Monday, August 31, 2015

Critical Mass assholes. Pedal Bikers scum of the Earth

"Critical mass" la de da. How pretentious. It fits the "racing outfits" bike boys wear.  SF has to be condoning one of the stupidest events in history, a Mass event of stupidity. Hooligans get together. Power over the real people by skinny loudmouth punks.
I have had run ins with those asses.  They don't stay in their expect me to cross yellow lines. Fuck them.
I notice- the more bikers together,the more mouthy they get. Just one wont say a thing...8 or more and even the "ladys" will yell that you came to close!..Sure,my small car that goes around all other people with room to spare was  crowding her? No way. Another I heard a pathetic "Dork!"..oh that hurt.
The only dorks were wearing bicycle pants.
Fuck Frisco.
I'm a real world liberal.

Lincecum and Cain,pray for rain.

Because if either takes the mound its a sure Giant loss.

And go West, to Japan.

Bum and Peavey,50% odds easy.

Radnich takes shot at Lowell Cohn. No love man,no love.

"He tries to ask the quirky question and its just old".

Radnich bashing somebody for old material? Old habits? Him? Oh,yeah,he Tweets. Hipster Gary.

Bragging Gary Radnich back. Kate Scott quiet.

The difference in the show is real modesty is back to Radnich phony double talk,Kate only speaking if he asks her to,and he's not asking.
He bragged about his trip,perfect "My daughter married big money" family,and then went on that he's so important he can use his feces as currency "Don't you know who I AM?"....

Saturday, August 29, 2015

What I want a QB to snap count...

Uno!,Dos!,Tres!, I,2,3, Woolly Bully!  "snap!"

For those near my age,this is hilarious.

Stanley Roberts to go Pro-Tofu,anti Fried or BBQ chicken?.

I can see it already. Like the bigot woman who made a fortune on southern fried foods..or The Galloping Gourmet who went from pushing rich sauces to boiled lettuce leafs..Stanley is going to lop off 60 pounds,go all Al Roker on wanting to live to see grand-kids,blah,blah,blah...KRON will do Stan "Before" and Stan "After" and he will be smiling like never before. They all do.
Never fails. Amazing how that first heart attack or stroke will make the strongest will people- who LAUGHED at vegans become like ex bikers who find,never ending proselytizing.Ack,I hate hearing them.
Oh well,Best luck Stan.

The Race War has Started. RW1.

It looks like-- African Americans are now just blasting the hell out of white people for being white or the law.
Charles Manson said he tried to start the RW when he killed Sharon Tate. He tried to make it look as if Black men had done it.
Dylann Roof seems to have topped that. Along with some no doubt Police murdering black men (and charged) with plenty of others uncharged.
This is new. This isn't something coming back. These are not Black Panthers organized and easy to find. This is "Everybody kill on their own plan".
This,like with radical Muslims is not something Police can really fight back with. Kill innocent blacks because they reached for their glovebox when you police officer asked for insurance papers? uh-uh. That's just more kindling.
So far its just some of the angriest of the African American community. I don't see Latino's joining this. oop, other then Mark Estrada. But in general Latins don't go fire and brimstone or burn baby burn. Its why they are mostly ignored,have no political clout. They take their lot in life as just that.  Asians? please.
I know that civil rights are really going to be tested. If an officer thinks if he hesitates,he dies? That trumps civil rights and his telling himself the black man isn't more dangerous to him,when in fact he's thinking he's very dangerous. No,he's got the mindset of hand on holster still sitting in his patrol car.
It really seems like the cuts in education since the Reagan years has worn on society. The simpler Neanderthal way is first choice. Figures the dumbest President ever- George JR, made the biggest cuts. He didn't need a edgimacation,why would you?
I do cant reason with somebody who's a punk with a gun. I learned that.

KFC hears Stan,gets a new Col. Sanders.

Didn't I tell you? Darrell Hammonds "The Col. as an Axe murderer" wasn't going to sell fried chicken. The way he pushed it,you wondered if that battered piece was chicken or his last victim.
Norm McDonald? Not as bad..but he's no Mr.Jolly as you all well know. His persona has always been the happy cynic.
Why not find a happy granddad in his 50's who would be the Colonel Sanders for the next 30 years? They traded one oddball comic for another. Who knew the character would be so hard for an ad agency to understand?
I know what he's supposed to be like.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Larry Baer jealous of Brian Sabean.

I have noticed that Baer almost never mentions Sabean in interviews..he wallows in Radnich superlatives of how Larry single handedly built ATT.
But where are the Sabean tributes? Where are the fawning analysis of the man building 3 World Champions in five years?. Then,the Bonds years WS.
I have never heard Kawakami talk about the Sabean "plan" or even the "Sabean Method". If anything,you notice Kawakami like the other writers go to things done "The Giant way?"..Notice?
I don't see Baer beating on how much he admires Sabean.  Well,other then the World Championship Trophy or Parade speeches. He has to then.
After that? Its all the Giants way.

Yahoo's "But seriously" segment stolen from my idea.

A few months ago I wrote that Yahoo-Comcast at 5 had become sports writers turning into stand-up comics. You remember.  I said that it got ridiculous when the whole panel broke out in topping one another and laughter..and what the hell were they even talking about? It wasn't sports.
You also know that when you are the only one to make that know where an idea was stolen.

 I wouldn't doubt for a second THEGAMZ "Truth machine" was based on my telling of "Truth".

Like I said before,I have to do all the thinking around here.

Ashley Madison and mostly fake.

You can find on Yahoo the story that 99% of Ashley Madison's woman are fake or signup and never go back again. The "chats" are paying men with paid by AM female employee's. Only the men are too stupid to figure that out.

Many,many,years ago I tried a free offer from  Wow- What are the odds I saw that so many attractive woman couldn't find anybody?..and then it came out that those were bogus accounts. A scandal that bothered nobody judging by the fact the same things 20 years later are being done.

One is born every minute, and his money soon parted.

KGO 7 News. Lazy,too pc ?

They aren't the only ones to tell us that the bad guys were caught...then tell us NOTHING about those bad guys..names ages,criminal background. Today KGO7 said the two punks who shot the tourist on Lombard were charged with attempted murder. wow- serious. Not serious enough to name them,post photos.
I notice this all the time. That and my pet peeve- was the car stolen?..they never ask that of police after a big chase and of course the crook runs away.
To me,these are the most basic things to report. Otherwise they all sound like George Carlin " A man stayed in his home today,nothing happened and we don't know his name". Yeah,that covers it.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jeezuz- even the murderer blamed Oakland.

For how he felt being put down. He I guess meant "I did what an angry Oakland black man does".  Chauncy Bailey was the last journalist murdered in this country. Killed by "Your black Muslim Mafia,etc".

So this guy- who I don't doubt had complaints that were real,took revenge on the south and what he see's as the privileged ruling class down there. A hot young blond talking to a hottish older blond city PR woman,filmed by a WM.  All the categories that don't have high unemployment rates..vs fat gay black man in the south. To hear the stations all say he was totally wrong,just his imagination is just spin. Not hard to imagine the jokes at his expense huh?

Sometimes you can change the system. Sometimes the system rolls over you. What he did was just get change on his scale. He killed two people who had back stabbed him he felt.

 The NRA put that gun in his hand. Ask the other few millions killed or wounded in this countries history of gun violence.

Damon Bruce not over Lowell Cohn. Still.

In a stereotype anti Semitic voice of a Jewish fellow (Cohn) Bruce stated that "He would now ask a clever question" to 49er players. You know,you could see a hunchback rubbing his hands together with a grin as Bruce painted a picture. Somebody alert Bruce's Rabbi he was bad.

This goes back to Lowell Cohn coming down hard on Bruce after the "Sports is set to men" brouhaha.

 I did ask Lowell about he and Bruce and he said "I go to 49er practices and to preseason camps and I have never seen Damon Bruce there".  That sounds Radnich like..the irony huh?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dumb hip hoppers who collect shoes.

And that impresses who?  Its all about...nothing with that community. No substance.  Shoes. Shoes that sit in a room. Look at my shoes. They don't even make them-lol. Now THAT would be bragging rights.
Ohhhhh,the stupidity of it all.

Primer Impacto shows shooting. As usual.

I put that news show on at 5pm and sure enough the two buxom beauty's in micro-skirts and plunging necklines introduced the tape. They did cut it off when she was running away- already shot at. He must have shot her in the back. They thankfully left out the blood...
The filters on Spanish News isn't much. This is the same news channel that had a reporter call out Trump a couple of days ago.
I actually very rarely watch Telemundo or the other one. I know that I will see abused and killed people,animals,kids. Very little censorship. The decapitated heads? They show that too.
Today's story just sucked me in.

I can't watch Matt Cain anymore. Sorry.

Its just when is he going to give up the two strike or two out 3 run homer. Its ALWAYS been his problem. Only before he hurt his was usually a solo HR. Now,its bombs away with multiple men on board. And early. Makes the rest of the game a waste of time.

