were still going with 80's hair and clothes..the fade from one decade to another always causes that you notice? Big hair vs the new Alternative rock long hair.

Now? looking back, I could have been so cool and hip to wear torn jeans and Chuck Taylors instead of my black $28 cheap Nikes and Kmart jeans. I had fun then,but it would be nice to think how much hipper I could have been.
How about you?

Added: I removed the "I taped references" I wasn't being THAT authentic!

Snickers commecial still makes me snicker.

Danny Trejo's SHUT UP!..whoomp! Axe into coffee table, a classic.

Trejo has made a fortune of being,he knows it. You put  it someway else. He's not much of an actor. Neither is Jamie Foxx....both go on.

Heather Holmes paired with dark meat Stan,right again. Like I see the future.

I'm sleepy,its 10:40pm,I put on ch2 news last night. There's Heathers big smile next to a dark ethnic type. I think black.
I called it.
You read it here.

Funny to read two flunksters on Rich's 415 blog slam me. They said anything but ..I was right! That they avoided admitting.
It was bad Stan for how he said the truth!

Its the news entertainment bizz. Dark Meat,White Meat,Blond Meat. To them,just meat. Can be the same for big bizz. Ask Ellen Pao.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

One for the local police...

Just minutes ago,I heard what I hate around here..some muscle car reving down a hill. I look out the window and I see and hear sirens TWO GOOD cop cars pulled out after him-lol. From where they chased him out? I would guess he was running because he had drugs in his car. He wasn't just running to avoid a ticket.
Man,I just applauded out my window. I hope all the SOBS heard me too.

btw- There are good people here. I just choose to focus on what I hate and whats wrong.

Good police too. I give them the thumbs up all the time.

Alex Boone,tell me,when did the 49ers win the Super Bowl?

How funeee. A guy paid millions and millions and millions to play football complained his coach pushed him too hard to work from September to January---one day on weekends-for three hours. LOL.
That's the tail wagging the dog. Players have so much money,they think they run the team. They decide if they should even practice.
Alex Boone isn't getting much sympathy from me.

Radnich drops tennis shoes,back to eye talian loafers.

Again,my blog contributing to some positive change in the media.

I used to be a people person. Then people changed me.

I'm complicated.

And now for something funny. Cats.

I saw on some cat show that to show cats who are nervous,wary,skittish, what you do is look at them and squint. Like Clint Eastwood. I have a wild cat born in the yard who never became tame. I caught and gave away the other kittens years ago. I could never tame this one white Abyssinian female cat. She has to be over 3 pushing 4 years now.
So,like all Abyssinian's,she's a talker. Ask if she's hungry and she says "Yeaaah". Cute. So'z I feed her since she seems such a pitiful creature. Right now its her and a female Tabby who is tame. When the other female is not around or Clarence is off to where he goes...she gets so lonely. Enough to actually follow me,even lay down a foot or so from me..but she stays wild.
The other day I remembered the Clint the squint idea when she seemed upset at being alone. I leaned forward and squinted hard. She squinted back!..looking like stress left her. I've tried it a few times!. Makes them happy.
Now you know- turn a grumpy cat into a happy cat. Be Clint Eastwood.

Lets review Greg Papa with the truth.

Years ago,before Comcast existed i  would catch Papa as a guest on this and that radio sports show. He came across as angry,bitter,no sense of humor. A complete Al Davis tool and later apologist. Over and over. Probably why he didn't do many shows.

THEN,Comcast gave him a talk show job..then he suddenly blossomed like a delicate flower into funny,gregarious, fast thinking. Its clear in retrospect Comcast told him what he could and couldn't say. It sure fooled many.

So,the gamz comes along and pairs him with John Lund from Nowheresville USA. Papa starts out fine for what? a good two years? After that in the name of ratings the other shoe dropped...the angry, bitter, kick the underdog kind of guy he is came out again. He and Lund did their best to dump on Obama for being a president who liked basketball. They were fine with Bush and golf and most vacations in presidential history.

Now? We have a total ratings whore in Greg Papa who also now stinks up the Giant and Warrior pregames like "All I said today on the radio? was my alter ego"..yeah? fuck you.

Look,even Damon Bruce sounds embarrassed that he has to follow a show that targets the Aryan Nation.  If it isn't Bill Romonowski forgetting he's on air ripping Bruce,its Papa giggling like a nut at man -Dolphin sex.  After that, Bruce has to gather an audience.

I wish just once Bob Fitzgerald would tell Greg Papa "Man,its great to call a Championship Warrior season Greg,I'm having a blast!" "Its much more fun then the Raiders behind 38-0 at halftime- again"..! And give him the Fitz giggle squared,Bob.

 Rancid Radnich is an insecure egotistical man who rips peoples all day on air,then like the kook he is, says he loves people and "lets have fun". Papa is just plain angry and bitter at how he screwed up the Warrior job along with his superiority complex.
Thus,we have the garbage show of gamz to foul up the airwaves.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

And then the problem on..

See,what I learned is,so many woman have been raised hearing they are princesses who have top standards. Seems to them to make sense-hee.. Only, that kind of thinking is why so many dating sites are filled with woman who think they are terrific and now divorced for the 3rd or 4th time. They also are looking for men..who have no trouble meeting woman-.  Wealthy,fun,or male model looks.So,no wonder the list of candidates is low they And those guys wander if they do meet them, knowing the power they have.
When you listen to those woman? One thread is "When the marriage got hard times,I left". That's another multiple divorced woman story. No real commitment in their souls. Find a man who will set them up for life,RIGHT NOW.  Yeah?,Go ahead,find him-lol.

Or,they spend time making fun of other woman's husbands even if the other woman is happy. Then, they sit at home drunk and alone thinking how they never "settled".    Like that happily in love wife, did.

Holy Communion + Nobel Peace Prize = Giant's ring ceremony.

