Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Krons lighting to turn back the clock...

Between Moore ,Radnich and Heenan that's about 185 years.  Now do you get the "Addicted to Love lighting?"..wipe out the tortoise neck look and liverspots.
Cheaper then plastic surgery.

Emil Gulliermo,who wrote scathingly of KRON4.

HE is the Filipino who wrote the article in Asian Times newspaper. He was at kron from 82-89.

So if Diane Tuazon notices she's not beloved by the same cult members who still work at Kron...remember Emil.

Forward this to Diane before she thinks Raddy and Pero are swell guys and her pal.

Kapernick another Alex Smith? late bloomer? or just average?

Ironic if true- the 49ers are on a waiting game with him. Deja Vu.
Or all those panicky throws,the wobble,the throw it up for grabs,is on him. I'm sure you all remember when I posted that when in that commercial with Bree's and Manning, Kap's arm motion was last to get rid of the ball. I always think of that. It does mean something.

Radnich has not said "Diane Tuazon", holds a grudge.

First, I have been recording the last 5 minutes-lol. I want to hear him say her name. He will not do that..she smiles at his jokes..but he doesn't say peep to her. He says Grant and Pam and Van and Cathy . Never Diane.
Also,when he was doing his garysports and said something to Moore she came back with "I know you hold  grudges"
Raddy, the pinnacle of whats wrong in local media. The perfect representative.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kawakami kicks Radnich.

For always backing ownership's.  Raddy? He has no shame-none at all. I'm sure its not an act..he can walk by homeless never feel a thing- well,if he thinks somebody is watching? Then he gives.
He didnt park in a handicapped zone because he's a great heart. Good people don't even think of doing that.
But you know- he's being an asshole to feed his children. Yeah,that's why.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Dirty Mo or Rooskies or 410 or KNBR ?

I must have arrived- somebody got into my pc and deleted all the recovery files,locked up the internet,and deleted everything a pc needs to go online.
I must have hit a nerve with some cowards who would never give me trouble face to face.

I wondered when I sent email years ago to KNBR,if they then committed a felony and hacked in? Actually I'm sure of it. Same for 410. He has your ip address and the time and software to follow you on the internet.
He's always hinted he does that.
But spyware is one thing...just all out terrorist hacking sounds like Mo's friends and his type. THAT was the topic that got huge looks.
Somebody actually commited a felony.
If you want to turn them in and know my email,tell me. Do something for freedom of speech. Fuck that it's "teamwork"

I'm still alive.

I got 9 or 10 years out of the old pc..could have gotten another 5 if I could have protected it with modern software. It was whining pretty loud the last year or two.
Maybe get something new later this week. Newer. I miss the old days when people were glad to give away old computers. Not now. Now,they take the hard drive out and then trash everything. Recover that!
I get it.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

PC death?

My Pc has a really lock down virus. What a wild coincidence after I wrote about Ruskie crooks. It even blocks the CD to redo it. Wow,just like I said about those fuckers efforts.

It was an an old computer,easy prey I know..but this looks personal. So,posts will slow down until I decide what to do.
I guess also- the hard drive could be failing... Possible.  But,if it comes on and some things work..I think a virus corrupted by somebody wanting to block me from the internet. That's exactly how it looks.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Jason Applbaums voice breaks reading the sports.

Ah,for Christ's sake- what an amateur. I get it now.

 Ibanez a Republican like Radnich hires raddy's no on air talent producer so Mark Ibanez wont have any worries Applbaum might replace him one day.

KTVU is letting anybody do sports now. Cable access.

Was Barry Zito on steroids with the A's?

I was watching the films of Zito when he was a rookie+ with the A's. Bigger chest,arms,a bit of fat under his chin.
Here's my theory...yes,he was. 2. He stopped as soon as he became a free agent- to pass any drugs tests. When the Giants signed him they soon got the Zito we saw the last x years. Thin, thin arms. Just look. I even mentioned that how interesting that he and Lincecum just lost so much weight,became rails. Zito has always been preoccupied with his looks..I can see him going a day without much food. To look good.

Why not? He now had all the when the roids were long out of his system and he did not need to feed them anymore..he lost weight.  So,he always passed a drug test. Tests not done when he was with Oakland. Like many on roids they became half the player they used to be when they stopped.

Its really too bad local sports media are just advertising supplements for local teams. Since a real journalist would delve into those years,contact the team Dr...who I notice has never talked to the media OR they never asked to talk to him. Kawakami embarrass Beane with truth? Hell no.

There must be a ton of insiders..coaches off the record. Security guards!..loads. And our weak willed media go back to "Mechanics" for the last 20 years.

Oh and Zito? Well you know how when YOU got older you got thinner. Uhuh. Surrrrre..

Gill Gross,Damon Bruce,voices seperated at birth?

Sound alike to me. Ones deeper,but the style and inflections are the same.

I know- many sports people can sound alike- I lost count at who sounds like Vin Scully. The Giants have two of them.

btw- Gill Gross claims he never ate a thing for Yom Kippur? He lies!..bullshit he went two days not eating. I don't believe that for a second. I don't believe he went ONE day without eating.
Maybe he thinks a Milkshake isn't eating? huh? Yeah,I know...

Pray for me- I'm wearing a bowling shirt.

My first ever. Actually,I dig the coconut palms on the vertical white stripes. A gift.

I am officially old. Just not in any crime syndicate.

Why do our bodys have so many different stinks?

I've been meaning to write this for awhile- lol. Summer and all inspired.

So,why do our body's- all made of the same materials..have different stinks? Toe jam isn't the same at all as fingernails. Poop and different.  Underarms nothing like crotch. Boogers and runny nose- same body part, totally different stink. Also,when you conk your nose on something hard? You get some kind of ammonia smell to go along with the bright light-lol.
Why? why? why?  Belly button and Vagina..the list can go on with man and woman sex stink. None are the same. ALL made of you just rearranged.
Blood smells like copper. Vampires should lick copper pipes for a snack.

I think that covers it.-wink-wink.

p.s...Burps and Farts.

I should get a Pulitzer for this!

KRON sports is now "In Praise of Older Pam Moore".

Just when you think he's going to give you the scores,he launches into his Pam Moore worship. You know- the woman he said 2 months ago was "Overpaid" and serious when he said it. Now,he and his wife and Pam smile and laugh every sports segment at how great and wondrous she is. She loves it,rolls in it. How insecure can she be?
Radnich is just freakin out of his mind trying to stay relevant. He's pushing everything he can to stay in the game. Family? exploit them for photos all he can..just so obvious it isn't done with love-- its done for his almighty dollar. No shame. Its no wonder Kate Scott sounds like she's sick and tired of Radnich- because she is and his answer to her on why he's wrong all the time? "I raised two families that way" He loves that one - as if  A: He wouldn't be a con artist without the families "needs" or B: It covers up all his ignoramus opinions.
He couldn't be a bigger hypocrite without the "family" excuse. Look at his hypocritical pushing of his Tweet page. He had said for years that people who tweet were vain or lonely and his usual worn and tired catchphrase put-downs...

..Now,tweets are his second favorite sport. His first is announcing he and Pam Moore are lovers to their death.

Oh,and his wife? As sweet as battery acid. She has a glare when the camera's not on her- or thinks its not on her that tells me she is just doing business now with the 70 year old Radnich.

Still have not heard him once say "Diane Tuazon"..Not once.

Friday, September 25, 2015

I dreamed I died in a Tsunami.

I was looking out the kitchen window having heard that a comet had hit the ocean off of the bay area. I knew that meant a Tsunami maybe hundreds or thousands of feet high. So,as I look out- I see it. A huge black-green wave,and I hear this powerful rumble. I'm thinking there is no way to avoid it,no way to escape. I knew I was going to die. I just knew it.  That wave just about blocked out all the sky..I ran to my hallway wondering if it was going to hurt? I cant swim but, that much water was just going to crush me. There was a certainty to this,I only wondered if it will hurt.

