Monday, June 29, 2015

Motorcycle punk calls me nigger...gets punched in the face.

A punk friend of the Mustang asshole who bothered me last year- and who also called me a nigger...wanted me. He's been going by revving up his toy-motorcycle around midnight. Coward. Last night he did it,went around the block and did it again,only I was up and out the door the second time.
He takes off and I get in my car to see if I can find what hole he lives in. I found him..we get talking...and he try's to punch me while I'm still in my seatbelt. I leaned away,then came back and punched the punk in the nose,he backs up and comes back throws another punch that misses..I hit him again in the nose. You know,I'm kicking his ass with one hand tied behind my back. He woke up the next day with a bruised and sore nose,I promise you.
I tell him- "If your on probation punk,then I'm having you arrested." Sure enough that coward mexican turned tail. He's the kind of Mexican,Mexicans are ashamed of.
Like mom always said- punks are pretenders (she never said that, its a joke). I invited him to come to my home and settle this. He never arrived.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

At least Lincecum didn't cheat the Giants on his contract.

Unlike Zito and Cain who bluffed and lied their way to huge contracts,Lincecum remember, turned down $100 million. Went for 20 mill for whatever short years. His career as a starter- for all intents and purposes- just might have ended yesterday.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

"THE COUCH" returns. KTVU adds new couch?.

I think its a new couch? Plaid..looks a bit flatter and firmer.

Claudine "no pants today" Wong sat on it in skirt.  BUT, KTVU must wonder if she is going to do every interview with her back to the camera..and me?. Claudine sits there like her ankles,knees are tied together and her arms to her side. Not relaxed in other words-wink.

SO,back to one small step for mankind....

Lincecum,86mph fastball,74mph curve. Should he retire?

As I write,that's the worst I have ever seen on the kids velocity. 84mph was the speed of all other fastballs. Like batting practice,or the "first girl" to pitch in the majors level. World Series of LL level.

He's had a fantastic career..done everything a pitcher can do. But its like the Giants are letting a contest winner go out and pitch for them every five days. Zito at his worst.

The above was for the first inning. By the second his fastball was 78mph and his curve70mph. The Rockies were waiting.....

Wiki moderator says he's written 5,000 Wiki articles.

I saw that on one moderators bragging post. Only,I see it as more of the Wiki problem and why they delete everything the public adds. 5,000? You think that ego is going to let you change the tone of anything he wrote?
5,000...that's a hell of a lot of bias. SO one sided..sources you might find, they actually tell people "We don't believe them" Well,then who do they believe?  Themselves is who.

Friday, June 26, 2015

If not for conservatives we might have landed on the moon 400 years ago.

I heard a scientist say that about how much farther society would be if not for the dark ages. A conservatives ultimate show. I get it. I know what he's saying. If we have seen things change so much in the last 50 years...what if we were 10x ahead by now? Visiting local star systems or Androids doing that for us?

Conservatism is not a mental illness. Stupidity is not an illness. Conservatism is like a lobotomy. The "cure" for mental illness-lol.

Oh well...a black president,electric cars- and some drive themselves, and the internet. Not bad considering the drag the Bush Family ( Like the Manson Family) put on the USA,and the world.

Still,400 years...

Greg Papa said many offensive things. Who cares?

In trying waaay to hard to be Mr Blue,Papa is now rambling every chance he gets. All you hear is "hole,balls,salami,your mother". And with his new weird high pitched voice that sounds like Lund in Psycho talking to his mother. Hence my mention...

There is no point to what he says- no satire. Nothing that makes anybody think. Alex in fourth grade was better at that then Papa.

Radnich never cooked a BBQ?...freaky.

Ugh,how full of yourself to make dozens of kids and never BBQ for any of them?  When Kruger pulls the curtains back on Radnich he sounds as shallow and cold as I say he is.

 Radnich has NEVER touched a briquette? Never stood over a BBQ cooking bbq chicken? NEVER poured a can of lighter fluid on the coals?  Man,what a sheltered life he leads. I bet spiders scare him.

Radnich also put it out there that all his close friends are old white guys...conservatives. When they come over- he turns off the BET channel. But he does remind African Americans "My wife is one of your kind". I don't think there is any doubt Radnich see's all the blond trophy's with wealthy men in his circles..and thinks he made a mistake. Hence groping Heenan back when.

 Kruger too- in his way once again lamenting he needs to to listen to wimpy Gary every single day for three hours, to make a living.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

KTVU 4 pm news is stand up.

Tha's new. For the bay area. Miback and Arnold can be seen full length doing the news by the big board. FOX is something..they got me to watch even as my all knowing self worried I was making money for Rupert.

 But,Keba is no body and for a woman her height and weight,a really nice derriere. Most woman with her build have those small buns.

KTVU has been on the ball with the news story's. Its like,a new homeowner just chopping away all the deadwood on his property.
If he finds out later it was valuable wood....

Man with confederate flag also puts up Nazi flag.

"Golly gee,just because I fly the confederate flag and the Nazi flag doesn't mean I'm a racist. I'm a Republican. And you know, if we ignore the first amendment,soon we wont be able to yell fire in a crowded theater".
"And besides" he went on  "Doesn't history prove that the South and the Nazi's were right?" "They just took it a little too far"

"They meant well!".

Cop Dog bites cop. And why.

Why? The police say they NO idea why a dog trained to go after somebody who smells like he has drugs on him, went after a plainclothes cop!
Yeah,shoot that dog,cry,and that takes care of any search or blood testing. Coverup in process as we speak...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Radnich brags he's "happy". Who isnt?

Now he thinks he's got the edge on being happy!   What a nutjob he's become. You happy? Happy enough? Sure. Anybody going to jump off a bridge tomorrow?  No? I didn't think so.
Hey Gary= I can go into any crowd anyplace. Can you ?

Stay in your phony world telling yourself more story's of how beloved you are. As long as you believe it - I'm

Eh, you know?- he's looking more and more like an old hanger on.  Soon he can tell his Asian jokes,his Dodger love...and I wont even care.

There's always Greg Papa's ass to kick.

'I Origins' scyfi movie. What a piece of crap.

Where do I start? Its about proving  reincarnation by matching eyes with dead people to living people. And basically saying the soul of the dead move on to new while keeping some old traits and habits etc.
First let me complain about the combination of soft talk to whispering and loud never ending background music,mood music. I missed too much dialogue,re played some things to hear what they said. The "music" was incredibly sappy. Like Oprahs' piano music tinkling for drama.

Second- Brit Marling is always far beyond all other characters in smarts in all her movies. Where she came from is sort of a mystery. Why she broke big the last few years? Well,all her movies borrow from each other. So,If you liked the one about a reincarnated mother..I guess a reincarnated Indian kid- from Asia is going to make you happy.
She looks like a very young Susanne Sommers when 3's company tv show's first year or two. She's a looker. Even as the nerd scientist you knew when she took her hair down and clothes off she would be better looking then the "model" in the movie who played a first love for the nerd-hipster lead scientist.