The Giants might as well trot Brian Wilson out there who also has surgery (twice) and was himself only every now and then for the Dodgers. He was helping the Giants more then the Dodgers.
So,Cain has no control..Vogey is passe,Peavey- not bad. Bum,all world. Lincecum is gone. Westin..ok,he's good if snakebit. So out of 6 starters potentially the Giants have 2.5 of quality,have workmanship.

Sabean can't foresee lie's. Cain suckered him for 40 mill. Its like he's fallen back on.."Well,its for all the years I was great and the team was bad". Sure Cain.

Cain,he even looks soft. No calluses on Cain anywhere. Farmboy? He doesn't like to get dirty.  He looks like somebody name Chauncy.

That whole thing from two years ago "I might pitch better if I had my contract" is rotten to the core.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Matt Cain sucks again.

If the Giants pay him more,it might take the pressure off and he will pitch better.

Sitting in the backyard in a August evening.

I've spent about 20 years on this very small backyard. Its mostly green shade type plants. Looks calm,sort of Japanese I suppose with a tropical touch. Funny,me and the cat just sitting on the stairs looking at the nature in front of us. I have a very small pond with a bit of a waterfall to sort of drown out the cars around here. One Goldfish lives in that pond. He was bought for 10cents,as one of those little "feeder goldfish" for big predatory Aquarium fish.  Eh,he's got the whole pond of mine to himself...gotten a bit hefty and turned more red under the sunlight and natural foods. He fends for himself. I never bother him. The cat drinks out of his waterfall.
Birds,lizards on the fence...just like a tiny Eden.

It all depends on me to keep going. So,I keep going.

I wonder if Billy Beane,secretly wants to be fired?

He cant bring himself to strike out at Fisher or Wolff,he wants to remain part recipient of MLB welfare. But,if he were fired...he keeps his minority ownership- or bought out at a huge,huge, profit.  He then if fired, could go to someplace that wont bullshit..and Beane has more then enough for a comfortable rest of his life.

That would work.

Things that exist and I dont understand why,really.

Airplanes. Yes,low pressure over the wing and high under creates lift,etc,etc. So what? If I made a plane out of metal it would be a doorstopper. Metal birds cant fly.

Ships. Steel ships float? Ok - go ahead,solder metal plates together and see if it floats in the tub. Sinks like a rock. I know it would. Steel plates floating on the water- ha-ha. Ha. Cant be.

Trains with round smooth steel wheels can go forward on smooth steel rails. Can't be!- we all know you need traction. You need gears between the wheels and the rails- or else they will just spin forever right? So how the hell do locomotives pull thousands of tons of metal to 90 mph? How??? Where is the traction to overcome inertia??

Voice recognition.  I talk to my remote control. It understands me. What is going on in that thing? where in that collection of circuits does it know language- or in this case air vibrations as speech,words,meanings? Black magic. Has to be.

One last. A satellite that just went past Pluto. It has a 5 watt amplifier. And here billions and billions of miles away scientist say they can hear what it's saying. I cant even get THEGAME in Niles Canyon. How can they sort out that signal?

Whew- I never even got to how they can capture single protons and send them in a conga line in a collider. Something never seen doing things never seen,changing our lives.

And I struggled to replace a faucet. Did it. but still.....

Now,its Melvin who wanted Gallegos out. Sure.

If Beane was a Gallegos man? Gallegos would still be there.

I do have a theory...Mark Gallegos after seeing what Beane did to last years team?Got sick of it all. Sick of back to losing. So,he took every chance to get a score. He might have even sent a player knowing it would take a really bad throw or dropped ball..but he sent. He judging from his newspaper remarks, sounded like a man tired of bullshit. He's now retired to Cozumel with his family.

And,Melvin should now watch his back. Crackhead Ron wants back the big chair. Crack is whack,but he wants it back.

Monday, August 24, 2015

How funny,Dan Ashley having the middle age crisis.

Ch,7 had him on" remote location" to the remote city of Napa.

Dan was in skin tight jeans,new and blue and a white shirt with its label over the front pocket- Western Ridge or something like that.  Exclusive brand I gather. His hair? very Elvisy dark and one solid block of color- brown. Like crayon brown. The tight the hair is what all the guys who get that age do. If they make it with a full head of hair..they dye it. If they get that age with no gut? They wear the tight pants as if to say "See,just as slender as when I was 24"..only the style nowadays is for baggy pants. But I get it...".Look,I'm not like the old geezer"

. Who's the same age as him.

btw,I never could be comfortable in tight pants. They made my package get sensitive. Hard to hide that. Dan must have fantastic control.

Smoldering Alma Daetz just making Keba looking schoolteacher.

Today it was just not a fair fight. Alma was in tight black pants,pouty looking lips and round hips, smoldering is the word. Keba was perky. Fine. Dull,but fine.
It was just not right when both channels had the anchors standing near the end of the 4 pm news battle. Alma just routed Keba. Keba is very attractive..just not in the higher league.

Beil has it over Miback on sense of humor. Although,Larry must have spent all his suit money on everything pinstriped. Man,he loves that look.

Billy Beane loyal to nobody. Not even God. Only money.

If that movie about Beane had made out Art Howe to be a Jerod of Subway?..Beane would have said "That's just the way Hollywood is" with a smile. Beane is nuts. He hides it,or try's to. But on Damon Bruce he's really delusional about what he's done and about the ownership groups purpose.  He's like a movie character alright..Dr.Strangelove. "We vill be great again Damon!".
Mike Gallego? What was that about? So,Gallego who never traded away Donaldson or Cespedes is the problem? Great. Now we have a crackhead coach at third. Sure,never again- wink wink.

Billy Beane is sinking into madness. I would love to see him in Danville smash his furniture,crush his cellphone while salivating from anger. That's the Beane I know!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

What is most popular on this blog? read on...

1. Asian woman anchors.
2.Woman anchors.
4.The Giants.
5.My answers to whatever 415 posts. I guess people come here wondering what I think.
6.Damon Bruce.
7. For some reason my opinions on peoples hair. ( I noticed Heather dropped the Farah Fawcett curls after my post- clout!) or Dan Ashley or....

After that it mixes. Lowell Cohn makes a bump. My local punks writings can spike..or flop.

Lund and Papa. Average to more then average- but not way over like a top 5 in my list.

Again Harvey Levin and TMZ wrong, Stan right.

Rarely I look at my I spotted that one that was popular was the one about Levin.  You remember when I got into him for defending Jenner after killing that woman,among general carnage?. I said he's a killer who should be sent to prison. Sure enough,charges of manslaughter are pending.

Harvey said back then " Its no crime. He would only get a citation"...What??? He killed a woman tailgating..and we all know he must have had his eyes off the road. We know it. That's modern times..looking at something while driving. I don't. I don't take devices into my car - just the gps.  Traffic in California? I know I would kill somebody trying to drive and play angry birds or whatnot. BUT!  I see people everyday do that.

So Levin a lawyer who gets to share his opinions on ch2, cant get anything right legally. He learned nothing from Judge Marylin either.
Stan right,Harvey wrong.

SciFi,The Big Eyes channel.

Home of cheapest CGI movies made.I notice that many,MANY scenes involve everybody in the room with big wide open eyes...that's even cheaper to do then cheap CGI since nothing is there,it cost nothing to do for the ham and amateur actors- mostly Canadian- SciFi channel does.
Sharknado was a freak hit.  That only encourages the channel to pass everything off as part camp..wink wink. Sure it is. Bad on purpose?..uhuh.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pirates King Kang juiced?

When I see a soft sweet swing with a big chest send a ball 450 feet?  Juiced.   Like all the rest in the 90' they were hitting a Nerf ball...then it went out of the stadium and into Kawakami's windshield.
King Kang ain't on Tofu.

Hey,I bet H.S. pics of him show a skinny kid,not stocky or solid.

Woman PBP replaces Papa.

Aint that sweet? Too bad it isn't all season.

John Lund says Lincecum is a head case.

He said that..and that is what I have been saying for years. Losing huge amounts of weight the biggest example.  What did Greg Papa say? He said nothing. NOTHING.  The man who thinks he can say anything feared admitting..Stan was right.

Same as Krukow. Lincecum could end up in a straight jacket (embellishing to make a point) and Krukow would say "Its his mechanics that got him there".   The Giant propaganda machine has no shame.

So Lund simply said what Papa had to have said a few times off air. On air,Greg is all pendejo,no cajones. I think I spelled that right..

SF Giant announcers,ALL republicans all the time.

Its really pathetic that the local sports media cranks out PBP men who all praise all the conservative ideals,FOX news on and on.
We don't have a single admitted male liberal in sports media. Isn't that weird in the SF Bay area and bizarre for San Francisco?

When I was a kid, there was a player the sports media deemed "The Spaceman" Bill Lee. At the time,I bought into he must have been just as strange as the conservative sports media pegged him. Now,I see...besides hearing him last year talk about those days I can see why the media feared him just as they once feared Jerry Brown as "Moonbeam". Its the whole system afraid of change and new ideas or ways.

Funny,but I never recall a player given a nickname as "Knee Jerk rightest", despite the the rampant conservatism in baseball because that's what happens when young men are getting millions.

