Saturday, October 31, 2015

Judge Judy hates pretty white girls fighting over a black guy.

I've observed enough of her to see she hates when those blue eyes are fighting over a  regular black guy- no male model if get my drift.  I've lost count of her telling the black guys "They might think you're irresistible, but I don't" Yeah- you've probably seen that too.

I remember Judge Wapner was easy to predict. He seemed to always rule in favor of who had the prettiest face. White and blond over white and brunette all things being equal. Asian over Latino.Latino's would win against black.  I could call it. People would tell me "you saw this already". I could never figure how he got away with that.
I also wouldn't doubt the producers looked for "Beauty and the Beast" type cases...Snow white over Jackie Brown.
Oh,and yes,Light skinned black would always win over dark skinned blacks. I 'm telling you,I called it every time! True so help me god.

The Five scariest Sports entitys aka personalitys.

5. John Lund..issues galore. He's also kind of sad..he's laughing about his life but what he's saying is sad.
4.Tim Kawakami. I should like the guy. But,I dont. He's great at sounding like he almost got it right.
3. Gary Radnich. He's different then the GR of 5-10 years. I think he realized he's not Howard Stern and get away with "love me as I rip you" with his feelings hurt when people naturally enough strike back..
2. Damon Bruce. He's gotten louder. But,he seems like the kind of guy who would repossess Grandma's House and say "She was warned about the 80% interest."

1. Greg Papa. I say he runs over little animals. With a laugh.

Hail Hail the gangs all here! I thought you would never make it!

What I would hear when we had a party or the grownups playing Canasta. Opening the front door at Christmas? always a hoot and a hollering and loud laughs. And something always cooking in or on the stove. Something goood.....
Boy,not like that now. It must be me? lol.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Marty Allen,Barbara Rush and Henry Darrow still live!

I was watching an old "Night Gallery" episode. I would have sworn I saw obits of all three some years ago-lol.  Marty Allen is 93!!..93!! so much for being obese kills. The others in their 80's.

I hadn't thought of Marty Allen in years. 93.

All African American news team..

 Alma Daetz (ch7) could do her smouldering,Pam Moore (4) could co anchor . You got ch11's Kari Hall doing weather,but I would take to promoting Robin Winston of ch4. She's got pizzaz. African American female doing sport? About as common as a Latina. In other words,none and never has.
KRON has two newish reporters Alecia Reid who is fit- wink wink. And a new one who's name I can't remember. She's full of fitness too.

You know I thought I would have quite a few names to choose from. Once I seemed to fizzle. Not many names anymore.

honorable mention to Carolyn Tyler.

Scientists find possible mega structure orbiting distant star.

You saw that in the news?  Today they revealed that round planet sized structure was shaped like a Sombrero. Yes,the Alien builders are Mexican....

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Greg Papa drives a Camaro. Yeah,he screams manly.

"I drive a black on black Camaro" says media Jerk no1.. So do hot blond chicks. Greg doesn't need great brakes,he can stick his big snozz out the window to slow down..Plenty of air resistance.
I wonder of Papa swerves around small animals,or just likes to run them over?...

Xanax and cough syrup. Wanna get low? Wanna get low?

I dot get why medications that make you sleepy are the rage. Do you want to be sleepy all day? No,you don't.  Why pay real money for that? Teens and dumb go hand in hand.

Was it Dibly and Scotts fault?

lol. Radnich hasn't been  bad for awhile now  I wonder if having the counterpoint co host is a bad idea for him?. Bruce lasted the afternoon with Radnich.

He's been on KRON going good too.

I feel like I accomplished something. What I'm not sure.  But the filter he has now isn't setting me off.

He had his son on his show. And,it was natural. Cute kid. He looks latino if you didn't know.

Why did Jed fire Harbaugh? Maybe because Jim said......

Using all my world experience I think this is what went down over the years in Jed and Jim talks.

"Well,ha-ha I wasn't born rich like you"

"Hey" said Jim to Jed down the hall "Richy Rich,I need to talk to you".

" I need to talk in private to people who know football" said Jim explaining why Jed wasn't invited.

"Glee was on,I figured you were busy" he told Jed on why he wasn't returning phone calls.

" Do use a left handed football?" said Jim to Jed.

"Apologize for THAT" said Jim as he pointed to Jed's groin area.

Everyday the same..unless its a bad day.

