Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Five scariest Sports entitys aka personalitys.

5. John Lund..issues galore. He's also kind of sad..he's laughing about his life but what he's saying is sad.
4.Tim Kawakami. I should like the guy. But,I dont. He's great at sounding like he almost got it right.
3. Gary Radnich. He's different then the GR of 5-10 years. I think he realized he's not Howard Stern and get away with "love me as I rip you" with his feelings hurt when people naturally enough strike back..
2. Damon Bruce. He's gotten louder. But,he seems like the kind of guy who would repossess Grandma's House and say "She was warned about the 80% interest."

1. Greg Papa. I say he runs over little animals. With a laugh.