They like the idea of no taxes and let you starve if you can't pick taters all day. Your a weed. And they will tell you what happens to weeds-right?. Ironic that Bill Lee would point out that some value certain weeds- Damon Bruce,you getting this?,so its best not to be conservative and kill all weeds.

As I pointed out..there are no nicknames like Nazi Nick. Aryan Aaron. For some reason its ok to make out leftys as oddballs but the Jeff Kemps of baseball who was known to be a ultra rightist as a Giant.....never got tagged.

Larry Baer will swear he doesn't not go by political beliefs when he hires. Its just a raging coincidence everybody he promotes is republican. All a coincidence.  Same for Yahoo and Kozimor and Papa..just beating the odds in the heavily liberal bay area. Only, they seem to beat the odds ALL the time. we go again.

America loves to go into cycles. In my lifetime I've seen that back and forth between social good and clamping down with pro heavy law enforcement. Nixon would just about say he would put every nigger in jail. He won by landslides.  Then you have yer Kennedy- Johnson years previous. Would Nixon have sent troops for civil rights? Hell no. So,America after all the gains..went right wing. One extreme to the other.

Then,after Nixon-Ford, America went super sensitive Jimmy Carter. Carter wanted to get back to the people. After no bad effects and things going well...America wanted stir up the shit Ronald Reagan...From Jimmy to Ronny..extremes...not even a near match.

Reagan...that lead to the Bush Family (technically the only right following right period) and America swallowed them hook line and sinker. Never mind the Father of the clan was pro Nazi in business. Never mind that son G.W. Bush Jr. actually bankrupted an oil company. How do you do that???...then followed that up with running the Texas Rangers baseball org.into the ground. He later would nearly cause the collapse of the American economy/world economy.
Pre GWB?, Clinton.
Again..extreme..not even "similar"..always extreme. After the horrible Bush years,America's worst since the Depression..A black President. What could be more opposite of a black president who worked his way up as a community organizer then a rich White guy who inherited millions from his father and sounds like all answers are simple? He can do very expensive things free. I thought free was a bad word to him? uh,that would be Trump..but I guess Bush Jr. would have fit that also.

Anyways..I see that it almost doesn't matter the candidate. Just be one side for awhile,then the other side gets in.
The tree's get cut down no matter what- slower with Dem's,faster with Repub's, gasoline,food,taxes...they go up no matter who's finger is on the "end our worries please button".
That's how I see it.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Babe Bum.

Was I first to coin that?


 "Win Two for the Jew!". In honor of Joe Lacob.

C'mon,I dated Jewish woman,I'm very very smart,and I like a good deal. Take that.

Its so taboo to tease Jewish people huh? lol. I tease all across the board. Besides it was funny- admit it.

7's Wayne Freedman, 5's Mike Sugerman seperated at birth?

Maybe even just an hour ago.

Its every man for himself here.

People don't do a thing. Really. I bet when Mark Estrada shot the cop? Hayward PD never got a call from private citizens right after the shots went out. What they do around here is look to see if it was them,see no holes, and then go back to bed.
Its like the SF shooting of the woman in her doorway. BTW, You did notice it was a large truck? You remember what I said?
Nobody ran out to get a license plate number..they didn't do a thing. Call 911 when she was already dead. Big f-ing deal.
I try to operate like I would in a decent neighborhood. Quiet. Do my own thing.keep the house from falling down. Then you have the renters or owners who's son's have - again like Mark Estrada- made the kind of friends they think make them hip.In with the crowd.
Estrada had it made..his Father owned a roofing company and roofers make big money. So,it all came easy to that punk. And that's what I see around here. Parents borrowing off of their equity to buy the kids fast cars and bikes. Its why these dumb as log guys even have wheels of any kind.
All that makes a neighborhood like this just a rest stop. Rent or Move after three years if they are lucky.

Biker boy returns. aka the Big Pussy.

I guess his nose healed. Only now,he's decided the brave thing to do  is..go by as loud but only twice as fast and roll through stop signs. At night mostly.
He "visits" one of the homes that has renters. Drugs. When you see a home with a car parked on the lawn when everybody else is trying to improve? That's a renter.
So biker boy who is just as dumb as all the other punks I've chased away,confronted, and all the rest,is just more. Him with a girlfriend? lol. Sports? Toss him a ball and it would bounce off his nose. He cant even fight a man 3x his age without being a loser.
I call Hayward PD..but they don't do much. Funny thing is,biker boy looks like a thinner Mark Estrada..same long hair,goatee.
At least I got to punch him out once. He's not stopping for a second.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

KNTV 11am news. Comforting. Just need a big dog for a pillow.

Watching the 11am news on KNTV is so different. Relaxed, excellent service where you eat. Under the radar is the understatement. Hey,that's it..its news understated. Not loud and obnoxious.
Yet,its not "Farm News". No,it walks the steady line of hard news or the county fair.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

77f feels just fine. Warm enough.

This is what the rest of the country wishes it had. August sun and a high of 77f maybe 80f later..then a cool evening. Perfect temps.  Lets BBQ.

KPIX..needs some tweeking.

I've been watching. The problem isn't Veronica De Castro or old as dirt Bastida,..its their news reporters are dull. No Laura or Lynns. No Leslie or Scott or Fariq or Will...KPIX has no personality to their reporters. Maybe they hire and fire them too the A's of newscasts. I cant think of a KPIX reporter off the top of my head. Ch2 is starting to go down that road...

Julie Glass? She has a very high bar...Finley and Vacar invented Consumer reporter. She's going to have to really do a Stanley Roberts and just get in people's faces to make an impact.

KPIX needs a Betty Ann Bruno.

Did Heenan belch during the story on indigestion?

Cathy Heenan the other day started to read a news story about indigestion..then stopped and said "excuse me". The film was showing, she wasn't on camera,so I'm not sure if he she burped or held back a sneeze. I want to go with burp since it makes a better story, and you know - "power of suggestion" etc....

Could law enforcement be a tad bit humble?

"Thanks to the supreme ability's of our members who are equaled by none by the highest standards of the universe".." we caught that tagger. Lol.  Its now mandatory to pat themselves on the back with hyperbole squared.
Jeezuz,They wear out the Thesaurus with self promoting words.

 Imagine if a sports team did that after every win? Just bragged the hell out of what they just did " Yeah we did it,We are brilliant,arteest masters of the craft of baseball" said the last place A's after beating last place Cleveland. "We know the public needs our highest level".  Sure.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Damon Bruce dont get it no. 4,985. "Sorority girls"

Once more..why he isn't bay area.  Times change dude. Girls of color want a chance at being considered beautiful enough for a southern sorority and the college experience that goes with it that leads to a hugely improved life that creates.
So,enough of, for blonds only.
Man,you really have a Bronx bar mindset to life don't you? Strong beats weak seem right. Smart takes from dumb seems normal to you...but that's not the whole or best way or even natural. I will explain to you why one day Damon my boy.

I support shooting punks.

Shoot,shoot them,shoot them all. Shoot the showboaters, sideshowers,and the showers. All of them. Shoot all them gun carriers,the runners,the hot rodders,the loud and noisy. Shoot them. Break into a car and run? Shoot them. Steal camera's ,necklace's? Shoot them. I support Police shooting them.

Now,don't shoot 13 year olds. Dont shoot mentally ill having the worst day in their life.

But punks? I'm for that.  I support law enforcement 100% on that.

Bye Bye Baby and Waltzing Matilda..

Some songs from old.old,old days can still make the hair go up on the back of the neck. Innocent fun days. Michael rowed the boat ashore....If I had a hammer.
Close to you.  Its always summer with those songs.

Of course I knew.

Mo is headed to Afghanistan. I guess I was so angry I wrote Pakistan. But,I knew. His local out reach was only to the Afghan community at Hayward. Them,and rich white people.
Yeah,I knew.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Stan,Mo,and KGO.

They would love to call me crackpot. Except I've been right. I predicted Mo's predicament at SJS a year before it happened and said why. On BASG blog. In black and white.  I was the first person in the country to catch and call out ESPN for racist Lin black and white,again BASG blog. He chose like the rest of the local mainstream media to give me no credit whatsoever. Then or now.
I called Nancy Snyderman's fiaso before it hit the fan. Like I saw the future because of her ego. That's in black and white.
Same for Tim Lincecum,Huff and Russell. Before the media ever uttered a word I said that Russell seemed like a very depressed man. Probably a self medicater. Food,drugs.. I was right. Dead on right.
I could go and on..sports,politics,life. How can you be a crack pot if your right? Talk about spin! Not one columnist at The Chronicle or Mercury did what I did. Not Matier and Ross,not Kawakami. I said from day one- the stadium on the bay will never be allowed.NEVER. Kawakami never said that. What the hell does he know about the environmental sciences? I was right.

One local media will ever call me out because of that. THAT,and I will be on them forever.

Let me tell you all...if I can do that from my couch,then lord knows what games and deals media makes before they bring you the news. Or what they DON'T bring you.

ABC KGO7's Dan Ashley, lightweight.

You wouldn't know social needs if it bit you on the ass.

More on Mo and ABC 7 propaganda.

