Friday, July 31, 2015

Has Stanley Roberts friended Raddy?

I haven't seen that. Radnich says he's too good to friend anybody. Oh,yeah he laid down the law to KRON honchos. Told them.
Remember when he would laugh at Vern for saying he was going to lunch and have a sandwich? Radnich got at least two years worth of references and jokes out of that. Because back then he said tweeters were lonely losers. He was above tweeting.
So,as of now Radnich boasts "I follow nobody".  He's showing KRON who's the boss.

Annie Hong tells weirdo's to back of!

She got quite a few of those Prince Charles "I want to drink your pantys" kind of answers to her comment of would anybody kiss her after eating garlic ice cream?

From before last I looked she must have deleted most of the comments. Nah,I never did say my risque thang. Why be just like the others +1?

The misery of others makes me feel real good! on..

Unlike Radnich who lives in Candyland and everybody he knows is pure and innocent- at least the way he tells it up to today, I live in the real world full of asses and punks.

And a lifetime of backstabbers,crappy relatives,bad girlfriends and friends and even being accused of things that are pure lies..I  realize I could have gone bad. But I didnt.  So,when I read of Aaron Hernandez or Mark whatshis name who killed the police officer, I take in that THEY are the kind of punks I hated growing up. Just hearing them brag and show off - like Radnich- and knowing that THEY are SURE that they are smarter then the rest of us..why,talking fast proves it to themselves- right?

So,reading what happens when they pushed it? and the results that comes down on them makes me feel good. I want to kick them too. Walter Palmer convicted felon hunter? Let him hide the rest of his life- good!
Hernandez? ohhh,I wish I could be there when the lightbulb goes on over his head. When he realizes 40 mill and woman are gone for the rest of his life. Boy,that would be fun.

When I hear somebody say they have a good heart- about themselves? That's the realm of a sociopath. One thing punks like to do is pave the way with bullshit.

Lets see,who else?

Yeah,I enjoy the misery of others who truly deserve it.

Radnich says he drives over 100mph to visit mom.

That automatically  revokes your license. I believe he does drive like that. He thinks he's better then the rest of us. He has said,he runs red lights at night,and takes his Vicodin before getting to work.  We also have photographic proof he parks in KRON's handicapped parking spots.

His fat ego will kill somebody on the road one day.

btw- A big middle finger to Pam Moore..she's the puppet who squeals like a pig at everything Radnich says..pretty obvious she's a ratings whore. Something very wrong with her.

And,she's gained weight.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Home grown terrorists starting California fires?.

Think about it.

Greg Papa tells about 80 year old man having sex with shrubbery.

What sport is that?

 Hey,it made Lund giggle non stop.

 That's your Larry Baer pregame host,yer Oakland Raider announcer. And Frick Jr High's oldest student. He's popular.

Beane to Damon Bruce "I cant be fired- what do I care?"

If you read in between the lines..that's pretty much Beane's attitude.   That and  "Yeah,2018,that's it. Uhuh- wink wink".

But his bank account is doing great in July 2015.

Beane "I traded FOR Donaldson". Yeah,jackass..then you gave him away when he bloomed. No matter what quality the team is, Beane tears it down. As for his traded players who haven't done fantastic? So what? Cespedes was chemistry man,chemistry. Has Pablo lit up Boston?..nah. Did he tear things up in the clutch for the Giants- hell yes. Chemistry,  TEAMWORK.   Beane is the destroyer of all things team.

Charlie O won at the did the Hass family,and Al Davis. Lacob won next door.  None of those owners got poorer for doing it.

Nobody questions Billy Beane's ethics "I would rather GM mediocrity that fills my pocket NOW then wait and win the World Series  and have a Champ team fill seats"..all that of course would ruin Beane's excuses.

Billy Beane is a con artist.

Ray Fosse angry by the bad fundamental A's.

He was really p.o.'d that A's bullpen pitching had turned a 3 run lead with 2 outs on the Dodgers to 5 runs with those two outs still there. It was bush league in other words. Or,Beane league.

"You just cant do that in the majors" Fosse said- or about.

That's the problem..the A's will always be toddlers with Beane and Wolff and Fisher..never grown ups.

When Fosse and Byrnes both have to bite their tongues on what Beane has done since the Cespedes trade it tells ya that disgust is now the odor of the Coloseum. Stronger then the mudflats or backed up sewers. Disgust.

49ers now make for boring sports talk.

It was pick up your ears before when Harbaugh's name would come up. Now? Tomsula induces yawns. Kap,is now a mid stream QB and his angry answers to EVERYTHING gets boring too.
You can just hear in KNBR voices the reach down and try to find something interesting about the 49ers, talk.

They are now a nothing team..never going to challenge for anything. If they make a wild card berth that would be wildly overachieving,but mildly exciting. We were used to be being contenders for the Super Bowl not 8-8,or even just 7-8 and get in because of too many weak teams.

I see a year where SF sportscasters and writers are going to be doing a lot of double talk,seeing the glass half full,and human interest stories of players hobbies.

Local sports media insane and corrupt. Minus Cohn and Ratto..

"When Beane gets his stadium"..."Nobody is as smart as Billy Beane"..."Building for the future"..gee, I heard about the future 20 years ago from Beane.
No matter how much Beane perverts the Oakland A's org. not one local will stand up to him but me. And,I wouldn't hesitate to say it to his face. You could bet on that. Beane man would just run and hide anyways...

KTVU keeps a bad plastic surgeon in business.

Man,when Ken Wayne smiles..the wrinkles on the side of his eyes go almost vertical. How natural.

 Mark Ibanez looks just like the Colorado theater shooter. Wide awake. That and his hair cut by mom sort of have a joker aura.

Dan Ashley..almost as bad.

Said it before,say it again,Are they that blind to the Kenny Rogers horrific mutilation?

A Stan salute to Jimmy Kimmel.

His Cecil tribute was very intense.  Somebody need to skin that dentist alive. A convicted felon. Lets hope a animal activist group catches up to him. I suggest a Mexican drug cartel guy who is also a Isis member who loves animals. One of them types.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Open mic. catches Ann Killion ripping Larry Baer!

Of course she had no Kozimor was blabbing into a commercial of Baer,You could hear Ann sarcastically saying "Yeah,look at him holding court" "Larry ( in sarcastic suck up voice) you're doing such a  great job.."

I like her even if she has limited cross cultural knowledge.

And she's right. A trained lizard with only three legs and missing tail could do just as much for the Giants. 

Sabean- HE's the only Giant,Giant.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I dropped Late Night Tv off my recordings.

I wasn't watching Kimmel. Or Tonight Show or any others. I guess the aging demo's hit me. Kimmel- nice guy but slow pace. Just not worth recording and see them fill up the dvd hard drive.
I wonder how much of the old style shows are still popular? Does anybody make the "Today" show a daily thing?
When Johnny and Merv and  Mike did the late talk show.

Beane and Don Nelson-" The old college try is good enough,as long as I'm boss."

That's what matters to two warhorses who never even saw a finals. Nelson also had "trade the starsitis". With Beane you have the angle of- the more the team dumps good players the more money he makes. That's killing the team that was champions under Finley and the Hass's
Charley O like Lacob didnt seem to need decades in Oakland to win a championship. The Raiders also didnt need decades to get to the SuperBowl(2). Or win- 1977.
So why are Tim,Sue,Joe,Monty,Jim,Marcus,Mark, all buying into Beane? Tell me.

Yahoo sports- the Beane apologist channel!..fucking clowns.

Beane again is given every vote of confidence on Yahoo. NO mention of Beane's self fulfilling prophecies..hell,built in excuses. "We cant afford good players" OR-- this is the laughable excuse. "They will be free agents and then we get nothing"..LOL. Sure,if you never make an effort to keep players,of course they will leave!  I never fed the horse..and he died. What do you expect Beane man? LOL..
The organization is the joke of MLB. Wolff is worried about how many clams he can stuff in his coffin since he does plan on taking every last centavo with him. John Fishers is saving to pay off The Grim Reaper,to cheat death! "Why pay for a big no.4 hitter when I can negotiate with the GR?"
The A's are laughable..a never before as greedy a pro team has ever existed. Its getting into the realm of the disgusting. HOW the bay area media can laud a GM/Owner who tells them "I wont pay for a World Series" is the perversion of the very meaning of sports. Why doesn't Beane just get out there himself? He can pinch hit,play catcher...relief. Save the Fishers $$$$$$! Why pay when you too can stand at first and just play catch? Hey- uniforms aren't needed..bath robes and sandals- save $$$! John Deere caps from the Thrift store. Beane is just saving money left and right!
Funny how Beane looked in the mirror and saw his best friend wasn't winning- Bob Geren..then he FIRED Geren
That fucking hypocrite needs to fire himself as he soils baseball with his goal of "Eh,good enough".
To hear sportwriters not say a thing,not take Beane to task for his very philosophy..not even ask Beane "If you say its impossible for YOU to win here.why don't you quit and let somebody who wants to win a World Series take the job?"
Stiglich, Kozimor.slusser, Shea,.just bending over for Beane everyday .No guts.

I like hot weather until it gets too hot.

I couldnt live in the Valley or the desert.With the valley its a double wammy- much colder then the bay area and that godawful fog in the winter.
If it wasn't for the extreme summer heat..the desert winters are like our last winter of drought we just had . I could go for sunny and mild.
Maybe the heat I could get used to. But cold is never fun. I hate the cold.

Costco..some good some same-o as any other store.

Made my first visit in years- about a decade. Same style different store. I tell you  I have never seen so many carts filled with toilet paper. Costco must make jillions on that alone.
The huge baskets and number of people..It was hard to remember to get out of others way,and  I had a L.O.L. give me whiplash..well,maybe not.
They have some nice Tomatoes. Produce seems good quality. Other things are pretty much the same price as everybody else.
One last- I never saw so many shoppers who knew each other and hugged. Like a good place to find a long lost friend?

