Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A's winning,Giants losing..

Yeah,give up on  the Giants, Billy Beane has built a dynasty. Now,snap out of your stupor. Every year the Giants won a World Series had some very bad and long streaks. This year ,its no Pence most of the time,No Cain at any time,and now no Aoki- leadoff man par excellence sidelined for two weeks with a fractured fibula. He's a tough hombre if he can come back that fast. I would take at least 2 and a a half weeks being I'm a he-man myself.
The A's are doing a run to get out of last and maybe finish second by years end. What difference does it make? They do all they can to stop a Championship Year anyways. Billy Beane is a reverse Pete Rose. He would bet on his team to lose cheap.
When the Giants have everyone back and can almost see the steam roller firing up. If not? They have 3 in 5. Beane is 0 in two decades.