Monday, November 30, 2015

Diane Tuazon quit KRON?

Her Twitter page says she's in Las Vegas. It says her home is Las Vegas..and she gave a cryptic "Mission Accomplished" and thanked viewers. It was like a goodbye.
Goddamn Radnich.

Michelle Apon gets married and moves to Sacramento.

She married a white guy named Derek. That's the Asian girl pressure to succeed or a statement of how attractive they are.. It must be hammered into them since they were little girls to marry white guys. Interracial marriages are not that common. The most common of them  has to be Asian woman and White guys.Not that I'm against the one you love. But its a phenomena. I know you noticed it.
Part of what Emil Guerrmo wrote in Asian times years ago was that double standard of pairing Asian woman with white men as anchors while Asian men could only be reporters.
How true. Vick Lee,John Sesaki,David Louie and the rest apparently only project intelligence. Not what local Tv wants I guess.

And if people don't want that honesty from me...then read a mommy blog.

I was right again.Meredith Vieira wearing short skirts.

Her ratings must have dipped. I told you,when she did the grandma jeans and sportcoat day after day..why watch?
She made her name being a sex kitten,flirty. Even at 60 she has great legs.

Now,if she did The View like cleavage she used to do..bonus points. So to speak...

A bit more on Kate Scott.............

I went through her Tweets back to early September. She never once mentions 9-12. Mac and Mutley,she mentions many times.
From what I can see,Radnich has once again used the "my side or her side" KNBR people don't talk about her and she leaves them out on her Tweets...other then Mike Krukow who she has a friendship with.
Its the same tactic he's using on Diane Tuazon..."I love Pam,..Grant,Brian,Cathy"...and of course he tries to hammer to the audience "He's the good one" and she's just a new troublemaker. Like Kate...and Damon,and Emerald..The list is long.

KRON 4 24Hour news is now 24 hour Asian.

It was there a month or so ago. Today I see ch 193 is no longer news. Kind of a bummer since this is the time of the year local weather news get interesting- is it going to rain? A killing frost? what what what?

Now when you need Kron..they are gone.

Kate Scott still on assignment. Raddys sez "Tell me about Siberia"

She must be doing an opus documentary. btw,He didnt really say that.

What he REALLY did say:

Raddy said  to Joe "You're just one argument from being out of a job". That's his code joke for why Kate Scott is gone. She's not laughing somewhere...

Sunday, November 29, 2015

49 play not to lose big. Goal accomplished?

Its obvious that the team thinkers have a certain limitation..and conservative is one.

And crazy calls by the ref. Whats a catch and whats a tackle are now deep philosophical questions the authorities cant help but debate in the middle of a football game. With this 49ers game it also became "What is a down?".

I went to a  philosophy reading when a football game broke out...

Raiders Win!,It was only the Titans,relax Leroy.

The Raiders are better then 2 win teams. If only they were on the schedule every week. Once again,the Raider D is blitz light. I saw some obvious Titan plays the Raider could and should have blitzed on. Nada on that.
If not for a bonehead holding call on 4th down,the Raiders lose. Better lucky,etc,etc, huh?
Carr seems better at the 30 yard pass then the 10 yarder. Why not go vertical more often? Ask Del Rio who has that Hayward accent...

Heather Ishimaru and Leigh Glaser. Tragedy and Casualty.

I was wondering what the latest was on Heather Ishmaru. I only found old news of her in terrible condition. Before that,I went to her Twitter account and its frozen in 2014. Like not a day has gone by since her last post as a veteran KGOTV reporter. On her page is Leigh Glaser. So,I went to her Twitter page. Same thing- time has frozen. Leigh hasn't made a single tweet in nearly two years. Her whole KGOTV profile intact.

Its more of how fleeting everything is. Believe me,its not a cliche. No matter how settled you think you are? It ALL can be taken away in an instant.

Remember nobody has a happy death. And nobody ever has had a happy end of life despite what Hollywood movies say.

KGO TV should be ashamed of itself. There is always money for Dan Ashleys hair care. They just don't care about their former employee's health. Where is the Heather fund? No,they just pretend she doesn't exist.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

54 yard field goals should be worth 4 points.

Why 54 and not 55? Because it seems to me that many coaches will try 54..but 55 seems to freak them out. And since 54 yarders are rare..reward a team 4 points might prevent the pointless "hail marys" that never are hailed by Mary in return. Imagine the strategy of -go for the TD,or hang back for a 4 point 54 yard field to win by one?...
The NFL needs change and wants points? I give them my genius. Pass it on.

Media is sure dumb on Kap.

If  Kap was all about the money,why not sit on the bench the rest of the season,THEN have surgery to guarantee his 9 million?  Doing it now,might cost him a windfall.
So,I'm sure he decided that he was so embarrassed and angry at the demotion,he used his best hand too early to leave the team. That's REALLY being immature-lol.
I would bet the 49ers are dead to him now and in the future.

