Saturday, September 26, 2015

Was Barry Zito on steroids with the A's?

I was watching the films of Zito when he was a rookie+ with the A's. Bigger chest,arms,a bit of fat under his chin.
Here's my theory...yes,he was. 2. He stopped as soon as he became a free agent- to pass any drugs tests. When the Giants signed him they soon got the Zito we saw the last x years. Thin, thin arms. Just look. I even mentioned that how interesting that he and Lincecum just lost so much weight,became rails. Zito has always been preoccupied with his looks..I can see him going a day without much food. To look good.

Why not? He now had all the when the roids were long out of his system and he did not need to feed them anymore..he lost weight.  So,he always passed a drug test. Tests not done when he was with Oakland. Like many on roids they became half the player they used to be when they stopped.

Its really too bad local sports media are just advertising supplements for local teams. Since a real journalist would delve into those years,contact the team Dr...who I notice has never talked to the media OR they never asked to talk to him. Kawakami embarrass Beane with truth? Hell no.

There must be a ton of insiders..coaches off the record. Security guards!..loads. And our weak willed media go back to "Mechanics" for the last 20 years.

Oh and Zito? Well you know how when YOU got older you got thinner. Uhuh. Surrrrre..