And let me point out that reincarnation is not possible. More people on the Earth now then have ever existed. So its not one person dies and another born. Its one person dies and 50 are born. You do know mankind has exploded all over the world right? And that more people exist- alive right now- then ALL the previous generations who have died since we became modern man,COMBINED.

Don't even rent this movie..dull,lots of "what did they say" and "what does that mean?" in it.

Why did Lowell Cohn back down?

"I was one who wanted Kevin Love" said Lowell. "What do I know?". You cant top the Warriors being best. That's in the books. But who knows if they had Love they wouldn't have also won the title? I'm positive- POSITIVE,they would have been one of the leagues best with Love also. Made the playoffs.

Klay Thompson did better then Love? Not when it mattered. AND, you want to argue with me that Curry is the start and end of the Warriors?  Thompson was sub par,Bogut was terrible,terrible,terrible Charles.
Oh well, its a moot point I guess. But I don't see the need to say "What did I know?" when you could just calmly say "Who's to say they wouldn't have been champions with Love?"

A's winning,Giants losing..

Yeah,give up on  the Giants, Billy Beane has built a dynasty. Now,snap out of your stupor. Every year the Giants won a World Series had some very bad and long streaks. This year ,its no Pence most of the time,No Cain at any time,and now no Aoki- leadoff man par excellence sidelined for two weeks with a fractured fibula. He's a tough hombre if he can come back that fast. I would take at least 2 and a a half weeks being I'm a he-man myself.
The A's are doing a run to get out of last and maybe finish second by years end. What difference does it make? They do all they can to stop a Championship Year anyways. Billy Beane is a reverse Pete Rose. He would bet on his team to lose cheap.
When the Giants have everyone back and can almost see the steam roller firing up. If not? They have 3 in 5. Beane is 0 in two decades.

Bobbi Christina,Coma's,and Don't pull the plug...

In the African American culture "pull the plug" is not in it. African Americans are not willing to even sign papers that approve of that, pre surgery.
I saw a PBS Frontline a few years ago about  urgent care rooms that had African American patients who had basically died. The Hospitals could never get permission to not only just pull the plug- but to remove the coma patients from the room to make way for patients who COULD be saved.
One nurse in the documentary said "I don't want to sound like a racist".. She then said what I wrote.

Interestingly, I dated a ER nurse for a few years and asked her if that was true. "YES!" she I had stumbled on to a big secret to be revealed. The GF of mine was a person of color. She went on to say seeing people linger in mid death like that made her tell her son to never allow that- "pull the plug".

Leibermans "media' blog turning to the right.

From getting excited when he ran out a Savage for office to today's constant stream of racist posts- that HE APPROVED. There wasn't a dissenting post.
RICH LEIBERMAN sank to posting people who pretended to be people of color or used famous people of color and put right wing words in their mouths.
There isn't an honest media blogger in the bay area but me.

I'm not backing down or taking shit from anyone. In the courts or on the street.

Maybe I should use a tablet to post fake "anonymous" comments that say I'm great on my blog. I wouldn't be the first.

Keba Arnold.

Her name seems to fit to a T.  Keba sounds black and sexy . Arnold? sounds like ARRRRnOOOld. Nerdy and conservative. She's good looking but not assertive or a threat to Mibach.
You never know.

A biker funeral.

So,I'm driving by Chapel of the Chimes and I see something odd.  It was a funeral wagon like the kind pulled by horses only this had no horse. Instead, it had a black and chrome chopper trike in front and for the wagon wheels two fat tires with chrome rims. The hearse part of the wagon was glass. Why would you want to see a coffin?
When I saw it,first thing that came to me was- who makes that and how much money can be made with something for a niche?  I guess the new fad and surge in custom cars and bikes has really taken off. .You cant go wrong making anything fast and shiny.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Maybe its time for African Americans to drop nigger from music.

Its just as racist as the confederate flag. You always hear of Jewish comics talking about "self hating Jews?"..When you string together nigger on a high school's college campus visit- Like I heard once years ago,THAT has to be self hating and lack of self respect squared. Because its admired by nobody.

Maybe its fun to invent an unofficial law that says some African American can call another the N word and normal greeting..but its a reason to kill a non black in some confrontation?.

Besides,I don't want to hear it. Same with two Asians saying My chink. Two Mexicans my wetback...or.Hey,self hating Jewboy...

We can do better than that.

Old dirty songs vs New dirty songs.

In Jr.High,the wild and crazy and naughty song to sing when girls were around was "Put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up"..followed by hilarious 13 year old laughter.  Even younger in grammar school Alex would break out "If you want it, here it is come and get it"..and we all laughed not even knowing anything about what it meant.
Now? I heard a car go by the house with "My Niggers,my niggers, bitch slap the ho"..

New wins.

The evil Colonel Sanders of KFC.

I know its old SNL member Darold Hammond doing the Colonel. But,he's not giving off good fuzzies. His laugh just needs a axe in his hand. Maybe its inspired by the Bad Santa movies.

And,Ironic his  name is "Colonel"..because you eat enough of that in your life, your going to get a "colon"el full of cancer. If you don't die by heart attack first.

Anny Hong back to sexy.

She ditched the ugly horn rimmed glasses.

 The camera caught her adjusting her bra strap. I wish it was a gif.

Billy Beanes crazy talk.

"Losing Doolittle has hurt the team more then I thought". He went on to blame the bad record on losing the set up guy.

Wait, Losing Doolitle he claims has ruined the A's start this year. BUT TRADING CESPEDES HELPED THE TEAM?!...LOL. You know you've heard him say "We made the playoffs only because we traded him"..LOLOLOL.

See,Beane must be a Communist. He has a lifetime job,doesn't matter how much he accomplishes in terms of being champions,decade after decade. And like the old Communist governments can make the most outlandish claims..and he faces no ridicule by the state owned Mercury or Chronicle. They are state owned right? I'm giving them some excuse to explain their "Sportswriter of the Year" the last 2 still praising that trade.

He's a little dirty Commie.

Monday, June 22, 2015

A Stan Salute to Brian Van Akans and I think Brian Hackney.

Why? Because about three nights ago I looked up late at night and saw the very bright planets. The next night Van Aikans pointed it out. Congrats. I thought any semblance of college degree's by local newsrooms had disappeared.
I think Hackney the night after that pointed it out. Might have been Bill Martin.

We cannot get enough science in the news. People always whine the news is bad...but advancements in science get short shift when they actually fill the "good news" category.

Do NOT be afraid to get technical News people.Use a Latin name for a plant or fish. The most basic science books always do.

You know I learned all about "Dirty ridges" from Pete Giddings. See?

Every old car with a V-8 is now a classic...sheesh.