Getting older and out of trouble and more or less settled...that's what happens.

The All Latina bay area News Team...

I know the bay area. The All asian woman news team would win. The all blond team would win in every other part of the country. FOX and Weather Channel didnt get where they are with scrubs.

In the bay area? A all Latina newscast would be neck and neck,even if ignored by media as the whole latin culture usually is in Cali.
So:  Jessica Aguirre (ch11),no doubt. Laura Garcia Cannon (ch11) and her cat eyes. And I don't mean Sylvester. Sports? oof. We have no Latina female sports heads. Never. Ignored,like I said.  Weather? Rosemary Orosco who does not walk but glides, And you got to have Roberta who today  wore a really tight blue short dress. She too,is very very healthy and kpix must have a chilly set- wink wink. That's two double words for one all woman.

Honorable mentions for reporters Ally cat (ch2) and Jessica Melendez (ch7) who I still see taking her shoes off girly like.

Hair talk : Dan,Joe Buck implants and Laura Garcia Cannon's 60's flip.

Joe Buck might have waited too long. Once you get too bald? implants look like rows of farm crops. Corn they usually say..but also Asparagus- we are in California ya know. Spencer Christian is another who might have been better going to a toupee. I can hardly tell John Burris attorney has one. Even if it does look like black felt on a pool table. Frank Somersville is the only one who had a implant genius Dr. If you didn't know way you could guess that guy had baby fine hair 20 years ago. Being Frank and me are the same age,and we also began balding at the same time. Old clips of him bring back my horrors of seeing my own thick hair get see- through in sunlight.

Laura Garcia Cannon isnt seen much on ch11. Seeing her today was nice. I like that 60's do. A semi flip. Not Mary Tyler Moore hard core flip..but close for today.

Dan Ashley has changed the shade of hair color. How does he decide to do that? Can you see Dan at Walgreens reading the Hair dye cartons? lol.  SO many choices.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Kate Scott ever returning to 9-12? or another one bites the dust?

Like with the old simulcast of Raddys show, Where I  got the feeling he wasn't returning. Kate Scott taking time to do Volleyball 'casts and getting the time off for it sounds like curtains. She might be back tomorrow..but she is heard less,and takes off every Friday,and leaves M-TH at its a real job where you leave the moment you can.
Being a trailblazer is never easy. Don't I know it.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Jack Del Rio has cool 80's hairdo.

Its straight out of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  Could be worse,he could still be sporting the 70's hair parted down the middle and feathered.

Back to reality. Stan goes to the recycler center.

I had a few garbage bags of plastic bottles to redeem. Man,its always kind of depressing. Unlike those public service commercials where familys and kids happily turn in bottles and cans..these people were on societys edge. Half of them I've seen homeless around the hood/barrio. The others? well,they looked like the ones I've seen.
They knew each other for sure. It was like a social service meeting. Plenty of laughter,greetings. They were as polite to me as I could ask. I could see some had real mental disabilities,their hands shook when I handed one a bottle of his that rolled away. One guy about half my age sort of shuffled and stooped over. Nice guy.

It was urban let me tell ya...extra bottle fluids just poured on the parking lot,made for sticky walking. Some guys slept under the tree' was warm today.

Then you had the young couples..she's overweight,he's black and they have a 2 year old baby in a stroller. I felt bad for the kid as whenever he got fussy,his father told him "Be cool nigger"..he said that a few times. I swear to you I wondered if that kid had been adopted by a functioning family, how far he might go in life? I could see what he had to live with already. Role models as they call it.

I must have been in line 90 minutes for $12 of coupons or whatever they call it. I spent it on cat food.

One last. The centers machine that gives you more money for 24 ounce bottles? It "was broke"  Its always broke seems to me. Cheating poor people. Good job recycle company. Be proud of yourselves.

The ULTIMATE Blond news team.

Anyplace but the bay area they would be no.1. But here,I know the all Asian girl team would win.

But still... At the news desk, Heather Holmes (2) and Juliette Goodrich (5) . Sports,Mindy Bach (Comcast) with Kate Scott (680) to fill in.  Weather? That's a tuffy. I don't think there are blond weatherwoman anymore. Liz Wenger? or is she just traffic?  Lets go with her for weather.
Honorable mentions.  Cheryl Jennings,Pam Moore,Ann Malcovec- I never get her name right. I'm too busy too check.
Noelle Walker. The one that you should have met in HS.