The birds in the sky will be sad and lonely if you dont comeback to meee..e!!

As a itty bitty child of the 60's I heard all the pop songs that historians call "Well crafted and produced short songs".  Every now and then one pops into my head..catchy songs. I wonder why that never is done at all anymore? Why does everything have to be bombastic,bushkin?

The closest- and it blew me away was in 1995 with the Foo Fighters "Big Me" it was straight out of 1965 in sound. Genius really. I give Grohl credit for getting the sound just right.

Another one that comes to me all the time is the Beau Brummels- a SF not British band, with "Laugh,Laugh"..THAT also was one of those songs played heavy here in the bay area..and almost never heard on local oldies radio now.  Lonely,oh so lonely...

Beanes insanity- building a future team for a stadium.

Even John Hickey and Stiglich have a hard time not laughing in Beane's face. Employment and bills is what stops them.
Funny,but knbr had the Dodgers old GM  on. He was in the playoffs 5 of nine years...and FIRED!...

Beane cannot be fired as looney tuney Wolff and boy billionaire "I worked hard at being given all my money!" Fisher drag the eastbay,MLB through the mud.

Annie Hong in shortest shorts...

On her Facebook account a sexy pic of her in very short cutoff jeans..and a sexy tagline.

I was going to leave an erotically charged comment..but the comment form stayed I was left unfulfilled. A glitch? or?..who knows.

Stan says check it out.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Terms for the RADNICH influence on bay area sports...

"Like poop in the hot summer sun"
"As evil as parking in a handicapped zone"
"Dumbed down to the Planck scale"
"Rotting custard on a summer day"
" A breath of fresh Venusian air"
"Like combining cancer with clown shoes and a nose"
" As fresh as a 31 year drought"..or however long he's been at it.

Another Radnich deposit on local sports- Kozimor.

"My good friend" "I love you"..bleh, Straight from the school of Radnich Broadcasting. Only black broads preferred.
That guy has done more harm to the sports media then any other madman. What used to be King and Simmons,or Angel...  He's made local sports an art for children to do. Nothing higher level then that.

Leiberman "gloves off" How funny.

That means he will bash the people he usually bashes and praise all of those he usually praises. People like himself,unless its Ronn Owens for some strange reason. Oh well,Savage love pretty much shows he's in line.

btw,He didn't even know who Rosemary Orozco or Allie Rasmus are until I posted about them. And Nancy Snyderman? Mo? Beane's season killing trade?..all me baby. And that's a fraction of it all.

Funny how he's now going to claim others are a copy. Yeah,I never watched Tv until his blog. Or sports- lol. You know what? he came before TMZ...fakes!

No personality Applebaum on KTVU.

Who had the insane idea to hire him?  Mark "gary is my type of guy" Ibanez aka "the fake latino"?

  He's a stiff,and looks like he just sucked on a lemon. Even Joe Fonzi gave him the "I've been doing this so long and now THIS?" as his co host. Applebaum is another good old boy in pin striped suit to get re treaded.
When people talk of discrimination or the need for affirmative action? Applebaum's of the world are why.

And Ibanez, who didn't mind playing his Latino sounding surname- he's probably Portuguese- into a job market looking to hire Latino's in the 70's.then turns around and makes sure ONLY white males are KTVU's other weekend and fill in sports dude -for the last 30 years. About as long as he's been there. What a coincidence.
He cant use plastic surgery on those facts. Or bad plastic surgery.

Kate Scott getting lots of "time off" from 9-12.

"On assignment" or vacation...doesn't matter. She's misses more time on the show then any other regular present or past.
I have a strong feeling she's fine with that right about now.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

60 Minutes does propaganda/commercial for Wikipedia.

"Made up of people of all types around the world"...Are all types 90% non people of  color? And that goes even worse for the higher ups in the moderator chain.
I know there are going to be hundreds if not thousands who read this over the next few years who are going to flash back that every time they tried to add to Wiki- they were rebuffed,deleted,or banned.

You only have to read moderators talk about themselves to know why.

Correction on Dave"mercedes" Benz.

Of course he's the voice of the Timberwolves..not the Twins. Oh-ho what a mistake I made. If that's my worst,I wont complain.

Allie Rasmus fills in the whole weekend. Maybe permanent?

She fits the cheerful early morning personality you want. Easy on the eyes of course. I saw some of the show here and there this weekend,never saw the couch or the stools. Darn.

At the very end of Sunday's show,KTVU posted a photo of Rasmus and Orazco and the new guy in a team picture. A clue?

Billy Beane creates "The little a's". Sabean builds a dynasty.

Beane was schooled today. And in typical Beane fashion..the A's were almost good enough.  A GM who doesn't care about championships and the sportswriters who still have unrequited love for him. Crazy.

 I mean,I wonder if Beane has suicidal tendency's? His teams seem to have them.

Leepu and Pitbull TV car show.

I dont really have to explain too much. An Indian famous on the internet for his crazy custom cars at low cost now has a TV show with some NY mechanic.
Leepu spends a lot of time being bombastic and stating he wants to be the best car designer ever.

Ok- I will get to it. All his designs seem to be based on early 70's Corvette Stingrays and 70's- 80's Firebirds. You can see both in almost every car he does.

I will say this. The ugliest custom car Richard Rawlings ever did was a Ford with huge flares on the fenders for big tires. UGLY.   Leepu did just the same with a Ford Ranchero. Uglier.

I dont think his designs will create a fad.

Craig Biggio a HOF???

For what?
Bonds isnt in the hof
Stabler and Plunkett and Flores havent gone into the football HOF.

HOF =popularity and how much writers liked you.

Seems like with the invention of the computer it would be easy to analyze what a player must do on the field. So,if that's the case you can see why writers are like Teen Beat writers- they like Johnny Angel better then bad Barry .

Biggio? long career. Nice stats..but HOF? like Willie Mays?  I guess Biggs passes for HOF in the 21st Century.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

KNTV screws up Giant- A's game. No sound.

At first and hearing the crowd noise I thought it was one of those stupid "game without announcers" some dummy team tries during a season. But,when the game was over- the KNTV news also had no sound.

Now was it just Comcast cable? I never saw any scrawl during the game or news saying audio difficulty's.

So,whats the exact explanation?

How many pixels make up the "film" or the Universe?

Interesting that the idea of reality being 2-D,but our perception is that its 3-D. Basically, we are living people on film. Just as characters on live TV or whatnot, think they are in a 3-D world we also are seeing only  what the universe wants to reveal. And like the uncertainly principle we only perceive this when we look...turn your back and the Universe flattens. Every time for anybody or thing. So,its never ever seen.

And,if somebody stands behind you and you ask them "Are things flat?" They will never say yes- because THEIR universe is still 3-D looking. Weird huh?

The comparison to a TV or camera is that while we use 20 pixel cameras..and what is the very best ever made are less then a thousand pixels, our Universe pixel's is thought to be 1.6 x 10-36 meters. Or, a hundred billion billion times smaller then a proton. And you all know how small they are. I can never find one when I need to.

So,that mega number is what you get when you look closer and closer and closer to near infinitely small at the giant screen of the Universe.
I'm just amazed that there is even a number. Because,when you get down to that size whats under that?

And yes- you are made of pixels. It might not be a coincidence that vision evolved. Its part of the process of universal tools.
Sort of amazing that in my lifetime these huge discovery's are being made. No other time has had this explosion of information.
I do my best to absorb it..and pass it along.

Ratto and Cohn.

In all the bay area media..THEY are the only two I would listen to and maybe learn from. All the rest worry about freebee's,Larry Baer, Ted Griggs, making alliances, being good old boys, Somewhere - waaaay down the line journalism is there. Before that, its just write'in to fill space and deadlines.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Dry California hillsides at risk from terrorists?

As I drove through beautiful Niles Canyon,the hillsides looked like golden velvet.  I thought,if terrorist of three were to start a fire in the right area triangulating,they could burn a city to the ground. A few gallons of gasoline could cause as much damage as a small a-bomb.  Its right there, up and down the state..fuel.

Why John Shea is an idiot sell out.

The Chrons beat writer sold out long ago. He cant retire so he just regurgitates what the rich owners want to hear to stay employed. He's basically a fraud.
Here's an example: He says that now "was the perfect time to trade Kazmir". That he was leaving as a free agent after the season. Well,that only makes sense if you buy the fantasy world of Billy Beane and John Fisher,idiot son of a billionaire.

 Kasmir wouldn't be leaving if the A's had signed him.  What Shea should have said was,if you never want to win a World Series you get rid of all your best players. Then,you get the loser results you asked for.

20 years of Beane idiocy..and they STILL praise him? For what? For saying he wants to win sometimes?

John Shea is not worth a damn. Don't read him..its all bullshit. Pathetic excuse ending of a "career" is on the way.

Hulk?? I thought that was Dawg?!

I heard that story and I truly- believe me- thought "That happened months ago,why are the acting like that's new news? Hulk Hogan was mad that his daughter was "dating niggers". I thought for awhile why the delay this long to punish Hogan?

Then it dawned on me.

It was Dawg the bounty hunter who made news with a released private vid of HIS daughter getting the treatment because she was "dating a nigger"

I guess John Force is next?

Donald Sterling almost made this list. Only it wasn't his daughter,just a woman young enough to be his daughter.

Truck rolls on its side one block away.

So,I'm coming back from some business and I see flashing lights,firetrucks and diverted traffic. A truck one of the crowd around her drives, was on its side. I didn't see another car- but I was a block away..cop cars blocked my total view.
If it rolled over? Drunk and took a right turn too sharp. I think considering his truck is a heap Toyota..somebody hit him. More of those punished I would bet.

Darn-- I should have driven down to see if it one of the local goons. THAT would have made my day.

I really need to get a guard dog.

Raddy getting names and teams mixed. Senior moments have hit him.