You notice that? Cars that 20 years ago you couldn't give away,are now worth thousands unrestored and the moon when restored. Since the 80's and 90's had few muscle cars..and the Camaro was still a watered down V-8.,all those American cars in those decades are near worthless. Dodge Daytona? Shelby (80's) Charger?..most sent to the crusher. As one car mag said "Those 90's V-8's would be trounced in a drag race by your mom's new V-6 Toyota Camry".  The Mustang's V-8 ,220hp is less then a V-6 Camry. Still,they do have torque- why the kids like them for showboating.

Now,the 70's?..its busted wide open..a Brady Bunch station wagon? I've seen them on the road..lowered,tinted windows,nice rims..and loud exhaust. Looked pretty cool. Those were the cars you couldn't give away. Laughable anybody would want four doors let alone a 70's wagon. A Ford Maverick is collectable if it has..etc,etc.

60's? even more popular. Some really ugly cars- like the valuable. As long as its a V-8. ANYTHING

Raddy-Papy to blacks, "Thanks, Man".

I caught Papa once again saying goodbye to an African American guest as "Thanks,man" Radnich tells Monte Poole "Thanks, man" as a fond farewell. Could they be more condescending?  I've never heard either one say to a white guest "Thanks,man". NEVER. On Comcast/Yahoo? no "Thanks,man" either-unless they are black.

Just once I would like to hear an African American do a Eddie Murphy as a white guy answer back "Well,you're welcome Bob". No matter the hosts name. And, if the host IS named Bob? "Your welcome,dear fellow"..same voice.

I thought Radnich said he was above jive talk'in to Blacks?.  Man,the both of them are hella condescending.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Rich Leiberman hacks into readers Computers?

When he posts something that sounds like stalking or hacking-- "I watch you all day" might want to see a lawyer if you have software to catch that.

I'm glad I don't have anything to hide. Like I  would trust the world? But..that comment was spooky. And I KNOW Rich Leiberman wrote it .

Lincecum last days..85mph fastball. Fools nobody.

With Tim,its how long can you fool a team into thinking you can throw hard? MLB hard?

He used to throw hard- 97-98 mph. I suspect just as steroids ruined Tiger Woods career..Lincecum's off season indulgence's- to the point he stopped eating has been too much to overcome. Losing 40 pounds,regaining it,losing another 40 pounds...that just took him down too low.

I think he also has family issues. His father is overbearing. I heard that he has no relationship with his mother. It shows.

Israel I.M. wife tells racist Obama joke.

"Do you  know what Obama coffee is?" she Tweeted. "It's black and weak".

You know,he's been anything but weak. Israel, a country that we have given trillions to since the 1940's, GIVEN,not invested,no returns to the American taxpayer, hates the USA.  Israel is our countries number ONE SPY- 60 minutes reported that. They steal from corporations new ideas,they steal from the government all manner of  info. Weapons down to your email address. They also have the largest number of field spies. Spying? On us? Israel loves to do that.

 Yet,we can never give them enough. Israel produces NOTHING...its a welfare country. I've never seen a product from Israel.

I think we should stop supporting with money countries that hate use,spy on us.  Israel isn't the only country to take our money and spit in our face, of course. But,Israel is the biggest hypocrite about it.
Well,except for the I.M. wife. She said what she thought.
Then deleted it!


I find its a lot easier to fit Ass into any situation. Tit-hole,Penis-hole..doesn't have the same ring. Vagina hole is too accurate to be funny.

THIS might have set Lebierman off....

His Savage- Trump post? I sent in something like Savage should just run with Dr. Oz as his VP. The two of them can then huckster miracle cures all day.
Rich worships Savage.
I don't think he even posted that.

Joe Lacob and the mayors ass and the US open's Holly Sonders.

The cause of my posting about Libby,is because she turned her backside to the camera when Joe Lacob gave her an awkward- smiling- hug. So,to read of Phil Nickelson making headlines with hugging the model/reporter reminded me of the other day.
I'm sure Lacob's very happy to oblige hug, might be because: He might have thought "Why couldn't I have met a good looking smart Jewish girl like you before my fiance who's just a give me,give me,give me, gentile gold digger?"
Its probably exactly what he was thinking. And,"Nice ass".

I really did want a Lowell Cohn hat.

I got some feedback so....I wasn't joking. And yes,I was told it made me look older.  I might still get one.

At my age,I am confident enough in the my looks and charisma. Chicks dig that.

Leiberman playing with me again. And why....

What else is new?

When you see a shot taken at me with only minutes between my post- and the "others" putdown comeback only 3-4 minutes later? That's Rich.  What are the odds..I would write something to another post made sometime yesterday...and the SAME guy would be reading the blog at the EXACT same time? AND write a comment that is posted nearly instantly-AGAIN?
I caught Rich,and he knows it.... Its him.

He gets so jealous sometimes. I think he starts to believe the things he makes up.
Like with Christine...he likes to think he's being top dog every now and then on his blog. He's lucky to have regulars.

Judging by the number of views this is getting..I shouldn't even had bothered to write it.

whoa- Leiberman going insane like he did a couple of years ago... when he took about two days of my posts.then RE WROTE THEM they made no sense. Only HE  could have done it. He never denied it. 2 days of comments he re wrote. Nutty..imagine the time he spent doing that?
What set him off? I don't know. He has his admitted mental illnesses. I just give it that. Watch,he'll post how I'm forcing him to post my comments and its making him crazy. Go figure that.
I take on all comers..back down to nobody,I step forward. The media hates that.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Classic walk ups part 2. With bonus.

Sonny Gray: "Secret Agent Man"
Madbum: "Thank God I'm a country Boy"
Billy Beane: "I cant get no Satisfaction"
Brian Sabean:" Another one bites the Dust"
Draymond Green: "I'm a Real Wild Child"

As a bonus? A's players names that sound like bodily excretions: Semien,Phlegley, and you gotta go Canha.

Classic Walk up songs for certain players.. Part 1. +more..

Coco Crisp: "Knock,knock,knocking on Heavens Door"
Tim Lincecum: "Strawberry Fields Forever" oop,I meant "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". SFF is kind of trippy too. "Puff the Magic Dragon" did I leave that out for awhile?
Brandon Belt: "I left her standing there"
Rocky Aoki? C'mon,too easy. And I refuse to say Sukiaki. Unless,its OK. Then I said it.
Andrew Bogut: "ALL by Myself,don't want to be, ALL by myself"...
Steph Curry: "More then a feeling".
Amy G.: "Venus,Yeah baby you got  it" Original or Bananarama.

The unsafe and insane Fourth of July's.

Its M-60 or 80 tossed out the car time of year. I can only pray it falls to the floorboard once.  Its not worth being stupid if you can't use illegal fireworks.

It used to be so great..sparklers,those others that turned into worms. All I needed as a kid.

Funny how anything nice? a huge number of people work to make it deadly. Dogs into pitbulls,Halloween candy for kids is poisoned. Now,sparklers into 1/4 stick of dynamite.

Bush cuts in education + being stupid= Stay at home smart people,lock the doors. Keep the outside well lit.
America,America shed some grace on me.....

