Saturday, September 26, 2015

KRON sports is now "In Praise of Older Pam Moore".

Just when you think he's going to give you the scores,he launches into his Pam Moore worship. You know- the woman he said 2 months ago was "Overpaid" and serious when he said it. Now,he and his wife and Pam smile and laugh every sports segment at how great and wondrous she is. She loves it,rolls in it. How insecure can she be?
Radnich is just freakin out of his mind trying to stay relevant. He's pushing everything he can to stay in the game. Family? exploit them for photos all he can..just so obvious it isn't done with love-- its done for his almighty dollar. No shame. Its no wonder Kate Scott sounds like she's sick and tired of Radnich- because she is and his answer to her on why he's wrong all the time? "I raised two families that way" He loves that one - as if  A: He wouldn't be a con artist without the families "needs" or B: It covers up all his ignoramus opinions.
He couldn't be a bigger hypocrite without the "family" excuse. Look at his hypocritical pushing of his Tweet page. He had said for years that people who tweet were vain or lonely and his usual worn and tired catchphrase put-downs...

..Now,tweets are his second favorite sport. His first is announcing he and Pam Moore are lovers to their death.

Oh,and his wife? As sweet as battery acid. She has a glare when the camera's not on her- or thinks its not on her that tells me she is just doing business now with the 70 year old Radnich.

Still have not heard him once say "Diane Tuazon"..Not once.