Over blown,but the fans love it. Me too I guess. I have a theory that the Giants really want Billy Beane to see it. HE had the book written about him. HE had the movie made about what a baseball savant he is. And yet, Sabean has nearly one hand of fingers filled with World Series winning rings. 3 out of  5 you might say.

Beane has divisions and 10 straight last playoff game of a series losses going.

Beane does do better for the A's then whoever the Cubs hire-lol. Hey,if Moneyball were true,then why hasn't  Sandy Alderson done more then squat with the Mets? See? I'm fair on Beane man.

Andrea Nakano.

She's been around for a while...very under the radar. Very professional and natural. Great looking with doe eyes. Channel 5 could have made her a permanent weekend sports anchor.
Comcast let her go? She's done some Raiders and other coverage for them.

And yet,Comcast just lets Ann Killion get Yahoo time as a talker,Mindy Bach as host. That's the female Comcast/Yahoo sum total. We all know how complicated sports is for woman. A basket is two points? They will never figure that one out.

Now,if there are modeling photos of her,I have to see them...

Pelican swallowed by a Python Warrior.

The Warriors just kept the pressure- the squeeze- on the Pelicans (ridiculous name for an NBA team) and sure enough all the life but a last gasp at the end was snuffed out of them.

This isn't much of a series. Where are these guys from?

.This is a team that uses Anthony Davis as a forward? He's a center. What a huge waste the Pelican people are making. Ah man,are they blind?

Curry's game has become transcendent. I don't think I have ever seen a Warrior who was very good become great after a few years. If he was a baseball player I would think steroids. But,I'm pretty sure that skinny kid is just all talent.

Whats there to pick at today? It was in the bag by halftime,after that, scrimmage.

Bogut..I've been back and forth. I think he did dog it under Jackson. Mark Jackson knew it too. He's now playing like the "third best center in the NBA" as advertised by the cagey Meyers. Looking to score to give the team a lift? For him that's extreme change from last year.
I'm on the bandwagon.

Stan tells you how the wealthy REALLY feel about the rest of us.

They give what they consider a "generous" tip to the attentive and obedient waiter. They give extra to the waitress who is pretty,smiles a lot and says nothing when they look at her plunging blouse as she bends over to serve. They MAY tip the gardener IF he does his usual job and then extra work as a "favor por favor".
Then the wealthy go home and put on FOX news then bitch that the minimum wage is enough and why cant "those people" accept their lot in life?.

Let's hear Radnichiot and Kozimoron and Killion say "Pablo's fat ass" all together.

Just like when Anny predicted that the Cespedes trade was brilliantly timed.. Radich and Kozimor never get it right,too many to list.
Pablo is tearing it up. Maybe the Giants should have returned a  phone call last preseason. They did it for Huff.

Lund and his Papa "shocked" by Britt McHenry. Hypocrites.

"I would NEVER treat anybody like that" they just went on. Liars. They talk and think like that everyday. So,we are supposed to believe they never could do something like thaaaaat?. Yeah,uhuh.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Only I could truly love you beautiful woman.

I was thinking of that malarkey all young men say or want to say to a beautiful girl- the VERY beautiful girls- Smoking. " I know I'm not much,but I could love you like no other boy would,I would use my heart" So sincere too.Like the most sincere speech they ever gave. More = "I'm not a handsome jock or a rich kid,I don't say all the right things",guys don't even realize when its there testicles talking philosophical love bullshit. Their young. They can't think of anything but getting a hand on her!..that's not philosophy.

"I love you unconditionally". For as long as your beautiful.

 You've thought it,you've seen movies or tv shows where Bud Bundy drops that on a hot teenage Lolita. And then she might say or just think, "You want me to love you for who YOU are...but you fell for me because I'm beautiful?" lol. Well,yes. And wear Victoria's Secret panty's too. Who says she has to come out with the better deal?

Radnich high on KRON?

He's got that look back,the stiff turns to talk to people,the glassy eyes. The man has said in the past he drops a pain pill before shows at times. A pick me up.
And when he denies he's drunk and with glee puts down Myrtle for writing to the GM,and swearing he never had a drink in his life...sure,he's not drunk. But the other day he slurred his speech I thought. So,he's not  a drunk on air. He's stoned?

When the hell are the playoffs going to start?

What a delay. Play.  Just dragging it out...

Andrew Baggarly being squeezed out because he's liberal?

Interesting that he's taken some big falls for both being right about Melky Cabrera and a feud with KNBR.

It used to be every time you looked he was a guest someplace,the main baseball blogger. I don't hear him on any sports radio and never see him on Yahoo sports- nothing.

Andy is the anti Radnich. So if a dope like Raddy and Lund and Papa,among the others is favored over a darn smart liberal by Corporate Sports Media Inc.,once again you see why I hate the local media.

Life isnt fair? Who knew?

Why I do this blog. Because the haves like to make the have less as deserving less. The Repubs are especially good at playing the middle class against the poor. They take the heat off the bankers who looted trillions and the war profiteers.

I hear " that yeah,yeah, life isn't fair" I take that as an ignorant SOB. Its letting the unfair become accepted.

I do not accept.

How do you tell the difference between John Lund and Greg Papa?

Lund has frosted hair tips,and a dainty body. Papa is the guy who's plucked all his eyebrow hair. They both wear makeup "for the job".  On the radio.Even at home.

And you know what? Lund's kid you just know is going to grow up to be a gay serial murderer. Papa's daughters hard core Lesbian- skipping that lipstick lez phase.

Why do I say that? Its always the guys who are conservative and joke about gay stuff all the time that end up with the transgender kids. John is half  a woman now. Papa? Ask Marv Albert. Its happened before.
John Lund and Papa never had a gay thought in their lives? LOL.

Bring it on you sons of bitches . Too chicken shit to say my blog's name on air? Sure you are. Lets get personal. I will last longer then you.
C'mon talk about my blog..bring the hits to 60,000 a day. You two and the rest of the media shit your pants at the idea.
The San Francisco bay  area deserves better then the Lund and Papa and Sussman show. He's in there,I think.
I don't think any radio show before Papa and Lund targeted imbeciles as listeners.

