Friday, August 28, 2015

Larry Baer jealous of Brian Sabean.

I have noticed that Baer almost never mentions Sabean in interviews..he wallows in Radnich superlatives of how Larry single handedly built ATT.
But where are the Sabean tributes? Where are the fawning analysis of the man building 3 World Champions in five years?. Then,the Bonds years WS.
I have never heard Kawakami talk about the Sabean "plan" or even the "Sabean Method". If anything,you notice Kawakami like the other writers go to things done "The Giant way?"..Notice?
I don't see Baer beating on how much he admires Sabean.  Well,other then the World Championship Trophy or Parade speeches. He has to then.
After that? Its all the Giants way.