Besides calling Jesse Chavez "Eric", he also two days ago said the Giants will be playing the Marlins on Friday.  Now,Friday -tonight- is the biggest series of the year in the bay area,Giants vs. A's. That's a huge mistake. It all screams he barely shows up at KRON to do any preparing. Amateurish .

Dave Benz returns to Yahoo/Comcast.

I remember posting last year when he was hired as Twin's PBP man,"Dave mumbles".  So,I'm sure it couldn't have been he didn't show up or punched the GM of the Twins.

Dibley did tell him.."Unload on some markets"..Benz said he wasn't going to throw anybody under the bus. I.E. the Twins and fans of.

One big plus with Benz? Radnich hates the guy. Radnich had said Benz had made jokes about Raddys "Chrysler" and still using the same jokes he used 30 years ago.

Radnich-- and I know you've heard him say this- "how can you high five a Giant's win when you have only been here 3 months (this started about 3-4 years ago)?" But,of course we know that Raddy after being here 66 years doesn't give a damn who wins and loses.

And you read this first- here!

SF GATE drops all comments?

As you can tell,I rarely read that rag. Now,are comments really gone or do you have to register to see them,make them?
I'm not going to register to find out. But,wondering.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Playing for the A's means nothing. Nothing at all.

You dont have to win. And great players are traded away like the worst. There is no expectation win the world series...the GM/owner makes more money when he pays the players less. The A's scouts have to wonder..why even try?
Billy Beane has a single playoff win in 20 years.  Like the Sharks- he shot for division titles,lose in the first round, tear the team apart is Beane's method added to that.
Its so bad,it took 20 years for the local media to see Beane enjoys gambling with players more then the actual results.  Damon Bruce read my post. Called it "Beanes addiction". Trade,trade,trade. Mumble rebuild over and over.
We had Cespedes AND Donaldson last year...nothing to show for it today.

Beane must be nuts in private. He's hiding something. He's all about facade.

I think the universe revolves around me. I wish it wouldnt.

Have you added up all the times-just lately- Ive been in the sphere of news?. Police tape follows me.

CH 2 uses unmarked van now.

I just happen to be driving past the cemetery where cameras had been set up. I could see KNTV's van was nearly identical to 2. How did I know it was 2? I saw on the news they were there.
How bad is it all? At a policeman's death procession,local TV channels are afraid of being robbed still.

There's going to be a law backlash..and I hope the punks get it 100%. NO sympathy for them.

Keba Arnold thinks cartoon planet is real.

She actually said "look at that"..or  something about a NASA painting of the second Earth 1500 light years away.
She seems nice enough. But,I'm getting a Ann Curry vibe from her.

Accountant Billy Beane trades Scott Kazmir.

The big accountant for the A's strikes again. We can only wish Beane drops dead jogging. Its our only hope!

or..He and Fisher steal a car,and cops take them out. Oh.fantasies-lol.

Tim Kawakami will now write it was a great trade and just wait for the 2018 season. Sue Slusser too.

At least KNBR speaks the truth about the A's. A joke organization that has done little but play hard for 20 years under Beane.  Beane,is a loser. And that's why he traded Cespedes last year..losers can't change. He flushed the best chance the A's had to win a WS,so that he can say he is a genius gambler.

Sabermetrics is only as good a tool as the man who uses it. Beane seems to only get half of it right. For that, other MLB  GM'S are grateful.

How Comcast can really anger customers..

I waited,and waited..waited some more. Then a black guy in a suit walks in and asks for "Susan". He sauntered tight past me a half dozen other people as "Susan" a obese white girl,comes around her podium to give a "I love you hug"...
Bullshit I thought. So,I axe the "manager do they make appointments? He said no.  Well then why did you let that guy cut through everybody? "Oh,he was here earlier".  So? Then he waits again I said.
The hugging and love wasn't "earlier". I was getting really angry.

I finally talked to a Comcast employee who apologized for that and she did some quality customer relations. Gave me a discount.

Then,I came home and took my BP meds.

I'm all for police shooting sideshow/hotrodders. ALL FOR IT.

Scum,they lower the quality of life for urban areas just as much - if not more- then drug dealers. All of them punks are sheep,not originals. Just a few years ago it was billion watt stereos,now,that and boomboxes are rarely heard. So,these "outlaws" now all spend money on exhaust pipes. I have no idea why they are legal.

You cant wear headphones,but you CAN drive a constantly droning hot rot?

Of course all I mentioned are the interests of the stupid.

Shoot them!

I knew cop killer was Latino...and big trucks.

There is a misconception that Latins want only low riders.  What is a status symbol for them are large full sized pickup trucks.  No matter how much gas they use or how few times they need a big truck..THAT's the thing to have.
If you ever saw a Mexican movie for a few minutes surfing the Mexico,its mandatory to drive the biggest thing around if you want to be macho. The wives drive the huge SUV's like Explorer or Yukons. In Mexico,gas is No matter what there they go,its in  a Dodge 5.8 liter gas hog or the like. Like gas is free.

Yeah,When I saw the white truck I knew.

Is there a reason 415's background is toilet paper?

Like one long sheet of  T-paper.  At least he dropped ksco.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hayward cop killer should be put to death.

When I had that confrontation with the punk?..later police said "Don't do that ,sometimes they have guns".
I've been thinking of that all day.

btw- That's the second time this summer as I said news has mentioned that. And- it looks like a nice area. Old nice homes that blend into high cost condo's. The big truck jackass had no reason to be there.

Michelle Obama and Diane Huazon emailed me..we played footsie..

 A takeoff on 415's strange imagination.
415 is losing his mind. How no shame can you be? lol.

My blog in perspective? The greatest thing in the history of mankind!

And don't you forget it.

Officer shot to death near my church.

He was pulling over those thugs that like to do donuts..and they shot him. That's the second officer shot at or shot in that area this summer.
I hate those bastard drivers. Its what I have complained to the police about and its one of those thugs that I punched a few times. Miserable little nothings who only can be noticed if they get in your face. You never see them with woman,you do see they have no interest in sports . Sub men.

I hope police tie this punk to a rope and drag him through the streets. And his family too.

Mark Purdy steals my idea.

The A's should get Cespedes back he said.   I wrote that weeks ago. I see lots of thievery of

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Giants locomotive picking up steam..

Like I said on this blog- the Giants can get hot and then get out of the way. Sabean knows how to do it. Beane only knows how to avoid it.

I called Barry Bonds win.

2 years ago for you Lowell Cohn remember I said "Bonds has never admitted to steroids and his conviction could be overturned. Then,how do you keep him out of the HOF?"

Today? I was vindicated. And that Bonds guy too.

I caught Radnich putting out the hate for Bonds,but that sissy wouldn't say he agreed he instead used the "some say" 
He put words in many mouths..but wouldn't take a stand himself. He should wear a red nose and clown suit. 24/7.

Kawakami on Yahoo on Lincecum. Mouth closed.,HE wasn't going to give his opinion on what happened to Lincecum's career. And puppet host Kozimor never asked "What happened to him?" SOB.

HOW do you not talk about why his career has ended??  Kawakami afraid to speak the truth is why. Cowardkami.

Like children are sports writers.

Bill Cosby- biggest fallen star ever?

His legacy is mud. No matter what good he did..rapist will be brought up in the end.  He's 100x Pee Herman, waaay ahead of Mel Gibson. Pete Rose looks down at Bill.

Michael Jackson? its close to which is the more despicable. Very close.

But Bill who was representing himself as an icon of good family out Michael Jackson's weirdo-pedo,wish he was a woman life. You knew he was no good. Its a tossup after more thought.

And then there's Sid their company.

415 "new" with more topics...and "Observations"..!

Gee,what a great idea...
I cant say I wish him the best..but I did have a forum.

The neutral part is from the many "anonymous " comments to me that were obvious what he wrote.Stalking or even things he hates about himself projected on to certain mental issues or cant get a relationship.

Is there intelligent life besides me in the Universe?

Steve Hawking and I are on the same page. We are not getting younger and we want to know finally- Is there life out there communicating? SETI is going to study the 100 closest galaxy's,each with 100 billion stars and about - my guess- almost a trillion planets. Yes,the Universe is REALLY big. 100 galaxy's pales by the 10-100 billion galaxies we find in total far,far,away.

It might be a huge mistake in the long run..sort of like creating a way to turn mass into pure energy back in the 1940's..aka the Atom bomb.

 What we pick up  could be something we never even imagined. But I do.Like wouldn't it be wild if Aliens were capable of traveling as radio waves?  And when they see they are detected can then follow back to the sender- Earth?
Or,we pick up some radio formula to create unlimited energy or knowledge...and then terrorists use that to kill all mankind? Sort of,we failed the Alien test. No shortage of Muhammid Atta's to blow up the Earth.

I wish I was a physicist. When I see NASA and what have you of very bright people working on a goal many times that has no end..looks like fun. Although I know NASA plays up the wooping and hollering as "See,fund us more!"

I did notice NASA's Pluto control room was almost all WM,with a few WF and one person of color out of a large group. Back to Earthy problems with institutional discrimination....Its everywhere, man.

KRON ratings would be higher without Radnich.

I bet you. He's the Lincecum of sportscasters. Just like Comcast found they got better ratings and income by dropping the Radnich show,KRON would find a sportscaster who's not half nuts and half senile would improve ratings.

I have to wonder how strange that new people to KRON have to learn to avoid him,ignore him,..when it would be easier to send the guy and his parking in handicapped zones habits, home. Sponsors drop him left and right. Does KRON get the hint? Maybe Radnich is the recipient of reverse affirmative action. Pero can't stand the idea of one of his own compadres let go...even if it costs the company money.
KRON really is a cult.

Maybe a sports guy who is a local..not the kind who embraces a racist like Rosenberg would lift KRON's sagging ratings.
Just watch. Whatever day he leaves? Its three months before KRON see's a rise in ratings.

Tim Kawakami doesnt rock boats about Lincecum.

The guy with the reputation proves..the Raider past was his career highlight.

