Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Race War has Started. RW1.

It looks like-- African Americans are now just blasting the hell out of white people for being white or the law.
Charles Manson said he tried to start the RW when he killed Sharon Tate. He tried to make it look as if Black men had done it.
Dylann Roof seems to have topped that. Along with some no doubt Police murdering black men (and charged) with plenty of others uncharged.
This is new. This isn't something coming back. These are not Black Panthers organized and easy to find. This is "Everybody kill on their own plan".
This,like with radical Muslims is not something Police can really fight back with. Kill innocent blacks because they reached for their glovebox when you police officer asked for insurance papers? uh-uh. That's just more kindling.
So far its just some of the angriest of the African American community. I don't see Latino's joining this. oop, other then Mark Estrada. But in general Latins don't go fire and brimstone or burn baby burn. Its why they are mostly ignored,have no political clout. They take their lot in life as just that.  Asians? please.
I know that civil rights are really going to be tested. If an officer thinks if he hesitates,he dies? That trumps civil rights and his telling himself the black man isn't more dangerous to him,when in fact he's thinking he's very dangerous. No,he's got the mindset of hand on holster still sitting in his patrol car.
It really seems like the cuts in education since the Reagan years has worn on society. The simpler Neanderthal way is first choice. Figures the dumbest President ever- George JR, made the biggest cuts. He didn't need a edgimacation,why would you?
I do cant reason with somebody who's a punk with a gun. I learned that.