I'm going to have change my D.Bruce listening. Catching the last few minutes of the two cabrons is like getting slimed.
Yep,going to have to miss the first 15 minutes. Or maybe go to Tom.

I don't even like Bruce that much as a person. He's wrong most of the time. He's the least worst you might say.
I didn't get old and smart and wise to believe what dummy's tell me. I do the teaching 'round here.

Dr.Oz. Greedy bastard.

Convincing people to buy products he endorses or is invested in. A quack,a charlatan and if he's as bright as his defenders say..whats his excuse other then he's a greedy son of a bitch? His wife is a greedy bitch?

Vitamins and supplements are junk. Unless you have been tested,then you have no idea of what your taking even works or if its really the ingredients claimed. You read that right? 70% of supplements didn't have any of what was on the bottle. Instead of Ginkgo,you had some cheap houseplant mixed in. That's a fact.

Oprah has a way with putting frauds on the American public. Not one but TWO authors Oprah praised turned out to have been hoaxes. Books of made up drama. Now,Dr. Oz of his own wonderland of money.

Krueger reclaiming his self respect.

Yeah,sure,he winks winks that his putdowns to Radnich as playing along. At least that's all it takes for boob Radnich to take Kruegers in his face, as just not possible he means it. He means it.

Kreuger jokes don't just have grains of truth in them,they are the whole saltshaker spilled over Raddys head.

Krueger seems fed up. He doesn't care who married who. The hip hop talk is over. They must have gotten that straightened out. You could tell he was one more day of that from flattening Radnich's tires in the KNBR handicapped parking spot.

After a local broadcasting beloved legend passed away with respect from all?  The final words spoken at Raddys funeral will be " Everybody grab a shovel".

Go Obama!

By the way Gare,the whiny voice he (Krueger) did saying "3 in 5 years" ? He was doing you. You didn't get it? Its what you say all the time. How could you not get it?

Kawakami twists the Kevin Love story. I tell you the 100% gods honest truth.

Tim Kawakami on yahoo "Remember when they said trade half the team for Kevin Love?" uhuh,who writing this blog said that? Let me guess.
First of all. Somebody out there tell me that a lineup of Bogut,Curry and Love wouldn't also be a winning team? Tell me if you believe that's a loser lineup. Tim?  It ain't no recipe for disaster I promise you that.

Kawakami also said there is tension on the Clevelanders because if they do well,then Love is loved,if they fail Love will get the blame. Kawakami said that as if that was Love's fault. Now,you know Love is a great player- he's proved that from HS to the NBA. Now he's playing with LeBron and the constraints that LEBRON CALLS THE PLAYS.  Timmy didn't bring that up. I see Love flowing with Curry and Bogut very well. No Curry calling all the plays here.

Now,Klay? 37 points first half,6 points second half. No inside presence,not a rebounder. He's a tall guard who for now can keep up with the 6'1" guys. He's no burden I give you that. Streaky,but no burden.

When the Warriors had Monta Ellis I wrote on my old Chronicle blog that the Warriors can find plenty of guys who will shoot and shoot happily. And do nothing else. Then,when Klay was in his rookie year I wrote that reminder and added Klay is already 3/4 as good as Ellis in half of his rookie season right now.

So,The Warriors have done fine with no trade. Who's to say they weren't going to do fine with Love?
And if they fail in the playoffs,It might be they needed a big guy who could score from anyplace on the court while gathering 30 rebounds. Sounded like a potential winning deal to me.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Jimmy Kimmel sings in Tagalog. Badly.

It was funny.  He did a "Compare my voice to Manny Pacquio" type of bit.  A Pinay in the audience was not impressed. Laughing,not impressed.
It made those I know laugh.

btw,I catch those Jimmy Fallon bits on commercials or ET like shows.  Whoa. He's putting a lot of energy into girly bits. School girly. I think he had the damn hat on sideways again.

Guillermo and Kimmel pounding Tequila...that's funny.

John Lund says Greg Papa had sex with a tree.

NOW that's funny. Stinky feet? That's funny too.

And it shows all of you the local media and John Lund and Greg Papa read this blog.

 8,550 people alone checked my profile. I really got to add to it. "Devastatingly handsome".."Extreme piercing wit" "Perceptive beyond all ordinary bounds of humanity"
Yeah,that's me.

The Giants imperfect storm of 2015. Bobby Evans says he needs until August.

Not exactly coalescing into world beaters this season.
No Pablo,No Pence, No pitching. Other then Madbum.

Bobby Evans said- no joke- He needs until August to decide if the Giants might need improvement-lol. They need it yesterday.

Sabean,he ain't dumb. When Pablo left that just put him into retirement with pay and title mode. He can take credit now with no blame. He's done the 3 Championships in 5 years. When you do that its just the next guys pack with the devil to be a GM of the Giants "Hee-hee hee,I take your soul Bobby,and give you .124 hitters".
And worse? The Giants are boring, man. Dull.  That's much worse then Bobby Evans losing his soul.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

OK,Now KNTV is in my hood.

Like you would think. Young punks stole money from a kids group. Not far from where the 22 year old was shot in the stomach that I posted.
Soon,John Singleton is going to do a movie about here. A Rap album- "Straight outta Stan's Hood" is coming out I bet.
And homes sell for a half mill to much more. Insane.

To the Green hills,wildlife and quiet. To the right..nothing but pond scum roaming at night.

Cute KRON story might not be so cute after all. P-22 has to eat.

Grant Lodis was reading about the too famous for his own good L.A. mountain lion. As Lodis went on,KRON showed various camera shots of the big cat taken by tripped wildlife cameras.
Only,in one P-22 looked to have somebodys little dog in his jaws. I looked,looked and froze it. Didn't look like any wild animal I know of.
 It looked like a small brown spaniel.

