Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I can't watch Matt Cain anymore. Sorry.

Its just when is he going to give up the two strike or two out 3 run homer. Its ALWAYS been his problem. Only before he hurt his was usually a solo HR. Now,its bombs away with multiple men on board. And early. Makes the rest of the game a waste of time.

The Giants might as well trot Brian Wilson out there who also has surgery (twice) and was himself only every now and then for the Dodgers. He was helping the Giants more then the Dodgers.
So,Cain has no control..Vogey is passe,Peavey- not bad. Bum,all world. Lincecum is gone. Westin..ok,he's good if snakebit. So out of 6 starters potentially the Giants have 2.5 of quality,have workmanship.

Sabean can't foresee lie's. Cain suckered him for 40 mill. Its like he's fallen back on.."Well,its for all the years I was great and the team was bad". Sure Cain.

Cain,he even looks soft. No calluses on Cain anywhere. Farmboy? He doesn't like to get dirty.  He looks like somebody name Chauncy.

That whole thing from two years ago "I might pitch better if I had my contract" is rotten to the core.