Saturday, October 31, 2015

Judge Judy hates pretty white girls fighting over a black guy.

I've observed enough of her to see she hates when those blue eyes are fighting over a  regular black guy- no male model if get my drift.  I've lost count of her telling the black guys "They might think you're irresistible, but I don't" Yeah- you've probably seen that too.

I remember Judge Wapner was easy to predict. He seemed to always rule in favor of who had the prettiest face. White and blond over white and brunette all things being equal. Asian over Latino.Latino's would win against black.  I could call it. People would tell me "you saw this already". I could never figure how he got away with that.
I also wouldn't doubt the producers looked for "Beauty and the Beast" type cases...Snow white over Jackie Brown.
Oh,and yes,Light skinned black would always win over dark skinned blacks. I 'm telling you,I called it every time! True so help me god.