If Raiders lose 30-14? Carr was a terrible choice over Carson Palmer.

The bay area media forgets to remind Reggie that he gave away Palmer after the Raiders paid a steep price to get him. I thought he was the first quality QB the Raiders had gotten since Rich Gannon.

If anything,Carr should be learning as a backup to Palmer.

I think Palmer and Del Rio would be on the same wavelength . Not like now where Del Rio has to use all his years in the NFL to get into Carr's head.

Ten. Titans 2 wins this year. If the Raider don't win going away,Reggie needs to be replaced.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Frank Gifford died from being 83. THATS what killed him.

How people can forget that at 83 most people lose some faculties. Some like Raddy,at 65.

Football made him a rich man. He wasnt going to make a name being Frank the parts manager. Or get a Kathy Lee to fall all over him. Ironic,Giff was married to somebody else when he started to see K.L.  Then he cheated on her. And,that's why she goes on just fine without him.
But,I digress.
83? Most men never get past 72. Frank Gifford died of being really old.

49ers to score 21or +? No way. Tres Amigo's chezmez.

Three Amigos who say things that make sense when they stop the high school jazz,said that with losing Kapernick,the 49ers lost half their best backfield and runner. I hadn't thought of that. I should have.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The rightious victors believed in slavery,the "oppressors" did not.

The victors as the saying goes are those who get to write the history. Who knows the real reason traitors left England?  But they did and soon slaughtered the American Indian.
But at the very least I can watch football.

Why don't Klay and Curry ever have hot hands on the same night?

If they ever did- its a game I've forgotten. It also hasn't been this year. I wonder what is the psychology when neither player can have equally hot hands? I would think with Curry having a hot hand nearly every night,Klay would have put together a 40+ point game himself. Hasn't happened. As somebody pointed out,since Klay had that one super hot game, early last season, he hasn't come close to producing anything like that.

btw- Klay is not a great player as I have said all along. He's better then the back up.

At least he gave up those driving layups where he was embarrassingly stripped of the ball every time. So,he does learn.

Thanks that things arent worse?

If I didnt know better- and I might not- I would think God is an evil prankster. Why else would Pit bulls be sent by him to kill? Or that he throws people off of boats to drown in the middle of the ocean..alone?.

Go on down the line like that,the most sad and terrible things that happen. He doesn't sound too loving. I get why the middle ages and ISIS insist he's a vengeful god who's out for blood. And he gets plenty of it.

I'm not sure if heaven is better. I think most men might prefer the big Playboy mansion in the sky.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Who misses Monta Ellis?

"I cant play with him" said Ellis about the rookie Curry.
I was one of the most vocal posters wanting Ellis getting the boot. Yeah,I guess I was right again.

Diane Huazon steps into the KRON Zone.

Like a cult she's being ostracized by the big cult leader Grandpa Gary. Its all cronyism at KRON ...Cathy Heenan talks about her New Years show with Grandpa likes it a ritual only trusted soldiers can attend. The fact she has nobody in her life to celebrate that day says something.
Grant Lotis?  He's going to write a tell-all book one day. I can see he's weirded and creeped out at times by what gets on air. It will be a NY Times best seller. He can then quit his kron job.
Yeah,its a cult.  Soon the only way Diane will able to show up at KRON studio's is if the Stockholm Syndrome kicks in and she becomes a soulless follower.

btw After yesterdays putdown by Grandpa Gary,she took today off.

Are police unfair to punks?

Life just ain't fair when you try to break into cars and walk away down the middle of the street with a knife. If he never obeyed his momma,why is he going to obey society?

Unfair. Two shots would have been plenty....

Is it ok to shoot man with knife who tried to break into cars?

He didn't stop when told by Police.   Now,whats got the cop in hot water is he used that riff raff for target practice. Too bad,because one non lethal shot would have been acceptable.

I'm a super liberal for normal people..but chest stuck out,snarling punks with guns or knives and 17+ years old?  Shoot them. Teach them they are not invincible and all that bullshit they tell each other about not afraid to die is a lie.

No excuse on the other hand  for 13 year old's,12 year old's,or for the love of god, a 5 year old.. None. Its not a line difficult to keep. I see it clear as a bell. So should Police with kids.

Howard Sterns daughter says her dad made her gay.

She said,all that sex-sex-sex talk and then spilling about his own sex life put her off of men. It sounds like she was emotionally molested by him.
She also resented that he left her mother for a store bought model.

Stern years ago used to get on Kathy Lee Giffords son years ago. Saying "I would laugh if her son grew up gay".

As long as I have a good right hand I will never be lonely on the road--Gary St.Jean.