Friday, June 19, 2015

Joe Lacob needs to buy the A's. And the A's need him.

By owning the A's,Lacob could build two world class professional teams. For the first time in nearly two decades the A's would have a owner who isn't  so cheap and ..just plain dumb to actually say out loud he would never pay what it takes to win a World Series. That's just nonsensical. More of the bizarro world Billy Beane and Wolff with Fisher create in hidden offices around the bay area- Los Angeles. They lose touch with reality.

I think,Joe Lacob could actually win a Nobel Peace prize. Not only restoring the All American spirit-- to be the best for the A's- but he might just revitalize the City of Oakland. Why not? He could throw in affordable housing..but not the low housing apartments that harbors riff raff. Instead, uplifting development for Oakland.

If you can improve Oakland- you can improve the world. And that's worth a Nobel. Even a hearty handshake from me.

DOGS are good.

A little balance about man's best friend- girls have diamonds.

Dogs are loyal,caring thinking sentient beings who deserve the best care their human caretaker can provide.

He can only do his best for the dog that greets him everyday for a couple of decades like you really are special. Even when you know sir,you are not.

 And to think some people have taught their dogs to poop in the toilet. How cool is that?

 Dogs are so great. Beyond words.

Lyanne Melendez should have slapped the asshole.

The guy who grabbed her hand? Fucking low life. She really should file a complaint and have Oakland PD find him and arrest him. He was groping and created fear in her.
Damn,I wish I had been there- I would have bounced- dribbled- that rock head of his off the sidewalk.

Papa talking about me? Stanie?

I caught that. He also wondered who tweeted about the Oakland mayors ass. Now do you need more evidence ,lol?
I think Lund said something about angry. No,no,no. I'm like them on Candyass and Popsicle road.  Well,no. You have to be angry as you need to be in these parts. For them,everything is given.

So,don't think the locals do not know me or only on 415. They come here because they know I'm not going to say a damn good thing about them if they don't deserve it.

And Papa has to be in The  Moron's Tabernacle Choir to not know why he's on my bad side. I couldn't have posted more about it.

A trained monkey could be a "firefighter"

He could sit around all day eating banana's...then spend the rest of the time learning new tricks- I mean,training.
He could like a firefighter be loud and obnoxious and full of himself because he's got a cushy high paying job. Not bad for a monkey. And -he can play with the bells and sirens all day !

They can polish it all they want ,all day....we pay for it.

And there's a good reason lawsuits are filed all the time against them for discrimination. They have a cushy job that fills their conservative WM attitude of being superior.  Jerks.

Oakland mayor has a nice azz...

Speaking of ass..Libby's got a nice one. She's good looking.

Bob Fitzgerald orating.

Good thing it wasn't Papa. Then he would have gone on about Bestiality or Penis and then go into his high pitched "gay" voice that he doesn't seem to realize sounds just like Lund!

Everybody would have been uncomfortable.

Dylannn's ass will enjoy prison with big black men.

Remember Dahmer? He killed and ate young black men. The first chance a black man got to be alone with him? Smashed Dahmer's brains in with a barbell. Then stuck Dahmers mop stick up his ass.

What a hellish life that kid brought on himself. And it will be for life. He's too young to really understand what that means. A horrible,horrible fate awaits him. Creeps me out to think of it.

I wanted a Lowell Cohn hat.

I was going to get one of those dapper hats. Instead of my usual A's hat. I was told that those hats make me look old.
How insulted was I? Not much.

I also considered one of those Charlie Sheen - Sinatra hats. I didn't think that would look good with my usual T-shirt attire.

So,still either the A's hat or some Nike birthday/Christmas present hats. Nike really makes (or made?) a quality hat. Ten years later they still are near perfect.

Hey,Papa. Fitz was in the parade.

I never would have thought it would come to me that Fitz is the better man until Papa got his own radio show with some clown.

Rod Brooks yesterday,pretty much read my post about how Fitzgerald is now reaping the rewards after all those losing years- and get this truth from Rod for a change- "All those terrible players,lousy owners and really bad coaches ( Thank you, St.Jean says!) all those years.  Papa? He gets to say "Other team 38, Raiders zip, end of the first".

Bob sure looked happy in the parade car. EGG- STATIC you might say.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Calling it a day. For today.

It was flowing today. Truth goes like that. Its the liars like the local sports media (raddy,papy,etc) that stammer and stutter.

Raddy producer going to KTVU2 FOX. Republican.

Radnich infecting the bay area with more phoneys and shills. He's ruined more quality sports segments and time then anybody around.

KTVU?  Like I said months ago on 415..not worth watching anymore. ALL the libs will be let go,and more like phony Applebaum, will be hired. Applebaum doesn't represent the bay area at all. That's who FOX wants. Company shill.

I laughed at Radnich trying to get himself to cry saying goodbye. The man is a drama queen..Plus,no tears would come out. He failed acting class.

Raddy,Moore,Rachel Dolezal.

How fascinating. I see local angles in the fake black woman story. Like Radnich who actually had a perfect smile with caps when he began his career...then removed them to be proud of his "ethnic" gap in his front teeth.
I swear- if he could get away with it..he would be doing a Rachel. He would have curly hair,a bronzing tan,and I bet he wouldn't do his conservative white guy voice. No,he would be axing people questions. Bet on it.
Moore? I suspect she's on those skin lighteners.Because,I remember her being darker when she joined KRON. With a perm and auburn hair. Unless my memory is wrong..but she's much lighter I'm pretty sure.

Now,I notice that KRON never shows any old footage of Pam Moore. ALL the tribute shows skip any "Pam the way she was 25 years ago" So when I looked for that on those specials she wasn't there..but, they do include everybody else including Kathy Heenan who doesn't mind being seen as young and beautiful.

Maybe her blond hair has me fooled.  But except for declaring herself Nordic,isn't Pam Moore doing a  Rachel?

Radnich and media can't ever admit I'm right.

In complaining about those who rip what others do when they could never even remotely do it themselves Radnich again visits the argument of the last resort by cowards and morons. Do I have to paint the Mona Lisa to give my right opinion- its great- on it?

He also likes to invent scenario's of my life. Meanwhile,I go by what he actually says. See? He fantasizes on 50,000 watts about me..I give him and you reality. He skips over that huge fact. HE parks in handicapped zones,not me. Do I have to break the law like he does?. NO.

Radnich can put out all the photos of him and his great grandson..grandson?..Son????.he wants to look like Mr.Family (but he shouldn't as it looks scary the way he smiles,leers, as a 66 years old with a 5 year old). He's so full of it.

Steve Berman's crooked BASG blog.

Want more evidence of why you should never listen to that guy? Last year he claimed some mysterious person has started a lol knbr persona. It was going to be about the stupidity of  knbr callers.

What turned out is,KNBR is now pushing lol knbr and Berman's blog. Since you cant get a rip calling KNBR- they screen you out or delete by delay if anybody manages to get through that,howz is it KNBR loves to mention KNBR lol guy?