Then,I woke up.

I've been thinking of how real that dream was. It couldn't have been any more lucid.

So I type into google "I dreamed I died in a Tsunami"..and surprise, it seems to be a common dream according to the internet. There are interpretations of what it means. Some say it symbolizes you're expecting a big change in yer life,a positive. Others that you expect something ...well,not good. Both seem right to me.

Go ahead read how many writings are of death by Tsunami on the internet.

I should write more about my dreams. They are pretty good sometimes. Like movies. You all would like to read all about them-lol. You can hardly wait.
btw. It was no chemicals or alcohol  fueled dream. I did though eat a ton of Cheezits maybe too late last night.......

Hayward Police need to start crackin heads open.

Those 20 somethings seem to think THEY run the city. They never obey the speed limit and even though they don't have a pot to pee in and living with mother and dad,the arrogance with the flashy car,loud hip hop and exhaust need to be taught a lesson.

Mostly young latinos. They have NONE of the attitude of immigrants grateful to be here. Those 20's something sit around thinking of bad things they can do. Every culture has a subculture- Mafia,Yukiza..all that.

They worship the god of crime. NO respect for others.

I free the Police on them. Only,I never see the police yanking over those punks. I see small old pickups and momvans. Motorcycles are now just as bad in noise,and I wish to see them ticketed. A big wish from what I can tell. Hey, I once saw a Fremont cop giving one of those fat tire motorcyclist a ticket.
 Three years ago. Maybe four.

Chris Evans,Ryan Reynolds,Bradly Cooper and Channing Tatum.

As I watch many action and superhero movies,I came to the conclusion,they are all the same guy.

Heather Holmes wears cool black dress!

Damn right I felt good. Damn straight I had a bit of a smile. Wouldn't you?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

90,056 views. Thanks!

90,000. Who tell another 90,000 and they tell another...pretty soon that's 4 billion people quoting me everyday like I'm Mao...

 I love that joke!

Radnich does his version of Pirate day on Moore.

Oh,he gushed like SHE was the holy pope. No other anchor said Radnich is sincere- only Pam Moore. Other anchors pretend...Pam Moore is the real,and gives all she's got to the community until her last breath and dollar.
That went on for half the sports segment. Not a simply nice com. No,its genuflect at her image... For what seemed to be dog years.

The point of his doing that?  I don't know. Somebody on the net see's her as an enabling stooge of what lowers the quality of bay area media. Fake.
Maybe that's why.
OR the real bottom line. Radnich needs her. Any new young anchor for KRON isn't going to put up with being the butt of his "compliments" Besides,Radnich doesn't care about anybody who doesn't keep his career going. Have you heard him say he admires the "X" a great humanitarian? He doesn't know the word. He knows "Mine".

It also looked to be weird to Diane Tuazon was my feeling. I also have yet to hear Radnich say her name.

Poor Larry Beil,always reminded he's not good looking.

First I said he looked like those Animatronic animals,a chimp last year. Then, last spring Sandy Patel finished her weathercast with " Speaking of monkeys,back to you Larry. Oof.   THEN, Today Spencer Christian did his report and Natasha says to him,"And you're the best looking guy here". Larry once again dissed.

He seems like a nice guy..he must put out major attitude in the newsroom for so many people to rub his face in....well,at least his Mom thinks he's a catch.
Mom's are great.

Raddy takes a shot over Mark Carpenter's bow,fellow kronian.

"I told him he talks too much during the intro". Nothing world ending for Carpenter,but knowing Radnich,MC must have said something too big for his britches to Radnich. Hence,the slighting,warning.

Heather Holmes,Long Cool Woman in a Black dress.

I like long cool woman in black dresses. Yesterday,she did show some knee and that's when it hit me KTVU is wasting her in her prime by hiding all of her behind a desk. Well,all below the waist.

KTVU just wasting talent in its prime time looks..Gasia, Alley cat, and all the rest hidden. I thought FOX news knows how to do teleVISION?

Lose the 1950's massive wooden news desks. Get contemporary. OR..send them (the lookers) to the table while the Mibachs of the world are behind the desk.

I'm always thinking.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Allan Martin and Veronica De La Cruz make some chemistry.

Loads better then with old man Bastida. Allan Martin actually smiled and looked at Veronica. Another time he listened to her and had a comment- wow!..Bastida would have just shrugged.

I like the ch5 weather details,the bay area photos. Emphasizing our microclimates the way it should be.

KRON needs to get some people to stop propping up Radnich and give Diane Tuazon some help. It looks like she gets somebody to do some graphics..that's it. No mention of records..stats. She needs a hand. Radnich must have every assistant at the station to do his work.

Michael Finney blows one on KGO TV.

He went on about ransomeware hijacking- holding hostage- files by filthy dirty Russian criminalia. He said theres nothing you can really do. Not true. There is a program called cryptoprevent-free- you can download and it stops most of the various encrypting software from getting to your registry. Free.
Also- when he said one woman he knows recovered her files without paying the ransom by using system restore? That's the oldest primitive version of ransomeware. New ones will encrypt everything. System Restore is locked up.
Even if you deleted the malware using great computer skills- what its done, stays. No changing that. Then,use the discs that came with your PC to reinstall EVERYTHING. Updates,servicepacks. What a mess.

I wish that ISP used there ability to prevent viruses from shutting them down and use it for their customers. Someday.

Did Robert Plant steal from Clint Eastwood?

I was listening to LedZeps "Immigrant" song and thinking where did I hear that wail before?  Led Zep as history knows "borrowed" the opening to Stairway to Heaven from some American band they toured with back before the Zep hit it big.
Then,it hit me.  Robert Plants wail is just another version of the "Fistful of Dollars" wail. You remember- ah-ah-ah- then something deep voiced- hoo-hoo-hoo, then, ah-ah. That.
Fist came out like a year or two before the Immigrant song.
I have solved a musical mystery.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I blame 49er costumes for loss.

That's it. That's what happened. They had their clown uniforms on and played like it. Full grown men in costumes playing the Steelers in black.

Emmy's leave out the Latins.

4.6 million Mexican Americans in Los Angeles and at the end when all the "winners" gathered it looked like a meeting of  Israel and Sweden..with an immigrant here and there. No Mexicano's. Nada.

Julia Lousie whatshername the funniest woman on TV? Elitist and exclusive.

Radnich being a decent human being. For now.

Other then the slip up with the Aussie swimmer,he's been remarkably even,centered, as the genius baby would say.

Ah,wont last. He's convinced he needs to be contrarian.

VW may not be the only one.

I've said to others many a time- how does a near new American truck smell like a 1960's gas fumer? I wouldn't doubt GM and Ford have the same software as Volkswagon. Idling behind them, I can't see how they pass smog tests.

Monday, September 21, 2015

That's not Cristina Ricci's body.

The "net is buzzing of her dressed as Morticia"..yeah? Well that person has her head,but that is not the body of a woman barely 5' tall. Cristina Ricci has even said she lost roles because she is so short (meaning she might be 4' 11") so that body you see is photoshopped.
Besides that I just saw her in a movie with Liamm Neilson. She ain't 6'. Hot little 5' body -yes,but not near 6'.

Mibach dumber then a little girl.

A cute little 4 or 5 year old told her divorcing mother " I don't want you and my dad to be too high,or too low. Center yourself. And she went on like a baby genius of peace.

Mibach says " I wish her mom had engaged her instead of letting her just go on"   Shut up, Mibach. You're kids are that age and all they can say is poo poo da-da.

Radnich in the Paul Lynde chair.

After that?  So,who gives a damn?

Al Michaels sounding like Tom Brokaw more and more..

Slur and you too can sound like Tom. I wonder if Al notices he does that?

Pirate Day at KTVU and the McDonalds commercial.

Conceived seemingly by the same mind. You know,talking baby talk to the hamburger, fries, and coke. Embarrassing man.

Better that FOX comes up with sketches that involve showing more skin. Bring in the Telemundo ND.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

HUH? used by every language in the world.