Because he set up a meeting with Cheryl Jennings and the Afghan dictator, Dan Ashly groveled a thank you.
Sure,Mo is going to work to open Afghanistan eyes to woman's equality so they don't have to wear a burka as Jennings did. No,wait,Mo isn't into changing that. He likes that.
Mo at SJS didn't do a damn thing for the community. He didn't give a damn about San Jose or about the people of San Jose. He left  CSU eastbay to sit at the feet of Woz and Silicon Valley and rub elbows with the rich. I don't see tears from San Jose State students- do you Dan Ashley?
Mo at EAstbay did his best to build a wall between his castle tower and the local people. Blocked  parking..had the campus police harass dog walkers. Mo Is an asshole.
Too bad when they blew up the Tower of Hayward- Mo and the hierarchy of CSU weren't in it.  Yeah,seeing that blown up..what vindication and irony that was.

And if anybody thinks Mo isn't right wing,and not going to Afghanistan to simply mediate money,then they don't know his history. Mo never gave a damn about the melting pot. Inclusive? He didn't know what the phrase meant.
And just watch..when he see's the need to make big money? He will return to the USA.

Cut this out and put in your scrap book of your American results.

Good riddance Mo. You conned ch7,but not me.

Yeah,consult. Its what you do. You sure as hell never did anything for Eastbay and its host city. That's a fact.
And ch7, may choose to believe what you tell them,but I wouldn't doubt your right wing views are going to involve much American bashing in private. Even how you got ahead...all good old boy CSU.
I laugh, YOU a uniter? LOL.

btw- Did I not predict your fiasco at SJS?  Sure I did. Nobody at ch7 had a clue.  Those are facts.

I don't give a damn about your charm and smoozing. You hired a cheating A.D. another great Mo decision.

KNTV weatherwoman bringing back the 70's and Avocado.

Man,she really loves green. I bet her refrigerator is Avocado green with burnt edgings. We had one!

Kruger a normal man with Kate.

His voice is even different. Relaxed,friendly. No woman sports hater now. As a matter of fact I think I heard him ask Kate to tell him more about the "LGBLT community". I think I heard that...wink,wink. Hold the Mayo.

I guess Radnich DOES hate Kate Scott.

wow- She's talking with Kruger as host right from the gitgo. With Radnich she can go the first hour without one word that isn't leading to a commercial break.
 Leiberman must have got that right. "Don't speak until a I ask you to" is the Scott- Radnich version.
"Kay-Tee-Scott" my ass.

Her and Kruger are harder to read...but he lets her talk. Radnich does not.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ok,it was HOT today-lol.

I partially retract!  Big news huh?

The A's total humiliation. L.L. quality fielding,pitching,itching.

I laughed- lol,lull's,HA! when that ball bounced between Coco Crisp and somebody new next to him...TWICE in a row.
Billy Beane has his dream...just reaming A's fans in the ass upside down and sideways. Billy is like a madman while he goes all Deliverance on the A's fans,players...humanity.

Lou Wolff accepts this as his way to do business. John Fisher says "I inherited my money fair and rectangular" plus,"I'm not spending a dime more then a penny" Squeeeeak.

What a game today...If  Ray Fosse and Glenn Kuiper didn't sound like they were announcers for the lame and afflicted lepers of Hawaii baseball team..then WHAT did they sound like?. Whew..lost for words they were.
Almost me too.

Patrick Connors must puke when "Talk'in Baseball" is on.

One of Marty Luries "theme songs"..blehh. Is it a joke about Ned Flanders and if he liked sports? A funny sarcastic song ode to George fucking Will?
If not, at least get a woman to sing it. Its THE WORST baseball song that takes itself serious I ever heard. Pathetic that the station that plays the beloved "Bye Bye Baby" soils itself with that dreck of a song "Talkin Baseball"
 Patrick Connors is on that show? When did the Gi-rines get soft spoken and Goo-Goo?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The "hot" bay area. Uhuh.

In the real bay area...the flatlands or hills of SF, we have no real heat. Even if it hits 90f..that takes a half day to get there...and then by 8pm,its about 70 or 75.  If you have good ventilation you still don't need an air conditioner.
I don't consider Pleasanton or Walnut Creek or south of San Jose "the bay area" me that's central or northern Cali. Same for Wine country. Its the local TV stations trying to embrace the big spenders who live where they are away from the melting pot.   I also don't think where they get icy cold or Tule fog in winter is bay area.
If it feels bay area? Its bay area.

I guess I could be more positive or complimentary.

BUT it feeeels so good to vent. Usually on liars and bs artists.

Why post over and over "They seem nice"? about the good ones. You want to read that?

Meredith Vieira and her black eye.

That looks like a punch. That kind of shiner right on the cheek.   I guess going on TV and claiming she fell in the dark- the oldest excuse in the world of battered woman- on top of her own storys of taking abuse in previous relationships...and on top of her being very flirty, I know I never bought she was still happily devoted,I think she's a glutton for punishment by staying married to somebody she should have moved on from years ago.

The whole thing she does with her husband...never seemed authentic. I wouldn't doubt her fast wit and humor went to pure dig in an argument..and he let her have it.  All a guess.

 She COULD have fallen in the dark being too dumb to put the light on...but man, that black and blue mark has an almost perfect fist shape.

And why go on TV?   Its payback...she denies but her hubby now has to see her tell the world she "fell in the dark".
She didn't put the light on?.

Friday, August 14, 2015

BarryThompkins,Mark Purdy,and I skip Yahoo.

Two golfing buddy guests of Ted Griggs,republican.  That means we have to listen to Purdy defend Lou Wolff,and Thompkins point out Juan Marichal was ov-er,-ra-ted as they speak in baseball.

I put it on about 5 after...I left about 7 after. Talk about killing a show. Two boring country clubbers.

I wanted something besides wildfires and sex offenders on the news at 5. Maybe Thomkins starts fires and Purdy is..
I don't even know what that means... but I'm disgusted with Comcast and Yahoo sports. Stepford sports.

Radnich and Asian sportscaster. One of them who wants to be one of us

That's not a quote. Let me explain. Two weeks ago he had a guest. An Asian sportscaster for NFL fantasy football. The guy was very friendly and told Radnich that when he lived in the bay area he listened to Radnich.
Radnich just about yawned. I mean even on Radio his tone of voice had the fat man leaning back with "What do I care" 'tude. I listened to all of it. Radnich slow drawled..I mean no matter how nice the guy was too Radnich,Raddy was talking down to him. Dismissive, bored, big time.

A few days later Radnich was in his happy high puppy voice just filled with "Do you really love me?!"  to Bip Roberts.

The contrast was amazing.

Oh man,does the media need a cleaning out.

And Diane? If he tries to grope you ..hit him with a spiked club. Several times.

Darya doesnt need Radnich.

She's humping the longstanding producer of the news. Its the other way around. Radnich HAS to stay on the Darya good side. Radnich is despicable in how he stays on air. He uses people,takes advantage. If brownnosing is needed- he does that too. He then puts the blame on "feeding my family". Yeah,like it isn't him to be that way?
Darya knows it. She says and over about Radnich "You and I could never be a couple" live on air. She doesn't have his bigotry or xenophobia or the other things Radnich can't hide.

Darya is in the higher ScientoloKRON order.

Who at Yahoo,wanted to get Ann Killion?

Hearing Radnich just grovel and degrade himself to make the Larry Baer story of near biblical accomplishments, brought me back to last week or so.
I have never heard an open mic. on that show for more then a brief moment and a word or two go out before the commercials start. But,Ann was in the green room (as we in the trade call it) not on stage. The more I think of it,that HAD to be a case of a producer hearing Ann just mock away at Baer..and went for it. Turned on her mic. and let her go on. How could that be an accident? SHE WAS NOT ON STAGE.  Why would her mic. be on? Why wasn't the other guests?

Radnich..he's just in awe of Larry Baer. "I watched him rise"...Like Gary Radnich really gives a shit about Larry Baer.
What do you expect of somebody who takes up a handicapped parking spot at his jobsite?

Stan on Birdman and Hollyork.

I got to see the movie that won all the awards. Oof,it was tough sledding to watch that.

Let me tell you all why: There are certain topics you can do in movies and critics will NEVER give you a bad review. Killing Nazi's is the biggest one. Name one movie about that topic that the critics panned or said was bad. Not one. Never happens no matter how dull that movie is. 4 stars always.

New,Birdman.  It was so pro New York,so in love with every nook and cranny,every nut and rusty bolt, that guaranteed good review/awards. The dialogue was 100% like a play or song that ends with "New Yoooork!!!!!" To the rest of us...a snoozer. Gee,the leading man got the cynical hot blond? What a surprise.
One weird thing about Birdman is how waspy it is for a NY set movie. I never saw a brown person,Asian, somebody not even pretty. In New York?

I think that's the fantasy New York "What it used to be before the Jews and Puerto Ricans and blacks took over." I don't remember reading anybody point that out in a review. I could see it clear as a bell. The bell wasn't even slightly blurry. Nope,crystal clear. Like the 1920's- 1940's Hollywood New York.