See,its more of Berman now being another advertising supplement for local sports teams. It easier to accept payoffs from knbr in whatever form,then actually do sports journalism- or even a best effort imitation of the noble writer. He doesn't want to go back to 9-5. He will say what he's told to say,and more importantly, NEVER say what they tell him NOT to say.

He's on Yahoo-Comcast all the time now. The ultimate sell out sports show west of the Mississippi and beyond.

The dailey Radnich and Kreuger lie routine...

It goes something like this : I got a email/text/tweet that insulted me,says Radnich. Kreuger (every time) Did you block him?  Radnich: No,he's just a young guy who lost his way in life and doesn't understand"...

Bullshit!  Radnich can pass any lie detector since his brain is wired to lie.

No,what Radnich doesn't say is, MY assistant blocks them. See? Its not HIM..its somebody else that gets upset. Not

I would rather follow President Obama to the bank.

Radnich when he has no answer for his stupidity he always falls back on, and brags, "Follow me to the bank". Like my title says..

What do all the Stan haters sound just like Gary Radnich?

Everything 410 posts that is negative about me uses a Radnich "patented catch phrase"..most of those Radnich stole from somebody else-dropping pants from Letterman for one,and I could go down the line on that.
That gives you an idea of the level of the Stan hater.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Warriors win...yawn.

I wasn't even going to mention it. It was so anticlimatic didn't you think? You know,it was just  the 6th game,and it was in Cleveland.

When it ended..I wasn't all that worked up. I mean,LeBron ran out of gas by halftime..he was no threat.

What a bummer when our home teams win it all on the road. Takes the fizz out of the Champagne.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Classmates .com torturing me...

I made the mistake of giving them my email when I wanted to see some high school photo. Since then,I'm  getting the, "If you join you can see who said hi!"  I did somehow end up getting my best grammar school friends Facebook page.  He was a chubby 12 year old with thick horn rimmed glasses and liked Superchicken cartoons.
His wife is beautiful..I looked,and couldn't see the connection-lol. It was like she was photo shopped..look at him,then look at her kind of thing. He was all smiles.
Some names I remember like yesterday. I will let the memory's stay good. I don't want to know more.

Monday, June 15, 2015

It might go Seven games and why.

I think Blatt see's it was a mistake to not play Mazdov. All series he did pretty much what he wanted. You can look to see him back in the lineup.  I think too,Blatt will try to get LeBron more rest in the third quarter. Just to make sure he doesn't run out of gas. If he's full throttle in the 4th,the Warriors might not do their put the game with a surge in the 4th, thing.
Its also a Cleveland home game.

The Warriors have had non starters outdo starters..that might catch up to them. Klay Thompson has been just barely relevant. Seems to me the whole playoffs he's been shooting the ball flat. No arch. That means he's thinking too much,trying to wish it in . Like he's guiding the ball.  Not holding his end of the Splash up,just Klayups.

And if we win Tuesday- forget you ever read this.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

National Anthem sounds like "Whole Lotta Love"

I was waiting for the  "tuh-duh-duh ,tuh duh,duh,duh, Honey you need cooling"....

Manic depressive? Me? +More...

You might have read Rich's opinion of my state of mind. Eh,I wish the manic part would kick in! I would love to bounce off walls for a change instead of plain old hitting them.

I might be Passive Aggressive too. I'm passive when people are nice to me,and aggressive when they take a swing at me.
You know anybody like that? Like maybe everybody?

I have no idea what he means by "scares him". I've never written anything violent. Unless you take serious "I hope a Hippo eats a republican". Like that.

Stan for the defense. For those who need it.

Oppressed,underdog,small fry,bullied,outcasts,people who need 3,4,5,chances or more. I don't include the 1% as a minority.

I always have felt that way. When all other kids laughed at some poor kid who wet his pants because the teacher was a third grade drill Sargent on his ass,and wouldn't let him use the restroom...I didn't laugh at all. I saw his face turn red. I felt bad for him.

I remember some new kids nobody wanted to talk too..would ask me to be their friend. I felt bad at that too,because I had nothing in common with a kid who didn't play sports and was a runt with thick glasses. I didn't tell him no...but didn't say yes. I think most kids would have told him fuck off. I couldn't do that.

I get angry at people who abuse animals. I practically say a prayer for all the poor animals killed on the road- its obscene at the carnage on Sunol-Niles Canyon road. Animals need water- and crossing a winding road is instant death to get to the creek Nothing is done. Year after year of nothing but dead animals including a few Hawks. Protected species who are not protected there.

Getting older means- when I go off now?.you surely must have deserved it. Younger,I never would have made a scene. Later,I learned sometimes its the only way they will listen is if you crank up your volume. It cuts through all the prejudice very quickly.

So,I do my best.

Radnich dynasty crumbling?

It looks like Comcast decided not to have a Raddy simulcast. More trouble then its worth? KRON sponsors of his segment started with Mercedes and now is down to a Bear's ass. After years of being above Twitter..he was told to start. Now,he tweets.

He's complained that " Why learn their names? they just come and go every three years" about new fellow KRON co workers.  How's that for inflated ego? Now? He has 24 year old producers telling him what he can and can't say OR DO. The groping has ended.

Radnich still hasn't done one report from the Arena. He fears the crowds. His ego cant take it. Maybe Pero agrees it wouldn't look good to have Radnich live-on air- with a crowd chanting, "you suck".

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Just what this country needs - Paranoid cops.

Angry, paranoid,and with anger issues. No wonder they shoot the baby first then realize "Probably wasn't a danger".
Recruiting from the military has ruined our country's police force. Men who accept killing with no consequences with righteous glee.

Who they SHOULD be recruiting are psychology grads. That's not a joke. People who KNOW how to interact with desperate people,people having the worst day of their lives.

 Instead we have too many Erick Gelhaus types on the force. Guys near whako with blood lust and a hard on for firearms. 2015,and they think robocop is the answer. For the Ghetto and Barrio's only,of course..

Brandon Belt, LOB King of the Giants.

If the stats don't show it,I would call him  ILOB King - "Important Left On Base". When they need him to come through..he just leaves them on . He can kill a rally.  With two outs? He's at his worst. When we are up  6-3? THEN he launches a 3 run shot. Where was it when we needed it?  Now,he's come through on occasion..that's nice. But,he sure isn't Mr.Clutch. Mr. worn clutch maybe.

Wendy Tokuda does story for KPIX...nice suprise. She's changed.

When you go 15 years without seeing somebody- you wonder if its the same person. Wendy Tokuda now looks like a real grandmother.  Aging happens to us all.

At least she didn't look old. A few pounds smooths out the wrinkles. I hate when woman think that when they age,if they lose a pound,that subtracts a year. The extreme dieters. Susan Lucci like.

Wendy looked good. She would have no problems finding anybody for her on "Our"..

Yep,Lexus and Nissan heard the Asian community.