Today he puts out a review of Tim Lincecum's career. Tim K. never mentions in tracing the loss of Lincecum's fastball the fact that Lincecum has done things to his body that eventually ruined his playing days. Kawakami wouldn't even touch the fact Lincecum missed his first all star game because of "dehydration"..huh? Or that Lincecum TWICE gained and lost about 35-40 pounds in two separate offseasons.  How,does a sports columnist leave all that out?  Tim Lincecum starved himself like he was a poor third world person,not the multimillionaire he is. That is proof of some serious emotional problems.
The hips? The Giants are laying down cover. Its one of those things every pitcher play it up to cover.

Kawakami is mystified!

btw- Where did you read first Lincecums career as a starter is over?. U-know where.

Monday, July 20, 2015

'Resolution' ..found footage,etc.

Pretty good horror flic.  Cheapy like the Blair Witch Project. Mix in some 'Cabin in the Woods' commenting on the moment humor.  Not too shaky. The start of the movie was just like some early Twilight Zone black and white setting. Only in muted colors. You know.. a lot of pretend.
Its a little hard to follow. The premise was that (SPOILER DO NOT READ PAST THIS)

Aliens are making movies on Earth for their entertainment..but they are able to alter space and time and use real humans in the plot...which changes when the Humans found out and decided not to do what they saw in living "scripts". When you see it,that will make sense.
Its sort of a twist on the idea of multiple Universes where you do anything you can imagine in one of them someplace including how you die.
Tell somebody to check it out.

Radnich gets weird on air with Heenan.

He became a perv!..near the end puts both his hands in his pockets and took the "look at this baby" stance. I've never seen him do that to Pam Moore. He even had the evil grin of  "LOOK"...
The guy is nuts. Live on TV.
No wonder his wife now hates doing the Friday show...3 out of the last four weeks there was none.

Oldies radio station gets it wrong.

What I notice about our local 103.7?  They make some middling oldies as huge hits. "Take the long Way Home" as big hits in their time. It wasn't. THEN you have big hits that were always on KYA,KFRC like the Beatles "Michelle" never heard now,but was always going. Or, in the early 70's "I want to make it with you" was a huge,huge, hit..a summer blockbuster. I never hear it on 103.7.

The 80's is what they now play mostly. The worst decade for rock in the 20th century. Just like anybody had a hit if MTV played it. Thats all it took.

Funny,I had a longer list of songs..they arent coming to me. Rolling Stone songs that were always played its just 3 or 4. Whole catalogs of groups are ignored.

It reminds had to be there to really know the past. Because others who weren't there are doing the programing. Nothing nostalgic the way they do it.

A Stan salute to Tom Vacar of KTVU.

A few days ago he did a story on why gas prices have shot up. He said there is no reason other then oil company's wanting to raise prices,make more money. He didn't believe what feeble excuses of "cleaning our rugs" or whatever fable big oil puts out there.

He keeps that up he's not going to last at FOX long.

Imagine if he and Michael Finley did the news for -say- PBS?.  Get those scoundrels!

"Microsoft" calls and says I'm infecting their computers...

So,he says "We've been getting alerts that your PC is infected and we need to see your files." He says in a Hindu Indian accent.  This must be the summer of scan artists.
"I'M infecting Microsoft?" I axe him. "Yes" he sez.
"Nice try scam man" then I hangs up.

I go online afterwards and read that some people who are trusting did as asked by "Microsoft" and once the hackers got in changed all the personal settings and then used the passwords to her bank account and took it all. That was from 2011. Nothing has changed,including the Indian accent.

 The Indian Elephant God is ashamed right now. They want to Karma your Sutraa and bank account up the ass...

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Thanks for contributing to the Stan GoFund...

I suffer from Bora-Bora,Red ass,more then 4 hour erection,jabberjaw and the Moody Blues.

All donated funds will go to a good cause. Woman,drugs,and fast cars. That's very good.

And I say this as sincere and from my heart as possible- SEND LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Winston Walker has Hunter Pence eyes...

Weird now has a twin. I think. Win is new on KPIX.

I'm seeing new faces..KTVU had some nerdy guy named Christeian(?)..some creative way of spelling Christian the way the rest of us do. I don't think he's really anchor level. Claudine btw showed her world famous cut thighs this morning..and no fidgeting,no looking at the monitor to see if she's "revealing"..just relaxed for once.

Christian? You know who he looks like? In the "Beat It" MJ old video..Christian is the guy who shakes his head up and down so fast his cap falls off. Yeah,I knew I saw him somewhere.

No I'm not.

Whew- thanks for all the love and email begging me to keep up the good work! Its you,my public that makes it all possible.

I'm going to end this blog..


Found footage horror movies giving me a headache.

"Afflicted" is not bad as a horror movie..but it and others are all doing the "hey bro,lets film this" are from the Blair Witch Project school of filmation. And it looks like shaking the camera hard is a common scene.

Cheaper then real special effects..heck Speilbergs War of the Worlds with Cruise did a lot of that. With the other cheapy made movies its gotten so the camera is on its side,upside down,covered in blood.all giving me a headache and forcing my fingers to fast forward on the remote.

Zombies and Found Footage horror movies make me think as I watch a new horror flick "It's one of THOSE?" Agh.

I wish Richard Rawlings would die.

This fad he started of "make your heap loud" is one of the worst things to happen since gangster hip hop. If you live anywhere's close to urban bay area all the dropouts now have those exhausts hooked up. How bad taste can it get? I actually see a BMW 700series of 90's vintage and with a V-8,peel rubber with one of those exhaust pipes- lol. A hot rodded bmw-jeezuz. It doesn't stop at that insanity. Oh no. I also see old small compacts with them..and those idiots actually try to peel rubber..and all you hear is a really loud lawn mower. The louder the car,the stupider the driver. Never fails as truth.

The gov. needs to play those revving engines soundtracks to Rawlings and his home all night. Like they did with Noriega. Lets see how much he loves loud without fast.

And Dodge can got to hell selling their shit quality cars with illegal displays of speed by Rawling's. I wouldn't buy a Dodge if it was the last car brand on Earth ...or the universe.

What ever happened to low riders? Now those young Mexicans are driving all the heap 90's Mustangs that aren't worth shit, and turning up the volume on the pipes. And they do it with all the bad ass face they can pretend with-lol.

Rawlings? No kids,not married,and thinks that 24 year old blonds are attracted to him. If he's that juvenile..then that explains his show. The all black garb he wears? He might as well head a metal band for old senile fogies.

Lets hope Lee Harvey Oswald's grandson down in Texas way, hates loud cars.

415 Changed his mind,again??

Eh, he's the king of crying wolf.  He took down the rising or setting sun.
I know one thing..I can read the posts without the comments section and go on fast-lol.  His comments section is the worst part of his blog. Especially if its ripe fruit (illegals,black crime) for the Republican crowd.

I suspect more then a few are his own "anonymous" comments. Remember he was upset KTVU hired Keba Arnold and then KNTV hired a black weatherwoman and Rich said in so many words it was a conspiracy-lol.

Friday, July 17, 2015

415 floating paywall ...again?

I think he's ready to go for it. If it falls flat,back to living with mom. And that's not so bad.

Hackney overrated? Who's doing the rating?

Oh yeah,that 415 guy who has NO science skills or does any type of car mechanics. If you cant understand somebody's scientific terms then yeah,I guess you would be confused.

YOU are paying 3.9 BILLION $ to wealthy NFL owners.

Privately held NFL teams already making profits are holding USA taxpayers hostage for the mega stadiums.
Mark Davis can go to hell. Son of a bitch wants to extort more from Oakland and then stiff cheerleaders? read it.

I get it. 415's snide remark about Roberta Gonzales.

Her husband,Randy Hahn is Jewish-right? 

Huazon,Heenan,Lodis getting on my good side. Animal lovers.+ Howard Stern.

People who love and respect animals are better people then those who don't care for them, or never wanted a pet Dog or Cat. I mean,even crazy people with 80 cats never are mass murderers are they?

 Then you have ISIS members with degree's and doctorates who think the Dog is just meat.

I remember in the 90's Howard Stern used to laugh at animal them mental. Years later his daughters got a dog. Stern then said that when his family ignored him....the dog would go down to his man cave and keep him company. "Man,I love that Dog" he said. Then he married an animal activist. See?

Leiberman trashes Gonzales,loves Savage the worm.

That pretty much says it all.

btw,Is there any difference between Mike Savage and Donald Sterling?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nice try Ray Ratto. Congrats on being very close on Neptune.

You were right.Neptune does have the fastest wind speed in the solar system- 1,300 mph. I'm shocked you knew that.

. But,I could have told you there is no volcanic activity on that gaseous planet. Same for Jupiter and Saturn.

Most volcanic active in the solar system is Io,the Jovian moon.  That's because Jupiter's gravity literally flexes the moon creating friction,creating heat,creating the constant surface turnover.

Thanks for bringing a mind to sports talk. THAT'S what all sports talk shows should be like. Especially the technical bay area.  Not Racist Rosenberg's as Radnich burped out.

And then Tolbert took it straight down with "Monkeys love to ride Dogs like horses". Yup.

Ahmed Fareed must make a good friend.

I was thinking about his turning down the Gary and Larry scary show.  He's a friend of Dave Feldman. Feldman for some reason has been barbed by Radnich from day one. Jealousy that he's a lifelong friend of Jim Harbaugh was the main reason. Radnich even said so in so many words.

Feldman never beat that horse I thought. He said it,said he was a player than Harbaugh...other then that,none of that Radnich fake "I love you man" Raddy tosses out all the time like a cheap suit.

Good hearts don't park in handicapped zones. And then never apologize when caught.

Ah,KCBS getting cuts too? dang.

Its the one station that I thought was no.1 because..A,I listen all the time, and 2. They have experienced names like Liz St. John. How can you not like somebody named Liz St. John?

AM around here that doesn't have the Giants or Warriors is dying.

