Sunday, April 26, 2015

New York woman and Stanley Roberts.

The latest episode? Where he's near Berkeley when a woman is pulled over for driving on the shoulder of a freeway? Hi-larious. She's from New York,you can hear it in her voice and she broke me up getting on Stanley "So,you're going to keep filming,keep shaming me and piling it on?" as she was punching her hand with the,yep I'm chuckling right now even.
That's the second one. He caught another a few weeks ago who was on a railroad track..and ticketed.  A New Yorker. "Oh wonderful,good for you" when he said something to her about PBB.

Why are there so many New York woman in Berkeley? I knew one too. Sounded like the shoulder driver. Smart,quick,and you ain't putting anything over them.

Funny stuff.