Sunday, May 31, 2015

Juliette Goodrich schools Vern.

First- on Friday,Radnich played the Chris Farley bit by the A's Stephen Vogt. Radnich never even smiled. I'm sure the producer and the sports interns thought it was funny enough to add,but not for Radnich- he's toooo sophisticated-lol.

So yesterday,Vern shows it and he laughed I think. So when the Vogt tape ends,Vern says "I wonder how many people even know who Chris Farley is?"

Then Juliette dropped the hammer on Vern. "I'm sure they do. He was a comic genius"..Almost word for word what I wrote!  Yeah! High Five me!

We know who the smart ones are on this blog.

Famous people my age...

I notice after going down a long list,the first 150 or so my age- born the same year- did all their best work between the early 80's to the mid 90's.  Some are still going strong,but even then they are strong on what they did back then. So,16 years is the height of it all? Like models in looks,people in talent do their best in their youth. There are some child stars..they don't really count..but maybe.
I can see many of them catching on in the late 70's...then busted loose in 1980 or so.
Still,when you read some hop hopper looked disgusted that Madonna gave him a kiss was a real dose of reality at how time erodes everybody.

Google misspells frustrated on article on bad spelling.

In today's news . ..Google listed what common words Americans ask how to spell. Grey or Gray is numero uno...but,way down the list Google spells frustrated as "frusterated".
Yes,I felt good I caught it. Why do you ask?

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fat people never eat Fast or Comfort foods. Never.

That's what I learned from TV commercials.  Nope,they avoid Kentucky Fried and Wendy's and Domino's like the plague.

They never drink Beer. Just those super models at party's. As a matter of fact,models are great consumers of junk foods. Kate Upton goes for the Super Duper burger every time.

Who always takes a bite of candy bars and ice cream in commercials? Always the petite girls. Just like real life.

Fat people never even sit in the background seats of those commercials. They must be out exercising.

But you know what? When I go to local eatery's? I find the only fat people in the world who eat Burrito's- Pizza. What a surprise. I should inform the National Enquirer.

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Amy Gutierrez body.

Unless I watch G-Mag,I never see the bottom half of her. Comcast stays bust high on Giant games.
I think its one of those terrible twists of fate that the Giants would hire such a beautiful woman for TV, and we see almost nothing because ATT is a frozen tundra. Almost cold all day, and cold at night 100% of the year,she's wrapped up like an Alaskan in a cold winter.
Opening day was great,She had the hair up ,the gold eye stuff- yeah,I noticed. She always reminds me of the blond in Bananarama in "Venus". Goddessy.

Too bad. She will only be young once. No second chances at beauty.

Why I dont tweet much now.

Its a hassle. Because of PC protective apps,firewalls,etc.I get logged out everytime. Then,they and I don't agree on the password. Just take my word on that. It also freezes after doing the various steps to get there.
I can post faster on the blog. To think this blog was almost given up on because it would freeze. Then I found out why.

Stephen Vogt does hilarious Chris Farley impersonation..

I was laughing- Vogt sounded exactly like the late genius comic. If its on You Tube check it out. Spot on.

ps Can't moms name their kids Steve? "Stephen"..ughh.  Steve was good enough for McQueen.

Lyann Melendez c'mon. Ask if he was armed.

How you could not ask that question??  "Just got there" is bull. The hostage thing has gone on all day. Getting there 2 minutes before air time is terrible news coverage.
Police tape,tons of Police presence..and she didn't ask in time if the hostage taker was armed? Bad,bad,bad...
Laura would have found out!

Steph Curry's mom had a nose job.

Its TOO perfect. I haven't looked into her previous mom life,but I would guess cheerleader then modeling,then married. If I'm wrong? I'm wrong for all the right reasons. I'm sure she would agree.

I've been informed she played Volleyball, then got married. What a hard life that was. Whoo- I hate to see a pretty girl suffer like that.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fine eating at the Olive Garden.

They know how to do it. Food is tasty,not a long wait.  Breadsticks fresh. I had some breaded chicken with cheese on top...It was great. Salads are all you can eat. Tasted fine to me.
Sometimes you get tired of Asian,Mexican,or pretentious eatery's who give you small portions. Olive Garden fills in a gap.
Try them again.

Anny Hong turns it up a notch. Well,turns something on me...

She's going for it. I had to record her the other day. Something sheer. She is polished,smart, a beauty. Reminds me of a High School crush- Angela Chew. I really did think she was the most beautiful woman in the world. World of High School. I wouldn't doubt for a second she became a Dr. or lawyer.
We even held hands.
Oh well..

Radnich skipped the W.S.,now he's too busy for the Warriors home games!

Its beyond reason how somebody who titles himself "Sports Director" never directs himself to the ballpark.
Not once has he done more then you and me at home do. Watch the game while eating Cheetos. HE should be at the arena and JR Stone filling in at the studio.
BUT!it's well known that Radnich has made few friends in local media,and knows that watching a game in person means he's back to being just another slob when he's heckled. He would rather scoot from studio to studio and mention what car he drives as often as he can.
I doubt when he goes home he even watches sports. Even if he claims he does. Raddy is burnt out on the whole routine. No,he ain't watching baseball at home or even all the Warrior games in the studio- or at home. You can tell.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

KTVU's conservative 4 O'Clock News?

Why would KTVU go to Baltimore when they have Ally or Gassia (better then taking the MO2 show) or some other talents?  I think because they wanted a conservative. If FOX hired her for 2, its not to tell the truth about Republicans.
We will have to watch closely. Then if right,never watch again.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A couple or three songs played today a few times..

