Wednesday, June 24, 2015

'I Origins' scyfi movie. What a piece of crap.

Where do I start? Its about proving  reincarnation by matching eyes with dead people to living people. And basically saying the soul of the dead move on to new while keeping some old traits and habits etc.
First let me complain about the combination of soft talk to whispering and loud never ending background music,mood music. I missed too much dialogue,re played some things to hear what they said. The "music" was incredibly sappy. Like Oprahs' piano music tinkling for drama.

Second- Brit Marling is always far beyond all other characters in smarts in all her movies. Where she came from is sort of a mystery. Why she broke big the last few years? Well,all her movies borrow from each other. So,If you liked the one about a reincarnated mother..I guess a reincarnated Indian kid- from Asia is going to make you happy.
She looks like a very young Susanne Sommers when 3's company tv show's first year or two. She's a looker. Even as the nerd scientist you knew when she took her hair down and clothes off she would be better looking then the "model" in the movie who played a first love for the nerd-hipster lead scientist.

And let me point out that reincarnation is not possible. More people on the Earth now then have ever existed. So its not one person dies and another born. Its one person dies and 50 are born. You do know mankind has exploded all over the world right? And that more people exist- alive right now- then ALL the previous generations who have died since we became modern man,COMBINED.

Don't even rent this movie..dull,lots of "what did they say" and "what does that mean?" in it.