Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Things that exist and I dont understand why,really.

Airplanes. Yes,low pressure over the wing and high under creates lift,etc,etc. So what? If I made a plane out of metal it would be a doorstopper. Metal birds cant fly.

Ships. Steel ships float? Ok - go ahead,solder metal plates together and see if it floats in the tub. Sinks like a rock. I know it would. Steel plates floating on the water- ha-ha. Ha. Cant be.

Trains with round smooth steel wheels can go forward on smooth steel rails. Can't be!- we all know you need traction. You need gears between the wheels and the rails- or else they will just spin forever right? So how the hell do locomotives pull thousands of tons of metal to 90 mph? How??? Where is the traction to overcome inertia??

Voice recognition.  I talk to my remote control. It understands me. What is going on in that thing? where in that collection of circuits does it know language- or in this case air vibrations as speech,words,meanings? Black magic. Has to be.

One last. A satellite that just went past Pluto. It has a 5 watt amplifier. And here billions and billions of miles away scientist say they can hear what it's saying. I cant even get THEGAME in Niles Canyon. How can they sort out that signal?

Whew- I never even got to how they can capture single protons and send them in a conga line in a collider. Something never seen doing things never seen,changing our lives.

And I struggled to replace a faucet. Did it. but still.....