All of them. Anthropologist linguist say so. All use  HUH! OR HUH? to fill in. Funny huh?

Baltimore D a seive. 49ers? wa hoppend?

The Raider D. looked terrible too. Baltimore gave up 37 points?!  When did they go bad? I must have missed it.

Carr? won a game with some luck. The up for grabs INT. should have lost the game for the Raiders.

Hey,if the Raiders shoot past four wins for the year?- then Hayward's Del Rio and Reggie from someplace -lol,for coach and GM of the year.

The 49ers? Kap just isn't going to carry a team on his shoulders. I guess the Lowell Cohn family is right..he's just average. Alex Smith? shudder to say it.....

No Raider pregame show on 5.

Ha- That's a pretty good insult. For KPIX to show bull riding right up to kickoff.

 DOD and Verne,just at home watching?

Kap can run,but he's not quick or evasive..

If you notice he cant spin away from a rush like Seattle's Russel Wilson for just one example.  His drawback is that and not the quickness to get rid of the ball like a Manning for another just one example as a pocket QB.

At least his touch throws are better. He's not a int. machine either- another plus. Good but not a great QB.

Trump didnt stick up for Obama? Why would he?

This as close to Republican as I get- other then shoot all the punks and being all for gentrification. But,expecting Trump to correct another who says the same thing as Trump has said in the past- plus that Obama as Trump claims was born in Kenya?- c'mon. Trump be miss manners about Obama?
Its why we have a vote. That's the real freedom of speech.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hayward knocking its old library down.

I'm not sure if its worth saving at only going back to the 50's. But,I'm not surprised  that city wants to destroy it. They blow up and cut down all of the city's landmarks and old tree's. Its like nothing is respected. A tree 800 years old? Cut down because the city allowed some crummy apartment complex to develop right over the tree's root system. It harmed the tree- and that's all the excuse to cut it down. 800 year old native Bay tree. They built a freeway right through downtown. So the wealthy in the hills could get home faster. THAT'S THE REAL REASON. it was built.
No real planning.. Build new homes in any style. They don't have to match whats historical. Hayward is no Santa Barbara.
I dont get it.
btw- The old tree? an article when it was alive. Dead? never mentioned it in the paper. Ugh. Tires me out.

Greg Roman. And the Raiders aint cool anymore.

Trent Balkee's daughter was right. Adios Greg and the 49ers offense has been free of stupid play calling,unrelenting conservative calls,and killing Kap in the pocket calls. I haven't heard the radio guys or read the media guys be complimentary to whats his name Geep Chryst.  Funny that old KNBR host Ralph the razor head,always blamed everything on Chryst when nobody even knew who he was in the background.
So far Geep 1,Media 0.

The Raiders? They remind me of the cool guy when young,looks good,says all the right things- or say nothing and seem even cooler for that. THEN,he gets deep into the drug scene,gangs,booze. He starts doing very uncool things,stupid things,his drug and booze abuse looks make him older then he is. You dont want to be around that loser on his way down. He's embarrassing himself.
That's the Raiders.

Applebaum already doing Radnich for 2.

I caught him. It didn't take long did it?   He also is doing the camel in the tent thing,taking Joe Fonzi's time and now Mark Ibanez who asked for it I guess.
The Old man spreads like an infection.

Now listen to big lumber and forestry say to cut down "dead" trees.

In the hip pocket of big lumber I heard our gov officials saying "All those dead tree's need to be cut". No,they dont. Fire is NATURAL to California. The Giant Sequoia in fact REQUIRES fire to open seed cones. Nothing else will do that. Same for many wildflowers.

Its sickening to see large healthy tree's marked for cutting down right after a fire when if left alone they would sprout new needles in spring.
If these local investigation units want a fire story? Let them interview horticulturists and botanists as to how our native plants thrive on fire and the big lumber pawns who rubber stamp the clear cutting of our heritage.

You see those crime story's where the mate murders the other..and before police can figure out what happened,the body was already cremated at the mates insistence?   THAT'S the forestry. Cut the tree before it proves next spring its still alive.

80's songs mean nothing. The worse decade of rock.

Maybe it was MTV.  I hear the greatness in 50's,60's-oh yeah,70's,nice,and 90's alt rock. The 80's..just nothing. Turning Japanese- cute. Cars,catchy like the only fish in the sea. The Police, Roxanne?.good.  But I don't hear Fortunate Son,or Elvis or the Beatles,no NIN. ALL the other decades have enough to put on one long cd. 80's? I don't care if I ever heard C'mon Eileen or the Thompson Twins the rest of my life.

When they say something hasn't aged well or sounds dated?- That's the 80's.

As Jacky Wilson would tell John Lennon who would tell John Fogerty who would tell Chris Cornell.."The 80's sucked"

Friday, September 18, 2015

Mo post gets huge views in 2 hours.

wow- The numbers went up in hours for what Dan's hair takes a few weeks.
Look,his whole act never sit well with me. Trying to get special golden parachutes for a job badly done IS legal theft,and from a University no less. Go to Microsoft you CSU bastard Presidents if you have talent.

And,I'm not finding the original post. I know I didn't delete it. Who did?

My "Mo (legally) stealing 240K from SJ state" post is gone?

Hmm.Mysterious that my observation that KGO TV and Dan Ashley wouldn't report that story is gone.
So,a reminder.
Of course- he's legally stealing. That was the point of Merc-Trib story

Voice recognition software pushed by Dan Dibley.

Somebody at thegamz must have been having fun having Dan do the commercial narration. It couldn't have been the company said- "Hey! we want Dan D. to push our product" Little did they know,an inside joke was forthcoming.
Dibley seems like an ok if conservative status quo make your own parody's.

And then..Radnich and woman...

He says "I would rather talk to woman"..but from what I have seen,they dont want to talk to him.

Kate Scott,Diane Tuazon,Ann Killion,Emerald Yee,Wendy Tokuda,Jan the Hat Woman, a matter of fact even his own wife is tired of his act now. Plus many more, Only Pam Moore is the only enabling Stooge left.

He even got jabbed by the young Aussie female Olympic swimmer last night,who took exception that the strange Radnich told her that as a swimmer "she missed out on life"  She retorted that on the contrary she traveled the world and met people of many cultures.

 Raddy of course brags he's a xenophobe.

Oh,yeah,he knows how to talk to woman-lol.

415 sez "I hate woman reporters,I admit it". What did I tell you?

How much right can I be? I'm righter then right.   Same for the Raddy- Tuazon freeze. I will add that it does bother Radnich he cant do what he wants that he pouts and-as always with him- has to find a way to get back. Like never say her name in public. His genius small dick thinking huh?

Btw,I notice that in particular Filipino woman seem to get the "Aren't you the help?" treatment from WM in local news and some media blogs. Its the brown skin+Asian features they cant handle. The fact they all had high grades in the University just seems not possible- the brown skin part. I see that clear as a bell.

Maybe 415 will also stop writing that Somersville and Ashley are modern day Ben Franklyns. More like Bethany Frankels...

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Zito vs Lincecum.

Even Stevens straight up mano e mano. I would like to see that. One last time.

"I take total responsibility"

Try that one in real life.

Kid builds clock,everybody understands except Texas.

On the positive side? if it were Afghanistan bananastan or the like,they would have shot him. Here,he can transfer.
I think positive!

When you take the blame in the blame game,where else to go?

Best not to explain. Hey,bad times,good times. Its why they write songs about them.

Hot blond suing Vallejo. For what? Did they kidnap her?

She told a wild story that might be turn out to be true. The police were fooled. She fooled me too. But,what member of the city or police were part of the plot?

See..she's gorgeous,every lawyer in town knows the city will pay either hundreds of thousands or millions to settle. Because a crook did something...taxpayers are expected to finance her high lifestyle to be.

In the old days,a crime was horrible bad luck.You blamed the criminal.

Insanity is laughing at bills. I guess I'm not insane.