 Its just a matter of time that big cat is put down or some hick hunter poacher shoots it for the thrill.

I would hate to be an animal in this world. I feel for all of them.

Michelle Apon of KRON. part3.

I'm a poet. A faithful reader.MCphuc (Where's Tory?) posted a photo of her modeling days on my last post on her. You might REALLY want to take a peak.

Hey,I don't see those kind of pics holding back FOX's Megan Kelley.

Its not like beautiful woman don't know they are beautiful.

Pablo takes a wizz on Radnich's Nike tennys.

The man who says he's too sophisticated to wear bluejeans,goes on KRON and wears his white Nike's with slacks and sportcoat- lol.
You might have heard that weasel say he was glad Pablo was hit by a pitch. I wish he was beaned by a foul ball. Except,if your a 65 year old Sports Director phd you don't go to games,so that ain't never going to happen. You read scores,go home and lay on yer ass between shows. His Arizona interviews were with the oldest white guys he could find on the Giants.
Raddy....I can see that 5 year old grown up feeding old Gary his pablum and changing Gary's diapers. Radnich wont even know he's there. And that's in 2019.

EBAYMUD on the cement spill " Our engineers cant tell on from off"

That was said over and over " Sometimes the off is turn left and sometimes its turn right",how idiotic an excuse for well paid engineers. I would think EBAYMUD needs to let go those slow learners.

I also resent that the man responsible for this mess, name has not been revealed or that the press hasn't pressed to interview him. He might be embarrassed? He should be!. He killed off a mile of wildlife.

It doesn't even seem to occur to the press they might want to talk to the city engineer who doesn't know how valves work,or understand different brands. Its only his job that he does everyday.

Charles Clifford needs to make amends. Some real investigative work.. like a name.

Aaron Hernanadez- todays dumbest man on Earth.

How incredibly stupid can he be? Millions,fame,chicks,flushed down the toilet for nothing. He murdered a man who had done nothing to him.
Hernandez at 23,in prison since ,what? 21 or 22? now will sit all day in a cell listening to that incredible prison noise forever. The taunts. I bet he's too dumb to even just end it all. He thinks he's going to get out on a technicality or when extraterrestrials invade Earth and blow up the prison.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lund and Papa just dripping arrogance all over the airwaves.

Its gotten to the point where the 10-15 minutes before the Bruce show is "The Republican party Sports Show". Lund and Papa still pat themselves on the back and think they have broken new ground with animal sex. They then follow that with jokes about gay sex. Yeah,they probably have stacks of gay porn someplace at home and on the road Papa hits the gay arcades to grope anything.

I don't even listen to the Warrior pre or postgame with Papa on Comcast. Too much sleazy leftovers. If you hear what he says during the day,what the hell do ya care what he thinks of the triangle offense? You don't.

Two jerks who haven't a clue about social satire. But,they impress themselves.

I do it right,they do it wrong. That explains the difference..

I can now see what two time Super Bowl winning coach Tom Flores has to put up with .

Radnich getting hair implants?

Strange that he worked last Monday,then took the rest of the week off that Kreuger said was a vacation. Who works one day ,they takes the week off? Especially him?
Then yesterday I noticed his thin hair didn't look so thin. Ah,maybe he needed the time for his newest implants to heal.
Could be.

Red Sox 5-2,Pablo batting 324. 'nuff said.

Except..Sabean has a had a terrible record on big contracts. The one player he said "no" to,was worth one.

And..the Giants terrible Latino record that I pointed out has struck again. Sabean should have taken Peavey and Vogelsong's contracts and gave that money to Pablo.
I haven't heard Radnichiot or Kozimoron say "Pablo's fat ass" lately. How about you?.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Dan Ashley's hair part has stopped moving.

I've never seen an anchorman so obsessed with his hair. He parted off center to the left,off center to the right,he's combed straight back..He's dyed it various shades of brown and even left a reddish hue for awhile. Today? Its normal and on the part is on the left side. Where it should always have been.
Dan seems preoccupied with his looks. The hair,the eye job...the teeth. I bet he uses skin products. Exfoliates.
Seems like a nice guy..but he's just never satisfied with how he looks.

Matt Steinmetz ISN'T JEWISH???!

LOL, He sounds so smart I always thought he was Jewish.  Instead, he's one of them Pope people.

btw- Steinmetz was 100% right about the National Anthem/God Bless America war chants when you only want to see a baseball game.
I bet every hawk in the stands and in MLB never saw war. Like Barry Zito,they always support the other guy dying for the hawks freedom and bank accounts.

Heaviest Rock and No more school anthem songs..

You notice nobody sings about school anymore? Or even mentions about "Meeting you after school". My niece listens to 101..and I don't hear that. I hear it on Sirius radio's 60 and 70's music. Then it stops. "Schooooools out for summer"...

I listened to some Octane death metal too. Everything now sounds like a ripoff of "Ace of Spades" by Motorhead or 'Freak on a Leash" by Korn. Just more mumbles,faster,or louder. Same songs.

Stan message to KRON about Michelle Apon. PHOTO!..on link.

Right now my first post about her has gotten about 7x the number of views then my average post. Only a Radnich post at 2x or maybe 3x if  its a good one is even close to Michelle. Ok,the Claudine Wong post with sexy link is about 3/4 of Michelle's come to think of it. Give the people what they want.
Just the facts.

The bay area loooooves Asian woman.

Terylin Joe was the only bad seed.

And check out the photo a reader linked.

 Just all American beauty.

Ratto tells Radnich "Children at 65 is wrong".

On being 65 and being the father to a 5 year old, Ratto just plowed ahead and told Radnich why he was wrong. "Did you even think about it?"
Radnich blamed his wife.

Something else to catch my ear. Ron Wottis said " Sure I read the blogs and take it to heart sometimes". That shut up Radnich who has always claimed otherwise for himself.   Ratto got to him in 30 seconds.

Kira Klapper.

