Friday, September 25, 2015

I dreamed I died in a Tsunami.

I was looking out the kitchen window having heard that a comet had hit the ocean off of the bay area. I knew that meant a Tsunami maybe hundreds or thousands of feet high. So,as I look out- I see it. A huge black-green wave,and I hear this powerful rumble. I'm thinking there is no way to avoid it,no way to escape. I knew I was going to die. I just knew it.  That wave just about blocked out all the sky..I ran to my hallway wondering if it was going to hurt? I cant swim but, that much water was just going to crush me. There was a certainty to this,I only wondered if it will hurt.

Then,I woke up.

I've been thinking of how real that dream was. It couldn't have been any more lucid.

So I type into google "I dreamed I died in a Tsunami"..and surprise, it seems to be a common dream according to the internet. There are interpretations of what it means. Some say it symbolizes you're expecting a big change in yer life,a positive. Others that you expect something ...well,not good. Both seem right to me.

Go ahead read how many writings are of death by Tsunami on the internet.

I should write more about my dreams. They are pretty good sometimes. Like movies. You all would like to read all about them-lol. You can hardly wait.
btw. It was no chemicals or alcohol  fueled dream. I did though eat a ton of Cheezits maybe too late last night.......