Every now and then I crank up the volume. The soundtrack of your life isn't just a saying,its real. Music can take you back. Old photos might too,but they wont get yer feet tapping or yer head bobbing.
I went to rockers like:
1. Wall of Sleep by the Smithereens. It has it all..including a great guitar solo. He mentions 1965- a great year- and Bill Wyman...I have no idea who Jeany Shelter is. But he dug her.
2. "Head On" Jesus and Mary Chain. I like this song much more now then I did back then (1989). Uplifting,young hearts "You make me reach up for the stars"..and just a driving beat,beat,beat-lol.
3. Concrete Blonds "Joey". Sung with power by Johnnette Napolitano. Who,funny enough, did albums for Mariachi bands later since Mexicans like husky woman singers.

What I notice about all three is they nod to "the wall of sound" of Phil Spector. The drumming of "Be my baby" you know- dum, dumdum,  dum, dumdum Be my little baaaaby ..etc.

They were also pre Alternative rock of the 90's. So,I was ready when that damn hair metal died in 1992. Nirvana kept my youth going for another half decade..wink.

One last. Mr Jones by Counting Crows. I will always remember the pure vision I would get when he sang about the beautiful woman in the barrio checking me out, and friends who said "Look at you?-ha!". What are guy friends for?
I think that song launched Starbucks. The CD was on every counter. I practically look for it even now.

Does Bogut want to win today or not?

Thats the way he's played. One game he's perfect timing and swatting everything- EVERYTHING. Then like yesterday,he didn't as much as put his arms up. He shot a free throw that didn't even hit the rim. Never seen that before. Except for the kids.So,never seen an NBA player do that to be exact. Sounds so much better.

The Warriors are the only team in NBA history to have back to back centers afraid to shoot the basketball or even free throws. You would have thought Beidrens was a rare head case. Turns out you would have been wrong.

The guy is hard to figure. This is as far as he's gone as a pro..on the precipice of the NBA finals and maybe a Championship...and he's still try hard one game,then just show up the next game. Try and blame that on Mark Jackson.

Bogut rarely actually jumps. He gets into position...then just uses reach. Considering he will jump for a slam dunk for glory and like that,makes you wonder where he is the rest of the game. His feet never bother him on the old swing like a monkey on the rim dunks.

But,he's 7' and like Bogut has said "Just be 7' and the NBA cant pay enough for you". True, Festus is young and jumps...Howard eats him alive.

Well,I hope Bogut wants to win tomorrow.

KNTV 11am news beats KGO.

Somebody has to say it. They do a better noon news. I think they beat KPIX at noon too. KTVU? some days,some days not. KTVU isn't constrained by the San Jose myopia.
No bad for the little station that can.

Claudine getting camera phobic!

She hid behind that pedestal. I've never seen someone that self conscience about showing all her body on tv news. Its only worse then ever for her. Just because thousands of eyeballs with hundreds of DVRS are waiting,waiting,waiting, for a glimpse of Wong? She better be glad she's not on one of those FOX channels...oh,wait,

Monday, May 25, 2015

Why dont black woman ride bicycles?

EVERY time I see those 10 speeders all dressed like they are in a real race...they are all not black woman. Very few black men- but at least that. It seems like all the fun things in life? Are steered away from African American woman. Is it peer pressure?..or discouraged? No incentive if you think people are going to sneer or mumble.
That's too bad.

 Seeing an invisible door- Stan..

An idea for local news teams. Expose WIKI.

I noticed that Wiki claims to be an open source but in fact deletes everything you-the public- add. I have a friend,very well educated who put some additions on Wiki- citing sources and all as they claim they want. Wiki deleted it all.
I don't think I've met anybody who actually wrote on Wiki that didn't AGREE with what the moderators wrote and had their facts go undeleted.
Agree with them in any way? You are good as gold.
There is a reason why Wiki never reveals who writes. You would quickly spot their bias from article to article.

Also,local news teams out for a big story should get on Wiki what the racial makeup of their moderators are. I asked Wiki,and got nothing back.  You can guess what that means.

Rename them the Washinton Paleskins. Happens every winter...

You notice that New Yorkers by late winter are bone white? Or that some people of color- like Hoda Kotb,pale?  So,why not call the team the Paleskins that is factually correct?
Funny how Hoda goes on vacation for a week to the tropics..comes back brown. A few more weeks of New York 's unending winters and she's almost Italian or Greek. Happens to many people of the sun in temperate climates. Same for Washington D.C. and all the cold northeast.
So,I have solved the re naming. Nobody is truly red. But all of Washington pales. In winter.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Kate Scott:The greatest comeback and maybe an all timer.

Radnich and Krueger last year or so were basically saying this: Radnich," Ohhh,I spend $20thousand a year to send my special children to kindergarten in the Gold and Caviar district of the city." Krueger: " Yes,I send mine to St. Francis of BMW near Snob Bay club ."

Kate Scott: "I went to the school closest to my home".

Greatest comeback I ever heard. That was an elitist buster of them all.  I want that on my headstone. Even if I win the lotto,then die.

Frances Dinglausen is hot.

She's changed. I know it. Curvier with jet black hair. Yeah,she's different then the last few years. I can feel it emanating from the TV station.
And when she wears black? She's like a model in an expensive product ad.   I would buy.
Friends me Frances.

Curry is God.

He's pretty much put a team that didn't seem loaded with talent and got them to the NBA finals. I will say,I still think that with Kevin Love instead of  Klay Thompson, the Warriors would have been even more dominant 67 wins this year might have been 75 wins with Love.
Look at LeBron...doing for a so so Cleveland team what Curry is doing in Oakland.

Thompson has not been shooting well..but he's defending ferocious,I give him that.

Has Kerr stopped smiling this week? He's at Disneyland everyday.

Praise the Lord as Mark Jackson might say that Lacob isn't hogging the glory. He's quiet. Now,I REALLY think he's a smart guy!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Aaron Hernandez still living in a fantasy world.

