Friday, September 25, 2015

Hayward Police need to start crackin heads open.

Those 20 somethings seem to think THEY run the city. They never obey the speed limit and even though they don't have a pot to pee in and living with mother and dad,the arrogance with the flashy car,loud hip hop and exhaust need to be taught a lesson.

Mostly young latinos. They have NONE of the attitude of immigrants grateful to be here. Those 20's something sit around thinking of bad things they can do. Every culture has a subculture- Mafia,Yukiza..all that.

They worship the god of crime. NO respect for others.

I free the Police on them. Only,I never see the police yanking over those punks. I see small old pickups and momvans. Motorcycles are now just as bad in noise,and I wish to see them ticketed. A big wish from what I can tell. Hey, I once saw a Fremont cop giving one of those fat tire motorcyclist a ticket.
 Three years ago. Maybe four.