I know over the years Radnich has shown no affinity for Asians.  Many jokes..story's that led to an Asian being putdown. No balance either,no real praise.

When Radnich got wind of a campaign to complain,he went on KRON and bragged that "Lexus is another who wants to hook up with Raddy".  He hasn't said, "Lexus is sorry it hooked up with Raddy"

And I did catch him the other day doing the small talk with Moore..and then when he went to say something to Diane,- he didn't know her name. Called her "Uh,our new friend".  What an ass.

Billy Beane perverts the meaning of sports.

To be the best. To be the champion.

Beane has neither as a main goal!  His mission is to field a new team every year that might be good..who knows he figures? Why would he care?

Beane is the consummate capitalist..he would sell you the rope to hang him. Or,trade you for it.

What I should have included on the Bogut post.

He shot a free throw- and missed the rim. Despite Jeff Van Gundy stating "I've never seen that before"..none of the local media has said peep.  Like Beidrens- who through head case osmosis infected Bogut- The Big Eucalyptus from Down Under has a phobia about shooting a the NBA.
And ya- know, don't discount the infection comment.  Lincecum was fine until he started showing signs of Zitoism.
Like kids,Pro athletes are easily influenced. Why do you think Deladova,etc has cramps? Yep,he got that into his head playing with the most famous athlete in the world to get cramps.  Like children they are.

Local media fawning on the Warriors win.

I've read and listened.  And I haven't heard one person say that Cleveland had a bad day as much as they are crowing the Warriors are Superteam.  Let me remind everybody- I saw the game. I saw Cleveland miss baskets right under the rim-- their ability to just shoot and rebound over the small Warriors is astounding. Almost uncontested.
I mean, if easy missed shots were counted...Cleveland might have won. The Warriors had their share...but not as much obviously.
Go Warriors..but LeBron might have a Super game himself Sunday. I hope not.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Billy Beane+lifetime job= never winning a pennant or W.S.

Harbaugh didn't win the SB..fired.
Mclellan won a ton of divisions...fired.
Mark Jackson...fired

Billy Beane?..whats the incentive? Fisher and Wolff greedily count their samolians and clams every day. They always need one more.

Making Beane part owner was the kiss of death for the fans. He's not expected to win the World Series in the bizzaro world of the Oakland A's ownership group- the 5th wealthiest in all of baseball,quoting Lew Wolff when he bought into the team.

Whats laughable? Beane demands respect from all around him including fawning local media. And they bend over for him.

Sabean never uses that joke called sabermetrics- now so old its sabertoothmetrics. Neither does Joe Lacob. So how have they outdone Billy by a billion? Success galore.  Beane needs a tutorial from those who have done it.

Beane can never win it all until the cows come home..and keep his job,and still be the great Bean-O.

Damon Bruce bitch slaps Lee Hammer. Glad to be rid of Barrot.

"Our new PD has done more already then Lee Hammer has done in his whole career at KNBR."  Ooooo. He also said,the remnants of Jason Barrot (whateveva his last name was-lol)have been steam cleaned out of the building...something like that.
Then Bruce gave Kollins- the new PF,a fine compliment "He's no schmuck".

Bogut is our new Beidrens. Won't score,won't run,won't,won't,won't....

His performance has been a disgrace. Its like he figures if he stands in the center- that makes him a center,and job well done!

His defensive skills have been pathetic. His rebounding seems to include letting Cleveland just take the ball out of his hands whenever they can.

I'm glad the Warriors won big...but it was close for over three quarters. The same people who said Curry would  snap out of it and have a big game,don't seem to say the same thing about LeBron and his one bad game yesterday. He might score 60 on Sunday.

Cleveland missed shots they made the last two games...and the amount of  "Just turn around and shoot" right near the hoop was scary. The Warriors lucked out the putbacks weren't falling. The other games they did and might again Sunday.

Bogut? You saw him a few times pass a very easy open shot near the basket. He's making it 4 Warriors vs. 5 of the other guys and LeBron.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Curry doesnt suck- the other three still do!

If Bogut is the third best center in the NBA then the Russian kid for Cleveland needs to change his name to Kareem Abdul Jabbargov.
More tomorrow-

Radnich boycotting 5-7 KRON news? Angry at young producer?

You might have read my post on 415 about a week ago on a Raddy rant about a 25 year old producer who told him to cut his BS short. Or hijinks as he tells it. He called her out by name- TWICE.
The last couple of days- he's not done the 6:45 sports. Classic Radnich when he doesn't get his way. Boycott.

It turns out the producer is the sister of Jackie Bennet, former KRON weather person of note.

The boycotting was his method to get Damon Bruce off of the Raddy show about 3,4 years ago.

I noticed too,Radnich even at 8:45 has been doing the sports with a angry edge. He's ticked off about something at KRON. Like maybe Pero wont fire the producer?..just my speculation. But,I'm  pretty good at speculating. Ask Nancy Snyderman and Tim Lincecum.

I almost broke a big story on Marijuana.

That big bust in Hayward?  I used to drive somebody to their job past that street everyday for months. One day I told that person " It always smells like skunk here-or marijuana" I swear on all that's holy to me.

Damnedest thing? I once wrote on this blog of that same smell EVERY day as I went by a warehouse in Pleasanton. Not long after I wrote that and where it stunk? It went away. Haven't smelled it since.

Paramedics= arrogant assholes.

I actually saw near my home,one of the Ambulances use their "warning horn" at a pretty girl on the sidewalk- they had big grins.
If you know any- you know they think they are invaluable gifts to mankind. Its like the worst cop or firefighter attitude. All the rest of us are unworthy of their greatness. Most of the time,they aren't needed..but somehow they show up to steal some of the taxpayer dollar. Same for firefighters. What a scam they all run. No better than Sparks Energy con artists.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sparks Energy.....tried to scam me.

Door to door claiming they reduce you're energy bill with their company plan.  I know door to door is never  a good thing. I also learned from my father "Only the good lord gives,all else pay cash".  Sure enough,as I had the guy wait,I checked the internet. This is the scam= They have you sign a contract with tiny print that they know you wont read. After that you save on your PGE bill for a couple of months. THEN you find its variable- NOT what PGE does. So,you end up paying much more for utilities. You can get out of the contract - for a $100 fee!.
I read all that in 30 seconds...told him to hit the road,I know its a scam. He didn't even argue..just left. He lost a $20 commission.
The Internet can also be you're best friend- like me.

Jonathan Sanchez. You all should be so lucky.

DO you know the last two years of his career he was paid 7 million dollars with a record of 2-21?!. Go back to 2011,he was 6- 28.
From 2007- 2013 he made about 16 million dollars.
No wonder he retired quietly.

Wettest June day in my life..June!

Warm too. 70's. I have never seen this much rain combined with warm in summer. Maybe in Sept-Oct a pineapple express..but never June. We are having climate change my friends. Rain in June in Miami? Sure. The bay area?..climate change.

Blond flasher at the Finals.