I'm fascinated by the guys dilemma. He thinks that because he's allowed to get out for court appearances and wear suits,and be the center of attention that he's still in the free world,and still a celebrity. The "For Life" tatoo? Is pure comedy. Already in gangs in prison? He's going to bully other losers.Who wouldn't give up an NFL career for that?
It hasn't sunk in to the guy what he's lost. I can open my front door and walk as far as I want. He's never going to be able to do that-ever again. He's never going to touch a woman for the next 50 years of his life. I think he thinks this is a bad ass test and he's passing. It will come to him at 35 or 45 or 55 what he lost. THEN ,he will vomit because his tomorrow will be the same as today and yesterday. Imagine being told when to get up,when to eat,what you will eat...egad,I would rather be dead. You can quit the Army,but he will never be allowed to quit prison.

40 million dollars and could have retired at 34. wow. Gone.

And you know..there are plenty like him. They have the same attitude,same mentality, same I.Q. Their whole life's goal is party,intimidate in that fantasy way of being little Scarfaces's and get money the easy way.

And then spend decades in prison.

One last- I deal with that everyday. A loser idiot punk gets a Mustang and he thinks it makes him bigger and badder. I see the same skinny or fat kid he was when he had a old Honda. And? They all still live at home! AND?! I never see any woman with them-lol.. Yeah,that says a lot.

The stupid really are contagious.

Bay Area police to put stars on sides of cars after every kill.

You read that? Yeah,like those fighter planes, the local squad cars will be issued star decals for every civilian killed. High Five!

Scott Rates improving.

The KRON reporter? When he started he looked dead on like my early 60's bobblehead of a Basketball player. Well,he hasn't changed his look but he's improved as a reporter. Calmed down a bit too. He was a little too intense for me.

But,his report on the Vallejo murder was top notch. I like reporters who ask questions. Too many show up nowadays to "take statements" seems like. Poke people- what have you got to lose? I would be curious anyways myself if I was a reporter. As long as I was there...

No,the police don't want to tell us,neither do government. But at least press them,ask who made the decision? Like the Oakland engineer who poisoned two miles of a creek. He turned the valve the wrong way? Why didn't he notice that as the cement poured out?

 His name went unreported. Not one reporter spoke to him about a lead story that lasted for days. I give a big demerit to the media on that one. BIG demerit.

More on Darya. By Stan.

I notice that as she's aged? Her hairline has receded. It has gone slightly over the forehead,when years ago it stopped short of that. Her hairstyle just exposes more skin. Pam Moore had that very same problem for years on KRON. Her bangs didn't cover it. I think she has had implants as the last couple of years as her forehead seems..hairier. She gets much time off...she could have had that done then.

Darya's hair is thin. She could use some micro implants. Comb the hair across and she's problem solved.
Darya is no stranger to plastic surgery. Hey,some of it I endorse. Nose jobs make a huge difference. Getting rid of turkey necks..another big one.  Bags under the eyes..Plastic surgery cures that.
Hair when you are losing it might be the numero uno improvement.

Botox? On the forehead is too obvious. Some woman's  foreheads remind me of those balloons you rub and stick on the walls. Something like that. A tad of it goes a long way.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The closer to the field or court,the blonder they get- lol.

Funny how going to a Giants game has become someplace to show off  yer hot blond GF. You see the difference in the best seats. There might be 4 or 5 in one TV shot all together. The Giants fan base really are different from the A's  fans base. The Giants fans really do live up to the wine sippers reputation. In the best seats that is. The demo's of evening games seems to have a huge makeup of young and blond and thin. Its Danville. No wonder those guys don't blink at paying $100 for parking. They can't spend enough on what they want to make sure you know is their trophy.

 The A's? nothing purebred or pretentious. Fans in baggy sweaters. Comfortable.

The Warriors?- lol..You have a slightly more mixed up front population. More Asian,and Indian. African American woman are almost non existent in those court side seats. Hell,even Steph Curry's mom is blond!

Life IS easier blond.

Good riddance Daren Mcfadden.

If the Raiders had put all the money they wasted on busts since 2000 or so,they would have the money for TWO stadiums and the best pee-wee golf course in the world..
Mcfadden always too hurt to play,always in great shape in the off season for running on the beach of Waikiki with Rhianna.
Did you know he sat out a whole season because of "planar fasciatus"? Two years ago LeBron James played a whole NBA season with the same injury. McFadden couldn't play for an hour or two once a week?? James made it through an NBA season!
McFadden joins Jamarcus and "Mr. I smile when I get arrested" in a long line of Raider wasted first round picks.

Anny Hong special photo...

Go to her Facebook page. Not your everyday photo of her. Yeah,its worth the effort to look.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Celebritys who's songs I just cant like anymore...or laugh at.

Maybe being older,I take things more serious. But I can't hear "Eminence Front" on the commercial without linking to Pete Townsend's child porn arrest. Just like I cant listen to any song by Michael Jackson without thinking of his whole freak adult life of abusing kids. Jackson 5? I can listen to.
Gary Glitter- why they still play Rock and Roll part Two at stadiums when the guy ply's the world as a predator. It also ruined a song that seemed so early 70' the Carpenters. Memory right down the drain.
Elton John. The "friending" of Rush Limbaugh? must be drugs that they have in common. It got only worse when Elton John shot his mouth off about Mexican immigrants. Who wants to listen to a bigots songs? I don't. "Like a bigots candle in the wind"...see?
Bill Cosby? Who can watch any show he's ever done without wondering who he had raped that year,and how many?
Its a long list...Dennis Miller once funny,now as funny as Hitler.
And you know? There are some local sports people who seemed like good guys until they got a radio show and you heard them go into their dark recesses. Hard to listen to them do anything now without thinking "What an asshole he turned out to be".

Anny Hong of Kron.

Looking ravishing lately.  I'm pretty sure Pero must really be squeezing the pennies by having so many weather people. You would think,Anny at 6-11,Michelle in the mornings, and Van Aiekns on the weekend. Seems like a good natured guy.
Anny seems especially nice inside too. Like if you hurt her feelings,it makes you feel like you kicked a kitten.