The Ultimate Bay Area news team. No 1 ratings I gare-en-tee.

At the news desk,Veronica De La Cruz (ch5) or Janelle Wang (3) and Natahsa Zouvres(ch7) I cant make up my mind in just two.  Doing weather- Diane Tuazon(ch4) and Anny Hong!. Sports you ask? Ann Nakama (ch7)
It would blow the other stations out of the water.

Honorable mention. Claudine Wong.

Raddy says "He's questioning his own mortality".

 See? I write something..and I hear it the next day in some form. I told you they read me. Who else said Billy Beane was like a man tired of being a GM? Only me.
Sometimes,I get the feeling most of my views are from local personalities that day.

Pyramid scheme on Dragnet 1967.

As old as the hills. Yet,Madoff still fooled them. 
Anyways,in the plot, a Woman is prosecuted and on trial.  The expert testifies that her plan worked to the apex IF she could get 360 million people to buy in. "How many people are there in the USA" the prosecutor asked the expert "200 million, more or less." he says. The jury gasped as they tripped up her claims.

Funny,but there are now at least 360 million Americans- right?

So,she is convicted of running not a pyramid scheme as the trial's charts showed..but of running a lottery as an investment.  She was fined $500 and 6  months probation. Bernie would have never been caught in the 60's. If he was? a slap on the wrist for being too smart.

So once again the past is only better to be young. All else is so primitive.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Lamonica- Stabler and Plunkett love baby showed up in San Diego.

Not sure how you do that,maybe recombinant DNA.  Add Eagle DNA too for crystal clear vision by Carr.

I could hardly believe my own eyes. Raiders running catching and scoring at will. It was like the Raiders were greatness once again.

The Raiders are one win from my bad call of four for the season. Always good to be wrong about the right things.

I would have liked pedal to the metal in the second half. That sit on the ball stuff really takes the glow off a strong first three quarters.

Carr went from a 5.0 to a 8.9 Quarterback. I knew he had it him..ehem...

I'm so vain I KNOW that song is about me!

Nah,not really. It was a good title to use. But,if you twist my arm...those calls I made,Snyderman,Beane,Lin, Never-build-a-stadium-over-the-bay,Harbaugh to Stanford, its unrelenting brilliance. Well,that might be vain. Only, I did those things and many more-lol.

And Mo...dont forget that. I called that a year before.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

David Shaw to 49ers in 2016.

First to call it.  Why not? Its the natural 49er way.  Bill Walsh-Jim Harbaugh-Shaw.

Tomsula  is a another Tom Cable and doesn't fit the bill.

Speaking of coaches..Sarkisian turned down the Raiders. If he had won here? Have another and for all the black hole. Even the Monkey.

Why just this?

Being a baby boomer I now see those in my age group showing up in the obits. Strange to see that. Especially when they have the 70's look in the photo. Dead. Forever. For them,time and reality don't exist. Scary.

When I was very young,if you had told me I would have died in 2005? I would have said "That's enough". Well,it doesn't seem like that now in 2015.

I have thought for a long time now that Mother nature seems to prepare you for the end if an accident doesn't get you. First you need glasses...then the hair goes,then the wrinkles on skin that had always looked the same. Hearing is next..its duller. She takes away the longer you resist. You don't want to look old,but that's forced on you-lol. Time does speed up as you get older- just the opposite of what you want. To me,the Pleasanton Fair should be just opening.Still June. Yet,I'm told Halloween is in a few days. How did that happen?

Aging. Outliving the stars of TV shows you grew up on. Feeling not as peppy even on your best day.  The weird thought that yes,you could go to sleep and never wake could also wake up only to fall down and never get up. Chumbawumba lied!

I don't think aging is anything to look forward too.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Two guys names Sports announcers LOVE-LOVE! to say. Man,they love it.

Edwin ENCARNACION.  Every gringo suddenly goes into fluent Spanish all over MLB.  Wherever Edwin goes his name just rolls off of tongues. Yet,none can say Cespedes correctly. Go figure.

Pierre GARCON. Then the media becomes fluent in either French or Pirate. Like they are at a fancy pants restaurant and are ordering a fine bottle of wine from Pierre Garrrrconnn.

I had to post this..its been welling up in me for awhile. Whew,its out there now.

Evelyn Taft marries ugly guy.