He said that a few weeks ago and I nearly fell out of my chair laughing..well, I chuckled...ok, I thought to myself, Did he say what I thought he said?  And replay said yes.
That's the Greg Papa influence. He's got the conservative St. Jean-the bay area's Tim Conway doppelganger-  doing blue humor.

Hey Raddy,maybe its you.

You know how Radnich says "If its once you can blame the other guy,but if it happens over and over you have to look in the mirror".

 Dan Dibley, Damon Bruce,Kate Scott, EmeraldYee, Wendy Tokuda,and Diane Tuazon. Even the guy who used to do Bloomberg News.   That's a lot of "the other guys" to pass off as not your fault.

 I notice the former Ref who is a regular guest, is also getting peeved at the blowhards on 9-12.

Monday, November 23, 2015

I don't miss John Kessler.

Let me guess. He's Jewish? Then with Rich419 media he's automatically in....

Diane Tuazon not amused.

She smiled when she did the weather at 6:55. A smile that came close to biting through steel. "By day I'm a comedian" she said. I wonder who that inferred?

Happy New Years says Raddy to Pam,Grant,Mark. Thats the list.

To Diane Tuazon?- only a "And to those who complain" as he looked over his shoulder where she sat behind the green (blue?)screen..

That will rebuild bridges-- clunk.

Like Clint Eastwood in a spaghetti western,she has no name according to Raddy..

KRON'S lineup of African American criminals.

wow,one after another...robbery,home invasion,front porch package thefts, shooting the good Samaritan, murder of the church mother,and killing the street artist for no known reason.
No wonder cops are jumpy.

If it wasn't for the Caucasian homeless trio who murdered,it would be 90% African American, 10% Mexican American. Its only 99% now.

Ok,And Shrimp Boy.

Vern Glenn and The Grinch,seperated at birth?

I was watching the 1966 Christmas Classic...and when the Grinch went into a sly smile? Man,THAT is Vern's signature look.
See,I'm eating more fish and all that brain food is creating these deep,deep,insights. Enjoy it until I go back to pizza.

Keba Arnold get a new 'doo. I got the mojo on hair.

Today she had a new style. Jet black straight hair with sexy curves.

I am read. More proof. And why not? who else gives away genius media analysis for free?

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Raiders and Gabbert,Too good to be true. Pro Season over.

The Raiders D is soft,and Carr is back to what I said- mediocre. Gabbert? He can't keep the high level of play he flashes. The ducks come out.
Jack Del Rio is back to human.

Not much to watch the rest of the year...seeing the locals flounder and feed the good teams. Just quit like Kaepernick and call it a year. Everybody- go home. Its pointless to continue.

Hey,If Kap could only have thrown with the confidence he has in hearing his own voice on the field. I didn't hear Gabbert once today-lol.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Keba Arnold: "Is that the band on the field?".. ha- She's so innocent.

As "The Play" was rerun for the 33rd year in a row,KTVU's anchor made me chuckle. She's lovable.

SHE- is who you take home to meet Mom.

Alma Daetz is who you spend all your money on "to take".

Jonathon Pollard should be dragged behind a pickup truck.

Un believable..a spy for Israel who nearly crippled our freedom...cost the lives of Americans overseas was let out of prison? After 30 years of feeding and housing him his reward should be taken into a alley and be put out of his miserable life.

Israel must be a 4th world country..their Prime Minister with a big smug smile praised Pollard like a hero!

It was eerily like Osama Bin Ladden laughing as he praised Mohammed Ata "And when the skyscrapers fell,it was more then I asked".  Identical.

That 70's Show Mom and Keba Arnold- seperated at birth?

I got it..I knew I had heard that voice,that hair before- sorta. Whew,glad that's out.

Warriors moving up as greatest Bay Area Team ever.

They dominate better then any team ever has. One or two 49ers team with Montana had a great start- 10-0 or something like that.
But,if you factor in "clearly better" then any team in the league?..
 A's in 70-73 were like that. Hard to top them as I CLEARLY remember those teams had the fantastic ability to overcome the other teams lead. The Warriors are approaching that bar.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Raddy still refuses to say Diane,and she never says Gary.

Even on knbr..he wont say her name. Jackie? always when she was here.

Those two must have tangled from day one and gave each other the old "If that's the way you want it"

I dont think Diane even cares the least she's not conversing with the big dope.

Roberta Roberts and girly talk.

I was listening to kcbs. I hear RO say to some female news reader "How arrre you?" When she said she was under the weather? Awwwww says RO and both voices went up in pitch. When woman do girly talk its funny to hear. Like another language.

Ted Robinson is a dull,dull,guest. He's no Lowell Cohn.

I know he's forced on 9-12,because even Raddy must know TR puts people to sleep. TR  is just advertising for that local team that plays on knbr.
I hear he's on? I change the channel.

