Monday, August 24, 2015

How funny,Dan Ashley having the middle age crisis.

Ch,7 had him on" remote location" to the remote city of Napa.

Dan was in skin tight jeans,new and blue and a white shirt with its label over the front pocket- Western Ridge or something like that.  Exclusive brand I gather. His hair? very Elvisy dark and one solid block of color- brown. Like crayon brown. The tight the hair is what all the guys who get that age do. If they make it with a full head of hair..they dye it. If they get that age with no gut? They wear the tight pants as if to say "See,just as slender as when I was 24"..only the style nowadays is for baggy pants. But I get it...".Look,I'm not like the old geezer"

. Who's the same age as him.

btw,I never could be comfortable in tight pants. They made my package get sensitive. Hard to hide that. Dan must have fantastic control.