So much for you have to be good looking in Hollywood to get hot chicks. Usually if a hot blond marries a ugly guy down there,its a producer or director with bucks. Evelyn married an "entrepreneur" that means she will one day get tired of being the money in the relationship.
Even when I'm watching HGTV? Its the L.A. couple and he's ugly but owns a company and he looks like Joe Lacob. She the H.B., seems to not notice as they a buy a second home in Puerto Vallarta.

Yes,its the same old story. I get it. Its also why you see an expensive Euro car parked by the crappy apartment. He knows that opens the door to her heart. After that?  Reality. Still,he gets a taste...probably all he wanted anyways.

My take on Kaepernick nobody has ever said before...

He's the loudest snap count QB in the NFL.  He really gets in the Drill Instructor act 100%. A regular Marine Sargent.
You can hear him all through the stadium.

Its hard to even imagine the same soft talker in the clubhouse can belt like its a Broadway show in the game.

Now,if he could not take so long to throw the ball. Maybe work on that instead of sounding commanding.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

KRON's conversational news right up Raddy's alley.

So far he's not gone off the deep end with wild political things or famous people who you might like, putdowns. KRON has given him over 10 minutes to talk,half of that is about sports.

This is like a godsend for him. The young producer who told him a few months ago to just do the sports without hi jinx might have spoke too soon. All the channels are doing it. Some are good,-Kris Sanchez and Scott McGrew have something to always add that doesn't make you cringe. Others not so good. Mibach for one.
The old KQED newsroom in modern times. With better looking woman.

Sandy Barbor laughing last. A Stan salute.

As Cal becomes a semi powerhouse again,I haven't read one story of her hiring Lesbian Dyke as football coach. I don't read SF gate much,but I KNOW not one sports show,not the SJ Mercury have given Sandy any credit at all. Dyke doesn't bring her up. He's going to benefit when contracts come up big time.
So a Stan salute to Sandy Barbor. She proved everybody wrong.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Assume makes an ass of you and me?

I think just about everybody assumes they will live another day.  I doubt if they happen to be wrong relatives and friends think " He thought he would live another day.He sure made an ass of himself". Or,maybe they WILL think that..say it too....

KNBR commercials cause me to miss a good segment.

I was looking forward to hear Softy take on the KNBR twins at 9-12.  I waited for the first half hour to go by. Then,they said soon Softy was going to mix it up. Well,wouldn't you know when KNBR went into yet another 15 minutes of commercial,seems like, I lowered the volume...then totally forgot about the show.
An hour later it came to me,I missed it.

KNBR is just killing itself of any decent quality or entertainment. Those blocks of commercials? I'm like Pavlov's dog,I know just change the channel automatically because infomercial length breaks are coming. Or,I lower the volume..just forget I even had the radio on.

Maybe they could repeat it tomorrow. Nah,that would be a good idea. What use do they have with those?

Monday, October 19, 2015

Kate Scott people want to know about.

Of all my "Last words of?" Kate Scott has taken the lead on views. Joe Lacob's had been in first place,but Kate came from behind to take the lead. Posts about her do get popular.
So, people want to read about-
Dan Ashleys hair,
Asian Anchors that are female.
Kate Scott.


Raddy says Kate on assignment...but on.

I notice he's been miffed that he gets email telling him Kate makes the show. This is the second time he laughed at the idea she is the show.  "30 years" as he said about how long he's been at it. Today he added if he wants somebody off the show,they are gone that day.
Not exactly a Kate Scott endorsement.

It really gets to him, I see, those we love Kate fan mails. Joking or not.

Kate Scott still on vacation?

She gets more time off then Kruger and Radnich combined. That and her reduced roll always gets me to wonder if she will return.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Why are bay area TV weatherman meek?

It seems to be a stereotype now on local news.  Look at the list- Mark Tamayo,Drew Tuma,Spencer Christian,Bill Martin,Brian Van Akins.

 Steve Paulson and ch5's guy are more mild mannered then meek. Just my guess.Well,its ALL my guess-lol.

Now,the meek wont admit it- too meek?..but they aren't talking about red meat and football seems to me.

The new guy at KRON- Dave Spahr..He's different.  Intense, man.  He's giving local weather of a fog like its a Tornado moving in. Something wrong with that boy...Just kidding Dave.

