Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sitting in the backyard in a August evening.

I've spent about 20 years on this very small backyard. Its mostly green shade type plants. Looks calm,sort of Japanese I suppose with a tropical touch. Funny,me and the cat just sitting on the stairs looking at the nature in front of us. I have a very small pond with a bit of a waterfall to sort of drown out the cars around here. One Goldfish lives in that pond. He was bought for 10cents,as one of those little "feeder goldfish" for big predatory Aquarium fish.  Eh,he's got the whole pond of mine to himself...gotten a bit hefty and turned more red under the sunlight and natural foods. He fends for himself. I never bother him. The cat drinks out of his waterfall.
Birds,lizards on the fence...just like a tiny Eden.

It all depends on me to keep going. So,I keep going.