Like a beauty in a 1918 movie who still is using her hick name. Ch11's new morning woman really needs to drop the Klapper. As Ellen Degeneres used to say on a bit where she's on the phone and tells somebody her name,then silence,then she says "Uh,Yeah,it does sound like that".

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bryan Hackney and Ann Notorangelo display some bay area horticultural skills

wow- Took me by surprise. Ann knew of the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek and Hackney knew of succulents.
The weather people have to know gardening is the no.1 hobby in America and nobody wants to know weather like gardeners. None of this "Warmer in summer,cooler in winter" reports some locals toss out there.

Heather Holmes need to be paired with dark meat.

As striking as she is,she oozes sexuality. She needs a type A looking dark ethnic,Fiji,Latino..just somebody who is the yin to her female yang plus. She has great posture. I recommend he be at least 6' 1". Or,could be my average height with a really tall chair. That would work.

I sense KTVU is moving in the direction of Telemundo. Very short skirts,much cleavage and sexy shoes. With no desk.

Justin Beiber Roast...pretty good.

I had recorded it last week,finally watched it. 2 Hours of calling him a Lesbian. Shaq is funny. Nice delivery or maybe nice timing is more accurate. Jokes about his dick were funny,Snoop Dog still wearing Chuck Taylors..ha,Kevin Hart was " Snoop you talkin nigger this and nigger that and smoking dope with the brothers back stage..Snoop,its just YOU,not us. We ain't smoking dope with you. Don't put that on us because we're black!"
Martha Stewart was there. She might be the hottest 70 year old in the country. Long thin legs, big bosoms. Geoff Ross joked but wasn't when he said "I want to fuck Martha so bad"..and "After show all of us are going to try and finger fuck Martha" I'm telling you..she got a twinkle in her eye at that one.Uhuh.
The guy who outed Bill Cosby was there. Funnier then I thought he would be.  "Justin,I ain't going to lie. I don't like your music. Nope,its bad music. I just don't like it". Truth is funnier then jokes sometimes.
Check it out when they repeat it.

Gwyneth Paltrow living on 29$ a week in food.

As part of  a "food stamp awareness" campaign celebrities go shopping for what they think they need for a week.
Look,I'm not going to bash Gwyneth who's lived a life with almost no limits. I'm sure she means well doing this. It kind of makes sense that somebody who depends on looking young and attractive to work would pick leafy vegetables and beans. Shoot,I'm told to eat more of that all the time. Only,its highly perishable,never fills me up and of course,costly if you're not in the mood everyday for them.

But,before I even read the article I saw the headline and thought for awhile. First thing that came to mind? Enjoy Peanut Butter and Hot Dogs and Chicken- I never get tired of Chicken like I do fish or expensive cut of meat. Eggs,bacon- low cost bacon,not the premium stuff. But,Sunshine bacon tastes good from Food Source. No complaints there. Ice tea instead of soda's Cheap $1 TV dinners/pot pies from Swanson or Banquet or Mrs something brand. A bag of Oranges. Pringles. Oatmeal.

And sure enough,I had the Peanut Butter and Oatmeal and Chicken according to the nutritionist in the real world of limits on spending for food. She even hit the nail on the head why lesser income people eat so much fast food- its a bargain per calorie. Nobody eats a burger and frys and is hungry 90 minutes later.

I do skip candy bars..too little value for a $1 nowadays. If they were 3 for a $1 like on sale..ok. Booze is out.
I do go for Coca Cola...all else is 88cent imitation stuff. Sprite,Squirt.  Mug is another that has to be premium. A&W ,Shasta root beers just don't compare for 30 cents less I figure.

And never eat out unless its your B-day. Then? Enjoy Mahi Mahi in Big Sur.

An internet story I can relate to! Just- I'm not on welfare stamps. Just on a money restricted budget..sheesh.
Yeah,I know this wont get a lot of hits. But I liked writing it.

Former KRONer Evelyn Taft,homewrecker. Sort of-lol.

I was reading an older Businessinsider story of anchorwoman done wrong by age discrimination. Most of the older were blond and still pretty now,so that must had something to so with why they were hired 20 years ago more or less.  You get the point on that.
One funny bit is..A male weatherdude in Los Angeles sued because he was let go for not being an attractive young woman.  Who took his job? Evelyn Taft. That bitch!..using being purdy to get on TV in Hollywoodland.

Jerry Brown sold out the people of California.

There are at least 450 farmers in the Delta who take water with no accounting. Jerry in his "agriculture is our engine" speech made no mention of why hundreds of farmers are getting so much free water they have drawn down lake Oroville AND made the delta salty.
I've met Jerry Brown,had lunch with Jerry Brown. He's a schemer, panderer to big the Prison guards union who also draw money in overtime like the farmers do water. I sat with Brown..he looked at me like he knew something more was sitting in front of him then meets the eye. I looked at him and knew that being born so privileged gave him a cartoon view of life. Shaking hands isn't knowledge of poverty.
So, there we see on the news rice and cotton farmers and sugar cane farmers...subsidized welfare farming since the 30's pouring rivers of waters on crops that cost taxpayers to grow. Crops that you know only make money in the southeast or overseas where they actually get wet in the growing season. Jerry is silent on that.
Jerry has had a charmed life. Linda Ronstadt. Daddy was wealthy and connected.
So,buckle down and take your fines for using water people of California. Jerry says its for the greater good..of big agriculture.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Stan tells you the truth about the terrible Oakland cement spill. And palms.

Let me use my background in natural sciences to cut through the EASTBAYMUD lies.Raw cement reacts with water to make an acid..extremely high PH. No doubt dangerous to people and must have wiped out every aquatic insect and invertebrate in the creek. If fish were present, they are now all gone.
I knew it was bad the moment I saw the huge amount poured into the wetlands.
Actually,one way to treat that kind of chemical poisoning from raw cement is to pour gallons of vinegar. Even though the vinegar is counters the lye in the cement. The cure would be also toxic for life over the short term but there is no life now,and the cure will at least hasten it to return.
I don't get what local conservationists silence to this is about. They should be howling.

