Monday, April 27, 2015

Darn,I missed idiot Bruces show today..but I caught his Twitter pic.

Totally forgot to tune in after I worked him over Friday. I did see he tweeted a subject dear to me heart. Just for me,from Damon.

 I also see he deleted something he said that he quickly took off of Tweeter land. Must have been racist.

It ain't a fair fight since I always use what these idiots actually say. Since I corner them,they come back with racism and bigotry. What you expect from a Indiana man with a Indiana degree. Hell,I passed that level of education by second grade.

I say it all the time...the local media is dying for me to be wrong. Only,since I was right about Lincecum and Huff and his booze,ESPN, and the Cespedes bad even Nancy Snyderman. Things they would love to put in their boring resume. Instead of Oberman calling them dumbest man in America.