Dave ain't going to inherit the World.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Stan names Stanford's O line "300"

As I watched in that super slow mo of Stanfords o line pushing UCLA backwards...that movie came to mind. If McCAfferty had a spear ...
I guess Stanford's set to even take on "The immortals".

Diane Huazon nearly causes KRON office sprinklers to turn on.

Turn on is the keys words. At the 6:45 weather her dress had slipped to heretofore unseen territory. Two big globular and shiny golden orbs were showing.  It was like Jackie Bennet but more rounded I would say.
By 8:45,she had pulled it way up to modest standards.

Nobody I bet changed the channel at 6:45.

Billy Beane EBAYMUD's big water hog. He's no team player.

Outed as the third biggest water waster in a county of a million people,it just proves what I have been saying..he's not a baseball man. That ended when he became part owner of the A's. He's now the conservative selfish American businessman. He doesn't believe in taking one for the team. Its all about him.

 He's so conservative he doesn't even consider winning the World Series a priority!..its not cost effective. How come all other teams don't feel that way?

Beane wants to known as a baseball Steve Jobs. Except,Jobs was admired,maybe worshiped by employees and customers.. Beane? We wait for him to keel over.

And ego. He killed the A's this year.even the players say that. Donaldson .C'mon,given away by a petulant King punishing his critics. It blew up in the Kings face.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Todays true and real bumper sticker sighting...

First of all,this emissions thing means that most cars on the road have some value. People don't want to mess them up with bumper stickers. Its not like before- everybody had one. Especially if it was a heap car.

So this small bumpers sticker on a older Ranger pickup: "I'm so gay I can't even drive straight!".

  I never did see if it was a guy or gal - I went left (natch) and they went forward.. I think a gal would be safer advertising that fact...

Take 10 Viagra,cocaine,half a bottle of cognac. Who knew that would be bad for you?

If it  wasn't a suicide then it qualifies as a stupidcide.

Radnich rooting for the Dodger,called out by Kruger...

Basically Kruger wouldn't let him get away with "I want to see the Dodgers win,but I'm not rooting for them" huh?  See, that's typical Raddy,takes both sides of an argument,so he can't be wrong. Over and makes everything he says is gibberish,no meaning. That's his idea of a "cagey" veteran sports host. 

This is like the umpteenth year in a row he's supported the Dodgers.
Yeah,stir the pot. Good for you.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Famous last words of Joe Lacob.

The rabbi by his side Joe says "If she hadn't been Steph Curry's mom,I would have banged that"
Joe always did strive for the best.

Famous last words of Kate Scott...

Surrounded by stuffed bunnies and flowers Kate looks up and says "I went to the school closest to my house*" then suddenly she says "Two old white men here too?". She was surprised.

*I wish I had said that..

Famous last words of Lowell Cohn.

In his quiet Oakland bungalow the great  sports writer utters one last time: " This wouldn't happen to me in Brooklyn!"

Famous last words of Mark Davis.

Eyes rolling,Davis gasps. "I knew I should have made a left turn at Hegenberger".

The famous last words of Billy Beane..

Talking to unseen people Beane takes one last gasp and says "Trade Babe Ruth,we cant afford him"
Ruth did have a better year then the President.

The famous last words of Greg Papa

Draped in a Raider blanket,They remove the Raider Gorilla mask and  Papa says hushed and sincere "I loved that Dolphin"..and he didn't mean Larry Csonka.

The famous last words of Gary Radnich.

I was reading an article of famous last words and this came to me.: Raddy with all around his bed,Sons, Daughters,grandkids,great grandkids..he says on his last breath "Children's Fairyland is now open".

Hey,he was always having kids and pushing something commercial-lol. I like the local tie in too.

If famous last words of people who aren't dead yet come to me?.I'll add to another post. wink.

There is no more wilderness in America.

I heard this factoid:  In all of the lower 48 states there isn't a speck of land that's not at least 23 miles from the nearest road. A road wide enough for cars too. So when you see Google Earth photos of what looks like thousands of square miles pristine..its an illusion.
And we wonder why the mountain lions and Bears are watching us? They cant avoid us.

I am not Milky Toast.

I swore I heard two bank tellers say that about me as I was in a pause talking to a banker. I keep thinking about that. I guess my overall demeanor and love of animals and nature gives people that idea. I've made friends with people who were shocked-lol- that I liked sports. "Hey, I played sports almost all my life I tell them". Well, it used to be all my life. Now,not so much.
And I guess that whole thing of nice to me and then I'm nice to you sets me up for "Take advantage of Stan". So, that opens a can of worms that basically involves (invokes?) the sport of teaching them a lesson.
But,at this age? I take the milquetoast thing just fine. A gentle grandpa type? Ok with me. I kind of dig it.