John Lund divorced. No surprise.

Last year I almost posted that his marriage was doomed. But,it was before the sick animal jokes so I kept it to myself.
 Sometimes people say things that are red flags...John's wife stories were big ones. Like red China big.

Just like its not hard to guess who's not married and who's never been married.

Jenner should have gotten the Gelhaus/Ravich award.

As Bruce Jenner he killed a woman..never shed a tear,it didn't slow his "Its all about me" life.  I haven't seen the killing even be a speed bump on his conscience. Have you read any reason he gave for plowing into the cars ahead of him? The media is just rolling over for the Jenner-Kardashian machine to the point they never even ask.
 I do.

ESPN I guess went by the "He's not convicted" philosophy.  Neither is Bill Cosby.

Stan salutes Lowell. A's are a sham.

Lowell Cohn is one of very few- Ray Ratto too, who seem to see that BeaneO is naked and afraid. On Yahoo,Lowell told it like it was,is, and will be.
And then you have the rest who are advertising supplements for the A's. Do they do it for free? Would you?

btw,I like Lowell.

Dana King..theres no going home again. Probably.

If she didn't like how KPIX did things 5 years ago and quit...why would she want to go back? Did KPIX change? Conversely,would KPIX re hire a high profile anchor who quit on them?

Now, I myself think she might get back in Sacramento or Gilroy. She would bring gravy-taz to a smaller market. But,she might be out of luck with a big Supermarket. Mercado- si,Supermercado..nah.

btw- Wasn't that weird hair thing part of why the two separated?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Science has new ideas on black holes...

A new theory that may not be very new but is catching on says that black holes contrary to sci-fi and previous ideas do not disappear from the Universe. They are there with us,just compacting matter,energy and information to a density that we cant imagine.

I wondered too..why did black holes have to create worm holes? I mean,the first time I read that black holes come in various sizes separated by billions of times the size of our sun I thought...well then, they aren't going anyplace! Why would there be ANY size difference if they are making the proverbial hole in the fabric of space time? Once they fall through how could they get bigger? Once fallen through,then the hole should close- no matter there any longer- right?

Why cant we take them at face value? They get so massive light doesn't escape..but they are sitting there putting on the weight forever - if fed.

When you make a black hole according to what they used to say- everything should fall through.  To me though one size fits all. No "bigger" hole could exist. So,I see them as simply the greatest magnets or trash compactors ever-lol. Also the best information recorder since the big bang. They are still complicated.

If our trillions of times more dense then a black hole, universe didn't disappear from the universe before (and after early on) the big bang..why would Black holes?

That's how I feel..prove me wrong.

The Air Forces" 1 TRILLION DOLLAR fighter jet. "The flying Pinto"

Over a trillion actually. Junk. Its slower and less maneuverable then what its supposed to replace. Obsolete.

Now,do see why Republican pit the middle class against the poor,and WORKING poor?- blame those who have nothing and don't even vote for what our politicians create. Why do they create? Big Business. BB is sucking up all the money in the bank and pointing at homeless Sam as "Where your tax dollars go".

Imagine spending money for people. Crazy says the Republican party.

If Hubble couldn't see Pluto clearly ,what are we missing in outer space?

When they said that the best Hubble could see of Pluto was barely light and dark areas...then what the heck does it really see in the Cosmos? If 3 billion miles is not visible for all intents and purposes,how exact are the photos it takes of galaxies 13 BILLION LIGHT YEARS away?
You might have thought that as huge and expensive as Hubble is,it could at least see the planets as well as a satellite circling the Earth- even the 1957 Sputnik could make out continents.

When will we ever get the resolution to see the planets like we do the moon? What would it take? Quantum computers? Large array  telescopes on the moon? I want something for the billions of dollars that see the first photons out of the soup of the Big Bang.

It just shows you how much there is to see. We right now are seeing a tiny portion. I want the whole enchilada.

Leiberman makes veiled threat to Roberta Gonzales?..

What does "We Jews and Mexicans" need to stick together mean exactly?..or " I  had your back" as more? Or never really did?
That last sounds like it.

New report : 95% of Prosecutors.DA's are white.

That explains why Eric Gelhaus is not rotting in prison for murder. He's not even bothered by his cold blooded murder. Same for the excretion known as Jill Ravich. A murderer and a "woman" who looks like every drunk I ever met, are not going to feel for a mexican boy. Not in a million years.

Greg Papa and thegames walk up song is.....

"Rape me". Every time I put that channel on they are fixated on that part of the body. Especially Papa.  With 95.7 "He's not the only one"...

KTVU does pro- Walmart piece.

I knew it would be scary when Pam Cook stood in front of the FOX logo in the studio. Sure enough, what was a "report" turned out to be Walmart produced ad for its so called new price policy and more American made goods. I say with Walmart produced footage with no accreditation by KTVU. Right ch2?
It blurred the line that KTVU never blurred before with Dennis and Marcia and Leslie in times past.

To sports media: My "negativity" is what the world calls honesty and truth.

You can see the spin as media goes into "happy talk and giggles" about  negative blogs. They skip over the so many times I called "it",and keep calling it. NO acknowledgement about that from them. So,they change the definition of truth and honesty in writing into something bad. A lot easier then doing something "positive" on their part. The man far ahead of the curve has to hear the backwards flat earth minds change what is right into something wrong. Spin baby,they just spin.

I've been banned by all the sports chumps and bloggers in the bay area..why? Because they all caved in . Caved in to truth. I've seen the "circle the wagons effect". Just the fact they don't take me head on tells you how much fear they have of me. Get into it with me? Like I the courts or in the streets. I will give you one hell of a battle. And win.

Vida Blue- dumber then he looks. Blind,man.

What a kiss ass disappointment he turned out to be.  Sucking up to Soul Brother no. 666 on KNBR.

Remind me not to go into business with Vida.

I tell ya,I'm,sure glad Raddy's career is on the wane. Enough of his soiling the local sports scene. And he does it without even going to games.. and now taking Vida down with him. Luv you!

When I see ethnic people enabling the problem? It just about turns my stomach. I lose all respect for them. Can you tell?

Obama saves the world again. Our greatest President.

In my lifetime. I can say that. He's done so much more then any other president. Revitalized our economy,got us out of wars,created a decent medical insurance for the working poor. Opened up Cuba. Killed Bin Laden. Spoke out against bigotry like no other president could.

Goddamn the Obama haters. Death to each one of them.  It's the least they deserve.

Ahmed Fareed flips off Radnich?

Good for him. Its almost a litmus test of right wing activity to be on his show. There are exceptions..some people have no idea of his background and only know its a sports show in San Francisco.
But it got me thinking- those regulars..I wouldn't believe a word of what they say. Start with Larry's friends like Racist Rosenberg and convicted gambler Adam Meyers who used to break down how to take KNBR listeners money. When he sent checks to of Radnich,he became Gary's friend too.

Then you have Marty Lurie who's only honest when ripping Billy Beane. Or Monte Poole who seems to ignore common sense more and more. He's another for Rose in the HOF. Idiot. What a dunce Poole really is. He would make the HOF a place for Mad Max..cheat, but win!..or in Roses case lie every step of the way and show new players there are no real consequences to gambling on your own win or lose.
Funny,but Ratto schooled Poole about Rose last night..and Pool still didn't get it.

The regular Radnich one ear out the other. And vote for Nixon,he's tough on crime.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Kruger calls Radnich on his Golf love.

It was funny that Radnich tried to drop it in that he watched golf over the weekend. "You mean you watched golf when you're the same guy who skipped the US Open when it was in San Francisco? When you could have seen it free?  Raddy just mumbled back.

See,that's why he's laughed at by the other local sports guy. He's the sports director who's tired of sports at 66 years old. He's not hated..except by Bruce or maybe Killion..or maybe Kawakami. Still, its the joke of talking sports all day..and never going to a game,never making it a regular part of his life for the last 15 years.
How do you get away with that? Maybe Radnich contract says..ok,you cut my pay by 70% from the early 90' in return I don't have to do what I don't want to do. Like go to games-lol. Christ,he skipped the World Series all three times in five years- including EVERY playoff game. Insanity at KRON.

He's called by apologists "an entertainer"..and Radnich will say "they get it"..only HE never says that,he sticks to "Sports Director" esq. Ph.D.   As always,he plays it both ways.

Steve Paulson sez "Dont count on an El Nino this year"

He re printed an article that basically says that the "blob" of warm water and the ocean currents are not proof of a El Nino winter. Some you may have read that talks of a 90% chance of heavy rains this upcoming winter because of the blob. Paulson's source is one of many who say its all jacksquat. Too far to predict.
Well,I was hoping for enough rain to water the yard in winter and all the rest just snow like hell in the mountains.
But..we could be in a long range of mild winters with few heavy storms.

Stan on Marcus Thompson's "go for it"

"Go for it" can mean many things. Beane's trade of Cespedes last year is like hiring a hit man to kill all the other teams best players. You could say say he went for it. In the stupidest way possible.

And that's what Beane's trade was..just stupid nonsense. It reeked of "All my shit turns to gold" ego.  Reality bitch slapped Beane down.

Then,Lester walked. It was a nothing but a going backwards trade. Obvious to all except Marcus who says he see's the Kings invisible clothes.

Between FOX2 and KRON...bay area getting loaded to the right.

Why didn't Sylvia Chase last? She had to work with misogynists like Pero and Radnich. Hearing Radnich everyday..she STILL refused to sink to his level -I remember that.

Chase could have stayed at a station like KGO forever..except KGO already had a version of her in Cheryl Jennings.

After KRON, she had enough of play news.

A Stan reader says Harvey Levin is gay?

Man,my gaydar isn't worth a damn. Is the black guy co -host who looks like him, his partner?  Its all good.

But,I I did catch the show where they said all Jenner did in killing one woman and crushing a Prius and Hummer with more victims as a "Oops".
You think Harvey is going to take on the Kardashians?..hell no. They are 75% of his income and ratings.

