Friday, October 23, 2015

Evelyn Taft marries ugly guy.

So much for you have to be good looking in Hollywood to get hot chicks. Usually if a hot blond marries a ugly guy down there,its a producer or director with bucks. Evelyn married an "entrepreneur" that means she will one day get tired of being the money in the relationship.
Even when I'm watching HGTV? Its the L.A. couple and he's ugly but owns a company and he looks like Joe Lacob. She the H.B., seems to not notice as they a buy a second home in Puerto Vallarta.

Yes,its the same old story. I get it. Its also why you see an expensive Euro car parked by the crappy apartment. He knows that opens the door to her heart. After that?  Reality. Still,he gets a taste...probably all he wanted anyways.