Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I am not Milky Toast.

I swore I heard two bank tellers say that about me as I was in a pause talking to a banker. I keep thinking about that. I guess my overall demeanor and love of animals and nature gives people that idea. I've made friends with people who were shocked-lol- that I liked sports. "Hey, I played sports almost all my life I tell them". Well, it used to be all my life. Now,not so much.
And I guess that whole thing of nice to me and then I'm nice to you sets me up for "Take advantage of Stan". So, that opens a can of worms that basically involves (invokes?) the sport of teaching them a lesson.
But,at this age? I take the milquetoast thing just fine. A gentle grandpa type? Ok with me. I kind of dig it.