Ted,has airs of sophistication and intellectual mode speak. I do it myself,clunk.  He's Lowell Cohn without a sense of humor that can make people laugh. Its as if Lowell spoke 49er or Cal in hi falutin terms. That is really boring to hear. Its Sports and nobody in sports is Plato.
 Heck, not even Aristotle or Descartes.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fighting for the rights of Transfats!

Ok,I'm watching ch7 news and they go into a commercial break. I do my usual hit the mute button. Then I look over and I see a guy holding a flag that said Trans rights.  First thing that comes to me is its a reaction to transfats- maybe we need them?
And then it sunk in.
I wonder about me.

Gabbert at presscon in Pads and Uni.

wow,Thats being a pro.
No headphones. Nothing ridiculous for an NFL Quarterback.

Jeb Bush wife missing . Hot blond seated behind him.

And you can figure out why his brown wife is not asked to be a  Nancy Reagan. No adoring looks...but the youngish blond did.
Yeah,he's going to run like a bachelor.

Bill Gates,Sam Walton,Rupert Murdoch etc,should fund anti terror army.

How many billionaires in the USA? In the world?  If Saudi Arabia takes our gas money to fund terrorists groups- all the 9/11 attackers but one were Saudi's - we can fund mercenaries. No rules but destroy.
Kill for the good old USA.

The only 80's song everybody likes.

'I ran' Flock of Seagulls.  I never met anybody who didn't like the song with a smile. Very catchy song by a band with a funny name and hair.

Rock concert,Sports Stadium,and taking a bus or train. Young ideas.

It adds up. Only a young person would think to attack the Eagles of Death Metal,a soccer game or public transportation since they don't own a car. Almost laughable if it wasn't so terrible.

Leader of Paris terrorist brags he escaped and taunts the USA.

Isn't that taunting what Bin Laden and Jihad John done? I believe so.

Its time to level Syria, Iraq and Mo's Afghanistan- home of  AI quida and the Taliban. Remember them?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Radnich kisses Tom Bradys father's ass. Eddie Haskell lives.

On Radio? Brady cheated. In person with TB's father? "The media jumped your son".  It was major suckage. Eddie Haskell taught Radnich everything he needs to know about life.

He raised TWO families that way u know.

Aldon Smith...only a few steps higher than Aaron Hernandez.

Also,if he hit one pole at low speed,then the odds are high the next one will be a monster car wreck.
The wealthy think the rules are different from them. In a way they are right. To the point they are given the rope to hang themselves.

Pat McCormick still alive and his son is an idiot.

I can hear it squabble,Pat Jr. is out of the will and he then decides his dad is "Dead to me"..hence the fact he put it out that Pat Sr. had died last month.

I had the Stanley Roberts special tribute down didn't I?

The guy who took a bottle of anti depression pills.

They say a terrible way to die. But,at least he was cured of depression. Forever.

Raddy tells Joe "Get with the show or stay home. Thats the way it is".

Joking? sure it was. It  could also pass as a  Freudian conversation he had with Kate Scott or wanted to. btw- There was nothing but silence after that. Use Rod Brooks gay "Awwwwk-ward" voice right now.

As a joke it was about as believable as when he needed Joe to tell him where Kate's been, a couple of weeks ago. He was last to know? uhuh.

All the terrorists look like stereotypes.

Big noses,darker skinned. Yet,there are many middle easterners who are caucasian. Cau and Asian. Like the guy who dated Princess Di.

They,don't seem too outraged at the west. They are not the suicide bombers. They don't even seem to belong to terrorists groups let alone be leaders.

Those who can blend in to the west like the better life. Democracy is great.

I've noticed that. Unlike say,the Drug merchants in South America who are like the Godfather family,light skinned brutal murderers who are mostly in charge.

Ideology doesn't matter so much to a middle easterner when he can make a good living here. And money is what its all about for drug dealers.

Something to think about.

Pat McCormick and Carol Doda's doda's.

Another two icons of my growing older if not up are gone.  Charlie and Humphrey-Dialing For Dollars, and my brother laughing every time he talked about Carol Doda's,doda's. It was funny take my word for it.

Life is just a conveyor belt. How close are you to the dumping into the big hole?

Monday, November 16, 2015

Still on the internet? Get a life! Yeah,right Mr Hip in 1998..

That's the most common insult that I got on 413 media years ago. Yeah,who uses that internet thing but hermits? I mean they kept that up as some real putdown..then gave up when Iphones and X boxes took over the world. I see people everywhere looking down like monks at there mobile media.

Rock Star from Mars has HIV. Tiger Blood? uh,you can keep it.

Well,when Charlie told the world "They are all jealous because I sleep with beautiful woman they sleep with ugly wives".
Hey, they sure can cook as the song goes.

I just waited for the other shoe to drop. It dropped through the floor.

95.7 commercials. And KTVU.

About 12 solid minutes of commercials right before Raider kickoff. wow.

