Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Harvey Levin.TMZ .Idiot. Again.

On  Adam Sandler ..well,racist,movie "Its a Adam Sandler movie" said Levin as he began the typical right wing standards of "blame the victim". Look,Adam Sandler is another of the SNL comics who did left wing jokes until they made a fortune...then went to Republican. Dennis Miller,David Spade,Norm McDonald,and lesser talents like Jay Mohr and Victoria whatshername. Sandler is one them too.
Nobody  in 2015 writes a movie giving native Americans incredibly racist insulting names. "Beaver Breath"?..that's grade school man.
Harvey Levin might not be so forgiving if a non Jew wrote a comedy about a resort where former Nazi's can relive the good old days of 1939. And in that movie? The Nazi's aren't the object of derision,and THAT I bet would upset Harvey. I'm not even going into the racist names,attractions. You get the point.

Once again,we see why Levin is on KTVU- FOX.

Law degree? HIM?