But I guess by keeping no regular weatherperson allowed him to increase Darya's contract

. $300,000 thou for a morning person on an independent channel?  That's knowing the right people. Or is it something that rhymes with "knowing"..hee,hee,hee. You know she has. You KNOW it!

Stan on people who hate people who hate Steph Curry& family.

I know,they have to kill three hours on those sports shows. But  Rome- Radnich going on and on how horrible the world has become because somebody or two wasn't happy that Curry had his family highlighted so much during and after the game?.
Some didn't like that? Ok.  There, THAT'S my total shock-lol. Or,as Grant Lodes would say....

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I might sue Well's Fargo.

Did you see the L.A. District attorney is suing Well's for opening secret accounts of customers without their knowledge?A class action lawsuit. (If I can get my name on it,you better believe I will.)

They did that to me. 5-6 times,over 3-4 years. Every single time they promised to return MOST of the money they took because "I hadn't withdrawn the minimum" ! ONLY,because I was trying to get a loan is what stopped my from beating the shit out of the downtown Hayward branch manager. You better believe that when I had enough, I ripped him finally and the rest of the bankers there since I knew people who do the same thing all day ,everyday, hadn't opened those accounts by accident. And that is what I said loudly in the bank.

No,I didn't even get the damn loan
I went to bank "X" and yes- got the loan,and have had no secret accounts set up since.

Goddamn Wells Fargo. Somebody should truly do prison time because that had to have been millions in cost to clients. A felony when you or I go over $500?..they stole 50 million is my guess. That's a lot of people to rip off.

Monday, May 18, 2015

KRON "Backstory" proves Stan was right. By 100%

My Darya post where I wrote about Pero's hiring?  Spot on. I watched KRON's back story show. And it was just as I had written.  In the editorial meetings of KRON? I counted nine Caucasians,two African Americans, and ZERO Asian American,ZERO Mexican American. I would have said Latino,but Mexican American are 98% of the bay area Latin population. In other words,its just enough color to keep from being sued. I also recognized that snooty attitude of the KRON non color ("professional") woman. I'm sure they have highest opinions of themselves. No lack of self esteem. THEY tell the world what to do. Ran into plenty of them over the decades. Not to be confused with regular Caucasian woman,at all.

Also- In the control room with Pero?  All five of the "deciders" and editors were white. Again,read what I wrote of Pero and American big business putting the pretty ethnic girls where they can be seen, and in  ALL the corporate rooms are those who have held power for over two century's are still white. Its hasn't changed much. Nope,none of THEM would wish to be anything else but white- ever.

Pero is a little wimpy guy with glasses. Has hair. So,why Leiberman put a photo of a bald guy in an article about Pero last month is a mystery.

Radnich? plays the "I own the place" big time. Shows up as late as he can,never attends group meetings, and then wings it on air. He's walking retired.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Couldn't Grant Lodes just once say...

"Some of that criticism Gary might have merit. You might improve from some of  it". But,no. He says every single time, "Haters will Hate" when Raddy whines about Twitter,text,Blogs. He never varies.
I'm sure when he reads this he will think "Haters will hate,Haters will hate, infinity or however long he thinks about it. Then?  He will say "At the end of the day"....

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Groper Gary- its his right! Nit wit.

I noticed that KRON's weather woman now are not on the set when he does the sports. Its management trying to deal with Mr. KRONCOSBY.
So what does Raddy do? He calls some poor guy behind the camera..and tells him to shake his hand. So,the guy knowing the rules does a quick shake..and RADNICH WOULDN'T LET GO!.. How freaking weird is that?!  TWICE the guy- Andre- tried to walk away and Radnich like some weirdo wouldn't let the man- now a hostage- go.
And you know,if as Radnich says every single day in his low self esteem insecure way to Pam Moore "We're friends aren't we?" that is true...Then why the hell doesn't Pam Moore twirk for him? Why doesn't he ask her to walk over and shake his hand? She laughs when he turns KRONs other professionals into stooges..Why doesn't she be (more of) the stooge?

One more- Radnich now wearing Asics tennis shoes on the set with his slacks and sport coat. I guess KRON either is giving away free advertising or they take money for that. OR,Radnich wants Asics and Nike to send his family free shoes. He's a schemer.

Claudine "Pants" Wong hiding from the chairs.

Rosemary has used the chairs. But today,I saw more Matt Steinmetz leg then Claudine Wong gams. Now,when KTVU sends her to the field (us reporter lingo,learn it) she wears skirts high above the knee and steep pumps. So,she knows what she gots,and will use it. BUT,Get her in the studio and she's School Teacher circa 1880." People are looking at me!" uh,yeah. Its TV.
I'm sure the FOX-KTVU brass will give her a stern lecture.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Jackie Bennets first day at new job. Thanks MC.

Old Faithful MC, posted the You Tube link on the Erica Kato post. Check it out,man.

Lund and Papa tone down "Caboose pistol".

"More family friendly" is how John Lund put it. No doubt some guy on the internet was really on them for laughing at animal abuse. Some guy.
Hey,I know all the dirty jokes and what have you. They just crossed line that was just as funny as hearing about pit bulls strung up and tortured by Michael Vick.

I myself always feel for the oppressed,the underdog. Animals and children are most innocent of all.

Darya Does all the right buttons.

People on other blogs hate her. But! The woman knows the bay area likes and dislikes. She's chirpy, self deprecating, wears the right clothes...even says she loves to vacation in old Mexico where she speaks some Spanish. She doesn't say "anti bay area politics things" bashing .
The only minus is that she's banging the News Director. A right wing Republican who diversifies in ethnic hires ..but sort of superficially. Only Marty Gonzales is the one ethnic person at KRON with tenure. Pero reminds me of banks who put the best looking ethnic girls in front at the tables or of course as tellers. You can guess who's up stairs with the other boys.
I myself like Darya - other then who she associates with in amore, along with pretending the sports director at 7:45 is witty and intelligent. She works O.T. on that.

