Monday, August 31, 2015

Critical Mass assholes. Pedal Bikers scum of the Earth

"Critical mass" la de da. How pretentious. It fits the "racing outfits" bike boys wear.  SF has to be condoning one of the stupidest events in history, a Mass event of stupidity. Hooligans get together. Power over the real people by skinny loudmouth punks.
I have had run ins with those asses.  They don't stay in their expect me to cross yellow lines. Fuck them.
I notice- the more bikers together,the more mouthy they get. Just one wont say a thing...8 or more and even the "ladys" will yell that you came to close!..Sure,my small car that goes around all other people with room to spare was  crowding her? No way. Another I heard a pathetic "Dork!"..oh that hurt.
The only dorks were wearing bicycle pants.
Fuck Frisco.
I'm a real world liberal.