Monday, September 28, 2015

Dirty Mo or Rooskies or 410 or KNBR ?

I must have arrived- somebody got into my pc and deleted all the recovery files,locked up the internet,and deleted everything a pc needs to go online.
I must have hit a nerve with some cowards who would never give me trouble face to face.

I wondered when I sent email years ago to KNBR,if they then committed a felony and hacked in? Actually I'm sure of it. Same for 410. He has your ip address and the time and software to follow you on the internet.
He's always hinted he does that.
But spyware is one thing...just all out terrorist hacking sounds like Mo's friends and his type. THAT was the topic that got huge looks.
Somebody actually commited a felony.
If you want to turn them in and know my email,tell me. Do something for freedom of speech. Fuck that it's "teamwork"