My advice to her is...go blond. Go a natural looking blond. Kate Scott blond. None of that horrible brassy blond. She's too mature for brunette with highlights.. Maybe she could do some eyebrow thickening. She has sort of  a Chollo's girlfriend eyebrows. Good for 17 year old's in the Barrio,not so good on 42 year old's on KRON.
Yeah,I think cutting that "toe in water" of blond streaks she does and just go for it all out? Would cut off ten years on her look.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The melting Pot of America has sex in it too.

That just came to me. I should Tweet that later-lol. Oh,yeah..and the pot includes more then skin color and accents. Get me?

Amtrak engineer converted to Islam?

I have to ask. It might have been a suicide-murder only he didn't die. He says he doesn't remember anything. But he did remember to ask for a lawyer right away -right?
Check his computer.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Why do I listen to sports shows if they are so ignorant?

Because I like sports. Always have. I think,always will. Even with bad local sports shows,at least they are local. The interviews,etc.
I wear my A's hat and ask me how much I like Billy Beane and John Fisher.

Kerr says "Ignore blogs" Really?

He didn't say ignore Jerry West. Its only 2-2 because Curry didn't have three bad games in a row. The Grizzlie's Conley might not have two bad games in a row.
I want the Warriors to be World Champs. But its all Curry when it could be Curry and Love.

And Kerr has to tell Klay...don't drive man. Drunk or sober..don't drive.

Erica KATO on KCBS air traffic.

Since Rich is not around to contribution. She looks great in Aviator sunglasses.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Why does the SyFi channel make those really bad movies?

I saw one about alternate dimensions and Monsters that "the guide" rated a three stars movie. Three? It wasn't worth a full one star. Cheapest CGI monsters around. Something the size of a T-Rex,runs through a forest..and not a twig under it moves!..a floating monster. For every Sharknado- they make 30 or 40 low budget movies with boring scripts. At least be Twilight Zone level- or shoot for that. They don't.

John Lund says black NBA players came on to him. Or think he's...

He told the story of  some NBA guy "A hose to the ground" stroking in front of him in the locker room. He added something about that wasn't the first guy to do that to Lund. To black guys,little white guys are another form of woman. Ask Michael Strahan,he went after his driver..

WHAT did I tell you?  I didn't want to reach inside the guys brain..but he and 95.7 begged me to work them over. He has nothing to be ashamed about,but that's the way of the world.

Lund ain't the only one. Radnich said he never could shower with the other boys at UNLV. Uhuh.
And the morning KNBR show guys have a few playing swords stories I'm sure. Dave Flemming..I mean c'mon. Who's the A's Comcast beat writer? Damon Bruce knows too much about Ladyboys ..Nothing is black and white in sexuality. 7 billion people. You think like a 10 year old if you can't understand that.

I remember - I think it was Isaiah Thomas- who said "Put a short skirt and heels on Tattoo ( Fantasy Island's first mini me) and there will be some guys in a bar who will hit on that.

Of course. Men are all Hornysexuals. Truth.

Alma Daetz in a chilly studio.

Either that or she's commando up above. Wow. They got me watching. So is Nielsen.
I'm so naughty. Bad Stan.

Cop kills second black man in 8 years in Wisconsin.

In the good old values state a cop who see's life and death situations every so often STILL HAS NEVER BEEN CHARGED. For some reason he just has bad luck. I think the cop said "He jumped in front of the bullet -three times!".

 Yep,that cop has really bad luck.Worse then the 1 million other cops in this country.

No wonder black people want to burn the city to the ground. Hell,I wish Mexican Americans weren't as peaceful in Santa Rosa as a racist DA and Cop kiss on the lips every day at what they got a way with. Jill Ravich and Erick "the boy murderer" Gelhaus.

David Lee- Mark Jackson like coaching and Curry lead Warriors.

The media- owned by Lacob if not paid off- wont say it but Kerr went with a MJ lineup. David Lee included. It might have been a good thing Mo was hurt. He didn't play bad of course,he played well. But chemistry was dooming the team.
Curry as MVP didn't put three bad games in a row on his resume. Came back..still turned the ball over too many times..but,he scored and defended a hell of a lot better.
Those Warrior gift -almost amateurish- turnovers don't scream World Champions. Still,I will ride with them for the duration. Since 1970,at least.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Are the Warriors a house of cards?

67 wins. How can it be?  Dramond Green is being eaten alive. he wounded? He can only raise his arms. I have't seen him jump for weeks.+++ The Warriors are hiding something with Bogut..again.+++
 I wish I could make that flash and blink fer ya.

Curry has reverted to his rookie play..really bad turnovers,not bad luck turnovers.Just horrid passing. Like all that went right up to now?,is now on empty,and payback from lady luck.

Kerr hasn't come up with anything the last two games..nothing. I haven't seen a counter move yet that's worked from Kerr.  He's cool..maybe he should be getting steamed instead. I really believe this is where Mark Jackson outdoes Kerr. Believe and inspiration is what Jackson did well.

When an ethnic coach acts ethnic? The pro sports cant handle the change. Lacob couldn't. "Nobody liked Jackson " was a lie. Mark Jackson didn't like Little Joe JR.  That's the "everybody" that mattered.

See if Diamond Leung ever tells you what is the truth. Or Rusty.

Can the Warriors come back- I hope so. I don't need to tell ya if they lose Monday what that means.

We could have had a healthy Kevin Love. wow,What Jerry West did to this franchises future. I hope to God West doesn't tell Lacob in 2016, "Durant? when we have the best shooting pair"..blah blah. I wouldn't doubt he would.

My advice for Veronica De Castro.

