Saturday, October 24, 2015

Why just this?

Being a baby boomer I now see those in my age group showing up in the obits. Strange to see that. Especially when they have the 70's look in the photo. Dead. Forever. For them,time and reality don't exist. Scary.

When I was very young,if you had told me I would have died in 2005? I would have said "That's enough". Well,it doesn't seem like that now in 2015.

I have thought for a long time now that Mother nature seems to prepare you for the end if an accident doesn't get you. First you need glasses...then the hair goes,then the wrinkles on skin that had always looked the same. Hearing is next..its duller. She takes away the longer you resist. You don't want to look old,but that's forced on you-lol. Time does speed up as you get older- just the opposite of what you want. To me,the Pleasanton Fair should be just opening.Still June. Yet,I'm told Halloween is in a few days. How did that happen?

Aging. Outliving the stars of TV shows you grew up on. Feeling not as peppy even on your best day.  The weird thought that yes,you could go to sleep and never wake could also wake up only to fall down and never get up. Chumbawumba lied!

I don't think aging is anything to look forward too.