Having old property means updating 1938 to the now. Expensive.

Of course insane could mean jumping off the bridge because of bills. Plenty of people have done that.

Nobody had said they were nuts before the bills came. Then they took the big dive.

Oh well, Trump went bankrupt FOUR times.  What that means to the topic is up to you.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tom Brady and Trump...

I laugh- ha and maybe hee,at pro Athletes who lean right all the time. "I worked my butt off" to get where I am" Said nearly every famous athlete . Zito said it. I laughed again.
They PLAY sports. They played all day as children to play a children's game for money. That's not working. We all did that. Oh,sweaty? Yeah,Sweaty. Big deal. Work is handling a customer complaints in a job that offers nothing but a means to pay bills. Its not getting cheered as a boy,offered scholarships for a free education.skipping classes to PLAY.
Brady ,Zito,Posey or Bumgarner play for a living. They hit the lotto of life. Its why they are blind to the struggle of worlds people. They have no understanding at all.
Hey when your goal is to win a baseball GAME and be on GQ magazine's cover? can't say the phrase "hard work."

Lyanne Melendez flashes thigh.

Last week in the heat she did a story about some carnival. As part of the "human interest levity" type story she said "to shoot baskets- I think it was- she needed to take off her heels". It was like being alone with her all romantic in a room as she leaned over and did that sexy shoe removal thing girls do. Skirt rushed up,girly giggle and smile as her hair flowed past her shoulders.

That's the way to do Human interest..etc,etc. Made me interested.

If I was a ND? I would have given her a gold star.

No drama O'Carson.

It worked before he figures. His model for how to win seems really obvious.

Fiorino? Wrapping herself in the feminist flag? laughable. A Horse laugh you might say.

Trump? Everybody's favorite bigot at the bar on the right side of town. Of course if Ivana had a spanish accent and Trumps kids ..well,I doubt the immigrant thing would have ever left his lips.

Besides,was Ivana an American citizen when he met her? Not enough real American woman for Trump?

Sex is the best proof that racism and bigotry are not real feelings. You put Klansman in prison for a long enough time,he's breaking the doors down for the black cleaning lady. Or young man...

Todays dumbest news media question.."Will rain help?"..

And then Captain obvious explained that rain will help to put out the fire..
I heard that today,and along those lines the last 2 days or so.  Rain helps stop fires. Is that what the news media has come to? The need to say that? The need to ask how water affects forest fires? Smoky knows and he's just a friggin bear.
Why not just rains are coming? No need to say what they do?..ugh. the dumbing down of America no.5 billion...

Lund and Papa discuss my Raider post.

Like verbatim,man.   From Ken Norton jr. never blitzed to Carr..well,Carr is only better then terrible.

Look,Hue Jackson came here with a passion for coaching offense. Other then he,the Raiders have hired staus quo,status quo,status quo,never rock the boat coaches who know their place.

Its the problem in company's that need creative people,but hire "safe"...Reggie Mckenzie was "safe".

Knor JR gave a scary debut.

And thanks for the salute from the gamz.

So,Monte Poole knew everything at the Trib,at Comcast just b-ball?

Wow,He's invisible on air as football season has started. What does Monte think about the Raiders? 9ers? . No,don't ask me to go to Comcast website- nobody reads a cable companys website. Not me.

Newspapers,blogs or TV.  And Monte for some reason has been demoted at Comcast...its Ann,Tim,Ray...alternating with local sports show hosts past (Dibley) and present. They seem to have dropped BASG. He must have rubbed somebody or something wrong-hee. He cant be any duller then Barry Thompkins who's on a whole lot..too much.

Monte Poole left the comfy combines of lefty Trib for rightwing Comcast.  Its back to the fields for Monte over there.

The San Francisco Bay Area fascinated by Dan Ashley's hair.

415 never would tell you. I will.  I see the numbers and what I wrote last is 3x my average post and 4x my last Billy Beane expose-ha.

Even the previous post on his hair is remembered big time.

I got to talk more hair. What the readers (tv viewers) want is no myth.

It sort of backs up what I always thought brought down Dana King- her hairdo done by dull scissors. And gray-ugh.

Hmm,I 'm going to have to do a Stan hair review post soon.  Everybody likes hair.

Kruger on Radnich.

And when Radnich asked on knbr the other day, "Am i  a bad person?" Nobody answered,then Kruger felt obliged to mention some faults,then of course told him " Well,no"... He might as well have said "Yes you are"
 "And stupid and ugly too Gary" should the honest Kruger have told him. "Yer wife says your crappy in bed- like sleeping with the living dead,all pasty and cold.". Kruger might have added. "Yer the antidote to Viagra" Kruger could have said flat out.  Plus " you have all the interest of sports today as my gamma in the old folks home at 98 years old" Kruger thinks he should have said.  "And,she hates sports".He might have finished...

Radnich calls Diane "You"...

One day he will say "Diane Tuazon"..Of course knowing Radnich he would learn Tagalog if KRONS president told him too. Like he did his 180 on Twitter.
Oh,and he did point a finger at the "You" so as not to confuse with the "Over paid,never top tier anchor,Moore". The last two quotes in one, of Raddy's.

He likes to point at Diane Tuazon like she's a dog. A talking animal?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lake County fire burns the equivalent of two Cities of San Francisco.

At 69,000 acres lake county is about double the rounded off number of 32,000 acres of the City. GGP alone? Is 1,000 acres to put it more perspective.

In case you were wondering I did the googling to get those figures.

"Comet Kapernik" improved. Tarah sings. Gasia a brickhouse.

 (until the other shoe falls,still posting)

Like a blazing nighttime comet he ran and threw like a great one. I was impressed- not a single wobbly pass. He even put touch early on to his short passes before falling back into bad habits as Dilford noted. Still,he got back to tight spirals and hitting 'em on the hands. Kurt Warner did a great job tutoring Kap.

They looked good in the sleek uniforms. Although I notice 9-12 like the rest of the media is afraid to admit they looked GOOD,not Beach Blanket Babylon with the old unies.

Tarah Moriarty sang on her American Idol segment for 2 in the morning. Nice voice. Yep,it IS too bad she's 29 and not 28 as she said to qualify. Ehem.    Gasia showed off her hot bod sitting at the MO2 coffee end table thing. Just curvy where you want and attached to a beautiful face. I bet she has no trouble getting a date. I bet ya.

Monday, September 14, 2015

This blog is endangered.

Im not sure how soon,but the cord might get cut.

I did alot in 10 years of the internet. Yeah,roughly 2005 was when I started posting. Back when the Chron would let people say they wished they could kill each other. Now,the Chron dropped comments online.

So,after surviving that,I took to looking at the local media and KNBR. I have learned that you cant change much without a lawyer. I already knew people are rotten for the most part. Animals in cloths.

The internet is not for people my age. I remember once looking around one day in the late 80's and noticing that nearly everybody was my age. Now,I look around and wonder- who are those younger people?

It's been nice giving them hell the last ten years. Its what they always gave me.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Raiders Pathetic performance. Ugly, men vs boys effort.

I'm still thinking about that crappy game. 3 and outs one after another from Carr who always looks lost on the field. "I cant find my way- help me" just oozes from him. How did he ever impress?? I never saw anything in the guy.
The Defense? pushed up and down the push back,no imagination- where was the safety blitz? Ken Norton JR did no adjustments on the fly. He might figure out this Cincy game home opener in a few more months.
Offense?  Runs up the middle fall down,What Raider fans have seen for 20  years now. Fargas-McFadden and all the rest. A Raider runner break tackles?
Catch the ball?  When was the last time a Raider could do that? All I see are drops and low arms.

You see,Other then Hue,the Raiders other coaches have used...nothing. Just stand there like dummys, No chewing out players. No thrown notebooks.  Everybody is cool. And a loser.

Tigers Woods and six blonds. A straight Michael Jackson.

Tiger Woods not only is never seen with black woman,I think if he NEVER saw a black person the rest of his life?,He would be fine with that. Happy in fact. Its what he would prefer.