To make it here you have to come across like you're about to adopt one kid from Africa and one from Mexico. And when the news story is sad,you CANNOT be stalwart- nah, Look PAINED. Its worked for the longest lasting woman here.
Speak a little softly. Crystal clear enunciation is so formal. End something with a soft sigh or quietly fade.. EFFECT woman!..that's what you want. Right now,you are skirting Terilyn Joe territory. My god,don't go down that road.
Do not quiver or look like you are about to cry. Mean people will write in that it looks fake. I hate those kind of people.But,they are out there.  Darn them.
And? mention Lumpia's or Odobo.. Say your favorite burger joint is Jolly Bee.You have to go to your strength,woman. Drop the concentrating to be "as good as a white girl" thing. Go you're culture every now and then. All of Daly City and Hayward to Union City will tune in. That's a promise. People love their anchors with ethnic pride. Ask Rigo Chicon. Legendary.
That's my $10,000 consultation analysis for free. You cant buy genius...or you can. Whatever...

Betty Hu.

Is she perm or temp?  If permanent KPIX needs to raise her chair. She's like a really good looking mini me next to giant Hackney.
I thought they said Juliette Goodrich would take over? Oh well,another for the underdog. A really hot underdog.

Nevermind- Julliette is back. That's good too. I've watched her since I was a little kid....ehem...

A's and 95.7 in sync with Comcast TV signal.

Well,they got one thing right,I give them that. The Giants and KNBR? Posey hit a homer as I drove up the driveway the other day. Then the next batter stood in..I got out of the car, walked up the stairs,unlocked the door...went to the TV and put it on. I see Posey rounding the base from his HR "live".
In this day and age...

Happy Mothers Day! with love,Stan.

To all the wonderful Mothers on this day. Even if they bore:
A despicable Sports Director.
A liar and greedy Oakland A's GM.
A Yahoo sports host who in reality is bigoted.
A news anchor who's willing to embarrass new talent in order to feed the Sports Directors ego for her monetary gain.
A GM who is a racist for the "Sports Leader" and a closet Nazi lover. I would guess.
An owner of a Oakland baseball team that inherited billions of dollars and still tells fans "Its not enough money or profit,enjoy the Triple A's team I give you. He also says he's self made.
A Republican.

David Lee sits for Kerr,starred for Jackson.

The Warriors cant score..and the Warrior who starred in two straight playoff years for Mark Jackson sits under Kerr- so to speak.

Kerr has not had the inspiration to motivate his team under pressure like Jackson did. Its obvious. Kerr may say he knows whats going wrong,but he ain't solving anything is he?

Nobody in the Warrior org liked Mark Jackson? Who cares? As long as the team loved him..and he won too.

Can the Warriors win this series? If Memphis collapses. That's your answer. As hopeful as any. Or,David Lee fires up...

Leung wrong,Stan right. And you read it here in black and white.

Am I right?. Of course. The Warriors admit game four is "A must win game". That doesn't sound like a 7. It sounds like 9 and3/4. And who wrote that yesterday pregame?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

You can't win if you can't score. Kevin Love - we need you.

Jerry West screwed this team with his Klay love. We could have that big body rebounder/scorer. Instead the Warriors are being pushed around like pussy wusses.
GM of the year,over ruled by Jerry West fantasies of his past. Klay,reminds West of himself. Only West could be clutch,drive the lane,dribble..score.

We could have been dominant for years.

Three Amigos. I will be the judge of that.

I haven't heard much of them. I usually don't listen to sports radio on Saturday mornings. Actually,I've heard very little of their show. I got things to do..or they go into a break. I ferget to come back.
I hope they do well. I don't know of any other Mexican American sports hombres in the bay area. Ever. Makes you wonder huh?.
It would be nice to see them on Yahoo. Most days on that show,its peach color from left to right. And guess what? They almost always have the same view. Amazing coincidence. Like not one defended Sandoval,or as much as tried to believe his side of the story.
Remember- Ann Killion said he left because "He wanted to party"..LOL. The hero of Venezuela can't find a party? A multimillionaire?
Lets hope tres amigo's aren't cabrons but el rays.

Leung on right now on 3 amigos.

LOL, What did Leung just say? 'If the Warriors lose its a 7 on the worry scale"  7? its a 9 and 3/4!.

Diamond Leung an asshole and shill. DONT beleive a word he says.

That's the truth. He's a shill for the Warriors. I wouldn't believe a word of a shill masquerading as an "unbiased" reporter.

When he started? his blog had few comments. I started- THEN comments started coming in. Once Lacob fired Jackson? Leung blocked me. Imagine that. Not even subtle. And of course,those people will never actually tell you why. Cowards.

You know- If he goes on KNBR? that's a Republican,company man. Shill in other words. Same for 95.7

Diamond Leung? Once a backstabber,always a backstabber he will be.

I guess you CAN polish a turd into a Diamond-lol. wow,he has no guts.

Evan Scribner? Fernando Abad??..Lol scribbles and bad.

As I ascertained early in the year- the A's bullpen is shaky- on a good day- others? terrible.

I do know Tim Kawakami will soon come out with a defense of Beane-man."ALL part of the plan" Kawakami will say.

Dallas Braden on 95.7 at the very start of the season- or the SF-Oak games? Well,anyways, he called the A's "The farm team for MLB". Beane just has too many giveaways that make no sense in any way shape or form.  How do you make money on a team that gives away all its stars? Stars of two seasons. Must be a way...........corporate welfare,that's it!.

Ray Ratto is like the anti Kawakami. He comes out and says Beane isn't trying to win,winning is second to making Wollf and Fisher money. Because,they don't have enough. And never will.

Friday, May 8, 2015

A song dedicated to Ken and Veronica.

"C'mon people now smile on you're brother,everybody get together and try to love one another right now.."

They better or somebody's job ending is ticking.

Boy,Veronica needs to really take a small humble pill. Its not a beauty contest,its entertainment news. No need to put out the aura of worship me. I think Bastida is cordial,but his sense of humor comes off wrong to her. Pinay humor is more homegrown. If you do American dry humor, them its "Why are you talking stupider then you really are?" Even if the Pinay humor..Hey,its like Conan in Cuba. The same damn thing.

