Thursday, September 24, 2015

Radnich does his version of Pirate day on Moore.

Oh,he gushed like SHE was the holy pope. No other anchor said Radnich is sincere- only Pam Moore. Other anchors pretend...Pam Moore is the real,and gives all she's got to the community until her last breath and dollar.
That went on for half the sports segment. Not a simply nice com. No,its genuflect at her image... For what seemed to be dog years.

The point of his doing that?  I don't know. Somebody on the net see's her as an enabling stooge of what lowers the quality of bay area media. Fake.
Maybe that's why.
OR the real bottom line. Radnich needs her. Any new young anchor for KRON isn't going to put up with being the butt of his "compliments" Besides,Radnich doesn't care about anybody who doesn't keep his career going. Have you heard him say he admires the "X" a great humanitarian? He doesn't know the word. He knows "Mine".

It also looked to be weird to Diane Tuazon was my feeling. I also have yet to hear Radnich say her name.