Saturday, April 25, 2015

Thank you WL.

Unlike dummies like Lund and Papa, I know that there are 7 billion people in the world with the whole range of sexuality. All of it their right and choice if it doesn't hurt anybody. I know too- even in somebody like Bruce Jenner there isn't a black and white stereotype. He prefers woman. He's changing to a woman,but is still attracted to woman. Ok. Fine with me.
I saw an HBO special about 20 years ago on Transgender and one fella had decided to become a woman. He had lived as woman pre op,then had the FINAL surgery. Two years later he went to living like a man again. He said he decided living as a man was what he wanted after all.
So,he chose and that's his right as a human being. If he since has changed again..his business.

I would add..that those who advocate a "gay gene"? And say they had no choice? They better pray nobody claims to find that gene as you can better believe the right wing will quickly label as "proof" of a defective -recessive gene. Gays would be on a genocidal precipice.
 BUT,they never will find a gay gene. They wont find a Heavy Metal gene,a Pistacio loving gene or even a Corvette gene. No matter how young you are strongly attracted to whichever "team" guarantee that's the final version of you. Or, you do stay that way.
What makes us human is choice.

ADDED: Differences between all of us? Its in the Science,its evolution for our survival. THAT'S whats genetic. The plasticity of the human genome.