I could even write about Mikey Keaton doing Mikey Keaton for two hours. Young people into movies never see that established actors all fall into being themselves movie after movie. Eastwood is Clint,Nicholson is himself for 50 years in a row. And Al Pacino..all Attica all the time. None of them act anymore.

I also watched 'Erasurehead" finally. THAT is a movie.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The day Richard Rawlings ripped off Reggie Jackson.

The episodes where they "repaired and restored" a Ferrari?..then Rawlings got cold feet at the cost of doing that to a F40 that was once totaled made him sell his share to co owner Dennis the golden boy? Turned out Dennis sold the car later to Reggie Jackson for 250 grand.  Then,like he was gloating, Rawlings tells the TV audience that Reggie a year later sold it for 150 grand. A $100,000 loss in a year.
Now,Ferrari's don't lose value they say...great investments they say. So,what unexplained happened?  I think that Rawlings and his life partner Dennis did a shitty job repairing that car.  They didn't make it original..even on the show they like hillbillies talked of  "improving" that old car. I think,they made it more of a reproduction car..far less value.
And since Reggie isn't ever going to admit being taken for a ride..I'm giving you my best guess.

Food Source getting tough on shoplifters..

A year or so I reported they had stopped a pretty young lady and her just as pretty young friend with a cart full of food exiting without paying. Well,the fill in manager let them get off for some reason,and they went bouncing off to their car.
I notice,that they are not being so generous now. I've seen security running past me as the teller says- "they didnt pay".  He was hustling that guard.
Today, I go in and buying my Chocolate ice cream and bacon and Coffee with some cookies, I, as I start to pack after paying, hear a young dude in regular street clothes tell a black woman "But you didn't pay for your cart of food" He held on to the cart and another black woman in security stood by. I Guess she would be the one for any physical end any groping charges I suppose.
So,I hear the black woman tell them " I live too far from here and He's waiting in the car".. Then this: "I commend you"!..and then I was done packing. She though was staying cool and talking very fast. I'm pretty sure not being very young and attractive was what making them hold her until the Police arrived. At least she commended them.

Crime like fashion can be a fad. Now,its just take what you want and leave. That's it. Do it like you do it everyday as a job too. It used to be that's a last resort. Nope,the idea that you can toss in what Kim Kardashian does on her Rodeo Drive shopping excursions is what people in her age range think they MUST have.and then walk out without paying is the new thing. Keeping up is right.

"People who only rip other people's talents" "The low internet"

That first was by Raddy and Grant "I see Justine Waldman Nuuuuude everyday!" Lotis. The second was by Ann Killion.
I wont take it personal. But if I did? I would point out that I don't rip people who do quality work,don't take advantage of others. I also don't take on people for being individuals..I will though point out the ridiculous plastic surgery that they want us to buy into.

Ann? C'mon. If she had one tenth my guts she would have -just as I did- taken on the Giants and Lincecums fantasy or fabled  (as the Giants tell it)off field doings that ruined his career. She has guts..for mainstream. I also was first to point out Huff's alcohol stories were just too often. When I saw him holding a beer up at the parade? That reminded me of every drunk at a party. I wrote that too.

Ann is one of the better.but leaves the best in the green room. Most other mainstreamers don't even have a best.
SO lets get this straight, I have watched tv and sports for a half century. I have credentials that would make you cry.

The Bay Area,love it or leave it. Unless you can't.

As our weather gets nicer- but drier- homes are now owning gold. The whole 100% rise in value per year in some places and even a large rise in the worst makes selling out and moving tempting. Only,where to go? Do I want to drive a half hour to get milk like out in the country? And when you ain't young,then deep roots get cut.
Of course nobody is really happy if they know they can't move. Its ball and chain effect. You can recite the positives..SF,great food,easy to find places to play....but that's for extra income disposal. Without that the country life isn't too bad I suppose.but drive,drive,drive.
I would never miss punks. Did I even have to say it?..the attitude,the criminal life they worship..why would I want to be around them?
The noise..I get tired of hearing traffic as I wizz around. It just wears me down. And the unwritten laws like..If you look to see who's in the other car? Your looking for trouble they take it. I'm just looking to see who's in the other No more.

The bay area at night..when the war zone breaks out. You all know it. Take a walk on a nice summer night..if you have two friends and a huge dog. Then,no problems. Problems,if you like to do that alone.

Sometimes you just get numb to same-o.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Hummingbird feeder.

I put one up a few weeks ago. I thought it would take.I dunno..long time for them to find it. Took only a few days it turned out. They crack me up...fighting like little WW1 ace fighterplanes with each other.
Try one. Cheap thrills. Nobody gets hurt.

My take on Radnich and the black man.

"Yeah man,I might one day take you for a spin in my wheels"..he cackles. "Hey brother,word"..he says also.
Then Raddy goes to the voting booth of his mind and votes against every black candidate who wants social change and raising taxes, while he curses Obama who he said (true) gets the black vote only because he's black.

To put it another way..Raddy is tooling around the Tenderloin for awhile checking out the scene...then goes to his favorite old white mans club. "Hey Radnich,did ya hear? Rosenberg says Serena looks like an ape in the zoo,lolololo" says Aaron Conservative. Radnich laughing back ,"She does doesn't she? Sid's my kind of guy". "I have him on my show all the time. He's what every sports host should be!". Radnich says whiter then white.

Then Raddy piles back into his ride and drives a block to Soul Brother no.1's koolklub. He see's the bruthers in a group talking about crackers. "Man,if the man ever says African Americans' are like apes to me? I'm going to knock him upside his head" says RADNICH. "I don't play with racists."

The Game going blue "humor". Cannibal cop documantary.

Its that tells you its a conscious decision by management. Dan Dibbly informed listeners that High School girls now soak their tampons in Vodka. Just want you want to hear around late lunch.,Oh,its to get a buzz he explained,without the alcohol breath at non alcohol HS events. I imagine that's about all.

As for the boys? He wasn't clear on first he hinted they were sticking them up their keisters.. Ask him.

I think they are testing the waters for how far they can go on the blue talk. I would say they are a solid blue-ha.  I'm not sure where deep blue would go. Maybe cannibalism? "Yeah,says Dibs, I often wondered how my wife's hag friends would enjoy being eaten. Literally". he might say.

I saw a HBO documentary of the NY Cop who was tried for planning with friends he met online to eat his own wife. He is what everybody fears. Looks normal,.talks normal,has a normal job. And a family.
Since I'm sure you heard of him,just to let you know he's not in prison,a judge reversed his conviction and he actually put an ad on looking for a woman. "I'm not sure when to tell them" he explained with a smile. took down his membership. The show never said what or how many woman answered. I'm curious who would date a cannibal wannabe.
Interesting too is that three other "Darkfetish" guys he had made plans with were caught and convicted and sent to prison. One for 9 years. Who-wee,the Cop protection can get a little weird huh?

I think Cannibalism and THGAME go together just perfect.

Who's the Toronto GM? Houston? Pitts? Cubbies? We have Billy.

We have the most famous GM in baseball.  What do we have to show for it? The best up and coming all stars for teams not in Oakland. Vallencia? wow- what a great phee- nom.

He's gone in 2 years.

Blame the building. Blame the toilets. That's who the OAOG blames. Beane being part owner in that group.

Giants read my blog,take Pagan out of the lineup.

Why not?
Clout man. Sabean knows I know.

Where Dana King went wrong. I told you.

I was right again.  KPIX isnt going to dump their new anchors for Dana who took the job she had for granted- hell,she was successful in S.F. AND L.A.-but she pushed it too far. The Evening Magazine stories of her motorcycle club of all woman on Harley's. and.her, lets face it, "butch" hairdo and double wrong of all gray hair wasn't what KPIX signed up for.

They had hired the hot MILF with long tresses of auburn hair,hoop earings and big doe eyes. In her prime.

Then the dull scissors hairdo showed up. I do recall local media types were wondering if KPIX was going to take her off the air. After all,about that time a big story was the southeast station had taken a black woman off air for going Dreadlocks. Remember?   I think,that they thought (KPIX) that Dana was sort of backing them into a corner.

So,when she announced (if true) that she WANTED to leave the job a few years later,I bet a few at KPIX management sighed relief.  And times have changed,management wont hesitate to can a anchor who does a makeover without station approval. More now then ever,they hate anchors getting older. If it wasn't good then,its horrible now.

KNTV's green weatherwoman. As in wears green everyday.

Let me guess. Her favorite color is green?

African Americans who embarrass themselves with Radnich.

Hearing Bip Roberts turn into Stepen Fetchit and Rochester all in one " Boss,we brothers all love you". No,Bip,only the idiot brothers like you and Shooty and Monte . You embarrass people of color all over the world.
You "love" the man who idolizes Sid Rosenberg (Serena is an ape who belongs in the zoo", the man who loves Larry "Black south americans have shit for brains" Kruger, the man who opposes President Obama,and does love Trump. Oh,did I leave out his support of Donald Silver "set up" by that half mexican half black genius lover?

All it takes for Radnich to get them eating out of his hand is "I like to fuck black woman"..and the rest of black music entertainment if he could...but African American politics that actually deal with the real world?...that he's against. THEN,African Americans don't know whats right.