KTVU is getting out there in KRONland.  Julie Haener made news- KTVU said nothing. This morning much anchor talk about sports. Michalea just sat there doing the ping pong watching imitation. Why put her in that situation?.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Stop asking why,or why us? They are murderous sociopath religious fanatics. Thats why.

No trouble in seeing that those who want to join ISIS are kooks,losers,and dummys. They get their revenge on the world with misery loves company radicals.
We need to start carpet bombing Syria and ...once again,Iraq. Pakistan hid Bin Laden. They have nukes? Like we couldn't take those out?

We need to stop fighting fair and square with our hands tied.  This Mother may I? attitude is just enabling those stone age countries.

Its a war. Peoples feelings need to be hurt don't you think?

Raiders in Reverse.

That D has been a sieve all year. You a down and out team? They give you 30 points. Once again no blitzing, no pressure and where is Aldon Smith?  You heard his name in every 49er game.Now? I hear crickets in his direction.
Also- the Raiders need to speed up the attack. They can't take their time and let the other team see what they are going to do. They need a Walsh like offense..the first dozen plays already,ready.

Carr is developing a habit of great throws...then a bonehead decision with prayer passes at a really bad time. You can groan the instant he lets the pass go- Too obvious its an easy INT.

The Vikings? Kaepernick picked them apart. How good can they really be?

It must suck to be you.

That's why I try not to complain that I'm not wealthy or this is bad and that is bad in my own life. Because people will think the title above. Its not that I don't have complaints about fate or realize my own faults. Its just that everybody will read and think "I have my own problems,family,money,don't complain to me".

That's how it is. Or,like the saying goes "Half the people I tell my problems to don't care,and the other half are glad I have them....

Saturday, November 14, 2015

KTVU@10 Does drought story,but skips top ten water wasters!-lol.

I recorded the news and no top anything water wasters at the 10pm news. I guess the noon news hilarious and ridiculous "top three" water waster nano list was as close as they would come to saying "And hey! Our own Julie Haener gives you peons the middle finger!..Suckers!"...and then a "She lives in Danville,when you become blond and have some coin,then you can talk".  I'm sure they were thinking that at FOX2.

Oakland with a FOX news affiliate.What a joke. Hue Newton is rolling in his grave- and John Burris will sue..

Friday, November 13, 2015

Enjoy your 39 Virgins Jihad John.

Psychotic scum.

I guess Allah wasn't on your side after all,he was on OUR side. He directed that missile right at yer ass.

Momma Cat likes refried beans.

I bought some canned refried beans..and once again they had that "chili bean" flavoring that I cannot stand. Its hard to find refried beans that taste even close to homemade. So,after adding cheese and some lard..I tried it again having made some brands taste pretty good that way, well, this brand now tasted bad with cheese and lard added too. Nothing changed my vote on taste.

The cat walks in and watches I give her some beans knowing she likes cheese. She ate it..and kept going.
I had to Google if that was safe and found many people have cats that eat beans. Turns out to be fine.

With the whole can left over..I let her eat all she wanted. Saved the rest for her. That cat is funny. She likes Ball Park Hot Dogs,wont touch Bar S hot dogs. A real connoisseur cat.

How much thought and commiseration went into KTVU's top three?-ha.

I wonder why not top 7? "Oh,thats only two spots ahead of Julie. Lets do a three...the public will never figure it out" Went the brainstorming at KTVU.

Then,they came up with that "perfect FOX News answer".

No sum ting wong with their pants down like old KTVU ownership. The Fox will not be caught.

Steve Kerr exposed as bogus! Walton undefeated.

With the exact same team,Kerr last year this time had lost 3 times.  Walton's big improvement of Kerr's coaching says to me- fire Kerr and make Walton the head coach. Walton has not been second guessed or caught with a bad strategy.

Btw I m not buying Kerrs absence like the media. Check the pain pill rehabilitation spas for him. It always starts with the back...

KTVU does "Top 3" water wasters-LOL. Leaves out no.8 Julie.

When Julie kills her ex? KTVU will bury that right after the stockexchange-before-commercial part of the news.And only in a scrawl!

A Top " Three" LOL how funny.  If Frank was no.3?,KTVU would only do a top two!

I'm sure like Radnich, when he parked in a handicapped zone,Julie will issue no apology.  

Bob Iger should use that clout to build a stadium in Oakland. But,too many black people there.

Thats the reason. He could and Disney could make money in Oakland..but like John Fisher and Lou Wolff they want a and all the profits. Hell,the city of Oakland is offering hundreds of acres of free land.

But,I'm sure Iger thinks he makes Disney even though your friend crazy Gary could run Disney . Anybody could.

For Iger  the revitalization of a city in need means nothing to him. Its never crossed his mind. Or John Fisher's,the man who donates art for the public

KRON putting time limit on Radnich.