Veronica is trying..but when you laugh at something you really don't think is funny or wonder whats the point? THAT's hard to pull off.

I know what the bay area likes...modesty out of their news people. Radnich has played that card without ever once meaning it. But people buy into "Our Crazy Gary".

Stan just about called it on Jamie Foxx.

He did a ridiculous rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at the the big fight. Read my Snickers post where I mention him as having no acting talent. He proved he cant sing either without a ton of electronic help in a studio.
He's another guy with no real talent that makes millions,always doing a job. Howie Mandell is another no talent,never makes me laugh .and there he is raking in the dough. Mandell was always on the Tonight Show..and the audience never laughed at his jokes.He's connected....

Groper Gary still at it. Now,the victim is Vanessa Bezic.

She's new,she thinks the smiley schemer is being "friendly". He's like KRON's Bill Cosby, always looking for ways to get do to what he likes.
His new twist is "handshakes". Then he takes a dig at her so he can then put his hand on her with "I was kidding", Gad,no wonder KRON's new prez wanted him isolated on the set. He's a serial groper-toucher.

Its so obvious..why the ND or the company hasn't come down harder on the guy is amazing. He's like a priest that gets moved around- isolated- rather then let go. He wanted the new help Vanessa to show him twerking?. The jerk wants to watch her twerk. Whats weirder? Pam Moore tried to offer her up by telling her "Its ok" those woman who offer up their a cult. To the leader.

KRON is a mess that revolves around one man.

btw,Radnich thinks he's so clever . He started with Brian Van Aikans handshaking. A great excuse to pull that on the Weatherwoman/Toys.  "See,I shake men's hands toooo". He Gave Vanessa the "I ain't getting any stare".

Greg Papa says he cant stand the black man's grammar.

It was shocking-in a way- to hear the 95.7 main man say he doesn't like to watch the TNT pre-half-post- game shows because of the way they speak "The grammar is terrible". The shocking part is he admitted it.

 I know he,like Radnich, hates the idea that they in their late careers have to talk to 25 year old's with tens of millions say "Axe" instead of "Ask".

The ironic part is...when Papa veers from the triangle offense and helmets,he doesn't know what he's talking about. He gets it wrong with proper grammar.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Jerry West says "Warriors need a forward to step up"...LOL. Stan right again.

Yeah,a forward like Kevin Love. Right?
They showed Klayups a minute ago on Yahoo. He's ok,he can score- just like Monta did. But he's no Kevin Love. GM of the Year Bob Meyers right now is thinking what he would have in Bogut and Love crashing the boards!..and one can shoot the lights out.

What the hell did Larry Baer ever REALLY do?

"Most powerful name in local sports" whaa? He's a former Giant delivery boy inflated to CEO. Larry Baer had no effect on the team on the field. ALL that is Brian Sabean, Sabean built two great eras of Giants baseball and maybe its continuing.  Baer? Baer had the great luck to be of the right "ethnic" and a darling of ownership. He didn't build ATT . What a joke to say he did. Larry did on behalf of the Giants what any decent salesman would do---say nice things about yer boss.
Larry's power is- Melkmen and Running Big heads,stabbing Bill Neukom in the back,( He nuked Bill is right) and telling KNBR what they can and cant say. And for some reason has a grudge with Damon Bruce. Like Bruce overall is any worse then the rest-lol.
If Larry Baer dropped dead tomorrow? Wouldn't slow up a thing. Sabean? Bye-Bye Baby for the Giants as winners.
Baer is another whats his name with the Warriors- Gruber?. Big friends is more important then talent.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

KRON wont let you Tweet them.

They dont let me!  Gee,I hadn't even sent them one yet..and already they are shaded out to me. Actually,I didn't see anybody else Tweet them. Radnich says he gets Tweets OR is it only texts and he only SENDS Tweets?. LOL coward.
I could help them. Fools,fools all of them!
Or maybe not help.

Manny fight sort of had "No mas" written all over it,didnt it?

Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto-Duran, Mayweather- Pacman.  The faster fighters seem to frustrate the punchers. Same-o Same-o.

Kerr and Klay lose game 2.

I haven't heard any media wonder why Kerr never used timeouts to break the Grizzes mo. THATS on the coach.
Klay? I written a thousand times,he cannot drive the lane- he's easy pickings. The man leads the league in face plants.
The Warriors could have used Kevin Love. After all,Lacob didn't want Love,West didn't want Love...but GM OF THE YEAR Bob Meyers did!

Why dont the Giants wear names on home uniforms?

What idiot in the org. thought that was needed? Like it makes the team special? Who can keep up with subs and new pitchers? What a stupid tradition.

 Maybe Larry Baer can use another great idea-- paper bags over Giant's heads,so we can all guess what they look like.

KTVU should pass the couch to KNTV...

KNTV has a bevy of  leggy beauty's. Loren,Aguirre,Janelle, The I team girls, Sanchez,and the one with cat eyes. I bet the couch would double KNTV ratings.
KPIX might be runnerup,KRON next.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Its disrespectful to wear the American flag on your ass.

Other countries have laws banning the display of the flag. Their attitude is the opposite of here. They don't allow dumb teenagers to wear faded T-shirts of the flag,or shorts with stars and stripes or motorcycle gas tanks and seats.
How patriotic can you be sitting on the stars and stripes or stinking one up with your underarms?

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

I know,but the bigots also hate Kwanzaa,Passover and uh,Muhamid day.

Hey,when SF does that Columbus day event,the Mexican American should wear the native and American flag T shirts because Columbus tried to steal our USA for Italy? You get the idea.

I see all. And every group re does history to make themselves look fine and dandy. Just enjoy the holiday - official or not.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Why is Radnich so overwelmed by the purity of Curry?

wow- Radnich and Pam Moore were in awe of the transcendent soul of Steve Curry. Radnich thinks Curry's a saint. Or,is it he thinks how great Curry isn't a drug dealing pimp? I mean he had a nice upbringing,So why the wonder? If  Curry was white and came out normal would Radnich fawn all over that?
Sometimes protesting too much says something, but so does extreme praise.

