Thursday, October 29, 2015

The All Latina bay area News Team...

I know the bay area. The All asian woman news team would win. The all blond team would win in every other part of the country. FOX and Weather Channel didnt get where they are with scrubs.

In the bay area? A all Latina newscast would be neck and neck,even if ignored by media as the whole latin culture usually is in Cali.
So:  Jessica Aguirre (ch11),no doubt. Laura Garcia Cannon (ch11) and her cat eyes. And I don't mean Sylvester. Sports? oof. We have no Latina female sports heads. Never. Ignored,like I said.  Weather? Rosemary Orosco who does not walk but glides, And you got to have Roberta who today  wore a really tight blue short dress. She too,is very very healthy and kpix must have a chilly set- wink wink. That's two double words for one all woman.

Honorable mentions for reporters Ally cat (ch2) and Jessica Melendez (ch7) who I still see taking her shoes off girly like.