I noticed Tuesday and then again Wednesday,Pam Moore just cut Radnich off before he was finished. Radnich who seemed surprised when interrupted just said something like "Uh,ok" while nodding his head to end his sportscast.

KRON is strange..first they flog him for all they can get- and he of course is getting "overtime" for all that,then out of the blue his 12 minutes of sports-and blab- is cut down to five minutes.

Only KRON has that "what are they going to do today" kind of newscast.

Pay to read it on .Read the same for free on SF Gate.

That's a weird fact.  I went to the Chronicle website from a Google link, saw an interesting article.  After two sentences it said "Subscribe to the Chronicle to read the rest".  So,I get the idea to take a look at SF Gate. Sure enough-- there it was in total, and totally free.
Is that any way to run a business?

Julie Haener Water Hog,Water guzzler,You all can eat cake,she's Julie.

KTVU's Haener is in the top ten of water use for THREE districts listed.

Julie who reports water hogs every day on the news,will not be reporting this Stan almost exclusive (ok,I read it the paper) on the 10 O 'Clock news I bet you....

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

One last post for tonight----

Iger- asshole.   But,anyways I've been wondering...remember when Scientists said they would tell us in a few days if what they found light years away was natural or Alien?

Well,its been a couple of weeks. Nothing. I've looked for updates. Just the old statements they might be this or that..

Isn't that kind of scary? They aren't telling us something.

Bob Iger is a whore carpetbagger.

What does that  idiot care about the Raiders?  Just another Disney hypocrite and probably a Nazi sympathizer like Walt was.

The Harlem Warriors to you sweet Georgia Brown.

They are just ridiculously good.

Meredith Vieira and rumors...and me.

I was reading her Wiki I think it was. Then it got to the part where "Internet rumors started about her and Matt Laur".  You guessed it. That was me.No,not the Wiki writing,but the rumor they mentioned. I was the first to put that thought out- because she looked at him and he at her like they were crazy in love- and others started to agree....then I saw big magazines picking that up. That was even before my catching ESPN doing racist Jeremy Lin jokes (BASG blog) and way before I predicted Nancy Snyderman's ebola fiasco (419 media).

I still say Meredith and he are veeery close. She almost cried on the Today show when he did an around the world story they do every year. THAT was very telling. I swear out there on some website -I think I even used Stan- in my post of 5 years ago? Something like that.

 Of course regular readers of this blog read my call of Billy Beane wanting out as A's GM.

So,no reason for me to lie. I've been fantastically insightful quite a few times. One day I will try even harder.

Pittsburg PA. free of crime! Investigating Raider Ruffians!

I'm moving to Pit.PA man. Crime free. So safe they charge you with a crime for barking at a dog. That's better then Blackhawk's standards.
Pittsburgh, what a paradise it must be.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Is Jed on to the right way? Think about it...

Criminals who don't take advantage of chances- cut. Coaches who don't follow chain of command-got rid of. And malingerers and surly QB's who flaunted being real pros'?...gonna be gone soon.

And if the 49ers rise again,getting out of the 48'ers rut-,getting there but not quite-, Jed will be praised as having class.

If they never do? disregard this post...

Good riddance Vernon Davis.

He was the 49ers Randy Moss,only less talented.   Vernon Davis career was all about me from the time he was drafted.  He sulked under Mike Nolan. When Singletary played his father figure, Vernon Davis tried. After Singletary.....Davis sulked again. Angry the 49ers wanted to keep him to his contract Davis and his agent had been so glad to have. How many times after that did Davis let passes go by him without his doing as much as raise his arms? Dive? Never!

That whole invest in Vernon? For a quitter? Vanity? The crybaby (He's my quarterback-sob,sob) and steroid freak?.

Figures his first game for Denver he did nothing and the team lost its first game of the year.

Good riddance and sorry to have known you Vermin Davis.


He,I accidentally left out of the strange Halloween media types. I think he's a little more "off" in a way then Bruce.
People visit Vern's house...but do they leave? Look under the house!

Joe Hughs of knbr already getting Raddied.

First it was Dibly,then Scott. Already only 2 weeks into the job the guy is wondering about Garyland. Where you don't do bad things adults do. Like drink.

I could detect it. Its starting. Joe better keep his Linkin business profile.

Joe is doing his best to be team Raddy...but he (raddy) doesn't care. Ask Dan and Kate. And Bruce. Maybe Jackie.

He wont say her name,She wont say his name. Who's winning?

He spoke to Cathy Heenan only, as Diane Tuazon pleasantly smiled standing next to the anchorette.  What is going on behind the scenes is anybody's guess. Management doesn't seem to care about respect on air . Ignore her? Fine.
If he said Diane just once I guess it would ruin this and other posts.. But he hasn't. That's a lot of months of yanked thumbs and "our new friend".

btw,on KNBR,he says Grant,Brian,and all the rest just fine all the time. Never heard a Diane yet.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Blaine Gabbert is what sports is all about.