I just want to remind..a reader say's he knows Harvey's persuasion. I never thought of it and have no idea if the reader is right.

Natahsa Zouves the new Pinay girl in town.

Despite 415's agenda of anti Filipino, KGO hired the beauty for weekend news. Salamet ch7. I wish her good luck.

How strange is Shooty Babbit?

Radnich on a roll. All around him take turns at weirding me out.  Today,Babbit was so emotional his voice broke up thanking R&K for having him on, and that he "loved them". wow.  Preceding that was a question that he answered "I can't talk about the Giants,I cant. I'm not allowed to. I just can't say anything"  How cryptic is that?

I know Comcast filters out anybody who rocks the boat..but Shooty wont even touch the boat.

I also suspect Raddy plays his marriage hard to local athletes. He might as well exploit being married to an African American when he can because it gets the Shooty's and the Monte Poole's and the Vida Blue's to eat out of Radnich's hand.
And then of course it reverses when Raddy attends old conservative white men events,then he becomes one of THEM..if he even still leaves the house for them.

Shooty was bizarre. Did he just have a near death experience pre on air? lol. Like one of those characters. "I love to be alive!"..
Yeah,well,I do to Shooty.

btw- Shooty was the guy last year who chastised the A's fans for booing when the team did nothing but lose after the Cespedes giveaway (Where's Jon Lester now?) trade. He's a bit off I think.

415 says Raddy hated by Sports guys...Ibanez on que says he loves Gary.

I wouldn't trust Ibanez as far as I could throw him. You do know he's not latino? Like "Don" Sanchez..those two actually exploited the 70's rush to get minority's on air by giving themselves Latino sounding names or in Ibanez case using something spanish sounding.
Anyway's I could have predicted that no sooner would a local blog claim that Radnich is "hated" by all the local sportsdudes,Raddy would come back with a big name as guest saying how much of a fan he is. That would be Ibanez.
Raddys not hated by local media. Most think he's a baffoon and laugh at him not with him. What they admire about him is what Radnich brags about everyday...his money. That's the bottom line. They want to make that dinero without having to be a baffoon Radnich type. That's the catch.
Its the reason Raddy brings it up all the time, he knows its all he has to lord over his "colleagues". Only,he's now making about 35% or so of the money he made in his heyday. If he had to buy a home in Pac Heights now? It would be a fixer upper one bath thing you see on renovation shows. Or tiny condo...
His income is the only reason Radnich doesn't get razzed by local media more. Damon Bruce did a wickedly funny Radnich voice two years ago. Then stopped doing it even if Raddy and Kruger still mock Bruce with "..and he's gone" all the time.
Money talks,bullshit walks? Radnich does both. Walking bullshit he be.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Mo Leaves San Jose State. As predicted.

When he was hired I said he wasn't a man who mixed well with local cultures. I predicted that he would have troubles at SJ State within a year.  And then- it hit the fan big time. I called it.
He is a man who hates dogs,the blue collar America and anything but white America or his own culture. No surprise to me he wants to return to a primitive stone age government. He must be dragging his wife and kids screaming every mile of the way..

I wouldn't doubt for a second Mo is a ISIS sympathizer. 

Dana King comeback? No way.

KPIX isnt going to hire a 65 year old female anchor who insists on having gray white hair that looks as if it was cut in a woman's prison with dull scissors.

Some people will push anything in order to get back at Veronica De Le Cruz. Part of his agenda.

Radnich terms of endearment nicknames..And his walk up song.

I was thinking..
"Moose" Radnich. Good for the moose lodge.
"Tank" Radnich. On a few levels..including his land yacht love.
"Bubba" Radnich. Down home soul. He's down with it.
"Smoky" Radnich. I like that one.
"El Gordo" Radnich. He use to be "El Flaco" Radnich when he was young.
"Spaceman" Radnich. With that one he can bounce off all walls.
"San Jose Fats" Radnich. Nice ring to it.
"The Sports Sperminater" Radnich. Making kids and talking about scores has been his whole life.
And my favorite: "Hoss" Radnich.

 The Radnich walk up song? "Lithium". And use plenty of it....

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dylan Roof,Donald Trump,Bill O Reilly KKK..."They rape our woman"

I see a strong connection.

KTVU pushing Bill O Reilly exploitation.

On their news- not saying its propaganda or free commercial- they are pushing O'Reilly's "law" to ban all Mexicans from breathing air without documents,or something like that, to be talked about on his show. You don't have to scratch to hard to reveal  the racism and bigotry Mexicans face in this country. Interesting that when all is calm..its just a simmer. But when a beautiful young blond is a victim? The burning cross is erected.

Bill needs to create a law that he cant lie about his Falklands reporting.

KTVU..sinking and sinking...

But,with more leg!

Erica Kato's birthday was 48hours ago!

A belated birthday hello. Eternally 21 I see...

Allie Rasmus wasted by KTVU2.

She's a lot more polished then Keba or Claudine. Keba is stiff as a board. I don't see any reason KTVU had to go out and hire..ONLY, I wouldn't doubt for a second Allie had mentioned once she voted for Obama back when KTVU saw that as a badge of honor. Now,it would be like being part of the new Commie witch and warlock hunt at 2.

And Claudine? I think she came from a very conservative family. I never saw anybody try to hide her body from the camera like Claudine does. Very shy. Reminds me of a 1960's Catholic school girl.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hey 415 stole my Julie Haener post.

Ripped me off!

How much longer is Kate Scott long for 9-12?

Not only is she much quieter,when she does talk,its thinly veiled. Like Radnich said: I couldn't work with somebody I don't like". Kate..well,figure it out what she had to quip.
I don't see KNBR letting her go..but I can see her quitting the 9-12 salt mine. She's happy as a lark with the morning show. "Endures" 9-12 is what she puts up with for the career and exposure.

She also wasn't happy that Radnich and Krueger were mocking the grunting female tennis players. All Kate said was before a break: "I'll wait until you finish trashing woman's sports".

I'm not sure what drugs Kruger takes to be with Raddy..because he hates woman sports until Radnich goes on vacation. Then,when its just he and Scott,he reverts to metrosexual - all understanding and modern. Flip a switch he does.

Sid Rosenberg says "ape woman" won Wimbledon.

Sid "The Racist Jew" Rosenberg thinks like that. So,I'm paraphrasing the racist Rosenberg's thoughts.

Sid is a good friend of Gary Radnich and KNBR.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Bruce's Gianna not a hot blonde. False advertising!

She did a traffic report for KPIX. Not only not a young hot curvy blond...but not young or curvy. Pretty much your PTA mom in a blue bowling shirt. I mean  not unattractive- I wouldn't be shallow like that- but no pouty lips like I pictured.
Oh well,good luck Gianna.

The new Tom Selleck-Ventura PD law, if you steal and get caught..

Just write a check to pay for it. Wait for an appropriate amount of time to go by..then try stealing again. Its not stealing if you pay for it later when they catch you.

Gee,the whole country should be like that. All American .

The Gary Radnich-Brian Van Akens homo erotic relationship.

Its pulsing with homo erotica as Daddy Raddy tells the slight Van Akins to jump and he gleefully squeals "how high daddy,anything to help you!?" The need for Radnich to touch Van Akens is full of Freudian sexual overtones.
When Alicia pushed Van Akens away from "her man" was pulsing with the last vestige of heterosexuality she could squeeze out of the scene..

Really,Brian needs to get some self respect. Doesn't he see at how degrading it is to obey Raddy's commands?   Jeez,get a hold of yourself, man.

Raddy- always looking for a weakness in a co worker so he can abuse them in public..and get them to say thank you sir- one more!

Stan Salutes Ray Fosse and Jim Barnett.

I don't get tired of those guys. And they don't have the baggage on them that KNBR and Radnich put on Kruke and Kuipe. You know,Raddy telling fans they wont meet Obama,or that once Krukow called Raddy out then stopped talking to him. etc,etc,etc. Also,the constant "they are beloved" gets stale.

You say Ray Fosse and I think sunny summers and the A's winning the World Series every year. I think Gene Tenace and wondering if Fosse is worthy to my 13 year old self of replacing Tenace. He was. In fact that was a golden era for A's catchers...Tenace,Fosse, and then Steinbach. Good Old Days my friends..

Barnett? and I think "Farley" the old Chron comic strip of a amiable character being his twin. Barnett and Jeff Mullins,Cazy Russell,Clyde Lee..ah too bad that Lacob has no idea on the early Warrior stars.


As predicted Selleck blames minions.

Did I say that or not? The Ventura police also as corrupt as the summer day is long. "We dont see any crime here" Bastards.

Remember Law enforcement CHOOSES who to enforce the law on. And that ain't rich white celebrity republicans.

Tommy Chong? HE they sent to prison!

Oh,and of course the SC nudie colony people are being forced to spend thousand and thousands on lawyers plus might still be in handcuffs.

America,America,shed that grace stuff on me...

Radnich told "Just do sports" on KRON. No more ad libbing of whole segment.

If you notice,he's mostly shut his trap and just does the sports. No long winded explanations from daddy raddy on life. No set-ups to get his hand on KRON females. As a matter of fact he seems to hate what he does now. He couldn't get the A's pitchers name right, Jesse Chavez and kept calling him "Eric" Chavez. He also got one score totally wrong. It all says "I show up as late as I can".

KRON also put him "Hannibal the Cannibal" like away from everybody.

 Radnich doesn't seem to get the hint from life at KRON. Retire.

That's why 25 year old producers can order him around with the blessing of top management.

His wife skipped the last two even she's burned out. Or,maybe she and Raddy aren't as tight as he says..something that couldn't be more obvious when he invites Sid "Serena is a monkey" Rosenberg on his show. Man,its like Sid slapped Radnich's whole family and Gary laughs. He's insane.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Raider great, the Snake dies.