You saw her right? with 55sec. to go in the first half the camera caught her eating popcorn and with legs open. She looked up at the stadium monitor saw herself,smiled a little as she showed a full up miniskirt shot. Not commando. She wasn't shy. Young,thin.
I should mention she was at courtside and came in as large and clear as the player standing to the right of her.
PTL,for naughty ladies. the spice of life.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bogut,Curry,Green,Barnes suck.

Bogut is revealed to be a quitter. He's so "I might get hurt,ohhhh" that he's doing nothing. He watches James run past him. NO wonder Kerr went to Festus then David Lee

.I think Lee should have played a lot more the last two games. A veteran and a scorer. Barnes and Green are worthless when you need points. That's on Kerr.

Curry is sleepwalking. His showboating at all the wrong times has hurt the team bad. When he should go solid? He goes schoolyard. His ego is not being corrected by Kerr.

James? So,the Warriors found double teaming Harden worked...but by some strange thinking Iguadala is always one on one with the bigger faster and more talented LeBron James? How about trying it Steve? James can get flustered..but when you let him back up dribble one on one..he's like me playing my little cousin in the driveway in the 70's. Unstoppable. I 've seen James lose his cool on double teams. Right now the Warriors are like the passively abused "Maybe he wont do that again". Sure,why would he do what gets him an easy basket again?
One more-- last year the media ate Mark Jackson for letting Iguadala cover James one on one in a last second Warrior loss. Nobody is saying squat to Kerr...except me.

Joe Lacob better read this post. And follow up. Time is running out. We need to get our version of Degawhiteguy on Jame's ass.


Not just Janice Huff- remember Liz Abrams? Big doe eyed looker. BUT!..none showed real cleavage. I'm talking Jackie Bennet/Darya/Ann Malcovic. The Cleavage league of Cleavage. For awhile Teresa Estacio was showing plunging neckline..then she stopped. There are few others I wish would Diane or  Roberta Gonzalez. She would make men Speedy..

Robin would be in the C of C league. We can all only hope she keeps up the good work.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Lexus and Nissan drop Radnich.

What took them so long?

Yep,Radnich and Moore play up Raddy the Daddy..

I knew it. The first thing out of Pam Moore's mouth to Radnich? "I was thinking of you and your son at the game"..LOL. How predictable they would beat that angle to death?  This about the man who didn't take his son to a single World Series game last year. C'mon,Moore knows Radnich has skipped every Giant post season Game the last five years. Every A's post season game the last 20 years. Every Sharks postseason game since forever. But he gladly accepts the KRON title of "best sportscaster in the bay area". How about best sportscaster tired of looking at sports? He wins that by a landslide!

One more- I get a kick that the intro black bear ad has his ass in Radnich's face.

How the Warriors can win doing less.

One thing you noticed right off the bat the two games? The Warriors passing is terrible. Either passing in traffic or telegraphing passes- Curry's loop passes are bad b-ball. They've been picked off all year.Or they don't pass at down court and jack up a 3 pointer on one leg.  I'm not seeing the weave being run much by GS. I'm not seeing moving the ball in rotation. Cleveland can't shoot...but they don't take bad shots.

The Warriors can shoot- but they put up prayers..and when they miss,nobody from GS to get the o-rebound.

Its like playing not just down to the other team,but playing even lower. And they do it on purpose! crazy.

 Kerr isn't looking too good. I never saw him once get on Curry. Kerr said " Everybody has a bad game"  Yeah? Well,this is the NBA finals,maybe do something proactive Steve. Its not just another game.

Curry,on the better team has less then half the points of LeBron. Curry has even had home court advantage. That's gone for now.

Lebron is looking confident. Curry not so much. Not a good sign.

Cleveland isn't rising to the occasion- their stats are terrible,Its more the Warriors playing bad basketball. Take their time, make sure,and things will fall their way.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

What bad drugs did Curry take? Worthless play. Passive,man.

He was embarrassingly bad,slow,and dumb. He turned the ball over with bad passes and even dribbled out of bounds. It was the worst game of his career.

Was he tranquilized?  Shot by a blow gun pre game? He just wandered and meandered. Looked lost.

Cleveland got a another solid game out of James..he's money.

  Curry better get used to being pushed around like a 98 pound weakling at the beach because if Cleveland did it today they for sure will do it 2x more on Tuesday.

And why I don't want to be a Coach,teacher or therapist. I would have told Curry in the second quarter "YOU STINK"....
I'm not a good enabler.

You think Radnich took BART to the Arena?..ha!

He says he will be in lower seats. He's the guy with a Nixon mask on so nobody will even notice him, he figures.

Where will Curry put his Champ. trophy?

I wish just ONE sportswriter would be honest enough to ask Curry how does it feel to be the Champ? One writer not pretend Cleveland will win 4more times. Just be matter of fact about it...

Radnich guest says Serena Williams should be in a zoo.

A frequent guest on the RADNICH show- Sid Rosenberg,was quoted in a Yahoo sports article as saying in 2001 the above quote and then said he wasn't being racist "I was being zoological". The man that Radnich and Kreuger praise and laugh at is in the same crowd that calls Serena Williams a gorilla or ape. Read the article. Its longer and more detailed then what I wrote a few days ago about black woman and the news media but the same reasoning. Check out VOX.COM.

And why do I go on about conservatives in sports? Are you still asking that?

I called it again.

HEY,you think Radnich will ask Rosenberg if he still feels Serena Williams should be in a zoo with the apes? Raddy does call him the great Sid Rosenberg,...

I'm sure Radnich would come back with "I forgive".  Except he doesn't forgive President Obama. Yeah,its Sid's right wing that Raddy forgives.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Rocky "Samurai Swing" Aoki.

It looks like he's a Ninja taking a swing. How he holds his hands,the follow through. It looks taught to me,not natural at all. Rocky is straight out of a Kill Bill movie.
So,I have nicknamed him. I'm sure it will catch on like wildfire.

Where is the KTVU couch when you need it? She had a mini on.

Claudine "pants" Wong was all girl today. She looked beautiful in a dress that was sort of ethnic. Not your usual FOX woman short skirt. Or like the Weather Channel babes. Claudine had thigh showing- standing up.
I  put the program on late,If they still do the pedestal and chairs I missed that.

And looking great didn't make her sound anything less then smart. Yeah,I listen to her too.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Jeff Van Gundy takes down Greg Papa. Big time.

I was half listening while driving..and I hear Van Gundy laugh at Papa about some stupid remark Papa made,some b-ball opinion of his. "You think that? I'm falling off my chair that's so dumb" not an exact quote-- very,very,close though.  Papa backed up instead of standing his ground. "I mean IF" says Papa... Van Gundy just rolled Greg Papa like a cheap see- gar.
It upset Papa so much that he didn't stand up for himself..he spent the next segment looking for somebody to pick on, You could tell he was that humiliated. A national sports figure made him look backwater.

Robin Winston should get more air time.

Her approach to reporting traffic is very revealing! Gets me to watch. She had on the lbd today,I think its called...

