Friday, October 16, 2015

Billy Beane EBAYMUD's big water hog. He's no team player.

Outed as the third biggest water waster in a county of a million people,it just proves what I have been saying..he's not a baseball man. That ended when he became part owner of the A's. He's now the conservative selfish American businessman. He doesn't believe in taking one for the team. Its all about him.

 He's so conservative he doesn't even consider winning the World Series a priority!..its not cost effective. How come all other teams don't feel that way?

Beane wants to known as a baseball Steve Jobs. Except,Jobs was admired,maybe worshiped by employees and customers.. Beane? We wait for him to keel over.

And ego. He killed the A's this year.even the players say that. Donaldson .C'mon,given away by a petulant King punishing his critics. It blew up in the Kings face.