Friday, June 26, 2015

Radnich never cooked a BBQ?...freaky.

Ugh,how full of yourself to make dozens of kids and never BBQ for any of them?  When Kruger pulls the curtains back on Radnich he sounds as shallow and cold as I say he is.

 Radnich has NEVER touched a briquette? Never stood over a BBQ cooking bbq chicken? NEVER poured a can of lighter fluid on the coals?  Man,what a sheltered life he leads. I bet spiders scare him.

Radnich also put it out there that all his close friends are old white guys...conservatives. When they come over- he turns off the BET channel. But he does remind African Americans "My wife is one of your kind". I don't think there is any doubt Radnich see's all the blond trophy's with wealthy men in his circles..and thinks he made a mistake. Hence groping Heenan back when.

 Kruger too- in his way once again lamenting he needs to to listen to wimpy Gary every single day for three hours, to make a living.