I never thought I would read that. He joins Big Ben in Raiderheaven. Silver and black clouds and girls in skimpy clothing. And plenty of booze and stickem.  Off field,the fights in Raiderheaven always bust up the place..then start again the next day.
Stabler..driving his black Stingray down heaven street. A drink in one hand. Never spills a drop.

Snake was the original Joe Cool before Joe Cool was Joe Cool.

RIP Raider Legend.

Ventura PD says stealing is not a crime. "Whaa?" says Cheif.

They looked left,looked right,and upside down...and the Ventura PD says that Tom Selleck didn't steal the water the Water District told him he couldn't have since 2009.  What did Tom do? The VPD wouldn't say. Maybe they call it a loan?-lol.

Funny that that the Santa Cruz nudie colony IS being held to the standards of a crime for doing what Tommy did.

Do you think that maybe wealthy and famous makes you above the law in soucal? Do bears steal picnic baskets left in the woods? Did Bruce Jenner kill a woman?

Police Chief of the VPD,Robin,says stealing isn't that bad. Its a Republican cultural thing. Part of Tom's heritage.
Oh,now I see.

Whats the deal with green dresses?

Keba likes them..and so do too many anchors. If non sexual is a is it. Except for money...

Billy Beane can go 0-162 next year and not be fired.

Go ahead media ask Wolff. "If Billy Beane went 0-162 would you fire him?"  Wollf would give you every variation of a no. "No hypotheticals- I wont answer that- Its not possible-...anything but yes.
And why the A's are sinking again.

btw- I saw a movie that reminded me of Beane "Changing Lanes". There was a character trying to prove he was always right..but his best friend told him "You are addicted to chaos"..his wife also told him "Things never happen to me- only when I'm within your gravity- then things get crazy"

That's Cespedes,give away Donaldson. Creating chaos where there was none. His trading is his a A.A.,12 step, modus operandi and addiction. He will make moves that make no sense just to satisfy his emotional addiction. That's our Bean-O. Yep,trading is more like addictive gambling to Beane man.

Larry Kruger steps right on Ann Killion's face.

I kind of like when Larry gets evil...its different. Like today when knbr ran the Green contract presscon. Green talked,took a question or three from local yokels. THEN, Ann Killion ID'ed herself and took a breath.. KRUGER in the knbr studio says " You are listening to the Draymond Green press conference" as Ann was asking her VIP question..funny because Kruger made it obvious he waited all day to time that station ID to drown out Killion. Devious,but funny. When he finished and she was still talking? He made up more..just to drown her out. Evil-lol.

Also he got a Dallas announcer to say Bently people are shallow and idiots with money...then Kruger told him Gary drives a used leased Bently.
Radnich laughed,giggled and snorted because he knows Larry said it with love.

Leibermans bigoted blog of nothingness.

Yeah,I knew if I called him out on stalking me-which he does,on posting those fake "comments" about 2 minutes after mine that he wrote himself..and his usual jealousy when he knows not in a million years could he have predicted like I have on many people and topics.
And I'M SURE that I'm not Jewish was the deciding factor at the end. Rich can't make that clear enough. IF I was Jewish,Rich would have praised me to no end.

He has to make a living..but being jealous of me was getting to could feel that. So,block your only popular commenter. Now he can write more "anonymous" comments to Christine Craft all the mean things he wont say with his name on it.

What do I care? I'm sure I can always start tweeting local celebs, if I choose to. Right now, I'm not in a "you must love me" way-lol.  I have a life.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tom Selleck caught stealing water. Mr. law and order-ha!

The conservative gun toting a thief. Not once..but he had TWELVE tanker truck trips hooking up to a fire hydrant ..The water district hired a private dick for $20,000 to solve the case. Ironic huh? Magnum P.I turns out be a real water thieving dick.

I would think Selleck committed a FELONY. He knew all along even if he hides behind layers of delegation.

You would think with his money he would drill a well 100 miles deep if needed and take everybody else's water legally. Not moral,but I doubt he cares.

Oh,my world is crumbling...Woody is a child molester,Bill is a rapist, and Tom is a thief. Raddy parks in handicapped zones.
What next ? My cat eat a bird?..oh,wait...

Federal agents gun used to kill beautiful woman. Thanks NRA.

It -according to one report I heard- a private non official gun owned by a federal agent.  Its those gun owners who supply the murderers. The NRA has all the blood of victims on their hands. Instead of shame? The NRA licks that blood off their fingers with a lustful smile "Mmm,blood".

Durant to the Warriors this year I say.

You read the news,2017,etc,etc,.  Why would OKC want a dead duck player all season? Why not trade him to the Warriors and get..Klay and picks instead? In 2016 Durant can walk. It would make more sense to move him now.
And if Lacob can do that,I will put the crown on his head myself.

btw,You notice his friend Gruber was at the parade with his mom? I tell ya,it pays to be part of the world wide conspiracy- wink. You don't even have to have talent!

Gasia Illegalalien.

I think I've been hearing that phrase way too much lately.

KTVU now hiring KRON's conservatives.

The dummy on the 415 blog is too blind to see it..but there's a reason that FOX wants KRON people. You only stay at KRON if your politics are white Republican. Sure,they allow people of color to be Dems..but that explains why Raddy had a grudge with Marty Gonzales for years. It also shows the left- middle of the road reporter at KRON is now a rarity.

Leiberman bans Stan.

I wasn't sure- but now I know. He's not posting any of my truths. He is posting all the anti Latino hate he gets. That's how he rolls...says he doesn't care that it was a Mexican so he looks rational... then follows that with all right wing hate posts.
Leiberman is moving more to Savage like tactics. It made Savage plenty of shekels. Leiberman is now centered on that.

Radnich an apologist for the criminal and liar Pete Rose.

"Oh,he's 74 years old,let him in to the HOF". Said the bowel movement known as Radnich.

Lets see,he lied in 1970something, he lied,cheated and went to prison on tax evasion..and at 74 he was proven to be a liar once again. Just the kind of guy Radnich admires.

Radnich though would be all for the ban if Petey's name was -say- Tony Oliva. You can bet on that.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

KTVU's Valley Girl

Doing an uncredited report on the GGB inspection " For the first time (like) eh-vur (for sure),The GGB is getting (like) a rooooope in-spect-ion",oh my gawd I would add. Use your best V-Girl cultural inflections.

I take it a low paid staff member?


She had laryngitis.  You didn't read that anywhere else did you? Scoop!

I'm still thinking of the spin on Reddicks plight.

So,even though his manager agreed? That makes Reddick a bad man? LOL.  Company shills see it that way. He's bad, Dallas Braden is bad,Cespedes is bad.  All are bad for not agreeing with Billy Beane.

Woodward and Bernstein are bad. Karen Quinlan was bad. Edward Snowden is bad. Jose Canseco is the devil.
I see a patten!

3 Amigo's making an impact?

Did I hear right? They are now doing mornings?
I said for years thegame needs to drop the KNBR method- a method only good if you have the Giants and 49ers to get the real ratings.
Yeah,Wild 104.9 types is the way to reach young demo's. As long as they aren't sell outs. Then it doesn't matter how hip they sound. Not at all.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Marcus Thompson is a sham. On A's payroll in jellyrolls...

He said trading Cespedes was "going for it". LOL.

Lets review: Killion STILL defends the trade.
Kawakami defends the trade and that Billy is his God.
Joe Stiglich defends the trade- or else.
Marcus Thompson in his bloated way made it sound like a no brainer. I agree,you would have to have no brains to defend that nutty trade.

Btw,, They ALL would not mention the Donaldson trade (giveaway). In Beane they fear. Cowards all of them.

Beane is the worst thing in baseball. Good enough is his goal..and then return to being a farm team on corporate welfare for MLB. That's not sarcasm my friends,that's the frightening exact truth.

Greece votes to do it their way. But they dont want the consequences?

So,they want to give up nothing without paying their debts and loans..and don't want to be punished by the world economy. The world can afford it says Greece. Uhuh. Greece,like Israel wants first world,top tier living without producing much of anything. Only,not enough rich Greeks here in the USA to keep the money train at full speed.
Greeks have voted down every austerity program. Now,they get what happens when you cant borrow any more,or pay what you owe. Ride a bike. Wait in lines for grocery's. Electricity 3 hours a day. Its what poor country's have lived with for decades and longer. Its Greece's self made turn.

Diane needs to show cleavage. Get with the Jackie look.

Day in ,day out,she's buttoned up. Does she know she is following an icon? Diane has to set them free. She's on TV,not an office. TeleVISION.
KRON should have a big meeting on this like on their documentary's.

Keba needs to expand her sex appeal..enough of old lady clothes.

Get rid of the old lady shoes, the old lady support hose.  She's not just playing down her looks..she's going retro to 1944.

Sexy sandals,some fishynet stockings. Glossy lipstick. Be her age.

Josh Reddick for President. Stands up for whats right.

Man,NOBODY talks about Beane like Josh. I give him credit,he's got the right attitude. What can Beane do? Trade him to a contender or a team that wants to win the WS one day compared to the A's fear of getting great?
Melvin is even steamed at what Beane gave away. GAVE AWAY.

And Fuck Marcus Thompson and Joe Stiglich. "He threw his manager under the bus"  Oh Boo-hoo. Goddamn shills.

Did Beanes trade of Cespedes and Donaldson go bad? HAHAHAHAHAH...

Sure,he wants to win the WS so bad he can taste the caviar and truffles. No wait,not that bad. He wants the MLB welfare money for caviar and truffles...

Stan cures punk of punkiness. And thoughts..

Its been quiet. Took me a while to go down the list...drug dealing punk i socked in the nose too a few years ago,Heap Mustang guy stopped coming around when I got in his face. And now Motorcycle Moron boy has not been seen or heard. What I thought was him going by was just another chopper. I might have been too ready for his return.
Beats me why they started with me-- might be from drug boy. Then, I was like the gunslinger...the next one etc.
Funny thing is..never knew who they were or did a thing to most of them. They also didn't know much about me judging by me at almost triple their age winning the fights. I never even had to unload the overhand right.