With Tiger,his Asian parentage is never part of his world either. Jettison the Asians of the world too as long as Tigers at it...

Hue Jackson's revenge.

I was one of those who hated that Reggie McKenzie fired the only  HC/OC in the last 20 years or more for the Raiders who knew what he was doing.
Hue,with a second string QB ate up the Raider defense. Somethings never change and the rottenness of the Raiders to stop a team in the red zone or hell,even on third down continues.

Now,somebody fire Reggie.

Raiders do faceplant...warned ya.

It's what I said about preseason means nothing. Carr isn't a NFL QB. Too short,too slow. If he's not too short on paper? He plays short. He even short arms throwing the ball. Compare to Drew Brees who plays tall. Geddit? I know you do.
So much for Damon Bruce being all excited over Carr.  I know I never saw why.
The Raiders might win 4 games this year. So,lets see how the 49ers are. They could win 6..lets wait and see on Monday night.

Lowes commercial? Thats me.

When the black guy does some home improvement that turns out right? Then he gets to feeling proudly, "Hey I'm now going to learn how to fold bed sheets".  That's me..and angry that I cant fold worth a damn. Sometimes just leave a pyramid in the closet until I need it.  And I used to be worse....

Vern gets weird.

I'm watching Saturdays KPIX.    Hackney asked Vern something. Instead of an answer he got a wild flamboyant gesturing Vern talking nonsense...never once did Vern look at the anchors. As they went to the break all you see is Vern staring into the camera loving himself and Hackney and Goodrich looking at Vern like he's lost his mind.
You know who influenced and ruined that guy right? I  remember when Vern started. Before "ego and self love" teachings took that guy away forever.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Harvey Levin should be sent back to Levinland.

Where everybody is just like him. What a country that would be. Short lived too.

Ah shut up James Blake- you looked like a clone of who they wanted.

Instead of laughing that "Yeah I DO look like the guy"..he went overboard on being singled out. I think its more "I'm James Blake, rich and handsome and should never have a bad day". All over it.

Lowell Cohn,now doing easygoing?

I haven't read his blog for months. I'm way behind on his topics. But,I didnt see anything on fire as I scrolled through yesterday. I thought for sure he would jump on Beane's tired resignation-"promotion". Nada.
The way Bruce AND Kruger do the evil Lowell imitation, I thought his blog must have really been slapping people around lately. Nada. Not even a mention of Bruce or Kruger or Radnich who instigates Kruger to do Lowell. Nada,nada,nada-rino.

It was about books and some vino. With Jed getting a bit ruffed up but I doubt Jed was ruffled.

I almost tweeted to him about that. But,I see he doesn't accept tweets..just tosses em out. Hard to believe that many people get that angry about the senior sports writer. But then again,those are the ones that call in to KNBR and say they love Gary  Radnich and Sid Rosenberg.

Did I mention Moore correcting Raddy about Diane?

When he said "our friend" and gave the thumb to Tuazon behind the big screen?,Pam Moore shook her head juuuust slightly and said "Diane Tuazon".Radnich just does what he usually does in those situations,he just ignored her and kept talking.

btw- Raddys wife looks to have lost some weight after skipping the Friday show's most of the last month or so. I wonder who she met?..wink..wink.

Why aren't sports media mentioning me? Who else predicted Beanes mind?

Kawakami loves Beane- had no idea he wanted out as GM. Yahoo sports could learn from me- a whole lot.
What local sportswriter wouldn't be dancing he called it? Did Sue Slusser at any time write that Beane might be tiring of being the GM? NO!..I did. The deaness of baseball writers hadn't a clue.

So I guess I revealed the sports media for what it is...just a phony publicity machine for rich owners and the cable Ted Griggs of the world...

Radnich-Tuazon,not a word is spoken,still.

I haven't seen him speak to her even once. I notice too that when Brian Vanwhatshisname does the show,he's there at the end to speak with Raddy and Moorie.  Never Diane. Or,Radnich doesn't stick around to say bye-bye,its Moore and Lotis with Diane.
Those two must have come to some understanding of mutual dislike,since its nothing like with Bennet. Even Balzac was let in to Raddys world,and probably worse for it.
Maybe the mutual dislike goes back to near her start. KRON is doing all it can to keep those two apart.

And no,he's not said her name once.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Does Alicia love Sid Rosenberg? Gary Radnich does.

Gary Radnich says all sports hosts should compare Serena with an ape. It makes him laugh.

Are Asians in local media the Jews of Germany?

They get hired because of the popularity- tv is a popularity contest. But so many over the years as anchors have been run off. Radnich said out loud he didn't like Tokuda or Emerald Yee. He ignores the new weatherwoman like a vow of hate. Somebody needs to inform Lexus.
Veronica De La Cruz has been beat on by local media from day one. Why ? does she read the news backwards? . Sophisticated works for the cool blonds. No complaints. De La Cruz? complaints.
You can go back to KRON 15 years ago when a  long time KRON reporter-just let go- wrote in a Asian Newspaper about the discrimination he faced as an Asian. He's Filipino.  Emilio? cant remember his whole name.
Jews in Germany comparison is to make a point.I could have said Blacks in the South,1863. Or American Indian for the last 300 years..or. You get the point.

Pam Moore wear same clothes two days in a row. Strange...

When do you ever see an anchor woman wear the same smelly clothes two days in a row? Did she go on a bender? Every movie about alkee's shows them going to work in 24 hour old clothes.

Same for Bastida and Deano- fuck off.

Every time i put them on- Bastida is locked eyes on Deano,and Deano locks eyes on Bastida..and they make Veronica look to be the "outsider" wanting to fit in.
I used to like Bastida- but if that's his idea of professional after all these years? NO wonder Dana King wanted him off the set herself.
One more thing,that eye thing is as obvious as can be yet KPIX brass never speak to Deano or Bastida about that? Both seem to see Elizabeth Cook crystal clear and in focus. She speaks their language I guess huh?
I hope she sues one day.

Diane Tuazon do Stan a favor porfavor...

Lean over and say "Gary,whats my name?" to the son of a bitch. Getting him to say your name is like waiting for Lee Hammer to hire a person of color. And you notice how much flack Hammer gets for that from the good old boy sports media.

Figures Kawakami backed down on 49er uniforms.

"I'm not saying it wasn't marketing"  He couldn't make a stand. Not Kawakami- I guess Ratto gave him what the line is with local sportwriters on the 49ers,and if he's in- he says "Marketing!". He said that.

Look,I hit it on the head- the old 49er gear was more costume then modern football player. The 49ers might have worn leather helmets to match huh?.

A local media type suggest Beane wanted out as GM?..not in a million years.  But I knew...

Brady lost Moss,Welker,Hernandez. Won the SB. Kap? we will see.

My point is the great ones win. Montana won on a KC team that had no real talent. Now,those two QB are all time greats- the two all time greats. But Kap has shown no ability to move the ball without the team being near all, all stars.
I 'm not a huge fan of the guy...his passes wobble a lot.When they don't? they are thrown way too hard- no touch.
The Raiders will have a better year 49er fans. Just the way the cookie crumbles. You can quote me.

Tony Bruno anti latino immigrant going to the GAMZ? A huge step backwards.

More of the Radnich dreck on local media. And Leiberman fools nobody why he admires Bruno. His "They hired another person of color to do the news" comments are old and bigoted. He never complains about too many Jews in the media- never. Why,it just might be why he likes Savage and "the loyah" and etc,etc,. He has his agenda,everybody knows what it is. Let Bruno criticize Israel and see if 415 has anything good to say. Christ,415 is so shallow. Same for his self pity.

Besides- Bruno was never any good at calling anything in sports. He claimed that the Raiders McFadden was "The most talented player in the NFL" LOL. Sure Tony,if you take out all the tacklers on the other team!

