Tuesday, October 20, 2015

KNBR commercials cause me to miss a good segment.

I was looking forward to hear Softy take on the KNBR twins at 9-12.  I waited for the first half hour to go by. Then,they said soon Softy was going to mix it up. Well,wouldn't you know when KNBR went into yet another 15 minutes of commercial,seems like, I lowered the volume...then totally forgot about the show.
An hour later it came to me,I missed it.

KNBR is just killing itself of any decent quality or entertainment. Those blocks of commercials? I'm like Pavlov's dog,I know just change the channel automatically because infomercial length breaks are coming. Or,I lower the volume..just forget I even had the radio on.

Maybe they could repeat it tomorrow. Nah,that would be a good idea. What use do they have with those?