Monday, October 26, 2015

Pyramid scheme on Dragnet 1967.

As old as the hills. Yet,Madoff still fooled them. 
Anyways,in the plot, a Woman is prosecuted and on trial.  The expert testifies that her plan worked to the apex IF she could get 360 million people to buy in. "How many people are there in the USA" the prosecutor asked the expert "200 million, more or less." he says. The jury gasped as they tripped up her claims.

Funny,but there are now at least 360 million Americans- right?

So,she is convicted of running not a pyramid scheme as the trial's charts showed..but of running a lottery as an investment.  She was fined $500 and 6  months probation. Bernie would have never been caught in the 60's. If he was? a slap on the wrist for being too smart.

So once again the past is only better to be young. All else is so primitive.