Monday, October 5, 2015

Getting older priviledges..

As a kid my parents always bought ..the store brand. A big family that needed to watch the dollar. It was when we visited our cousins and like that I got to have Chip's Ahoy or Oscar Meyer or even good old Wonderbread. Same for Coca Cola and Pepsi. We got Safeway Cola. Even Shasta was a treat.
Now that I'm older?...I buy those name brands if I'm craving them-lol. Mmm Lays potato chips. Then? I think Granny Goose and generic store brands. Those always seem to have more then a few burnt chips in them, skin. Those company's didn't believe in rejecting rejects. Package them up and sell cheap!
So today to show I am still a King..I bought Honey Graham crackers..none of that cheap store brand stuff that has no flavor..I went all out. Bought the family package. Threw my money worries to the wind.

And guess what? As a kid visiting relatives I could only get one or two wafers. Now? I just ate a whole block of them-With Milk.. Yeah! take that for la vida loca now baby.

Ok,I still buy off brand Bacon and Walmart brand jeans. But,because I want too...wink.