You wonder why local sports scene is full of idiots?  Radnich begat Bruno,Vern,Applebaum,Dibbley,Kruger, even the baby Curry hater ,Rick Bucher. And I left out a few because its just too sickening to see what holds power. And,as always by the same method.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sexual assault on campus. A cameraman's excuse.

It never fails- look for it. When one of those attacks happen, a reporter duly shows up to interview young woman. It never fails that as she speaks,the cameraman is recording the objects of desire...young woman in tight pants or very short skirts swishing their girl walks around the school. Never fails. Like they say to those offenders- look at what you cant have. Well,it says something.

 The last one, I saw a young blond was talked to,then the camera followed her behind in those black skin tight, tights that she jiggled her derriere in as she walked away.

They show that every time.

What local pundit predicted Beane wanted to step aside,and 49er uni's change?

None of them. Not a single one.  Only me- as usual. Name any local sportshead who even thought Beane was tired of being a GM. Only me.
And will 415 give me credit? Hell no. BASG? fat chance in hell. TheChron?..yeah,sure.

I said the 49er uniforms are laughable,and the 49ers heard me. Bye-bye costume. In with real professional athletic look.

I'm the only original thinker. You can tell by the way the media ignores the only one who really knows and isn't afraid to say it. Me.

"San Burno" When FOX is in the house....

That's the kind of conservative humor that puts Greg Papa in stitches. Burning Chinamen? hilarious- Sum ting Wong. Oh, at least none of them were blond and blue eyed huh?

Its no co incidence that this keeps happening to KTVU.

This makes KRON's Justine Waldman's "Senator Weiners (!) package photo" seem innocuous. Well,it was..and funny too!

Who's a Jason Applebaum fan? WHO??

Who looks forward to hearing HIM?.  wow,The good old boy system is still strong.

Like watching Ichabod Crane give me sports opinions.

Natasha,let me be you're Boris bad enough....

ch7's new anchor woman never heard that line before.  She's cute. Sort of Selena Gomez cute. Like Dan Ashley's daughter's BFF.
She speaks well. Clear voice. None of that nasally fer sure, oh- maw- gawd, voice.

Stan calls it. Billy Beane "fired" you read it here first.

Did I not say that Beane has done what a man wanting to be fired does? He's no longer GM. That's on the new guy.
Watching Beane at the presscon? I got the feeling he was tired of being the man taking a beating because as part owner..if the majority said "budget"..well, seeya Yoenis and Joshy.

 I think Beane realized Stan was right.
He was being phony to the spirit of going for a World Series.

Why be part of a org.that says to the public "We WONT do what it takes to win the World Series. Could Wolff and Fisher be more of a stereotype? And when you own a baseball team and run it like a sweatshop you just advertise cheap and myopic for a profit. Shout it to the mountain shops why don't they? no,wait, Wolff did that.

Beane wants out,but with that fat paycheck still coming in on the first? He came up with a new title "President and Grand Wizard of Sabermetric economics". Let the new guy explain giving away Donaldson after torpedoing the team with the Cespedes trade.

One last I DID CALL IT.  Did Ann? Raddy?  Ray?  Anybody but me?..No. Only me.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Greg Pappa..sleazy.

He really slimed the radio today. What an attitude.

Harvey Levin mega idiot...a bigot too.

You didnt think he is doing FOX news reports because he's a Hollywood liberal did you?

Today Levin even tried to spin that one of Donald Trumps guards "Was attacked from behind"..!  What Levin didn't want to say-- his staff did- was that the Bodyguard had left the pack to go and take Immigrant rights protesters banners and signs....and that bodyguard took them was walking away into a skyscraper entrance WITH THOSE SIGNS when a brave protester tried to stop the bodyguard/thief. The brave protester was held and punched by Trumps gestapo.

Levin- a far right anti Mexcian, called what the bodyguard did as "not a crime" Huh Harvey toons? HE TOOK WHAT WASN'T HIS.  That's known as stealing- a real crime.

I want to be a guest of Harvey at his home..take whatever I like,walk out. Not a crime.

Why does Judge Marylin allow a anti Latino bigot ( I see no Latino's on his staff btw) who's outspoken in his anti Latino views to do HER show?

Stan defends Tim Kawakami.

"The 49ers want new uniforms to break away from the past"  -Tim Kawakami.
"That's the most insane thing you ever said"- Ray Ratto.

I say,the 49ers youth in charge saw the old 49er uniforms as old and dated and even embarrassing. Gaudy and too flamboyant. They weren't uniforms by today's standards,they were costumes.

I Stan, called it.

What you wont hear on KGOTV about Mo.

The faculty was glad to see him leave- just as at Cal State Hayward. ONLY,Mo is now using his connections in the corrupt CSU system to get a free $261,000 for the trouble of leaving. Mo Qayoumi is another crook in the system. Like the rest of the CSI hierarchy he is hated by students,faculty and staff  AND people of what city he invaded.
Its a product of a system that allows college presidents to get it into their heads they are gods..or Bill Gates,and should be treated and rewarded as such.
Mo showed no ability to integrate into the bay area. It was pathetic to see him stop people from walking there dogs on campus after hours.
Dan Ashely should do his homework,and do less worrying about his hair..

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Radnich praising Serena Williams all the time now. Hypocrite.

"She looks like an ape at the zoo" said Sid "Racist Rosenberg" about Serena Williams.

 " He's what every sports host should be,the great Sid Rosenberg".-GARY RADNICH. What, a racist?

Radnich insanity. The fucker has no shame.

I called it. 49ers drop showtune uniforms.

You read it by me on that other blog,On Lowell Cohn's blog too.  NOT ONE  local sports head EVER said that. I called it.  Stan. WHO YOU look to for original thinking. I did it again.

Oakland Tribunes sportwriter wishes Raider Woman announcer was all year.

I think Papa has rubbed others here the wrong way. Now credentialed sports writers sound like me.

Eric Byrnes and idiot stiff defend Cespedes trade on thegamz.

Why conservatives make shitty analysts. With hindsight ,with facts,with proof,with history all PROVING it was a stupid trade? Those mental midgets in the sports trade defend Beane with "He was going for it"

..No,he was going for the chance to boost his ego since it was the Beane team who all that year and previous told the people that when Yoenis plays the "A's win 2 out of 3 games,when he doesn't the A's lose 2 out of 3 games" why the hell is Beane the god of sabermetrics if he ignores facts?

Its in the books Byrensee. But then again you took Arizona for 17 million. Not somebody who's word means anything.

And in an obvious case of thin racism Eric and pal both cried tears about the Donaldson trade? What? Beane wasnt going for it? Or maybe you dopes should consider that the same egomaniac who would trade Donaldson might have traded Cespedes in a fit of the same egomania?
You should.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Pre season record don't mean Jack Squat.

I miss Chris Farley.

Anyways,I haven't written much Raider and 49er..because there is nothing to know right now. I've lived long enough to know preseason tells you nothing. The REAL first games first quarter tells you more then six practice games.
I've seen great preseason teams do a faceplant at the sound of the opening bell. Lousy preseason teams make the Super Bowl shaking off the preseason shit.

We,and I , will see. Tell you then.

Calling it a day- Stan.

Did I hear that Yoenis Cepedes hit his 31st HR today? 3 today?? A grand slam????!

Way to go you jackass Billy Beane. I hope you drop dead sipping your wine in your fine Panama hat. Scoundrel.
Josh Donaldson?..ugh. The pain,the pain.
Why cant Billy die dear Lord?..let him manage that  "Build it,etc,etc,Dream team " team. He cant trade the dead can he? He can? ...we are all fucked.

Where's Prof. Leon Hunsaker when you need him?

Boy its hot..but yeah,the nights are not holding that heat like 2 months ago. Don't need aircon now.

Global Warming creates a nice San Francisco summer..