You're a good person. You wanted Manny Pacquiao to win.

I'm tired of the Mad Max crowd crowing about  Mayweathers win.  3 out of 4 people said they wanted Manny to win.
Every color of asshole who wanted Mayweather to win are not normal. Glad i dont know them.

I really wish Manny had taken it to Mayweather around the 9th...when he knew only a knockout was going to win. Should have just waded in and taken the attitude of  "Either you or me wont be standing at the end of this round" That's it ..just go out blazing.

KTVU drops the weekend couch.

Why? It was the perfect metaphor for how FOX does news. Pretty girls,lots of leg. Megan Kelley has soft porn modeling photos all over the net. Hasn't slowed her FOX career.

I bet my mentioning it might have had something to do with it-hee.

I tweet,KRON,KTVU dont tweet back.

I followed the local channels.Only KPIX and KNTV haven't block my tweet receptions. They came for a day or three,then nada- nothing. I haven't followed KGO yet.
Now why wouldn't those channels want to give me their side of the story?

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Marty Lurie of KNBR teases woman caller.

Woman caller: "I think we should re-sign Tim Lincecum,he hasn't had much support"." Only 2.2 runs a game"

Marty quickly and calmly " 2.4 runs a game would be much better". Woman: uh yes,and I also think..." lol. She never caught on.
Why not say 2.3 runs as long as you're razzing her Marty?

Funny or condescending? I leave it up to you. I go with funny. I think.

More on rightwing sports announcers. And Radnich caught...

When you hear Papa and Lund bashing Obama,you hear Bruce with all that Indiana bullshit and sounding like he's a xenophobe, then go to Comcast and hear Kozimor say he's not for affirmative action - why would he be?,he got the job on that "talent" of his. I then wonder how hard could it be to find a lefty sports dude with personality? Go down the list of who talks and announces,not one has ever said liberal. PLENTY have said what conservative values rule them.

I could guess Ratto is Demo. But Ray ain't going to rock the boat.. even with his girth,he wouldn't rock a canoe. He knows what butters the bread and buys the sweaters. Jim Barnett? I think Demo. That's the list.

I would be shocked if ANY A's announcer is a Democrat. Or ever has been one. Ditto the Giants.
. In the great Bay Area.

No wonder Kozimor hates affirmative action. Its because of  guys like him, and the ones who hire- ALL the GMs are out and out Republican, that it was created.

Raddy? He brags that "I get along best with rich old white men" that's a quote people,not me adding.

THEN, he says other days, "When my wife and I go to old white men events, people look and mutter and point. They treat her like she's the help"

So,he enjoys being around people who treat his wife like a liberated slave or a servant?

I always thought an Al Madrigal or type would fit the bay area. Only I think it. Not the local GMs.

1.Giants core coming back. 2.Kruk and Kuipe.

With even Lincecum finding the strike zone,the Giants are sort of rolling. The Angel's couldn't hit with that big lineup,but a sweep is a hell of a lot better then Aprils catastrophe. Belt is streaky..he might be the next core player to be traded.
All hail Pence when he comes back. And or Cain too.

You take a close look at the Giants announcers? Hard to bash guys that old and truly loving the job. I have in the past- both have tendency to be harder on giant Latin players. example: Posey strikes out on a key at bat,runners etc?.."That's the end of the inning" is all they say. Sandoval in the same exact situation? "Struck him out!..that's going to hurt the Giants". Old Republicans can only change so much.

Now? With 3 titles, homerism is totally appropriate. If Krukow came down hard now that would be crazy. Never bothered me with Monte Moore and dingers as the A's won three in a row. Its the losing year after year and not even venting FOR THE FANS..I cant stand. Everything is NOT fine in that case.

Woman on Horse. Horse excites Lund and Papa.

You see that commercial? Lund and Papa are breathing hard right now. I wonder if either can spell "repugnant" ? I don't think so.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Only 16 and under should be allowed to have foul/hr balls.

Seeing a jerk asshole Giant's fan dive past a 12 year old boy to get a hr,burns me up. IF it comes to you- sure catch it. If not and you are over 17 ? LET IT GO...LET THE KIDS GET IT. Fucking asshole- I hope you broke a few bones.He's the guy Papa and Lund want as "fans".
And if you catch it? Ok,thats a fun story. Otherwise being in your 20's-60's knocking over 12 year olds to get a $3.00 ball is 100% asshole.

Radnich wife only likes white guys?.

No problem there. What gets me is..IF she has a crush on a black guy,Radnich wont tell. Just the purty boy types. I think he's insecure about strong ethnic men and his wife's fantasies.

 I thought that was worth a blogbit.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Stan right about Barry Bonds,Lowell Cohn wrong.

YOU remember-lol. I know you do. I wrote a few times on Lowell's blog that Bond's conviction had a chance to be overturned and that would mean no evidence,no proof he cheated. Thus,Bonds by sticking to his sticky guns, has a right to the HOF.

Why am I so damn smart? WHY?!

Harvey Levin of TMZ blows Bruce Jenner.

On his TMZ show I could see right through Levin. "Stick up for Brucy, and his famous family will pay me back in favors". Shallow. Levin said all Bruce did was a Oops! and no crime.

No? Driving and paying no attention right until you kill somebody is not a crime? Ignorance is an excuse if your Bruce Jenner or Harvey Levin.

Harvey- blamed the victim,blamed the relatives since HE KNOWS they didn't care for their deceased step mother-lol. He knows!
Levin+FOX= bullshit and lies together.

Great Day! great weather!

Later for Spencer Christian who weirdly is trying to prove something with his always "When will the heat end" schtick.

The bay area loves 80-85f degrees. We rejoice in it.  Screw SF and HMB people who like 55f in summer.

The normal SF and HMB,bay arean people have an orgasmatic day when its warm.