Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bobbi Christina,Coma's,and Don't pull the plug...

In the African American culture "pull the plug" is not in it. African Americans are not willing to even sign papers that approve of that, pre surgery.
I saw a PBS Frontline a few years ago about  urgent care rooms that had African American patients who had basically died. The Hospitals could never get permission to not only just pull the plug- but to remove the coma patients from the room to make way for patients who COULD be saved.
One nurse in the documentary said "I don't want to sound like a racist".. She then said what I wrote.

Interestingly, I dated a ER nurse for a few years and asked her if that was true. "YES!" she I had stumbled on to a big secret to be revealed. The GF of mine was a person of color. She went on to say seeing people linger in mid death like that made her tell her son to never allow that- "pull the plug".