Local Warrior beat writer a stooge. Same for all the rest if you ask me.

Like Sue Slusser tells all? lol. She's in the A's back pocket. Deadspin should go over her posts.

Like I've been telling all of you..sports pages are just advertising supplements. If only the writers and columnists would admit it and stop the pretense of being real reporters.

I haven't been wrong. I had Beane pegged exactly right and you saw me write it in black and white. Same for the local media. Yahoo never rocks the boat...did they not skip Joe Lacobs gaffs? Same for his partner Peter Gruber for the black slang he invoked.

You cant be a Demo let alone a liberal in sports media..its just too fake and on the take. ALL the time.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tie the cat killer and the cop killer to the back of a truck..drag them

Every time I put on the news its " So and so" age 20,21,22,23,24, over and over.  All want what takes decades to have..a vip spot in society. So,they kill and maim and take now from others.

Its the culture of the stupid. Young and dumb and male. Kill for the thrill. And when you catch these guys? They beg like little girls for mercy. Even the Dodger fans who went to jail asked for "mercy" Amazing.

wow, Cubs fans rabid.

Its like when the cat is very,very,hungry and your eating steak in front of look over and her mouth is going up and down in time with yours?  Like that. Cubs fans are starving for a morsel.
Cubbies and Mets..sounds like a 1969 matchup.

btw,When I see the cat like that? I share.

Radnich...being good is killing my blog.

He's been towing the line so well,I had to go to 410media for raddy dirt. And even then,it was stretching it about things 30 years ago. I almost felt bad enough to delete it. But,people like that.

More on "Firefighters"

Have you ever watered your lawn with a garden hose? You are now qualified to be highly overpaid!

 Rip off the public with that scam of attending medical events.

Have a better then thou attitude? You get a badge! and keen hat.

Oh yeah,and you can also put racist cartoons in that black guys locker. Hilarity is the fireman's sense of humor.
Oh yeah.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Reggie Aqui.. Heeeeeere's Reggie!

Gee,they finally added another Latino anchorman in the bay area. I thought Marty Gonzalez being hired in 1988 was it.
He's a confident guy...just spreads his arms to the world.

He seems to like Drew the weatherguy on ch7.  Mike Schuman is still not warmed up.

One every 30 years. Don't f' up, Reggie.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Song of the day in my head...

How does it feel,to be on your own? like a rolling stone..

 A complete unknown...

A Napolean in rags and the language he used..

You're invisible now ,no secrets to conceeeeeeal, HOW DOES IT FEEL?

When you ain't got noth'in,you got noth'in to lose...

Like a Rolling Stooooone...

I can hear the organ right now.

410media says Raddy was a habitual cheat on wife.1?

Hmm. Just as Bill Cosby lectured on being a great married man...

You know what they say,once a cheat,etc.

  It might explain his need to touch the anchor woman until the new KRON set put him away.

I think that guy is a walking living mega conflicted man. How he can praise to high heaven Sid Rosenberg the man who said Serena Williams is an ape who should be put in a zoo and then goes home to his black wife and black children,I can't understand.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Raddy trying to save KRON.

I wouldn't post this except its...true.  He's had that "Do whatever it takes to get ratings"..nothing wrong with that,done right and fair. Ratings= food.

Its just that he's on overtime looking for anything to make KRON stand out. He's claiming this crowd and that crowd like Columbus claimed America. He's also huge on saying what wonderful people the KRONers are. They love babys. Pam, Moore? Joan of Arc. Van Akins is his Sancho Panza.

Mostly Radnich has been inoffensive. Greg Papa passed him as a just a plain big jerk asshole. I wonder when Papa will start talking about his Rolls?  Must be coming soon.

 Stick with Raimy for peace of mind kids.

I  notice the last few months Radnich has improved on that. He still has a hard time relating to Asian woman. How many months has it been that he hasn't said a word directly to Diane Tuazon? wow. A demerit for KRON's Pero.  Its not like nobody notices.

I never would have guess in 3rd grade I would grow up to look like I do.

