Friday, October 2, 2015

Radnich says "who cares about politics"..then puts on old conservatives.

Everything about that guy is dishonest. He's in his own world..and if you want your job Kate Scott,Grant,Larry,Van, you better tell him he's funny. Laugh like you mean it.
As far as politics? Sure,who could ever guess Sid Racist Rosenberg is a conservative? He hides it so well.
Go down the list and its all conservatives one after another after another in local media. More in sports..but now you can add KTVU with KRON and KGO showing that bent in the real news dept..
I mean- you can see the stupidity of Radnich to say who cares about that? When there is nobody to point out his parking in handicapped spaces,gas hog love, lack of any understanding of other cultures that aren't dancing and singing
 Also,I saw him do the brush off hand thing,and say that's what he thinks of the criticism foisted onto his mind.
What a bunch of baloney. I mean who's the only local blogger media type to even bring up politics in media? Tim Kawakami?  Sue Slusser?..who I had to inform that Beane was getting out of the GM bizz as you all know.
Just me.

Radnich is not only a regular reader,he responds. All the time. He can't brush that off.