Saturday, September 26, 2015

Why do our bodys have so many different stinks?

I've been meaning to write this for awhile- lol. Summer and all inspired.

So,why do our body's- all made of the same materials..have different stinks? Toe jam isn't the same at all as fingernails. Poop and different.  Underarms nothing like crotch. Boogers and runny nose- same body part, totally different stink. Also,when you conk your nose on something hard? You get some kind of ammonia smell to go along with the bright light-lol.
Why? why? why?  Belly button and Vagina..the list can go on with man and woman sex stink. None are the same. ALL made of you just rearranged.
Blood smells like copper. Vampires should lick copper pipes for a snack.

I think that covers it.-wink-wink.

p.s...Burps and Farts.

I should get a Pulitzer for this!