He waited for his moment ,and gave it his all. Unlike, say, Kap who just kept digging his hole deeper and deeper with aloof angry behavior. I can see why the 49ers are tired of his act,and headphones.

Funny- nobody saw yesterday coming. I heard 9-12 on Friday say that Kap would be back in the game for the second half.

Unlike Billy Beane,Gabbert rose to the moment. Beane went all ego with his moments.

Who knows? It might be the only game Gabbert wins this year. Scouting reports,seeing him on film,etc. The NFL is a mean business of opponents who want to feed their families too.

At least Tomsula lit a candle to the darkness. Give him that.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Veronica De La Cruz says "ratings are up". She also likes weed.

The things Tweeter learns ya. 

John Lund says he might switch teams after divorce.

He said that and not that sarcastic. Eh,He's in San Francisco. He can find looks-like-a woman without commitment or forever financial support.  He ain't dumb.

Radnich "I will be working until I'm 100".

That wife of his loves to spend the money. If she doesn't get what she wants she is on his back.. That's what he used to say when he was being honest.
His story is now all different-lol.

Well,working until 100 when you drop that you have millions sort of says something. What it says isn't "I cant get enough of sports" but instead it says " she spends or I hear it". He wouldn't be the only one. But since he now denies it,its even funnier. The reason for this post-lol. Otherwise his marriage sounds like all others...

Friday, November 6, 2015

I knew it. Raider flag.

Saw one on Sunol Road.Then on Mission I spot a big Raider decal on a SUV.   I didn't see a single 49er flag.
ALL that eastbay 49er stuff from fans in little houses always made me angry. ANGRY! I tell you.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lowell Cohn reads my mind.

I had a whole thing about Kaepernick letting fame go to his head. He was grateful and happy as a rookie in the preseason. He's sensitive. He does what sensitive people do when fame goes to their heads. They take it VERY personal when they read even minor criticism.
Kaepernick even fought tweeters-right?
So,I was going to write that out...and LC said it right now on TV.

It doesn't help either that Kap endorsed the whole hip hop culture and be angry at the man thing.

Ya-know,headphones after a loss is really bad. Not a great look and I wonder why Jed doesn't tell him to be professional and not a huckster.

The NFL really is Not For Long to players who let it all give them a bad attitude-without the talent to back it up.

Are they saying "Loan me" or.....

It comes so close to a X rated mondegreen. At least to my ears.

Phil Mattier has eye job? OR too much Pete's?

I haven't seen the guy in a long time. So,I put on ch5 weekend news and I see this with a look of surprise...that never went away. Its was like he had Hunter Pence eyes.
I hate eye jobs. None are done right. None.

Can anybody be headcoach at Stanford?

They seem to always have good teams when Cal's are all over the board. John Ralston is the first coach I remember as successful at Stanford.  Then Jack Elway had good years,Bill Walsh rolled over the other coaches of the opponent. Tom Holmo was the only clunk. Ty Wiillingham won at Stanford and has fell off the coaching radar when he left to go to Notre Dame.

That's a long run of coaches who thrived.  Ralston did well when he turned pro with the Denver Broncos. That Walsh guy I hear did fine for the 49ers.

I'm beginning to think talented kids WANT to go to STANFORD. Its not how great you can recruit. Its try and stop smart talented kids from wanting the Stanford experience.

I'm going to apply at Stanford when Shaw goes to the 49ers. I 'm good for a few Fiesta bowl wins. AND,I don't even know what I'm doing. "Go score guys". All I need to know..

9-12 Still hasnt talked Raider. They did when the Raiders were bad.

They would always fit in that Oakland is a mess the last 13 years.  Now? They dont exist.

KNBR,Your advertising supplement.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Kate Scott and Paulie Muttley do look alike. A pattern.

You notice how so many couples look very much alike? imo those marriages last the longest more often. Something like that.
Its funny how so many wives look like their husbands sister.

You want a great example? George Clooney dated smoking Nordic blonds. Nancy somebody. Who did he marry with the world of woman to choose from? A woman who looks like a female version of him. Same distinctive eyes...a strong resemblance. Its natural. I'm not the first one to notice the effect.

It would explain Kate and Paulie. They could make kids and everybody is obviously from the same tribe.

You have to eat fast food - fast.

Once again I took the chance. Bought a Sonic Burger combo and instead of eating it there,I drove 10or 15 minutes to the old home.  My first 2-3 bite of that burger were ambrosia. Warm and sort of like a steak burger.

Then, it started to cool. The fries also went from good to even faster then the burger not so good losing their flavor. With the burger? The lettuce started to taste hours and hours old. Man, that's a terrible thing. The fries were now becoming French fried jerky fries.

I also started to ladle out all the ice in my Coke. Way too much for a 68f day.