The Shooty's and Bips and Monte's and Clarence Thomas's of the world are part of the problem.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

KRON CULT..more evidence...

It was said that Brian Van Akins hated Radnich- asked not to be on the news with him. If that was ever true,its changed 100%.
The KRON voodoo- Scientology like goings on have made him a Radnich man,in a big way.

Raddy's wife even bragged Akins "baby sat our kids". For free..eeeww shudder. Now he's a Zomnich.

He's owned.

If he resists like Vanessa Balzic had done..he would be banished like she has been. Career over. shudder!
 Vanessa should have twirked as commanded by Radnich. She kept her self esteem,lost her job.

Also..KRON has closed the border to Latino reporters. Other then Marty, as weekend anchor, I guess they stick to their own religion.

I wouldn't doubt for a second Pam, Gary, and Aaron wear "special" robes off air. If you catch my drift.

Amy G. Nichole Wallace Savannah Guthrie. All from the same good looking tribe.

So,what is it about white girls with overbite and a lisp that is so girly girl and cute? The mentioned three look alike,sound alike. They aren't the only three..but off the top of my head and current.  Dentists might say they should have had braces..but,the real world loves the look.
Amy Gutierrez and Nichole Wallace are doppelgangers and hot. Wallace,is the only one with sex appeal on the View left.  Rosy Perez is not quite in the drop dead great looking category. And she's a conservative dresser,so throws cold water.
When you want to impress the crowd,you go Nichole,Amy,Savannah.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Dog and baby commercial. And KNTV baby.+Jim's boy.

I don't even know what they were advertising...but the baby trying to tie up the calm as can be Retrievers ears was a laugher. Like the most patient dog in the world.

Same for KNTV...some story about something...but the shot of a chubby Asian baby smiling AND sticking his tongue out at the same time was an all day chuckler to think about it. As Scott said, "adorable" And I myself don't use that word lightly.  But,It was.

The little boy who asked Harbaugh how much milk he should drink to grow up and be a quarterback?  Oh,man..warmed the coldest hearts- right?

Giants have a pagan in centerfield,not an angel..

He's fast becoming the worst centerfielder I ever saw. I never heard of eroding centerfielding skills before. Hitting,speed,throwing,yes..but not knowing how to run under a ball seemed unforgettable until Angel Pagan came to the Giants.  Yeah,he's slumping..but all players slump. But forget how to judge a fly ball?..he's already in the Jose Canseco "its going to bounce off his head" zone.

Its sad to see a Giant named Pagan go bad.

Kathy Lee says goodbye cheat,and Woman spends 9mill on bail for addict.

Kathy Lee's formal statement pretty much had "I was loyal to that cheat" all over it.

 And the black woman who won the powerball and told the media she was going to create trust funds for her children and help the sick and poor? She has a drug dealing boyfriend and spent 9mill of that money getting him out of prison. "A fool and her money is soon parted"..true,true,true.   Even Trump went bankrupt- at least once.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Danny Valencia,the Yankee's best new star. In 2017.

I picked the right guy to feature did I not?  He's the perfect rep of all the A's do to fuck up our team. It's Beane's Groundhogs. Our new team name.

Tomsula from the Soprano's school of speech.

Yo,youse hears me? He ain't on de team. no moe. Capiche?

wow,Months and maybe years of that?  God Bless the Melting Pot....home sweet hommmmmme...

KTVU news weekend morning Republican.

Ross Belvedere? or is it Chauncy? Chase?  Whatever.   He looks as condescending as he can be. Typical of a new KTVU hire.   WM,conservative, paired with ethnic female.
Claudine is looking good. You dont see many Chinese American woman as dark as her. Same with the puffy lips. Maybe she's not Chinese?  All she says is "female" on her FB. She might be Cambodian married to a Chinese dude.
Today she was feeling the end of the show,she turned her back to the camera and walked with a wiggle to her booty as the shot faded away. Nice.

I was right again...why Raddy has no cable show.

I called it.  Radnich last week said that "One side isn't making the money as the other side" about why his knbr show isn't on Comcast.  That's exactly what I had said months ago. Comcast found that giving so much free air time-- they couldn't fill all the commercial time knbr creates- wasn't good business. So,they make more showing soccer repeats.
Radnich did say they are still talking...but would Cumulus take a cut in pay? Is Comcast a charity? So,its probably a dead deal.

Danny Valencia will play for what team next year?

When you read BANG's beat writer of the day or Sue Slusser beam over a new A's player..whats the point? The A's are a farm team..we polish their skills and let them star for a real MLB team.
There are no  Willy Mays- Barry Bonds- Buster Posey's EVER for Billy Beane. Nobody for A's fans to look forward too.
Lets hope Danny is more Daric Barton..sub mediocre,but a Billy favorite. THEN we can see a player for years. Hit .220.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

More evidence KRON is like a decide.

How strange that Jackie Bennet and, I think Darya, had Mark Danon as their agent. Weird! he negotiates with Pero and KRON honcho's that he himself needs to please to stay employed?

How does that EVER play to the benefit of Danons "clients?"

I mean,isnt there the temptation to wink wink get Jackie (when she was there) to take less so as to make KRON happy to have Mark around?

I get the feeling Jackie and a few others at KRON were being screwed by the whole incest thing,Scientology like KRON.

btw- I don't see Diane Huazon getting into ANY Jackie like banter with the clown in sports. If anything she has the look of terror he's going to say something to her.

Richard Rawlings old enough for colon cancer now. Begin.

As I hear the parade of V-8 shitty Mustangs all day...I think how much society would be better off without a peddler like Rawlings and his kind. Ironic too,That I notice those guys never seem to have a,they ride around with other guys who have no interest in sports, and girls have no interest in them.

Just like Richard Rawlings and his little goldenboy Dennis. ahh.Cute. You ever seen a scene with Rawlings tooling around with a chick that isn't an employee? Or a customer? huh?

Matt Cain can sure throw the ball down the middle.

Sooner or later..he just softens up and his pitches are t-ball quality. Only,sooner is much more often then later nowadays.
He's got fat contractitis. It means,just show up and pretend you are fighting.  Like Zito,Rowand,Huff,and another dozen Giants before him.
Cain's arm might hurt why push it he figures? He's not telling.

The Giants are down to two starters and one isn't starting. His ham bone hurts.

Christina Loren in Mexico with Juan.

Who's Juan? I guess her husband. Celebrating their one year anny.

No mention of her future and she still is posting bay area heatwaves on FB.

I have to check out Jackie Bennet.....
She's in San Diego and not a friend of Radnich.

Radnich to Moore "You're not worth what KRON pays you".

In a brutal bit of honesty Radnich said the above.  Moore,then gave him the cold stare. She didn't laugh.

When sports was over she did the glum face and went to commercial with no "We love you Gary" this Friday.

Now,she COULD have said something back. But,KRON is a cult.That means the subordinates take it from the males above.

When the dominate male humiliates you live on TV, you axe for more. Besides,she isn't worth what KRON pays her.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Greg Papa and Cecil the Lion.

Just a reminder that my point was proved and that asshole jokes about abused animals is NEVER funny. You see Greg? You see that I was right?..Everybody else does.

Alicia on the Raddy marriage as interpreted by Stan.

Interpreted and between the lines and body language using my PH.D in life: "Eh,20 years down and maybe 10 to go before he croaks and I find a man who takes me to Europe,down the Nile to see the pyramids,to France and the Riviera at Cannes."   "No Viagra wait time"  . "No mention of knbr,kron sports or scores"..just the tinkle of Champagne glasses on our African photo Safari."
 That's a quote.

Bochy slipping? Some bad calls.

Even the post game crew hinted that Bruce has been too slow to do something the last few games..the other teams are playing for keeps and Bruce is simply going by his old "I stick with them"..only too long. They also want Blanco instead of Pagan who does really seem to be getting worse as a defensive fielder. He without a doubt takes some Charlie Brown/Jerry Lewis circling under the ball...and then it goes by him.
I dont see Pagan as a guy who would take advise from coaches. Hence his compadre Blanco is wanted.

The Giant hitters will only cover the pitching for so long or so much. They have a history of going cold when the pitchers do. Once again,that results in a streaky team. Right now I wouldn't trust any Giant starter that isn't Bum.  Cain is not able. Peavey is always on the edge...Westin is having sophomore blues in his first full year. Vogey since the day Melky was outed? You can point to that day Voges returned to average. Why, is only something only the lord can answer. Leake may be leaking with his sore hammy.   The pressure of being the gunslinger other teams want to take down might be wearing on the team.

Cathy Heenan breaks the Smith story for KRON!

It was the KRON Princess who gave the shocking sports story of the day leading off the prime time news. Old man Radnich was at home napping.

Well,you know he has to rest to make money for KNBR. KRON is just his hobby.

When was the last time Mark Purdy blamed an ownership?

Says it all.

Yep,I was right,Aldon sent packing.

I called it. Not that it was my greatest call..but I called it. I didn't hear thegame or knbr say he would be cut.

