Monday, October 26, 2015

Back to reality. Stan goes to the recycler center.

I had a few garbage bags of plastic bottles to redeem. Man,its always kind of depressing. Unlike those public service commercials where familys and kids happily turn in bottles and cans..these people were on societys edge. Half of them I've seen homeless around the hood/barrio. The others? well,they looked like the ones I've seen.
They knew each other for sure. It was like a social service meeting. Plenty of laughter,greetings. They were as polite to me as I could ask. I could see some had real mental disabilities,their hands shook when I handed one a bottle of his that rolled away. One guy about half my age sort of shuffled and stooped over. Nice guy.

It was urban let me tell ya...extra bottle fluids just poured on the parking lot,made for sticky walking. Some guys slept under the tree' was warm today.

Then you had the young couples..she's overweight,he's black and they have a 2 year old baby in a stroller. I felt bad for the kid as whenever he got fussy,his father told him "Be cool nigger"..he said that a few times. I swear to you I wondered if that kid had been adopted by a functioning family, how far he might go in life? I could see what he had to live with already. Role models as they call it.

I must have been in line 90 minutes for $12 of coupons or whatever they call it. I spent it on cat food.

One last. The centers machine that gives you more money for 24 ounce bottles? It "was broke"  Its always broke seems to me. Cheating poor people. Good job recycle company. Be proud of yourselves.