Monday, June 29, 2015

Motorcycle punk calls me nigger...gets punched in the face.

A punk friend of the Mustang asshole who bothered me last year- and who also called me a nigger...wanted me. He's been going by revving up his toy-motorcycle around midnight. Coward. Last night he did it,went around the block and did it again,only I was up and out the door the second time.
He takes off and I get in my car to see if I can find what hole he lives in. I found him..we get talking...and he try's to punch me while I'm still in my seatbelt. I leaned away,then came back and punched the punk in the nose,he backs up and comes back throws another punch that misses..I hit him again in the nose. You know,I'm kicking his ass with one hand tied behind my back. He woke up the next day with a bruised and sore nose,I promise you.
I tell him- "If your on probation punk,then I'm having you arrested." Sure enough that coward mexican turned tail. He's the kind of Mexican,Mexicans are ashamed of.
Like mom always said- punks are pretenders (she never said that, its a joke). I invited him to come to my home and settle this. He never arrived.