Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jeezuz- even the murderer blamed Oakland.

For how he felt being put down. He I guess meant "I did what an angry Oakland black man does".  Chauncy Bailey was the last journalist murdered in this country. Killed by "Your black Muslim Mafia,etc".

So this guy- who I don't doubt had complaints that were real,took revenge on the south and what he see's as the privileged ruling class down there. A hot young blond talking to a hottish older blond city PR woman,filmed by a WM.  All the categories that don't have high unemployment rates..vs fat gay black man in the south. To hear the stations all say he was totally wrong,just his imagination is just spin. Not hard to imagine the jokes at his expense huh?

Sometimes you can change the system. Sometimes the system rolls over you. What he did was just get change on his scale. He killed two people who had back stabbed him he felt.

 The NRA put that gun in his hand. Ask the other few millions killed or wounded in this countries history of gun violence.