I don't feel too sorry for Smith..he's going to be rewarded with another contract with another team.  This year or next.

JaMarcus was still getting trials after 2 years without playing and still fat.

Aldon Smith a perpetual juvy.

You cant give some young people millions and expect them to see themselves as just another person. Its why Rock stars feel the need to tear apart a hotel room when the rest of us pretty much like them. Nothing to get us angry. Fresh sheets,neatly made beds. Fine with me.
Aldon Smith must be an addict..Alcohol or drugs or both. He's as reliable as the Hayward Fire Chief. They both sound alike about "never again's"
Right now,you would think his time with the 49ers is over. Ray McDonald isn't as bad as Aldon ...on paper. Harbaugh was fired for simply not being likeable. Jed surely has to can Aldon. Or lose any credibility.

BUT, Its the NFL where the Brady's and the Ray Lewis'es get away with cheating in the Super Bowl all the way to murder. The NFL even throws those guys a parade.

Young multimillionaires with nobody to slap them down.

You know this reminds me of a true story. Years ago a young bull Elephant that had been raised in captivity as an orphan was released back to the wilds of Africa.  As it had never been socialized it instead of blending in went rogue- became a killer Elephant. It attacked and killed Rhino's,Hippos,other smaller elephants,whatever crossed its path. Then they got the idea to trap a larger wild bull Elephant from a more crowded animal preserve and place it in the same territory as the orphan elephant.
Sure enough,it worked. Instinctively it knew not to challenge the much bigger and older wild bull. And,it also gave up being a killer as it seemed to imitate the wise older elephant that was of a calmer presence.

That's what so many young people need..including the stinking rich young with no boundaries.,

Sue Slusser just embarrasses jouralists everywhere.

Her spin today on the A's "future" leaves out all common sense or truth. The A's wont sign Gray because he's a pitcher? They won't sign Gray because Billy Beane is a jackass sell out. THAT'S the truth. She's just an embarrassment.

The A's are in last because Billy Beane and Wolff and Fisher,want a turd team. Turd teams are cheap to field and then collect MLB welfare in the off season. THAT's Bean's strategy and has been since he became part of the "Oakland Athletic Ownership Group"

Its just insulting to fans for her to still be covering that team. She's so much in Beane's back pocket she has the smell of ass on her.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kate takes another day off. Raddy does show half nude.

You would think with  Kruger taking the week off...Kate Scott would relish to get in and talk away the hours. Or that Radnich would put her in the Larry chair like he did when they were on cable. But,now that he's NOT on cable,Radnich see's no publicity to make him look good and probably told Kate to stay 8 feet away like as always.

She's not leaving vacation days on the table for 9-12.

Well,he wasn't wearing his sportcoat on KRON.  The excuse?  The excuse is what I have been reporting..he shows up as late as he can and just does his job half ass now.
Unless you think he wants people to see his gut hanging over his belt?

Carly Fiorino has too much easy money.

She's just cant retire and let the embarrassment of her nearly bankrupting HP behind her. She talks a good game..I guess that's how she went from stock room to big chief at HP. Her ex husband giving her a catchy last name helped too.
But..she has no chance to zero chance. With her views and skills,that's the way it should be.

Some Giant observations...

Brian Wilson is now ripped by local media. Pence is praised. To me,Pence and Wilson are cut from the same cloth. I would think anybody can see that. I guess it takes my geniusness?

 Peavy- He's part of the trend in MLB of pitchers with strange mechanics. With Peavy its that funny leg kick he does after the throws the ball. Like some bowler who's sure he just threw a strike, body language. Also- those young A's pitchers look more like they throw,not pitch. Ya know? bad windups that end with "I'll just throw the hell out of the ball". Its just more of the trend in MLB. Bumgarner the sidearmer..

AND  Roberto Kelly is killing the Giants with his hold signs at third. If there is one coach who's flaws can stand out? Its the third base coach. You have to get it right Roberto. The Giants last couple of close losses would have been wins-maybe- if you hadn't stopped the tying run at third.

Mark Purdy,a Wolff's lap dog.

"Oakland can't keep two teams".  They kept three for over half a century. It wasn't until Purdy's other employer- Wolff came along with daddy rich John Fisher that the A's stumbled. The Raiders? Lets see,they moved for no reason,came back years later and extorted millions from taxpayers...and then put near two decades of crap teams on the field.  Who's fault is that?

Let me tell ya- Candlestick was better for the 49ers then being the Santa Clara 49ers. Its crazy that Frisco didn't do a thing to stop that. I do recall the local media never complained. My oh my,do they take handouts.

Funny too,the new SC stadium looks crappy. Low rent. At least Candlestick had a look...a mid 20 th century post WW2 America of prosperity and a belief in flying saucers. Candlestick looked like a spaceship. Talk about an icon field.

The Raiders will do what history has shown they do.Alienate die hard fans..go where they  are just another team,and then Mark Davis will complain the team is struggling because team bath towels promised never came. Like John Fisher,free wealth means they can never be wrong.

And BANG needs to hire better sports writers. These guys? Never fool anybody.

Repub debates,Jon Stewart...all overrated.

Its going to be a bash Obamathon and wild crazy flat earth politics. Its going to be who's first at embarrassing himself and make the news that way. Already Trump is patting himself on the back that he called the death of the Pleasanton woman. Lucky for Trump she was good looking otherwise its just another senseless gun killing. A usual blip on the news. So,by stirring up the bigots he's got some steam.

Jon Stewart is funny. He says funny things. But the hype of royalty abdicating his throne is way overboard. Same for Letterman. I guess its now more tradition to puff up the late night power with the endless goodbye articles.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Greg Papa needs to learn from Walter Palmer.

I think he gets why I wanted to tear his head off. If he's smart.

I get Kelly Osbourne..she's right.

Mexican American groups have said for years,immigrants accept jobs that Americans born here wont do. Necessary but hard and low paid jobs.  The fields,construction,and janitorial.
That's what she meant.

Yahoo names Hayward as one of the ten "Luckiest citys to live in".

Like what I said last year..houses are skyrocketing there as Yahoo headlines...near 90% a year.  In the top ten in the whole USA. Golf courses right next to guys who pimp walk. Seen it. All the time.
How come I don't feel so lucky?

And yes..when I'm out there,I see open rolling hills of beauty to the left...and the punks to the right. And jalopy hot rods.

81,000 page views..I'm popular.

A little late for the 8 even. But,what I said at 60 K? same only add 21k more.
Unlike Radnich I'm not BS you with his version of life. And unlike Pam Moore,I've gotten darker not lighter as I age. Huh.

Lets review the crimes I have survived...

A woman was killed crossing a freeway entrance.
A cop was shot at near my church. Suspect arrested.
A neighbor 1/2 block down shot and robbed . Probably a punk victim.
Another hit and run a few blocks away- So far all this was on TV,except for the half block shooting. I only learned of that when Police knocked on my door.
A dead body found in a abandoned business..3 blocks? We used to take our car there for repairs years ago. Never found the killer.
Police shot and killed a barfighter 2 blocks away.  He had left a bar that my brother used to hang out in the 70's. And get in fights.
A woman gets hit by a train. Dead.
A officer shot dead blocks from my church. Punk arrested.
And numerous car crashes.

That's over the last year or so. I skipped way backs.  Wayback, if included, would mention the Mayor -George Oakes-running over a woman and killing her while driving drunk. He never spent a day in jail.  I guess you can see why the Fire Chief is babied.
When I hit the lotto, I'm moving. Until then,I just fight back.

And,Stanley Roberts has made this city no.2 for people behaving badly . Frisco is still.1. I think we beat Oakland- yeah!.uhuh.

Lonnie Franklyn might have killed 200 black woman. Nobody cared.

When you see the hype of a great looking young and well off blond "who loved to travel"..or a police officer sent away like king Tut, you shouldn't wonder why people of color get angry. Because low income people are slaughtered everyday and those murders are unsolved 80% of the time.
Take Lonnie Franklyn who for 25 years killed black woman in Los Angeles and the LAPD did nothing. They had his vehicle described and a recording of his voice telling them happily where they could find a corpse. National outrage? Not even a ripple. Most were hookers or drug addicts,some were nurses or other single woman.
So,after all the evidence from the first killing to the 12th or so..police should have solved the killing spree. It went on another 20 years. Just nobody cared.
He was caught by pure fluke..dna of his son who was arrested matched Franklyn's. So,they easily traced it back to dad for the other killings. Fluke.  And that was right up to 2010. wow.
You see not only has this country become separated by income,we are now being separated by crime. Its a huge crime if the victim is a pretty blue eyed blond or official -police-firefighter-mayor- and those that we have "too much of". lol.
I mean even FOX news has described it as "Pretty White Girl" syndrome. That's a message to hit hard huh all you none pretty and ...

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hayward Fire Chief,4 DUI's. Zero tolerance? Has 6 tolerances for him.

When low paid city workers get the zero tolerance speech when they are let go? Hayward's Fire Chief gets 4 dui's, 1 fistfight, with another co worker,and he ignores emergency's- probably because he's drunk. So that's a six tolerance policy- lol.

