Saturday, October 10, 2015

Raddy trying to save KRON.

I wouldn't post this except its...true.  He's had that "Do whatever it takes to get ratings"..nothing wrong with that,done right and fair. Ratings= food.

Its just that he's on overtime looking for anything to make KRON stand out. He's claiming this crowd and that crowd like Columbus claimed America. He's also huge on saying what wonderful people the KRONers are. They love babys. Pam, Moore? Joan of Arc. Van Akins is his Sancho Panza.

Mostly Radnich has been inoffensive. Greg Papa passed him as a just a plain big jerk asshole. I wonder when Papa will start talking about his Rolls?  Must be coming soon.

 Stick with Raimy for peace of mind kids.

I  notice the last few months Radnich has improved on that. He still has a hard time relating to Asian woman. How many months has it been that he hasn't said a word directly to Diane Tuazon? wow. A demerit for KRON's Pero.  Its not like nobody notices.