Todays 91 a record. I think SF'ens would say this has been the nicest summer ever. The air and even water temperatures were high all summer. Low temperatures have set records for being high."Warm San Franciscan nights"..Eric Burdon was  48 years too soon. A man ahead of his time.
Global Warming is actually pleasant..except for the lack of water part. One I thing I have noticed? No media reports where GW has been a benefit anywhere in this world. Is that because of bias? Seems that if you rob Paul...Peter will be better off. Nothing tho.
I always hate winter. I hate the cold,the lack of sun,the short days...the cold and wet chill. I should have been born much farther south, Mazatlan. And stayed. Alameda doesn't cut it.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Anny Hong a Wild One.

She's letting her freak flag fly ( not easy to type) at the Burning Man contest. Photos of her and her stoic BF..who's Asian too.
So check out her FB..she at least tries to put things in that are interesting and worldly. I stick to the eastbay unfortunately,I suppose.

Claudine Wong improving. She even makes a mean Hamburger.

What a difference FOX people made on her. They might have saved her career. I have no idea what KTVU was doing when it ran her and Miback a couple of years ago out there for the "Deadpan News Report" on weekend mornings.
She's now bubbly,giddy,even almost effervescent.  Smiling helps,showing off shapely legs helps a whole lot too.
Seeing a good looking woman's legs is almost extinct in the bay area. You have to venture out to the tri valley to see that. Even in spring when its just the low 60's they go all dress and daisy dukes. A tip from Stan the girl watcher.
So,seeing Claudine go leggy at cool KTUV Oakland must be part of a winning plan. When she wears those baggy cargo pants? Why watch the show? For what?
When the local anchor woman go all somehow looks more professional since as i said pants are what plain Janes wear in the bay area. Hell,the courthouse and woman lawyers wear skirts so tight and short,hard to worry about a ticket.
So Claudine is fighting off  Ally or any others hot on her trail. Hey,its TV. Hide whats ugly and show what you have that's beautiful.

And btw,Claudine won the Hamburger making contest. She cooks too!? Oh,perfection....

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Stan on the dirty rotten things people say about me. Or maybe...

Most of it isn't even true.

Eh,Some of it isn't true?....

No,wait, its true but let me explain.....

What, I asketh, is truth? ...

People are damn liars! Ain't that the truth.

Rob Carpenter...adjusting Raddys chair to fit him,not Radnich.

I think that's his name. If not,then I'll correct later. The new KRON sportsguy..not a filler like JR Stone or Grant Lotis. This guy seems normal. Hasn't shown that KRON cynicism so far.
Its when the day comes and he does the "As my friend Gary Radnich says" pat pend. Then he's lost it and gone over to the dark side.

God,can you believe how much former KRONophile Applebaum sucks and Joe Fonzi has to defer to HIM? KTVU FOX,couldn't have flown the white flag any higher. Be gone real news,its FOX time.

No wonder Julie Haener got sick to her stomach.

btw- Its Mark Carpenter. He must have changed his name when I wasn't looking...

Maybe Grambling should drop 'seperate but equal'. Where's it getting it?

Grambling might be the last to know its become an anachronism. What was a respected Negro school is now a backwash in sports.
Maybe hire a  white coach? Let a white girl be a cheerleader?  What does Grambling have to show for it's separate but equal enrollment?
Hire an Asian head coach Grambling. Move into the 21st century.

Stanford sucks. David Shaw returning to his own water level.

When you get two Republican football announcers to say out loud on TV  "That's being TOO conservative",that's freaky for a Stanford football coach.

Hey,I get Shaw..if you never take a chance,they cant rip you for a mistake never attempted. And I also get that as a black head coach,he's got very few chances to fail and get hired elsewhere.

But Shaw is like the stereotype of the conservative football coach. Extremely conservative. Plus Hogan sucks.

PTL for the Warriors.
Cal looked all world. For one week.

Just Walk Away of the day in my head.

The 4 Tops version. I knew a Renee,only I didn't know it way back then. I found out when she made the internet doing some crazy thing that only she would do 20 years later and still at it. Turned out her middle name is Renee.
"Just walk awaaay Reneeee and you wont see my follow you back home.."  And she did walk away,and she would have killed me if I followed her. Hot 24 year old blonds can do anything and we just smile "So cute".

Friday, September 4, 2015

Akins and Radnich skit kind of funny.

Akins played Raddys wife's role and kept asking Radnich "email questions from the people" why Raddy was jealous of  V.akins wealthy roots?, why he was jealous of Akins money?,etc. I was amused.
Its always funnier when he turns tables - no matter if very mildly- on the old kron blowhard.

Pam Moore though ruined it by laughing way too loud. Like mom would at yer joke when she didn't even hear what you said,just in case it was funny. With mom,that's lovable,with co anchor for ratings?,its pathetic.

A Horror Classic! Dr. Frankensteins Army!. I laughed,I cried!

Nah,no crying. I laughed tho-ha.  I caught this low budget flick on cable. It was great. I meant that. It was like being a kid and watching "Creepy" or "Monster" magazine turned into a movie. The monsters? They were like you and I dear reader used to draw in grammar school. Hands like propellers and heads like electric cool.
One scene I will describe. A monster crushes a soldiers helmet to the guys skull right? Then the only woman in the story being a peasant is asked by the Russian soldier to help remove it. "I vill try" she says. and you know,yer thinking ,she gets it off,she's the hero that they all will love her- right?.  She grabs the helmet,tugs on it, it pops off,and the guys brains are still in the helmet. " Eh,a lot of help you were" says the guy in charge casually walking away as she stands there looking at a bunch of raw brains- lol. It still makes me laugh.

They used a lot of imagination- I give 5 stars- in making those monsters. NO CGI,just real artistic talent.

What a great horror movie

 Stan says check it out.

Sela Ward used to be perfect.

I saw a cable movie "Gone Girl",and surprise surprise,Sela Ward had a bit part. I hadn't thought of her in years. Back in the 80's I would have listed her as one of the perfect looking woman. To see her now..looking like Sela Ward's mother is like a crime against humanity. Oh,sure she looks great for 60+. But she was greater 18-35. The perfect eyebrows,nose...just perfection.  I knew somebody who had that look. She almost moved in. I came THAT close. Story of my

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Radnich the snitchmaker...

Maybe the young man doing Radnich Tweets is a snitch as claimed by a local blog. Who wants him that way? Radnich.
I know Radnich wouldn't hesitate to have dirty work done for him and so he can then claim he's "A man of love"..laughable is right. Hacking? Of course Radnich and KRON/KNBR take the chance. They will blame interns. I'm sure of that.
Radnich brags he breaks the law all the time- jaywalking to driving while impaired and running red lights late at night,to parking in handicapped zones. He's so lost in a world where nobody can tell him to his face what an idiot he is because Radnich does his groveling to those over him just as much. So,under him's have to do his dirty work and pretend its teamwork.

Btw- I was right about his wife and Fridays. She's sick of being robo wife when he must be a real pain in the ass to live with. I think just as Kathy Lee got over Frank REAL fast, Alicia feels she served her sentence too.
When he drops,she goes back to life.

Sports reporters annual income is....

$44,000 a year. BUT!, 40% of those make less then 34k a year.  The best paid in a top 5 market range from 60k to 100k
Sports radio anchors? Average 60k nationally.  Sounds about right for 'thegamz' people. Knbr people are like some SF Giants salaries- vastly overpaid.

Better to get a degree in marketing. Make much more,and work at home.

I called it on Lincecum. I should be Stan the prophet.

He's done. A mighty career has ended. I was right. I was the only one who called it,said it out loud at his last game.
I predict another thing. If you read me on the net on various other blogs you might remember that I said that when Lincecum retires and write that book..THEN we might get the truth. The drugs,the eating disorders,the family dysfunction.
He made a lot of money,but I bet he spends a lot. And one day he will realize a big tell all book beats baseball card carny shows. He doesn't want to be Pete Rose.
It would make a great movie..and movie deal..

One more- He wont blame "Mechanics" unless Krukow is the ghost writer....

Leiberman hates woman.