The whole thing too about the "dirty mexican illegal" killing the beautiful blonde? Nobody would care if she were black. The media would not be covering every angle. Its not like legal American felons never kill or commit crimes. So,its the race and class comparison here. If you kill one of our Archetype perfect woman? We will destroy you. Kill a fat woman?...that's not so bad. A one day mention on KRON. Usually unattractive woman don't even warrant a "who to blame". Seeya tubby with acne, your out of the gene pool. The same interest as knowing farm workers are exploited. Just give me a tomato for my burger.

Criminals come in all colors.Did ya know that?

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Stupid Yahoo article on success. "Decisive"..sure.

"Decisive" said the writer on his talking to 25 millionaires was what they all had in common. We are all decisive...we decide things every day. But,when you decide to bury your roommate in the backyard, or decide to invest in a fastfood eatery that makes everything with avocado, nobody will write an article admiring how decisive you were.
All successful people have noses I haven't punched. Write about that.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Don't let the stupid weigh you down. Only sweets. My motto.

If your going to have heavy least let it be caused by Rocky Road,not punks trying to be Macho-macho-man..da da da .... 

Besides those Macho men never seem to have any woman around them. AND I hear them rumbling while the Super Bowl,WS or NBA finals are going. They don't like sports!  manFREAKS!

Dukes of Hazzard dropped by TV land. And rightfully so.

You heard the former stars whine about it.  Look,its a racist emblem. If I had to get used to no Saturday Morning cartoons with Daffy and While E. Coyote being blown up by TNT,then the Dukes have to deal with modern times getting educated to the Confederate flag.

Same for Robert E.Lee statues..another symbol of everything wrong about the South. Blow those up..with TNT.

415 blog. All rightwing comments. Thats fun to read- yeah.

It was a matter of time. The more desperate he got,the more the pandering to the right who will pay or sign up to spew their view..much more then a lefty.
When you idolize Mike Savage? you were never far from that nuttiness. Raddy's wife likes Savage. 'nuff said.

Lock Up. TV show.

We are in bad shape if that many under 30's are singing,dancing and clowning around in prison. Each one sounds like the other one. If you can't act like that in school,how can you act like that in a place of punishment? Why do guards-administration allow that? Make them hate it,make them be civil for as long as they are in prison.
All you hear in prison is shouting. If a guy wont shut up,then he should face consequences. It happens in the real world,the work world.
Its not to make prison a hell hole..but since when is being civil, hell?

And I agree with the thinking that those guys shouldn't be allowed to body build. Whats that all about? If they are bored- read books. Simple. They don't want to ? Stare at a wall then. Eye-sometrics.

See,most of those guys are in prison because they have no discipline,no respect for those not like them.
They need to learn.

Another trip to the past,Adam 12.

The old Jack Webb cop show. I've been watching it for the first time in a few decades. Bad acting,terrible and stiff dialogue. Simple answers. But,with the sound off,its great. The cars,the clothes,...I like when they do outdoor scenes driving around L.A.. Looks the same as the bay area. The price of gas and hamburgers? almost free compared to now.

I remember back around 70, or so,as a kid seeing around town a 1930's car with wagon like spokes being driven around town by some local. Not as a classic..just still everyday transportation. On Adam 12 its the same thing..looking at the 40's and 50's cars parked on the streets as the cops cruise by.

Hair.yeah that semi hippy 70's hair was still going strong. Funny to see old guys in 1970 try to be young with hair down to the collar..or worse,old guys with 40's bear grease hairdo's. Lots of leftover 50's pompadours too. Hats. Adam 12 exaggerates that. Btw 1970, even bushiness men had pretty much stopped wearing hats. It had to be a Jack Webb thing to include.

Police manners. HA!..I just saw one where a car thief tried to run over Malloy and Reed..who jumped out of the way and waited for help!..Now? They pull out their howitzers and empty it into the bad guys. Plus,in 1970 police were still holding a drawn gun like the Lone the hips. None of that two handed stuff.

Electronics.  What a huge difference...Webb you could tell thought the fax machine and a police radio were high tech. Police cars still had those two funny clown car red lights and that huge siren mounted directly on the roof of the car. Interestingly enough,I saw a 1973 episode of  Streets of San Francisco where the first bar lights were used... a primitive looking one in chrome and still with the old setup on it.

Yeah,fun to watch. Just turn off the sound. Jack Webb sermonizing is painfully bad to hear.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A fast Stan Salute to Stanley.

When he spends time around these parts? ohhh I love it when he gives it to the punks....A happy day.  Happy,Happy.

Motorcyvcle punk trying to get his courage back...that he never had.

No more reving..but after avoiding my street for 2 or 3 days he's driving by. I guess the swelling went down around his nose-lol.

He's testing the waters. Like I don't know what he's up to-lol.

See,the best part is...I have house money. I don't have to give him a second chance and that's eating at him.  The fool actually thinks I'm as foolish as him. I kicked his ass,and his brother saw that . That's another eating of his pride He just has to deal with it-lol. Let him stew in it.

Of course if he gets verbally threatening or  trespasses.. So,if he reads this,he's warned.

Tim Kawakami's man love for Billy Bean. A scary thriller...

Seeing his face light up talking about Beane to Mindy Bach was embarrassing. She felt what I felt.  Tim Kawakami also dropped "I get him,not the fans not the players,only I ".  Weird,very weird.  It reminded me of a movie I just saw- 'Nightingale' You seen it?..Like listening to Kawakami talking of the wonderful man Billy Beane.

Beane better stay on his good side. My warning to Bean-O.

Radnich bans Andy Bags, ravishes love on "Sid" Rosenberg.

Andy Bags said that Larry Kruger was like crabgrass. Radnich banned him,ridiculed bags. Hinted he was gay.
Sid Rosenberg (a Kruger old friend) says Serena Williams is like an ape who should be in a zoo..And that loon Radnich doesn't care. Radnich married to an African American isn't bothered by that. He is insane- and that's worth repeating. I think he loves Larry more then his own wife.

I hope Stanley Roberts kicks his ass.

Oh, and Rosenberg being a Jew getting racist is the height of stupidity. Sid thinks his WASP friends don't mind he talks like a stereotype?. Hahahahahahahaha!

A Stan suggestion to TV news crews.

Those expensive camera's? Put a beacon in every one. Have a electronics guy put a gps in every one--- if stolen it could be activated,telling police where the bad guys are.
Once the bad guys know they would have to take a apart the camera to get the gps?...they are caught. And taking the camera apart on a well integrated gps would be more then what punks can do.
$80,000 for a camera requires more then just a serial number for safety. Once the punks know TV gear has a point in stealing one. Like asking to be put in prison.

Oh,and wouldn't it be wild if that camera could be turned on remotely? Sound and pics?

Internet getting boring.

I find my self not as much interested like I was ten years ago. I know I repeat things here and there on different forums and interests. Like I've done it before too often.

I even find myself turning off the PC...just powering down. I never did that before.

I also found that no matter how talented you might be- posting on others blogs and internet boards,the petty jealousy's kick in. Its gets to where they don't care you've been right. I know that.

If Radnich hadn't gone on a stupidthon,I wouldn't have posted much on my own blog lately .

Like Huey says, "I need a new drug".

I'm STILL happy!

Happy,happy,happy. More happy then happy. When you look up happy in the dictionary- there's a picture of me.Happiest,Happier,HAPPY.
So that means I win.

Sid Rosenberg should be dropped in the Atlantic Ocean.

Tied to cement blocks and a stuffed monkey in his mouth.  Where's the mafia when you need them?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mark Davis- doomed to repeat the past.

He never learns. After the whole moving to L.A. debacle where southern fans didn't even support a Super Bowl Raiders, thus making Al Davis return to the birth of the franchise.

And Mark wants to repeat it. He will get it right he vows. Fly hitting his head on the screen door sounds right now.

Radnich sinks lower. The Despicable KRON sports host who's a has been.

No wonder Damon Bruce hates Radnich. Radnich goes both the morning he praises Sid Rosenberg on KNBR who called Serena Williams an ape...then the fucker later on KRON wraps himself in  the Serena flag and praises her.
That's what a low life he is. A nut,a right wing apologist "I think Sid is funny". Sure Gary, Sid thinks your wife is an ape too. You don't see that? What a moron you must be.  Sid would NEVER think that about my wife and me Radnich figures. It would the first thing in Rosenberg's putrid brain at seeing her.

I have to meet you one day and just watch your stupid "Mr. Potato Head" as Pam Moore describes it go on with that bullshit you use on the youth.

Radnich is a has been that never was a has. He's the Pete Rose of sportshosts..has his liar and deceiving act of what a good heart he is-- then parks in the Handicapped zone.

Wow its hot. But I'm happy!

Just like Acapulco. 

Gary Radnich is a racist. Sucks "Sid" Rosenberg's dick.

I knew it. I knew Radnich is a racist. Today he proved it.  Praised Rosenberg as all sports radio should be.  Rosenberg you remember called Serena Williams an ape. Radnich might as well have Dylan Roof over the house to fuck his daughter and make a light skinned grandson. Gary would like that. I know he would.

Radnich also was all love for Donald Trump. Trump is another outed bigot.

See,Radnich is a racist who hides behind his black wife and thinks that his right wing views are ok as long as he likes blacks who can sing and dance and play sports. African American politics? Well,those are apes to Radnich who thinks they cannot understand what he, the wily old white man, knows.

 I feel sorry for KRONs African Americans that they have to work with the bigot Gary Radnich.

I wish Kate had said something about the Ape remarks to Rosenberg and defend woman sports against the stereotype. But,that would make Gary unhappy and you know sissy Gary Radnich "Cant work with people I don't like- waaa-waaa". A quote.

Excuse him at noon when he goes home to admire his Nixon collection.

Gary Radnich with his R.Kelly child porn love is insane.