Nobody on KRON or KNBR can mention Raddy skips the Championships.

Its like the talking Teddy Bear movie where everybody accepts he can talk.With Radnich he can can say how much he loves sports,but nobody asks why he never goes to games?-lol.  Its a total fantasy world where you must ignore the elephant in the room. OR,like the Mooscle commercial- "What needle?,oh,that's not mine" ha! Dibley was the last to get on him about never going to any games in any sport- pro,college,pee wee...

Kreuger can say what he wants about Radnich as long as its not "You never go to games,talk to players in the clubhouse,but you sit here and say you love sports?" Or,any variation of that-lol.

He's talks about the games for hours..never mentions he doesn't want to go! Its free too!

He's so self centered,the idea he WILL be heckled and treated as another sports clown is more than he can take. Mr.Bloated Ego,hides.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

So,a strange black man walks into my house today...

As I'm in my driveway...he just walks up the stairs goes into my house and sits down at the kitchen table. Mumbling,high as a kite. Higher. At first he doesn't want to leave,so I call 911. As high as he was? He STILL knew police for him were bad news. He didn't know that walking into a strangers house is bad...but being arrested? He has all his faculty's on that.

Did I get violent? pull out the aluminum baseball bat? nah. You think I'm a virgin to the hood? ( and he had a hoodie on) A few years ago some young Mexican, high, fell into some cactus I had planted in my front yard- full on spines.He couldn't get up. I called police and the firefighters got here,an ambulance,all that. I was so pissed off.  A few days later? He comes back normal and apologizes and tells me I saved his life. Go figure.

So, growing up around here and not having the perfect relatives like Radnich ("all my family has done well". Saints he has) Drugs booze and crazy are pretty common in the barriohood.

I prefer to let the police do the fighting. But,if punks get right in my face..

Robin Winston. Black. And cleavage.

No sooner then I post my observation that black woman who show a sexual side are taboo? She wore a plunging neckline dress. I can say with total honesty,she is the FIRST African American bay area newswoman,reporter,traffic-weather...Anything to do with a newscast on TV, to show cleavage.

I've seen them all..and nothing but buttoned up. Go ahead name them,name all of them who have ever worked in the bay area. Not one showed cleavage. Even leg was rare.

It was a bay area first. And I hope she does more of it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The guy who changed his mind at Chavez Market..

And then...I was going to get a Burrito at a Chavez Market,so as I make it to the entrance I see a security guard telling some homeless looking black guy he couldn't go in with his backpack. Now,this is right at the entrance and the guard tells the guy "Leave it here and I will watch over it"..The guys says "Leave it with you?"  He shakes his head and says "I can't do that". Then turns around and leaves!  He might as well have said "I cant shoplift if I don't have something to carry the loot out."
Ah,the wonders of the eastbay.
Yeah,I know- I complain about the wealthy etc,then talk about the poor low life's. That's because I've never lived  in a wealthy neighborhood- but it never was like it is today even for lesser incomes. People were much more salt of the Earth. You know what stands out now? Its every middle class man for himself.  They will watch you drown. Sad.

More on shopping at low budget Supermarkets. Stupid teens.

First, the lines were so long at Food Max. The GM wouldn't  add one more clerk. So,it was stand and stand and stand. I thought about just leaving the whole cart and going to someplace decent like Safeway.

Then,in the parking lot some Mexican kid looking like a short fat Seth Rogan in dirty-filthy- blue jeans and thick horn rimmed glasses, yells out his car window "I'm a bitch!" In a Richard Simmons voice.  A caucasian woman walking by just muttered "teens" looking a bit scared that the kid might be a pycho. Actually,I think he was. He parks and then starts singing out loud.. just weird.
Sometimes,I just get tired of the "fuck her in the pussy" punks to the point I just call them down. So I couldn't help but tell him as he walked past "You're even stupider then you look."...He just ignored me. Maybe crack.
Yeah,I know its a waste of breath to get into it with punks. But,someday's I'm not in the mood to let it roll off me. The bay area can't be as great as the media makes it sound. The subculture of stupidity is too large.

Wendy Williams really,really,hates Jenner.

She has been overtly hostile to Jenner. I think its because Wendy Williams has had to hear for years now rumors or plain insults that she's a transgender. Wendy is a big woman. Also,when Hollywood celebs say  "Jenner is beautiful',that must burn her up. Vanity Faire hasn't put Wendy on the cover I guess.
I noticed too..she said things that her own audience sort of did a collective deep breath. Not what Wendy Williams expected.  Oh,I remember now- it was something like "You can tuck it in but its still a male part"..not an exact quote.
At least if you like anti PC or somebody who just doesn't agree,she's interesting.

The lightbulb goes on over the local media on Matt Caine

The "family man" that Ann Killion lionizes  has finally come into focus. Marty Lurie actually listed his contract as a burden on the team. I told you that a year ago. Matt Cain lied through his teeth to the Giants about his elbow pain. Yes,the Giants knew he had elbow do 95% of all veteran MLB pitchers. What Cain didn't tell them was he was in intense pain,and must have known it was ready to blow.

He lied to get that huge contract.

I'm sure he will say he did it for his family...extorted the Giant's with "I might not pitch well without the big contract" The family angle is always a good excuse for liars and cheats.  He was a liar long before the Giants ever came into his life I bet ya.

Family man. Just the way Mark McGwire was and Jose Canseco evil when they played for the A's. Hey,did you hear what came out about  McGwire?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Radnich says he will be attending the Warriors game.

I will believe it when I see it. He skipped every single Giant WS home game on top of the pennant playoffs. Like KRON flushed ratings money down the drain all those years. We did though,get to see J.R. Stone have a hot drunk chick say "Fuck yeah!" when he asked her if she thought the Giants would win it all. Live.

Radnich did start by saying he was taking his son. That's nice. But he did blurt out "I do what I'm told". Uhuh,that might be the real reason.

Monday, June 1, 2015

KRON's new Filipino Weatherpinay Diane Tuazon

Diane Tuazon..built like an Amazon,she's a brick house as the Commodores would say. Not married. Oooo,you have a shot!

He gets a lot of heat,But Pero ain't stupid. He went for perfect demographics.

Yeah,a regular anok all the way. That's Tagalog for "beautiful girls" She qualifies.

Ah,Christ,Groper Gary already is setting her up in his mind. I know it.

Bruce or Daryl ?

Looks just like Daryl Hannah!  I can't tell the difference..ehem. That's today's Daryl Hannah,not Blade Runner or Splash  Daryl Hannah.

KNTV's new weatherwoman,Kari Hall.

Eh,sort of the opposite of Christina Loren. Kari is the dull and safe choice by KNTV. Not that she's any kind of a bad personality..just dull. She wore a green dress that a million third grade teachers wear. It really is true- News Directors will not hire an African American woman if she's overly sexual in the same way the hotter white woman are with plunging necklines,mini skirts. An American taboo with a weird double standard.