Monday, November 9, 2015

Blaine Gabbert is what sports is all about.

He waited for his moment ,and gave it his all. Unlike, say, Kap who just kept digging his hole deeper and deeper with aloof angry behavior. I can see why the 49ers are tired of his act,and headphones.

Funny- nobody saw yesterday coming. I heard 9-12 on Friday say that Kap would be back in the game for the second half.

Unlike Billy Beane,Gabbert rose to the moment. Beane went all ego with his moments.

Who knows? It might be the only game Gabbert wins this year. Scouting reports,seeing him on film,etc. The NFL is a mean business of opponents who want to feed their families too.

At least Tomsula lit a candle to the darkness. Give him that.