Saturday, October 10, 2015

I never would have guess in 3rd grade I would grow up to look like I do.

Never saw it coming. If I had to draw a me based on my 3rd grade looks? I would have a hair line like Ronnie Reagan,My nose wouldn't be so ethnic,and darned if the big head wouldn't be in that drawing. I swear,hats that fit me 20 years ago,wont fit now. Who knew smarts built brain muscle? Those hats also have no hair to make a tight fit. All me.
And my shape? I used to be a thin to average kid- run like the wind. Second fastest kid in 4th grad. Now,I'm all torso. My above waist is for a guy 6"2" or so. I don't get it. Amazing how nature smooshes the face a tad here,a bit there, and you've gone from movie star looks to near convalescent home looks..with bigger ears and nose all old guys get. I hate that. Don't all old men look alike?..sort of like newborn babys. THAT's a deep thought- write it down.
One more..I never would have drawn a face with a frown. I'm told by people I look angry. I guess their right,if I'm not smiling..the corners go down a teensy bit. Its just looks. Its everyday. I used to be a great smiler. Tell me to smile then - and you got a nice perfect teeth smile. Nowadays,"smile for the camera" comes across as having those old dentist things that lift up you're cheeks. Well,almost that bad.

Nah,never would have guessed in a million years.