And don't forget..those Canary Island palms at $ 30,000? I know that the horrific pruning of the crown into a pineapple look is what spreads infections. If they had never done that and left the palms to grow like palms should, Caltrans wouldn't be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars you pay for in Palm trees. Same for the city of San Francsico.
Let me tell you..every dead palm? Has died with the Pineapple buzz cut. Look for yourself,notice something for once.

5 year old finds 1 million year old horse fossil.

I bet on that horse. And it still hasn't come in.

And,I don't care if I'm the 297th blogger -tweeter- anchor person to use that old joke.  I indulge myself on Saturdays.

A's slow,inexperienced. Hit good,relief shaky. Starters good so far.

The A's lumber around the plate for not having any obese starters. They seem fun to watch,the fans are great. I wear my A's hat as always.  How can you not like the green and gold?If Ownerships and Beane keep their fat mouths shut on toilets- look at Wrigley- and corporate welfare, I can enjoy baseball.

The Coloseum might also be the only place to see real green grass all summer.

Claudine not getting with the program.

Pants and sandals. That ain't cutting it. Rupert spent good money at the Goodwill for that couch to show gams. He did also spend a half billion for channel 2 and the rest.
Claudine doing a pose when she stands is nice..some hand on curvy hip.
I bet when KTVU FOX people saw her wear mini skirts and heels when she did field reports,they thought- Oh yeah,get that on the couch in HD!
Then, pants.
Modesty wont pay the bills Claudine. Not at FOX.

Allie had a skirt and pumps last week Claudine,breathing down your neck...

The hoods culture of ignorance and assholes...

Fuck them. Fuck their attitudes,their lack of respect for others property,their loud cars and music,their drugs and booze. Fuck their walk, their talk. Fuck their begging for handouts. I had one ask me for money for gas. She had a Mercedes. When I told her "If you buy a car like that why cant you afford the gas". What did she tell me? "Oh,a rich man gave me that car"..she said it seriously. I laughed and told her she should give me $5.

I once complained to a local city council member about NOBODY around here wearing bike helmets. I see kids in heavy traffic,no helmets on the side of the street and sidewalk. Hell,I saw a kid cross four lanes with another kid on the handlebars and one in back..wobbly and laughing. Four lanes.Not one helmet. Of course nobody here wears a bicycle outfit. Jeans and hoodies.

So,what did that city council member tell me? "If they don't want to wear helmets what can you do?"  Boy,howz that for perpetuating  the culture of ignorance?

Like most people I don't have degree's from the best schools in town,I don't write or speak the best...but I don't devalue education,I don't laugh at the idea of learning.

You wont hear my mayor or even the mayors of Oakland and other blighted bay area cities put up a fight and say the good people in town need to stand together,report the criminals,call out the gangs and low life's for what they are. When did any mayor rail against that low life subculture? Name one. When did Jerry Brown go after them?..Dellums?,Quan? They cant seem to tell the difference between lesser income people and thieves and murderers. Amazing. Its as if calling for an all out battle with criminals is the same as a war on folks That's because all mayors are affluent,or have been privileged.

 I once told the local police they should ticket the asses around here back to the stone age. No need for speed traps for normal people,just ticket the plentiful supply of rubber burners. I don't see that. Again,the police and government cant tell the difference between blue collar and psychopaths. Hell,the police are blind to the difference between people with mental illness and criminals.

And stop telling people there is nothing they can do.

KRON's Charles Clifford says "cement".lol.

Yeah,they read this blog. Funny too. Chuck at first went with "concrete" then- and you could see the wheels turning in his head of  "should I or shouldn't I?" decided to take the plunge and go with cement..The way all of us non Clampetts say it. He still sort of hesitated on the "ce" With that, Chuck made me chuckle.

Pablo,4for 9 yesterday. McGehee cant hit,cant field,not clutch.

4 for 9! with 2 rbi's and the Red Sox beat the Yankee's..their hated rival.  Mcgehee? 2 errors no hits..looks like crap.
Killion thinks McGehee should drink more milk.

Maybe Comcast doesnt want Radnich back.

How technical can it be to put a gopro on Mike the producers head for now? C,mon, the old KNBR had one cheap mini robot camera and coaxial cables.

My latest theory? Comcast might be tired of just about giving advertising time away because of KNBR's insufferable long commercial breaks. As it is,Comcast runs plenty of public service announcements,elevator music, and "support the dog pound" to fill that time. Comcast might look at the numbers and see soccer in the morning pays just as well with much less effort. Also,Soccer doesn't say stupid things on Comcast air.

Just an idea. But the Radnich show ain't the Olympics. How much time do they truly need?

Friday, April 10, 2015

KRON visits my hood today..again.

What did I tell you? DUI hits a power poll,leaves his wife and kid in the car as he runs away. Now do you see why I get into it with people,cops,society?  Nobody will defend you but you. Or,nobody will defend you like you matter,like you. That's closer.
And if you want me to believe that KRON has never cruised by the old home of its .well,skewering internet blogging writer?,then I have a golden bridge to sell you that's really red...

KRON's Charles Clifford see's See-ment.

Not once but a couple of times yesterday the KRON reporter said not "cement".. but instead,"See- ment" in covering the Oakland hills disaster. Like he was Jed Clampett's grandson. Remember when Ellie May got excited over their "See-ment pond" in Beverley Hills?..what we call a swimming pool?
Chuck has Clampett in him.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Jill Ravitch - whore.

She must hate that's going on Google for decades...Well,if she were a normal human being. And she is not.

Oh,get this- It turns out I'm not the first to say that about her!- true! A "prosecutor whore for the police" a real website had written based on studies. My study agrees.

Jill Ravitch comment on the black man shooting?  "Its not in HD or Dolby surround. I find it not conclusive"
Jill is more of an executioner. Rotten cunt.