That crazy city even had him sign an agreement to not do illegal acts or be fired! The horse out of the barn usually applies here..but since he's so out of control and has a alcoholic problem (that he isn't made to treat,unbelievably) that I think there is a great chance he can't go too long without failing the grade. Only now,he will go all out to hide his actions. Why not pay off people to keep quiet? Its that or lose the job.

To hear the city manager just pooh-pooh his troubled history is the worst good old boy ism around. With him? people could burn to death.
I would have fired him.
Fire. Ironic.

Matt Cain sure snookered the Giants.

"I might not pitch so well if I don't get my contract settled" he said two years ago.  He got the contract and pitches worse.
He knew his arm was going bad. No wonder he always had the ice wrapped like he broke his elbow the last few years. I think,he's only playing out his contract ala Zito and Rowan..then retire or bounce without a care for a team or two ,then go fishing.
Millions of dollars for nothing. wow. The ultimate welfare for Cain.

Radnich rips Brian Wilson for being like Radnich.

I dont get how his ego allows him to rip others who are just like him. Wilson is a "showoff ,look at me type" Why is that different from Gary watch me all day Radnich? "Nobody will hire him"..yeah,Lets see who would hire Radnich for more then minimum wage now. Of course,being Brian Wilson was so wrong he's retired at 29 or 30. Radnich still has to call people "boss" at 66,and Tweet.  Dance,old fat boy.

Raddy went could feel Kate Scott being tied up in knots keeping quiet.

Monday, August 3, 2015

The bay areas no.1 phony anchor? Pam Moore! by a landslide

The new weather woman at KRON must be sweating at seeing what it takes to be in the KRON Cult.  Moore is so plastic and its obvious.  All Radnich has to say is he stepped in dog poop...and she falls on the floor laughing. She goes into hysterics as her Joker like grin stays frozen.
KRON is not news..its a TV Cult..with Priests like Radnich and Priestesses like Moore,willing to do anything to get a rating point. They will use anybody. Even the family. Even the dog.
Moore must have grown up thinking Hee-Haw is the ways news should be. Complete with blond haired girls.
The Cult of  KRON.   Watch it with lit candles.

The only place to find a real bay arean is HERE,on my blog.

Born in Alameda,grew older in Oakland and still in the blue collar "eastbay" I take a liberal stance since a conservative stance would be the past. And the olde days were never that good for people of color. Who wants to go back to that?
I'm not neo bay area, I haven't adopted anything. I'm original. I move with people of all types and colors. No,sticking to my own kind just because of race or religion. Isn't that bay area?
And I call SF "Frisco". Its always been that to the blue collar..fuck the effete like Herb Cane and high society who can't possibly stand real American speak.
The Raiders rule..not the godawful broadway musical costumed 49ers. The Giants?..hold there own. They were here first with Willie Mays. Even die hard A's fans stand when Willie's name is invoked. The Warriors have always been more popular with blue collar fans..I guess thats ending with Lacob wanting to move and the ticket prices.

Lake's Elizabeth and Chabot..great picnicking. Shadow cliffs.

I like integration. Unlike 415 I dont see how advocating for all one religion to talk host can make you an honest critic. I like theGame more for its diversity then I do KNBR.  KNBR is in a time warp. The same hosts,the same opening themes "I do smell cash" I'm ready to go,etc"  The same everything. That's not bay area.

Its why I can rip away..I'm not hearing anything that sounds local. These TV and Radio people almost admit they bypass most of the bay area on days off and run to wine country,quaint coastal cities. I go to the San Jose flea market, maybe the Oakland Zoo.
I don't like quaint. Quaint means expensive or paying more to prove you have more. I like coupons and  discount thrift stores. Saving money makes me happy. Oh,I miss greenstamps. What great ashtrays you could get.
And when punks pick on me now. I just teach them a lesson. Never pick on somebody 100x smarter then you. AND a real bay arean.

Natash Zouves took down her FB page.

I don't know why. She's Greek-Chinese and that about is all I could find out with casual surfing.
Maybe she wants a fresh start on ch7 without the burden of photos of her and San Diego people. She's all S.F. now.
Enjoy the near total lack of warm weather of the City, Natasha.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Fire Billy

Should be one. And take Wolff and Daddy's boy Fisher with him.

Even Kawakami can't find praise for Beane.

On Yahoo last I saw him,he couldn't find something to praise Beane for. Kawakami actually looked downright depressed.

He looked like Woopi Goldberg admitting that Bill Cosby was evil.

Just like that.

People praised by Gary Radnich.

R.Kelley "He's a genius" he said about the pedo singer.
Richard Nixon "History proves he was right"..It did? In what universe was that?
Donald Silver "He was set up"..yeah,that was his first take.
Sid Racist Rosenberg. "What a sportscaster should be "  Apartheid South Africa? or Selma 1962?
Lee Hammer . Ask Ralph.
Michael Jackson "All those boys lied" I think Radnich also supports Jerrod of Subway fame. A pattern.
Rush Limbaugh,Bill O Reilly,Mike Savage,Donald Trump. High praise from Raddy.
Jim Kozimor "I don't believe in affirmative action or equal opportunity"  To the right of Dylan Roof I guess. Raddy says "I'm a Koz kind of guy" no kidding.

Keeping my dobbers up.

On other boards I have a pleasant personality. Not a split personality,but I'm talking to normal people. Nice people.
But as you saw on 415,when it comes to politics and big business..nice is out the window.

On other boards nobody is posting they drive high or park in handicapped zones.

Nor,is there a sickening alliance supported by big business- especially local sports. Truth is out the window with them. They will even use the excuse they do it to feed the family..the last resort of a devious con artist is to use his kids- right?
And you notice,even Leiberman caved in. He knows most of what he posted that was anti Stan was by the enemy..and the others by him. I lasted because people wanted me to post.

The Chron,The BANG..blocked me. Not because I abused the system..but I told the truth. My opinions hit big bay area sport nerves. Ask Beane,Lincecum and Lacob.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Guys'Gals ripped by Radnich. I guess a badge of honor.

When Radnich praised Racist Rosenberg as what a sports host should be it reminds me of what I always have said,"If Gary rips you,you must be a swell fellow".
A list.
Mike Schuman "Thinks he's smarter then reporters who didn't play the game"..sez raddy. Mike must be a great guy then.
Rick Quan "Thinks he's one of us",that's as racist as you can get. Rick is trustworthy I say.

Damon Bruce "He never raised kids or a family"..Uh,jury still out on Bruce.

Andy Baggerly "Light in his shoes"  "Wears flashy clothes"..from the guy who bought some "look at me" car. Andy is too real for play actor Radnich. So smart, Raddy cant keep up.

Ann Killion "Is that Ann laughing again?" When she's at presscon's her laugh irritates Radnich. He's always asks that.  She seems normal. Hows that?

Dave Benz ..well you read the post I did on him.  Dave, Ahmed, and Feldman might actually be the best Yahoo has. Raddy rips them all.
 Their club is better then club Radnich .... Although I wish somebody would club raddy every now and then.

I drove by woman hit by train. Close to my house. Of could it not be?

I was driving by around 6pm..and saw police cars,crime scene van,ch7's little van.

I found out later a woman had been hit by a train. Plenty of homeless where homes are worth a million. Very close to the golf course.

I know there must be places where nothing happens. I imagine a place like that. Not here.

If you see a mummy around here? He's wrapped in police tape- ba-boom. Heeeeyooo.

The Universe is giving me a PH.D in survival.

JR Stone's glitch doing sports for KRON...funee..

He filled in,and everything was fine until he got to saying some player who's name I don't remember,batting average. "He's hitting two hundred and ninety three" said Stone.


The East 11th Street Drug house.

I see that must be why those Mustangs,and others come and go down that street. Pick up..and drive away. I hope Hayward Police Department takes action on a nest of Mark Estrada's.  East 11th.
All my support.

Lou Wolff where is he?

Last year he was on local tv all the time. Whats changed?

Rick Tittle Rakes Beanes.

Its finally happening..all that I WROTE about Beane for years now is coming all out. Even the sportswriters can't stop saying out loud that Beane is a egotistical and petty man. Winning isn't in him..being vindictive is . Like trading Donaldson.
I know that Beane hides himself away..wont go where he even THINKS fans might be. He's never going to sit in the stands like Baer because Billy Beane is now gutless. He's all Panama hat and his self belief that he's high society. He runs with billionaires. Or is it more a case of he whores for billionaires?
Even people I don't like?, now don't like Beane.
The next book about Beane will be about how he became a miserable recluse. Like John Fisher. The three anti holy trinity in Beane,Wolff and Fisher visited upon Oakland and the eastbay.
They don't have excuses..they have pat lines they just repeat. "The Titanic is fine'" says Beane "A little bit of superglue is all it needs"  Then Beane pushes woman and children out of the way to the lifeboats.
The GM who doesn't care about winning (or woman and children!)is going to make sure he doesn't drown.

Oh btw..Beane has never shown any proof to back up his claims about lack of money. Never.

No raddy on Friday night- again.

She's not in the mood to play the happy wife lately. So,Radnich just cancels his Friday.  You can tell.