As we all know- you cant re warm fast food. Some ingredient always goes bad. Pickle and Lettuce stand out as toss away.

Its like that all the way down the line. Rewarmed Pizza? You eat it,but its not pizza anymore. Its tomato crispy bread with cheese at best. Use a microwave on it and you have a soggy Pizza becoming like melted cheese plastic- and a good burn if it sticks to the roof of your mouth.
 KFC? Might be the best of them all re heated if you have too. Mashed taters and gravy are fine. The seasoning keeps its flavor- but the chicken natch,does lose the moistness. Still,of them all, KFC is the one you want leftovers of.

Ah,KNTV having transmission problems.

All morning to even right now,their picture is breaking up. Maybe they just cancelled a newscast? Could be.

KNTV 11am news missing.

I put it on today- and the boring Steve Harvey was on. They were there yesterday. Moved to 4? We will see later wont we?

Raddy not a team player...

Kron had Stanley Roberts returning to the air on the 6pm news.  Around 6:35,all the Kron anchors there stood next to Stan for a family photo.  Except for one guy.  Radnich.  He couldn't be bothered. Oh,sure he did show up for the 6:45 sports segment,and he "granted" Stan a meeting with the King of Kron.  That's exactly how it felt. He also thought it important that he did all his welcome back in a deadpan.

Just when you think he's not as bad as he used to be? He shows what he really is.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tara Moriority and Lordes seperated at birth 14 years apart?

Another I don't know how that would happen..but its not Germain to my case.

Tarah,is sort of new to me. Its nice to see a new woman reporter past 30 for a change. She seems like a fun,upbeat gal. Some guy is lucky.

I kept the faith. Wore Raider stuff all these years.

I 've never had 49er anything. Raiders? Everything one time or another. The last few years as I wore my Raider hat or sweatshirt...I had to watch in the blue collar eastbay cars with 49er decals,49 flags. I wrote about this last year. I stuck to Raiders.

Now? I dont see 49er flags right about now. Soon,those Raider decals covering the back window of the black SUV will return. I never left.

Same for the A's.

Monday, November 2, 2015

What bay area anchor will be the first to murder in order to keep thier job?

You keep reading how longtime Media people are being let go.  Its a perfect plot for Murder or Redrum if you like. You know- hiring somebody to kill your rival for the weather or sports desk. Poisoning. Run over in a Bentley for example. Mark better look over his shoulder and stay away from alleys.
Far fetched? Wait until it happens.

9-12 Never mentions Raiders. 3 hours of 49er losers.

THEN, when 9-12 was over,12-3 went with basketball.

Kate Scott gone,Lee Hammer still attached like a barnacle. Its whats wrong with the world.

Confirmed: Kate Scott off the Raddy show. Cover story doesnt fly.

She's still doing Mac and Mutley in the morning. But the "Pac 12" work is bogus. She's doing it because she cant take much more of two old republicans. I knew that the day she said she was a Berkeley Lesbian.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Jack Del Rio is God.

The Raiders dominating? THE RAIDERS???  They made mince meat of NY. I could almost cry. Well,not really.
The hitting by the Oaklanders was ferocious,vicious. Creating pain. THE RAIDERS?

I tell ya when Woodsen started chanting Raiders to the black hole? The hairs on my neck went up.That's True.

That is the Raiders I grew up with from young boy to man with. 10 wins a season or it was a bad year.

I, you might remember, endorsed Del Rio back on the 410media.  He came through big time. That first game had me on the ledge but now I'm happy as a Clam. A silver and black Clam.

And a nod to Ken Norton Jr...the man is a fast learner. He adapted and how few coaches do that. Look at Tomsula.

Pretty young blond thing running in Pleasanton.

Watched her with her thunder thighs jogging in mid day. Trophy wife I guess. She was looking at her wrist and the heartbeat counter I suppose.
What a racket. All that get ripped,do thousands of reps....and if you are young and pretty its a waste of time-lol. Nobody cares if you can jog 10miles. If you walk and wiggle briskly around the supermarket that's all you need to show men how attractive you are.
Let me tell can push all you want at 12-35. Its not the super workout that makes you look good- its what we call "youth"!  You cant can that or preserve it. When its gone,...well you don't seem many woman over 50 Jogging. Over 60?..what the hell do they care about heartbeats?. They are happy to wake up and have a pulse!
Youth is the greatest beauty tip.

Jerome Bolger NFL crew worst in football.

This guy's crew call those phantom fouls on the Raiders all the time. Then,they go blind when a Raider is mugged.
When I hear that guy flap his lips with that speech impediment? I know teams from "bad " cities like Oakland and San Francisco are in for a tough game.

Speaking of that,its why Cal Berk. get every bad call. I see those mid west and south refs call murder on the Bears!  Just horrible phantom calls on Lefty Berkeley.