Armed Murderer Erick Gelhaus roaming the streets of Santa Rosa.

He's the cop with the shit eatt'en grin of " I killed me a little boy Meskin,and got paid for it!" walking around town. He's lush and drunkard District Attorney Jill Ravitch, idea of a man's man. Like herself.

Yep,Erick has his website of how much he likes to kill. Kill animals,kill small animals,kill anything that can't defend itself like ..young boys. He's such an eagle eye he boasts,but he cant tell a 13 year old others thought was 11 from an adult!. Erick likes jobs that let him kill things. Always has.

"Yep,man I killed in Eye-Rock like a sumbitch 007 with license to kill whatever moves,and I kept on a going here in Santa Rosa" says Erick. "Just like the Zodiac killer it gives me such a thrill to see something die by my hand", Eric then shuddered and swung his head as the thought excited him.  Erick goes on. "Man,if it bleeds,I'm pleased". His motto.

If I was in Santa Rosa I would be of fear to have a barbeque as Erick is known to mistake those from 60 yards or was it 20? as WMD. Oh,what a bad party that would be with guests body's lying dead.

POA Whore Jill Ravitch lives with herself just fine. No guilt. She just attends a cop banquet as they pat her on the back with winks.
She don't hang with Meskins.

 Jill can name all her Meskin friends in her circle. Is "None" a name?

Hey somebody hang this on his and her locker and note that there's a whole world of people who agree with me.

You know,instead of being a real man and resign in disgrace or even remorse for what he did and make that  the last we heard of Erick Gelhaus?. What we have instead is,he's a- smil'in and a- whistling all day in the Santa Rosa sun. Andy Lopez is rotting underground.

Then on weekends he kills small animals...waiting. You know what he's waiting for.

Erick Gelhaus shot 13 year old Andy Lopez in the back.

8 bullets !
Just like target practice.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Giants and A's fall to Earth.

The Giants has been of pitchers is catching up to them. Vogelsong or Peavey should have not been signed. At least with just one of those you have a chance to sign somebody who could surprise. Add Lincecum who last I saw struck out a batter with a 83 mph pitch,the Giants might have a long year.
I think Sabean knew it. He's almost semi retired,has more then enough to retire,and 3 World Champs showed his talents. Now,let Bobby Evans handle the demise of a scrappy,winner, team that was.

The A's should be called The Whos?  Sonny Gray,Coco pops -eh,Crisp. That about covers it. Beane gets away with murder. And both Killion and Kawakami are under his spell. "He's won divisions!" they scream. And then Beane traded away everybody who did that.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ed Sheeran rips off Marvin Gaye!...I take up songwriting too..

How has this guy not been sued? "Thinking Outloud" ? Its "Lets Get it On",2015.  Its unmistakable. To see teeny bopper's post on Utube telling that guy what a great song it is is criminal. Blatant,man. He has to feel no shame or he wanted success so bad he decided to rip off one of the greatest love songs ever written and think people wouldn't notice?.

Hey,if it worked.. I'm writing a song right now called "Tresterday" . Its about three days ago when all my troubles seemed so far away,but now they seem here to stay,oh I believe, in Tresterday. Gee,the lyricism and melody are coming so easy to me.
I'm a musical prodigy.

I had a Flintstones lunchbox.

I read of Nissan Altima's- very popular with the urban crowd,rusting out floorboards in 10 years. One woman said " I'm not Fred Flintstone"
And I flashed to my 1st grade lunchbox. I didn't even pick it out- my mom came home with it as I started school. I always like the hoagy sandwich Fred was eating on the cover,the nice green lettuce. Looked tasty. And the way the metal box was done in could feel the cartoon picture. Cant do that with a video game.

That lunchbox was the only one I ever had. Because when I made it to 2nd grade I was too old for kid stuff. My lunch was now in a brown paper bag with my name written on it. By mom.

KNBR claims Radnich on vacation. Could be a cover story- lol.

Yeah well,lets see if next Monday the tv show starts. For some reason on Radio he's just boring. When he see's a camera he goes ape nuts on Comcast.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Radnich not on TV today or this week.

He said two weeks ago he would be back on Comcast. I even last week checked by FF  Dish's program guide and it said  the Radnich show would be on today. FF to today? and its not listed. Same for the rest of the week and beyond.
Since my Radnich on Radio listening is minimal,I have little to report but what he says on KRON.  It's a plot!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Radnich giving Heenan a hard time now...KRON near my house again.

Ever since she and I friend-ed, seems like Raddy has been poking her more then praising. There,I said it. Since I freind-ed her. She,takes it all cool and calm,but he gets on her like he had never done before,then weasels out with "You're a great friend" or the like.
And I will add..when they sat together at the desk,Radnich was all hands to explain things. Now? He's like some ex boyfriend,zinging her every chance he gets.

KRON was right around the proverbial corner again. Just because some 22 year old was shot at 1am. Is that news anymore? I bet if you gave me the right rock I could in 3 or 4 of  my best throws reach the shooting spot. I don't even have a good arm. Ok,Maybe 5 or 6.
I think that's four shootings in less then two years. And then add story's of police being shot,woman run over in crosswalks, a dead body found in a empty building and the quite a few Stanley Roberts reports about the crazy downtown traffic and other hot spots of mayhem,and I see all but my home on KRON once a week.
Like I said before,If I go one block left,I'm in paradise..the eastbay greenbelt. Quiet,nature,animals. Then if I look to the right,its Welcome to the Jungle. Left,cute animals,right, I'm fighting gangs or just plain dummies and every loud exhaust pipe installed in the bay area belongs to all my young "neighbors" gawd,what idiots. Why not just put baseball cards in the spokes of their muscle cars and trucks and be complete morons thinking like ten year olds?

KTVU needs to ditch the coffee table.

If you're going to feature the best assets the station has then stop using the table as a de facto desk. Either desk or unblocked couch views.
Why do I even have to explain this to KTVU? 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Stan's advice to JR Stone.

