Thursday, October 1, 2015

To Denes..faithful reader...

Denes,I don't know why people don't post..they did when I started,I went with it.  Google also for some reason doesn't  show any alerts-messages from people like you 99% of the time. Today,I saw yours - 7 days late for the first time. I also never received the email alert. I used to.Go figure. Some people hate to see me on the internet. The Pen IS Mightier etc,et,etc.

I mean,I know they read- I got the Mo terrorist crowd to invade my old computer Or even Leiberman. He might be angry his views dropped without me..  And,like I have said before..when I, Denes hear the local sports shows? I can spot who's repeating what I wrote or some word nobody but me has written find its way to so and so 's mouth. So,those 2-3 hundred views a day include local media.

Who Denes (lol) caught ESPN first with its racist Jeremy Lin jokes? Me.
Who predicted the demise of Nancy Snyderman because of her ego?  Me.
Who said Billy Beane acted like he had enough of being the GM of the A's?...Me  Not those brilliant writers,sports hosts or Comcast. That alone was all me.
Same with Huff ,Lincecum,JaMarcus Russell addictions and depressions...that was all me and just a tiny bit of the total. I never can remember all from a cold start-wink.

btw- What is it you like to read more of? I'm easy!