Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hair talk : Dan,Joe Buck implants and Laura Garcia Cannon's 60's flip.

Joe Buck might have waited too long. Once you get too bald? implants look like rows of farm crops. Corn they usually say..but also Asparagus- we are in California ya know. Spencer Christian is another who might have been better going to a toupee. I can hardly tell John Burris attorney has one. Even if it does look like black felt on a pool table. Frank Somersville is the only one who had a implant genius Dr. If you didn't know way you could guess that guy had baby fine hair 20 years ago. Being Frank and me are the same age,and we also began balding at the same time. Old clips of him bring back my horrors of seeing my own thick hair get see- through in sunlight.

Laura Garcia Cannon isnt seen much on ch11. Seeing her today was nice. I like that 60's do. A semi flip. Not Mary Tyler Moore hard core flip..but close for today.

Dan Ashley has changed the shade of hair color. How does he decide to do that? Can you see Dan at Walgreens reading the Hair dye cartons? lol.  SO many choices.