Never saw it coming. If I had to draw a me based on my 3rd grade looks? I would have a hair line like Ronnie Reagan,My nose wouldn't be so ethnic,and darned if the big head wouldn't be in that drawing. I swear,hats that fit me 20 years ago,wont fit now. Who knew smarts built brain muscle? Those hats also have no hair to make a tight fit. All me.
And my shape? I used to be a thin to average kid- run like the wind. Second fastest kid in 4th grad. Now,I'm all torso. My above waist is for a guy 6"2" or so. I don't get it. Amazing how nature smooshes the face a tad here,a bit there, and you've gone from movie star looks to near convalescent home looks..with bigger ears and nose all old guys get. I hate that. Don't all old men look alike?..sort of like newborn babys. THAT's a deep thought- write it down.
One more..I never would have drawn a face with a frown. I'm told by people I look angry. I guess their right,if I'm not smiling..the corners go down a teensy bit. Its just looks. Its everyday. I used to be a great smiler. Tell me to smile then - and you got a nice perfect teeth smile. Nowadays,"smile for the camera" comes across as having those old dentist things that lift up you're cheeks. Well,almost that bad.

Nah,never would have guessed in a million years.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Niles path not a good idea.

For one thing- you can smell human excrement in parts of Niles Canyon. Its where the homeless camp. Put a path? And you leave the whole canyon open to those who will walk on the flora,tromp ruts where grasses are now, and really make it hard for seedling trees to get started. Throw tree seeds in your kids back yard. See how many trees you get as they tumble and play on them.
This is more of why I hate cyclists. Most are plain assholes,the others pretentious assholes.
If anything, Alameda county should make it HARDER to just walk or bike into the canyon.

I know Environmentalists know this,hell I once did an Earth Day at Niles..what junk we found. With a path? Its nothing but erosion near the creek from now on.
Its not Guadalupe in San Jose..a stream just barely natural with all the "landscaping" and "flood control". I doubt Niles can take any more man made "improvements".

Kill the Kat Killer.

I think cinderblocks dropped on his head,or knees or groinal area would be a start.

He is a human being who will never be worth a damn and a danger to everybody.

..Then put him in a cardboard box by a dumpster. Or,trunk of an abandoned car.

Seems fair.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Larry Kruger trashes Female baseball color analyst.

I never heard her,don't remember her name..but Kruger just made her not sound not worthy. He dropped in that she was a softball star. Well,since there are no and never have been woman MLB players what does he expect?
Radnich did his usual both ways..listed all the gripes about her. THEN said something PC.  Like with Kapernick Radnich rips him with comments "by fans and media"- that he handpicked to read-then claims "I'm rooting for him!"
He got the repub way all over him.

Naomi Watts in every movie ever made.

Remember in that Teddy bear movie commercial he says "You don't know who Samuel L.Jackson is? He's every black guy in the movies."
I was thinking the same thing going through the cable movie archives. She's in every movie that needs a trophy blond GF, Wife, or Mother. She's a good actress..but man she's made a ton of movies the last 15 years.
Naomi Watts,in everything- even my blog.

Stan right again about the tree's.

You did see up where the big fire was, PGE is cutting down any tree they see?  Unbelievable.  I'm sure the forestry service is helping by spraying "x" on those big trees. Kind of like what they did in WW2 death camps.
The residents? "I'm cutting all trees on my property". Typical ugly American. Move to the wilderness and then do the "for me" of ruining the forest. They should have stayed in Fremont.
As I write,tree's a century old are falling. They wont be coming back in spring.

Mike Mibach one dumb sumbitch.

"Why not just widen the road?" He asked about Niles Canyon- a scenic route and one of the jewels of the Bay Area.  Sure,just pave it over. I think they wrote a song about that kind of dumb simpleton thinking..paved paradise and put up a parking lot...lalalala.

I drive it EVERY day. Desecrating it  is not improvement. Its actually a horrible place to put a leads to huge roadkill numbers.  So,making more road... if Mibach had asked that question as part of the interview- ok. But he then shook his head at the answer to his simpleton query. So,if he reads this- take your repub feelings out of the bay area. You don't belong here.Or,widen your mind.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

KTVU getting sexier by the day..

Heather was wearing a purple dress and I can vouch she is very,very, healthy. A perfect breeder in her prime. I would add the studio must have been chilly if you know what I mean.
Then this morning Pam Cook was showing major leg with some sexy shoes. She was a MILF to lust for.