Next time you get an exclusive with a pipe wielding psycho? Stop with the "Did you do it" We could all see he did it,no question why didn't you hammer him on WHY he did it? You should have gone all Geraldo on him.
I'm surprised Cathy Heenan didn't say what I just did to you. How more of an obvious question needed to be asked?

Frances X. Dinglasan we love you!

I think I went to the well on that title before. Not sure.
She has changed her look slightly. Jet black hair,more dark eyeliner. Since she was in black today,it was exotic.
I thought for sure that Dinglasan was her married name. She looks Asian. THEN, I see another Asian woman on Linkedin, her maiden name is also Dinglasan. Must be an Asian country once conquered by the Dutch or Norway a few century's ago.

She's been around a long time. She has the looks and credentials for full time Meteorologist someplace. I guess Francis is happy here. I have tried to post about her on 415 blog..he never posts them. I don't think Leiberman has ever mentioned her. Talk about under the radar. EXCEPT my radar,wink,wink.

Oh,and Don;t confuse her by  some guy with the exact same name,F.D., who directs Simpsons and Family Guy cartoons. Nope,don't do that.

NFL's new female ref..a beauty!

I would have bet they would have gone with a tom boy type,short hair,etc. They went hot blonde. You could see she runs like all girl..swish. Curvy..plenty curvy. and she will be the only ref on the field wearing thong pantys. You could clearly see the outline under her practice shorts.
The NFL does surprise every now and then.

Allie Rasmuss Wally Pips Claudine Wong?

Claudine was up in the Sierras ,and Ally brought a higher energy level to Mornings on 2. She also was comfortable with showing her hot little body on the couch. I didn't even feel guilty looking-wink,wink.
Claudine should have passed on the ski trip.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Wiki gets Stanned on Van Halen. Wiki folds...

They sounded great on TV. Ed doesn't look like Valerie Bertanelli anymore. David Lee Roth looks like an accountant.
I went to Wiki's page on Roth. And - he's had a privileged life. Father has big money. But on Wiki's talk page they  went on about he might be gay. Roth is very quiet on his private doings you might have noticed. For a rock star,very quiet.
So,I wrote what I always thought..He's walked on the wild side if you know what I mean. Look,Roth in the 80's was muscular. Roth in the 90's became a rail.  I said that the tranny in "You really got me" must have got him!.
And do you know- that topic that had been there for years? The whole thing was deleted after I wrote that.
I hit the nerve.
As usual.

When did America go bad? When we made fun of people who make burgers.

Not a coincidence. As a kid I remember "comics" who  started the putdowns of  kids making a start in the work world making burgers. " Burgerflippers". Making fun of people for making a living. Then those comics had kids,their children, in Hollywood..who did drugs, prostitution, and pretty much the comics wished their kids would get a job at Burger World over anything else in life.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mindy Bach makes a better host then Kozimoron.

She sits back like a long cool woman in a short skirt. Easy on the eyes and ears.   She might not be great long term sure,she's not likely to tell anybody they are wrong- Barry Thompkin's dream host. But,a nice change from hyper and hyper wrong Jim.

Radnich the Zombie..

He's caught cannibalizing an orphan in mid meal by authorities. He looks up and says "What? Now I'm the bad guy?".. He Keeps the Raddy attitude no matter what.

King Tut dies in San Jose. Ridiculous extravagant send off.

Where was the all channel coverage of the funeral of 13 year old Andy Lopez? Fucking Eric Gelhaus and his whore Santa Rosa District attorney got away with murder. I can only wait for cancer to get them....
Actually,just looking at the face of the Santa Rosa District attorney- Jill Ravitz- she has "alcoholic" written all over her.
Maybe her liver is ticking down.We can only hope.
Dont look for the Santa Rosa Press "Democrat" to find out how many DUI's Jill will not get because of Andy Lopez.
He's made her life.

Why have the Warriors forgotten Jeff Mullins? Cazzie Russell? Clyde Lee?

Only Nate Thurmond of the pre Rick Barry years is ever given credit for being a star before the era of the 1975 champs.
Jeff Mullins and team were good. I'm surprised Jim Barnett never mentions him. He was the Warriors Hondo.
Its like when I wrote of the Giants ignoring Jack Clark and Dave Kingman,maybe Mike Ivy. Its not what you done, its who's left that liked you.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Warriors the greatest team the local media never believed in.

This is the total opposite of "We Believe". Its "We think its mirrors".  Its like when the A's won 109 games years ago,and sure enough lost in the playoffs. Hardly sniffed the WS. The local media wants to jump on- but its just too much like a set up. Now, its changing. No confusing W's with A's.

Even St.Jean says "I thought 52-56 wins"..  Hey,I know I did. If that.

 Its just too easy. Too many blowouts. Games are over by half. The Warriors are so good Joe Lacob has shut his mouth. You know he's got eyes closed,fingers crossed and wearing the same chones on game nights.

Curry is MVP..somehow,he's little Mike Jordan all of 2015.

Kerr? won the Powerball. Inherited the Olympic dream team of Barkley and Bird and Jordan and Magic...

Superlatives cant describe their season. Maybe Super Duperlatives.

Julie Haenor host program honoring Cesar Chavez.

In the 20 years she's been at KTVU  I never saw her do anything but 10 O Clock,and then go home.
So give credit where its due. I could be cynical...but I'll just stick with giving her A for effort.

Its also the first time I saw her below the waist. Yep,petite thin legs.

Radnich says he has no shame.No guilt.

He couldn't have laughed harder at what Krueger was telling him. Radnich thinks Larry is lampooning people who hate Radnich,when in fact Kreuger was telling Radnich to his face what an ass he is.

Kreuger must go home and tell the wife incredulously, "He cant get it even when I tell him". 'He's just a totally self absorbed man".  Then Krueger tells the wife "What I do to support this family".

Randich I'm sure also uses the family as his shield. "I park in handicapped zones so my kids can eat"..