Rebbeca Corral.
Roberta Gonzales.
Kate Scott.
Veronica De La Cruz.
Christine Leiberman,I mean Craft.
Darya Folsom.
Cheryl Jennings. 30 years,and he says she's bad for expecting quality. Bad her.
Heather Holmes.
Jan the Hat woman.
Gasia..dont make me spell that last name.
All woman named Janelle.
Kristy the former 5 weatherwoman..who he said slept to get the job.
Ann Killion. All bad ,no good.
I know I left out another dozen or so.
Strangely,he's very quiet on Pam Moore. Hmm. She who enables 415's hated Radnich?. I wonder myself if she's a kron snitch? hmmm.

Compare to his raving reviews of
Dan Ashley, 30 years admired because he expects quality. huh?
Frank Somersville
Ken Bastida
Steve the weather guy on 2
Paul the weather guy on 5
Everybody male who used to be on KGO radio- and he still pines for them.
Raj of 11,or 3 on your cable if applicable.

He does though get points for hating the sports radio male crowd. Go figure on that.

Kate Scott rips to shreds Larry Kreuger.

"Stop talking about woman as if we are all idiots!"..she was steamed. What did Kreuger say? I don't know,he was putting me to sleep going on about Scott Mcluens wife over there in Wash DC. and that dramarama.

I think it was the second angriest outburst since she's done the show. I will say- He must have deserved it but, it also sounded pent up. No surprise to me. Off air, Kruger and Radnich must just reek with airs of superiority and she has to hear that shit everyday.

You would have to be blind or brainwashed not to see that what I write on the media is right on. Radnich I pegged as the "Bay Area's no1 Sports Weasel" for years now. He's everything wrong with the media..the world.

Radnich still calls weatherwoman "Our friend there"...

Its been half a year..he still can't or won't say Diane Tuazon. Too ethnic for him. Or,"Diane" is such an unusual name,its hard for him to remember. Brian Van Den Aikensdorfenstienburgvillle?, he remembers.

Btw He also announced "There are no longer any great news Anchors"..and Moore stiffened up as she readied to take another backhanded "compliment" from  "Gary, the man of love". She's his living punching bag. What an enabler.

Today.Kate Scott said that some people say mean things because they are mean. Radnich of course took that to mean everybody who writes about him and not of course all the ripping he's done to everybody else -like the above- as his own description. Well,he does love Racist Sid Rosenberg.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Baseball season caput. Adios importente games.

This is the time of the baseball season I liked best as a kid. Giants and A's long out of the hunt..being young and with friends and relatives at the Coloseum in mid  mid week day games,school still out- I think- and we would sit in the stands waiting for the late innings when you could hear everybody talking and then go down and sit in the upfront seats. Just like being at home. You could say something in yer broken Spanish to Campy (pre A's great teams) and he would look up at you and answer running back to the dugout. You can't buy that.

Sunshine,opponents of zero interest in games that meant!. Hot Dogs,Cokes,potato chips. Salt and Sugar,like God wanted it.

Mark Davis and Lou Wollf don't care. They aren't from here. 

Watching Radnich lose his mind on TV,bit by bit,day by day..

Last night was almost frightening. Instead of all sports he launched into a full segment of his twitter account. THEN,he descended into madness-lol.

Gary Radnich announced- fully serious- or,is that fool serious? That you should read his tweets to learn about Love!!

Now,in any other jobsite people would break out into laughter at the egotistical blowhard who says that. KRON the Cult and its members stood in silence. Lotis and crew. Moore sat quietly and learned- lol.

The same man who loves Sid 'Racist Rosenberg' for calling Serena Williams an ape did his 'Love lessons- LOL" after a story about her ironically enough.

Radnich like some cartoon buffoon in a teen comedy stood there and forced his staff to show a photo of he and his cohort in crime looking at the sea "On Martha's Vineyard"..LOL..get it?  Not at Hunters Point .

It was surreal in its lunacy.

I pray that Diane Huazon continue to fight her way from the KRON CULT madness.  She,was nowhere on the set...

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

3 old Jewish woman buying a Volkswagen- Stan version.

"What? You want us to buy the car that drove our people to the death camps?" "Whats you're name you friggin Nazi? Adolph?!   "Stick this piece of crap up your ass" "I would rather drive a Buick filled with rotten Gelfilte fish 100 miles then buy a "Volkswagen".

"Mercedes?",lets negotiate....

Stan on the infinite multi Universe and George Harrison.

I saw a new program on Multiverses...that we are one of an infinite number of Universes. Although one scientist did calculate that if our Universes particles were re arranged to all possible combinations..that would be 10-27-27 Universes as it stands now. That however is if we only grant the law of all Universes have the same amount of matter. Some,might be much bigger,much fuller.
I always like to see those only takes a few years sometimes for a view to go from decades of possibility to where science makes it almost a certainty. From what I understand,some forces like gravity can only be as weak and different a force from others is if it was in fact mostly part of a separate Universe and what  we have is the "weaker remnant gravity" bleeding through.  It would explain why subatomic particles appear to go in and out of existence or even be in many places at once. Maybe you too...only you don't know it.
So I see all this as tying in with mortality. Since you might exist somewhere forever. Maybe the same life,maybe everything is different. Or even just one hair difference in a lifetime.

So,I don't see where God fits in it all. Since you and space of some kind never end. When George Harrison wrote "My Sweet Lord" and sang "I really want to see you,but it takes oh so long my Lord". Harrison was young when he wrote that. He's been dead for 14 years already. Right about now,he must be thinking when he can "get back" to making records. "I've listened for 14 years my Lord- I get it!" "Enough!".

That's why parallel and multi Universes are the next religion. No longer do you have to think "Why should I get an afterlife when a poor animal doesn't? Or even an Amoeba." In the new theorems the immensity of the Universe makes winning the lotto a sure thing twice a week forever. Like that. Someplace.

Matt will pitch better if he's paid more,Billy will win if he gets a new stadium..

Same old sheister talk. Sue Slusser believes it.  She knows.

"Uses his family as a prop".."one of those types" he said..

I missed who the guest was, talking on THEGAMZ. Or who he was talking about. But I heard that in the title. Has to be inferring Radnich.

Pleasanton can be kinky.

The news story today of the woman followed in a parking lot by a nekkid man?  Reminds me of last year...
I'm on Bernal,in six lanes of traffic at 3 pm. surrounded by many cars at a red light.  Walking in the crosswalk is some guy in a micro little girl dress,pink and frilly with a Teddy Bear attached at the shoulder. His dress was so short you could see butt cheeks. Blond wig.
He walked with a big grin.

He looked like a Monty Python character.

Pleasanton me thinks, is a bit repressed.

Or,he lost a bet. It was right next to the PFD...

Brian Van Aikans has sank to boob level. And Raddy replacement.w I mi

If I ever said good things about the guy? I take 97.3% back.  He's like a real cult member of KRON...he can giggle and pretend that his jumping for Radnich looks funny...but it looks like he's Raddy's unwilling bottom. Talk about having no cajones to "just say no".
Maybe he should notice the creeped out looking smile Lotis has when he sees the weatherman come running.
"But for the grace of God,go I"  figures Lotis..who must have made it clear to Radnich,he's not going to do that shit and embarrass himself.

btw I missed the name of the Guy who filled in for Radnich last Friday at 11.  He's everything KRON needs.. a sports head who likes sports,is wide awake not doped up. I'm not sure if Pam Moore liked a sports host young enough to be her grandson. She wasn't too talkative as the age difference was glaring and I think she felt a bit threatened. Better to have old as dirt Radnich around to make her look not so old she on it.

How long before the "City" wakes up to that Critical Mass of stupidity?

Over and over? Like giving the streets to skinny gangsters high on Gatoraid. What is the point of that whole mess? No supervision,never any arrests. All the taunting is legal,condoned by the city with a black eye.
Those are the privileged punk children of people who fear glutton and are not vaccinated.

Its a wonder not one driver has plowed into the mess. Because,you know,they are challenged to do that all the time by the tough talking 10 speeders. Ooohhh.