It was a nice display all around.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Getting older priviledges..

As a kid my parents always bought ..the store brand. A big family that needed to watch the dollar. It was when we visited our cousins and like that I got to have Chip's Ahoy or Oscar Meyer or even good old Wonderbread. Same for Coca Cola and Pepsi. We got Safeway Cola. Even Shasta was a treat.
Now that I'm older?...I buy those name brands if I'm craving them-lol. Mmm Lays potato chips. Then? I think Granny Goose and generic store brands. Those always seem to have more then a few burnt chips in them, skin. Those company's didn't believe in rejecting rejects. Package them up and sell cheap!
So today to show I am still a King..I bought Honey Graham crackers..none of that cheap store brand stuff that has no flavor..I went all out. Bought the family package. Threw my money worries to the wind.

And guess what? As a kid visiting relatives I could only get one or two wafers. Now? I just ate a whole block of them-With Milk.. Yeah! take that for la vida loca now baby.

Ok,I still buy off brand Bacon and Walmart brand jeans. But,because I want too...wink.

Ted Raimy worth a listen.

After hearing the offal that Papa puts on the air at thegame I tried 1050. Ok,its a bare bones show but has some redeeming value. He will say a local ownership is responsible for the the team they own being losers. Wow- Papa and Radnich wont touch that. With them,its cronyism. Agree with the wealthy etc,etc.
So give Hal's kid a listen. He's just as good as a guy who's done it for 40 years and the other 30. Maybe better.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


 "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting it to be different this time" the The fly beating his head on the screening is one example.

"If at first you don't succeed try and try again"

Somebody's wrong.

I see there is a page on the net with more like:
Birds of a feather flock together.
Opposites attract.

You're never too old to learn.
You cant teach an old dog new tricks.

Winners never quit
Quit while you're ahead .

The early bird gets the worm
The second mouse gets the cheese.

And,Do unto others as you would have done unto you.
Nice guys finish last.
There are more- I liked these the best.

Dont move into a bad neighborhood.

Just keep looking,forget the "great deal" and that you are accepting of others cultures. That will work against you.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Radnich says "who cares about politics"..then puts on old conservatives.

Everything about that guy is dishonest. He's in his own world..and if you want your job Kate Scott,Grant,Larry,Van, you better tell him he's funny. Laugh like you mean it.
As far as politics? Sure,who could ever guess Sid Racist Rosenberg is a conservative? He hides it so well.
Go down the list and its all conservatives one after another after another in local media. More in sports..but now you can add KTVU with KRON and KGO showing that bent in the real news dept..
I mean- you can see the stupidity of Radnich to say who cares about that? When there is nobody to point out his parking in handicapped spaces,gas hog love, lack of any understanding of other cultures that aren't dancing and singing
 Also,I saw him do the brush off hand thing,and say that's what he thinks of the criticism foisted onto his mind.
What a bunch of baloney. I mean who's the only local blogger media type to even bring up politics in media? Tim Kawakami?  Sue Slusser?..who I had to inform that Beane was getting out of the GM bizz as you all know.
Just me.

Radnich is not only a regular reader,he responds. All the time. He can't brush that off.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

To Denes..faithful reader...

Denes,I don't know why people don't post..they did when I started,I went with it.  Google also for some reason doesn't  show any alerts-messages from people like you 99% of the time. Today,I saw yours - 7 days late for the first time. I also never received the email alert. I used to.Go figure. Some people hate to see me on the internet. The Pen IS Mightier etc,et,etc.

I mean,I know they read- I got the Mo terrorist crowd to invade my old computer Or even Leiberman. He might be angry his views dropped without me..  And,like I have said before..when I, Denes hear the local sports shows? I can spot who's repeating what I wrote or some word nobody but me has written find its way to so and so 's mouth. So,those 2-3 hundred views a day include local media.

Who Denes (lol) caught ESPN first with its racist Jeremy Lin jokes? Me.
Who predicted the demise of Nancy Snyderman because of her ego?  Me.
Who said Billy Beane acted like he had enough of being the GM of the A's?...Me  Not those brilliant writers,sports hosts or Comcast. That alone was all me.
Same with Huff ,Lincecum,JaMarcus Russell addictions and depressions...that was all me and just a tiny bit of the total. I never can remember all from a cold start-wink.

btw- What is it you like to read more of? I'm easy!